"You are to be born, with only a destiny to die"
I am Kayla Maline, I was 14 the day I died. This story isn't about that, its about the major points in my life leading up to that point. I am of Mexican descent, my eye's are brown, big and quoted as cute and innocent.

I have long black hair that goes down to my butt, my bangs are at eyebrow level, I'm very, very skinny, my skin is a very light brown, and as soft as the silk thong I would never wear.

I grew up in Washington D.C., I hated the rain at first, but grew to love it. The only reason I'm here with you now, is to bring my story into the light of day, so I can move on, and continue living my life in another world.

I hope you can understand what I went through, and what I relive everyday, my hope is to bring my story to the public, in the hopes that I move on, and leave this planet with my soul, and my soul only; thank you.

The Beginning of The End-

My daddy seemed like he cared for me so much, his wide green eyes looked at me so affectionately. His short brown hair was always combed backwards to give himself the business-man look. Well, he was a big-shot lawyer.

He was of a medium build, with 6-pack abs, his arms were a medium size; giving him the 'I'm healthy and workout, but not muscle-bound' look. He stood at 6'2, giving him a healthy height. He always wore a suit, and a long pole thing would stick out when he was near me; I would later find out that was his cock.

My mom was the one I got my looks from, she, like me, had long black hair and brown eyes. Her breasts were big, I didn't, and would never know their actual size, neither would I find the size of mine when I was fully grown. When I was walking with mommy on the streets, men would always look at her up and down, and then turn their heads around and look at her butt. I always loved how her hips swayed, I loved how she would always run her fingers through my hair when we were walking, I loved how she showed her affection for me, I miss those days; but those are the days I will never get back.

Mommy had been going on a downward slope lately, she wouldn't be home until the wee hours of the morning, she had a clear glass pipe that she would suck on, and then blow out smoke.

She would always slump around now, never doing anything. She never swayed her hips when she walked, she never ran her fingers through my hair, she never showed any affection; all she did now was hit me, yell at me, and then send me to my room.

Daddy seemed like he was the only one who cared anymore, he would take me places, buy me things, lay down in bed with me when I was scared.

He and mommy had argued a lot lately, every other night I would hear smashing, breaking of glass, screaming, and yelling. I would lay in bed, on my side, crying. Daddy would come in and lay down with me, petting my arm as if it was a gentle animal.

He would lay down behind me, he would consistently grind his hips against me, I only wore a t-shirt, and nothing else to bed. I would feel his bare pole rub and push against and into my buttcheeks.

Daddy would then push my buttcheek down onto onto his pole, then start pushing and pulling, inwards and outwards. A warm, slimy liquid would shoot and shoot, sometimes it would go into my hole. Daddy would slide his finger between my buttcheeks, and pick up the goo, he would tell me its vitamins and that I needed to take them if I wanted to grow up big and strong.

I would swallow it all, I thought it tasted ok, but I wanted to be big and strong when I grew up, so I took all I could get. Sometimes daddy would rub me 'down there'; he said it was good exercise. Sometimes it would feel like I had to pee, but if I let it go, it felt like pee was coming out; but it was a sticky, warm fluid.

I would soon fall asleep, peaceful, and somehow satisfied. I would wake up and get ready for school. The same thing would usually happen every night; if not, every other night.

I'm sorry for keeping on like this, I just want people to feel what I went through, at this time, we will begin.

Clubhouse- 7 years old

I was with two neighbor boys, one was much older. Mack was 15, Justin was much younger at the age of 9. There was not much Justin could do on this day.

We were in the clubhouse, basically, it was a large toolshed that was turned into a male hangout. Mack was a black male, very big, and tall, with an afro. Justin was identical, except shorter in height.

"Hey, Kayla, wanna play a game?" Mack asked

"Sure, what game?" I asked

"Truth or Dare" Mack said with a evil grin

"Eww! That's a grown up game!" I replied

"So you're a little baby girl?!" Mack teased

"No! I'm a big girl!" I replied strongly

"So you want to play? Or are you just a baby girl?" Mack asked sarcastically.

"Fine! I'll play! And I am a big girl!" I replied firmly

"Alright, let's go!" Mack said

With that we sat in a awkward circle, more like a triangle, I looked at Mack then Justin, then Mack looked at me and then Justin, then Justin looked at Mack and I.

"Justin, Truth or Dare?" Mack asked

"Truth" Justin replied

"Is it true that you like to spy on your sister?" Mack asked

"Tell the truth!" I added

"Umm, y-yes" Justin replied

"Hahahaha, Kayla, Truth or Dare?" Mack asked

I later found out that we played this wrong. I wanted to be a big girl, I wanted to play with the big kids! Little did I know, the consequences would be horrible.

"Dare" I replied

"I dare you to take your clothes off and then sit down and spread your legs, and stay that way for the rest of the game" Mack said.

"Ehh, ok" I replied

I stood up and crossed my arms, and then pulled my shirt up, slowly as I possibly could. I finally took it off, exposing my non-existent breasts, as well as my nipples. I unbuttoned my jeans, and pulled them down with my underwear in one swift motion; I kicked them off into the pile with my shirt. I then took off my shoes and socks as well.

I stood buck naked, and red as a beet, I looked down at Mack who was trying to slyly rub his pole, I sat down, the floor seemed cold, which caused my nipples to harden; I spread my legs, exposing my most precious area to these two boys.

"Justin, Truth or dare?" Mack asked

"Truth" Justin replied

"Is your dick hard from looking at her naked?" Mack asked

"Pussy" Mack added under his breath.

"Yeah" Justin muttered.

"Ok, Kayla, truth or dare" Mack asked

"Dare" I said again

"I dare you to let Justin rub your cunt for 10 seconds" Mack said

"Cunt?" I asked

"Yeah, pussy, wee-wee, get it?" Mack asked

I nodded, then Justin slowly moved his hand over my pussy, his hand covered all of it. His hand moved up and down slowly, I felt the blood going to my pussy. I felt some tingling, it felt really good; I felt a slight wetness from my pussy.

"Stop!" Mack said

"Ok, truth or dare? Justin" Mack asked

"Dare" Justin said looking downward.

"I dare you to jerk me off til' I'm hard" Mack said

"That's gay! Hell no!" Justin said

"Bawk! Bawk! Justin's a chicken!" Mack teased

"No I'm not!" Justin replied

"Prove it" Mack said

"Fine!" Justin replied

Mack stood up, he hurriedly pulled off his shirt, and then his jeans and underwear went off in one go. For some reason Justin stripped too. Macks penis hung like a tail, it wasn't hard like daddy's, but it looked longer.

Justin stood on two knees and moved himself to the side of Mack. Justin wrapped his fingers around Macks cock, from the base, Justin pulled upwards. Justin picked up his pace, moving up and down, Macks penis grew to a mammoth like size, now it looked way bigger than daddy's.

"Ok, I'm good" Mack said

Justin sat his naked body down, he, like Mack, had a big stiffy. The wetness in my pussy came leaking out, and the tingling became stronger; I didn't know what was happening, but I kept my mouth shut.

"Truth or dare? Kayla?" Mack asked

"Dare" I replied with a smile

"I want you to suck me off til' I tell you to stop." Mack said

"Ok, I guess" I said

I went up to a still naked Mack, I didn't know what to do, so I just wrapped my mouth around his cock head, and started licking. I felt hands on the back of my head, they pushed me farther on Macks cock. My mouth started to hurt, I was gagging, and crying. Mack groaned in pleasure.

"Fuck this!" Mack said

He pulled me off of his cock, and threw me onto the floor, I stared wide-eyed at Mack, while crying. He gave his pole a few jerks, he laid on top of me. I felt something press against my pussy, and then a sharp pain.

"Mack! Eiiiihhh! Please stop, it hurts!" I screamed

"Hold the fucking cunt down, Justin" Mack said aggressively

Justin cried as he held both of my arms down, his lips kept saying he was sorry, at that time, I thought he was helping Mack, but I later realized there was nothing he could do to help, as he was half of Macks size.

Mack pushed into my pussy, stretching every part of the orifice. Mack hit a stop, which was my cherry, he pushed through with relentless intent.

"Eeeeeekkkk!" I yelped in a high pitched scream.

I could feel blood swarm around my thighs, and butt. I could now feel Mack was all the way into me. He pulled back and then pushed in again; I cried, thinking this would never end.

"Fuck, this cunt is tight!" Mack said

I was in so much pain, I felt like I was going to die. He thrusted forwards with his hips, his balls would slap my ass with every pumped he shoved into me.

"Ugh! Ugh! Imma breed you bitch!" Mack said

With a few more thrusts, and pumps, Mack went rigid, and a searing hot liquid poured into me, in burnt so bad with my freshly torn and stretched innards. His cum coated my insides like a tsunami, his sperm swam around trying to make a baby with a body that was incapable of doing so. Mack pulled out and fell onto his back; Justin let me go.

"Fuck!" Mack said breathlessly

I rolled onto my side, and curled into a fetal position, like a little ball. I felt Macks cum run out of my pussy and down my thigh, then onto the floor. The cum had a hint of pink, because of the blood.

"Justin, fuck her ass!" Mack said getting up.

"I don't want to" Justin replied

"Nigga, do it now!" Mack yelled

Mack went over to a drawer or toolbox, and pulled something out, he walked back over to me and Justin, and pointed a gun at both of us

"Nigga, do it or I'll kill her" Mack said

"Just do it" I whimpered to Justin

"Ok" Justin whispered

Justin went behind me, and then spread my buttcheeks like daddy did, I felt his stiffy press against my poo-hole, and his head slightly go in. I shook in the excruciating pain, tears continued to fall down my face.

Mack got sick thrills off of watching people get raped, especially little boys and girls. He found his dads child porn collection full of videos and pictures; after that, he never went back to regular porn. Just rape and child porn, his favorite type was child-rape porn.

Mack continued to watch, but now taking pictures, Justin was speeding up, I could feel his cock throb. Mack told him to stop.

"If you can, cum on her face" Mack said

I sighed when Justin pulled out his throbbing member, taking away the excruciating pain, and torture. I rolled over onto my back, and Justin jerked his cock over my face.

I felt his cock throb again, and it started to rain white water, it hit me on my right eyebrow, and the rest of the right side of my face, it matted my hair, making it stick to my face.

"Damn, nigga, you only nine, I couldn't cum til' I was 11" Mack said

Justin shrugged his shoulders and soon left, Mack tied me down and left, I was there for I think, three days, where Mack and some new friends constantly raped me, my eyes hurt from the flashing of the camera, my pussy, jaw, and asshole hurt like hell. I though I was going to die; I was covered head to toe in cum, all my holes were flooded with it as well.

I woke up in an alley, where I was still covered in cum, and blood on my legs. I felt something inserting itself into my pussy, when I turned around there was a line of homeless men waiting for their turn with me.

One after another used me, tortured me, and abused me, like I was just fucktoy for them to use however they wanted. Some came for seconds, and thirds, and for a couple of them fourths. I was re-smothered in cum, as well as filled with it.

"FREEZE MOTHERFUCKER'S!!!" someone yelled.

All the men went onto the floor, with their pants down and all. It was a S.W.A.T team, there was a whole bunch of them; I faded in and out of consciousness, I remembered a S.W.A.T guy picking me up, and him laying me down on the sidewalk, with him sitting next to me; he ran his fingers through my cum-soaked hair, just like my mommy used to.

I woke up, the guy was still sitting next to me, I sat up and looked at him, his long hair went down to his shoulder blades. His arms were as big as my waist, he had a full beard, giving him a slight biker look; I was still covered in cum.

"Hey sweetie, what's your name?" The cop asked nicely.

"Kayla" I replied

"Well Kayla, do you know where you are?"

I shook my head in a left and right motion.

"Your in Detroit, where are you from?" The cop asked.

"Washington D.C" I replied

"Do you remember how you got here?"

"No" I replied

I heard a ambulance siren, it was moving closer, and was getting much louder. The cop gave me a comforting look; the ambulance pulled up.

"Come on, Kayla, there here for you" the cop said

The paramedics put me on a stretcher, and onto the truck, they closed the doors, and we soon were driving off, I had no clue how I got here, and what I did to deserve it. The paramedic had his hand on my thigh, and looked at me sweetly.

The man had a cum fetish, or bukkake fetish, and this was his dream come true, a young, naive girl, drenched in random men's cum.

"Hey, take the long way back to the hospital, I want to have some fun with this cunt" the man said

The truck turned, the driver was a pedophile as well, but he would rather fuck his daughter, however, he loved listening to the cries of children being raped, and tortured.

The man stripped, he was already hard. I was going to be raped again, a tear swelled and rolled out of the corner of my eye. He turned my head to the side, and rammed his cock into my throat. His balls were on my chin, he held my head in one place until my face turned red, he pulled out so I could get some air, and then rammed back in.

While his cock was down there, he stuck his balls in as well. I now had his whole cock and his balls in my mouth, he pushed my head down, and thrusted his hips into me, his cock went a little farther down, I was turning purple, and then he pulled out again.

He pulled my eyelid upwards, keeping my eye open. He then straddled me by my neck, his cock over my right eye, with his finger holding it back. He jerked his cock furiously, his balls bouncing all the while; his cum started dripping, it went directly into my eye, glob after glob, rope after rope of cum dripped into or puddled around my eye.

He stuck his cock into my mouth again, jumping out any cum that was left. He pulled it back out and spread my all the way open, and pushed the rest of his cum into my eye socket. It stung like hell.

"Get dressed, were here!" The driver said

They brought me into the hospital, people looked at me and my cum covered body. A doctor gave me a thing called a rape kit. Then a nurse bathed me like my mommy used to; she was extra soft around my pussy and poo-hole. She got me dressed and put me in a bed; a guy came in, someone I didn't know.

"Hello Kayla, I'm Detective Bradshaw, I'm here for an investigation" he said

We talked for a while, he gave me a soda and cheeseburger from McDonald's. He asked me all kinds of questions about my life, and what led up to this point; I don't know why, but I lied about the latter parts of it. He soon left.

My New Daddy - 8 years old - A year later

The cops tried contacting my parents, but to no avail, they never responded, they even went to my house, only to find out they had moved, and their names didn't exist.

The cop that sat with me said he would adopt me, if it was okay with the department, the department gave him the thumbs up and he was my new daddy. Daniel Kingsley. Or as I would later find out; r@ygold.

His wife Allison, couldn't have children, and they wanted one. She was ecstatic, happy and crying with tears of joy, like a Christmas present that she never got until now.

She made a huge dinner. There was steak, mashed potatoes, corn and carrots, noodles, and a small glass of wine for me; needless to say I felt cared for, as well as stuffed.

We watched a movie and played a board game, one I couldn't pronounce. I finally met their dog, he was a big, bulky, and beefy Husky and Golden Retriever mix. When I sat, he would sniff my pussy, pushing his nose against my panties, the coldness of it made me shiver, and brought some pleasure.

Then the vision of Mack raping me went through my head, I started squirming on the floor, my head bouncing up and down on the wooden tile. Black and white started flashing through my eyes, almost like a strobe light; my body had a mind of its own now, my small frame fidgeted on the floor, Allison screamed for Daniel.

"Kayla! Hey!" Daddy yelled

"Let's take her to the hospital" Allison said

Right before I passed out, I remembered my head being rested on mommy's leg, her left hand on my lightly breathing stomach and her right hand was on my forehead, stroking the tiny hairs that were in my eyes.

I woke up sometime in the afternoon of the next morning, my hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Mommy walked over to me and kissed me on the forehead, her blonde hair flowed over the right side of her face, the dark bobby-pin contrasted her hair.

Her blue eyes glistened with concern, the bright red lipstick radiated off of her pale white skin, and medium sized lips. I had a straight view down her shirt, she had no bra on, her nipples protruded proudly.

Allison ran her fingers through my hair, I loved it, I purred like a kitten getting a nice petting. Daddy came in and hugged mommy. Then he looked at me.

"Did you get the doctor?" Mommy asked

"Yeah, he'll be here any minute" daddy replied

Mommy and daddy were next to eachother, hand in hand, the door creaked open, and the doctor person sat down on a nearby chair.

"Well, after numerous tests and analysis, it seems Kayla has a light form of PTSD from the trauma she went through about a year ago" he paused

"It seems its only caused by certain things, such as touching things, or hearing things. The only thing we don't know as of now, is how bad she will get it each time it happens." The doctor added.

"How can we help her?" Mommy asked

"Well, this may be considered taboo for her young age" the doctor wrote something down

"But, I recommend that she has an orgasm daily, to relieve stress, which I think is the main cause of her disorder. So, I would recommend Allison to teach Kayla how to pleasure herself, or to be more blunt masturbate. I would also recommend a vibrator, as it would bring her to orgasm faster" the doctor finished.

"Oh, wow, this is unexpected" mommy said

"I wouldn't want to give her pills, because I don't think it is needed for her type of disorder" the doctor replied

"What type of sexual products would you recommend?" Mommy asked

"Your daughter is not a virgin, correct?" The doctor asked

"Yes" she replied

"I would recommend, obviously, some lube, such as KY Jelly, and maybe a dildo, or some other type of sexual toy. I would also have you and your daughter look online for one she likes, maybe her favorite color, or something similar to that"

"Anyways, I have another patient to get to, so I must be going" the doctor said as he got up, he shook mommy and daddy's hand and then he left

They kept me in there for two more days, for further testing, and observation; I ate loads of chocolate pudding, I also wondered what an orgasm was. It seriously confused me.

Mommy sat with me in the back of daddy's Mercedes-Benz. He drove and pulled into a convient store, and turned around; he looked at me.

"Does my little sweetheart want a Slurpee?" Daddy asked

"Yeah!" I screamed bouncing up and down.

"Come on then!" Daddy replied happily

Mommy unlocked my seatbelt and daddy took me into the store. A middle-aged white lady stood at the desk, she looked at daddy suspiciously. We went to the Slurpee machine, I got a blueberry blast and coke mix; one I always liked; Daddy got a case of beer. We walked up to the desk.

"She is sooo cute" the lady said, squeezing my cheek

"What do you say Kayla?" Daddy asked

"Thank you" I said

"Haha, will that be all?" She asked.

"Yeah, that's it!" Daddy said

When daddy pulled out his wallet, 4 masked men came running in, all of them held shotguns. Daddy told me to put my hands up, daddy and the lady did the same.

"Get on the ground!" One man said

We laid there as the men raided the store and register. I saw mommy coming with a gun in her hands, she flung the door open, and shot one of the guys.

With all of the commotion going on, daddy pulled out his pistol and shot the other three in the legs. Daddy kicked the guns away from them, he held the guns pointed at them until the cops came.

Cops and news trucks pulled up to the scene, one guy was pronounced dead at the scene, while the others were taken away in ambulance trucks. A news anchor wanted to interview our family, daddy said it would be ok.

*News Interview*
Kate: I'm here with the family that took down four chain robbers that have been on the FBI's Most Wanted list for months.

Kate: Please tell me officer Kingsley, you are considered a hero; tell me how that makes you feel?

Daniel: First off, this is my line of duty, I do this every day; but I couldn't have done it without my wife, and for the protection of my daughter.

Kate: What was the feeling as soon as your wife shot one of the suspected robbers?

Daniel: At first it was like 'what are you thinking?!' As soon as I heard a gunshot, I got up and pulled my gun out, and shot the three that I saw; like I said before, I couldn't have done it without my wife.

Kate: We now move onto Kayla Maline, a young girl that was the story of the news the past few weeks, she somehow ended up here from Washington D.C., her parents have not been found, and have been suspected of fleeing the country. Officer Kingsley and his wife took in Kayla, as if she were their own flesh and blood, a story of two truly inspirational people, that took in a lost and forgotten child.

Kate: Kayla, what do you think of your dad? Is he a hero?

Me: Yes, he is a hero! He saved the store lady!

Kate: Haha, yes he did! What do you think of your parents? Do you like your new family?

Daniel: Ok, ok, that's enough, I don't want to bring up a sore subject for her, were done!

Kate: Sir, were live!

Daniel: I don't care!

Kate: Well I'm Kate Sanders with Late Night Detroit News on Channel 4!

*End of interview*

I fell asleep on the car ride home, daddy woke me up when we arrived. We went inside, and mommy ordered a pizza. Mommy and I went on the computer; I sat on her lap.

"What's your favorite color?" Mommy asked me

"Pink" I replied

Mommy pulled up this website, it was filled with plastic penis's, some looked like real ones, others were colored. One in particular caught my eye; it was a light pink color, with an upward curve to it.

"I like that one" I said

"Are you sure?" Mommy asked

"Mhmm" I replied

Mommy ordered that dildo for me, just like the doctor ordered. Mommy made me take a bath, and then sent me to bed. I fell asleep.

The next morning a box arrived, it was just a brown box that had a UPS logo on it. I put the box on the table, knowing not to open it, because it wasn't in my name; I overheard mommy and daddy talking in the kitchen, so I eavesdropped on them.

"Allison, you should do it with her, it will make her feel more secure and less embarrassed about the subject of it; it could also help you two bond" daddy said

"I guess I can give it a try" mommy replied

I heard them walk out of the kitchen, and I hurriedly ran into the living room. Mommy said we had to go grocery shopping, so, we got into the car, and drove to the store, on the way there I decided to ask questions that needed to be answered.

"Mommy, my old daddy, umm-err, used to rub his pole between my buttcheeks and a warm goo would leak from his pole, he told me the goo was a type of vitamin that I needed to have so I could grow up to be big and strong, what kind of vitamin is it?" I

Allison was silent, she couldn't put the right words together. She just found out that Kayla's birth father had been molesting her, and tricked her into thinking it was ok.

"Err-umm-err, Kayla, I have to be honest with you. What your old dad did with you was wrong. He-err used you for his own personal gain, and that's wrong" Allison replied the best way she could.

"So what did he give me then?" I asked in confusion

"Cum, or semen" mommy replied

"Huh?" I replied

"You see Kayla, when a man is happy to see a woman, his penis gets hard, like stale chips, and if a woman makes him happy enough, his penis spits out white goo called semen" mommy replied

"So, it isn't a vitamin?" I asked

"No, sweetie, I'm sorry I had to tell you like this" mommy said

I was silent for most of the day, trying to register what had went through my head, my old daddy had been using me, did he ever care for me? Or was I just there to make him 'happy'?

Later that night, I was in my room, staring at the ceiling, still thinking of a way Allison could have been wrong, but anything I came up with just didn't make sense. There was a knock at the door.

"Hey Kayla, its me" mommy said

"Come in" I said

Mommy came in naked, I was surprised to say the least, her breasts stood out predominantly, her aerolas, a dark pink, contrasted her pink nipples. Her hair was in a bun and her pussy was shaved and had no hair whatsoever.

"Hey sweetie, how are you doing?" Mommy asked

"Ok, I guess" I replied

"Well, daddy and I came up with a idea, me and you are going to masturbate together, to make sure your doing it correctly; and totally in your dads words, a bonding exercise" mommy said

"I know-" I said and then slapped my hand over my mouth, causing an audible pop.

"Know what?" Mommy asked

"Noootttthhiinnnnng" I said

"Don't lie to me" mommy said tapping my nose three times.

"I heard you and daddy talking in the kitchen" I replied

"You shouldn't eavesdrop" mommy said

I looked at mommy, still naked, I was still clothed. We looked at eachother and started laughing. Mommy told me to hold the dildo while she opened a purple bottle. She squirted a clear, thick liquid onto her hand.

"This is lube, it makes a man's penis easier to slide into a vagina" mommy said

"Come on! Get naked!" Mommy said playfully

With that, I ripped off my shirt, and then my skirt and undies came off. I sat back down and spread my legs, trusting mommy and letting her do what she needed to to.

"It might be a little cold, Kayla" mommy added

Mommy put her hand onto my bare and exposed pussy, the coldness sent a shiver down my spine, causing a small vibration to go through my lithe frame. She spread the lube around my lips and spread some inside my my pussy.

She pulled my hand out and then squeezed more lube onto my hand, she inserted the pink dildo into my other hand. I somehow felt so perverted and guilty; I continued anyways.

"Spread the lube around the dildo, baby" mommy said

I wrapped my lube covered hand around the dildo and spread it around, the palm of my hand started to lube the head of the simulated penis, I moved my hand lower, twirling the dildo around to make sure the whole thing was lubed; just like mommy had said.

"Here, I'll start it for you" mommy said

Mommy took the dildo out of my hand, and pointed the head towards my pussy, she slowly and lightly pressed the cock head onto my pussy lips. The feeling of her being so gentle was great, the pleasure was starting to kick in.

"Now I'm going to push in slowly" mommy explained

She gently continued to push the dildo deeper into me, the ridges of it added extra pleasure. She pulled it back out a little, and then slowly went back in.

Mommy put my hand on the dildo and then pushed my hand, causing the dildo to go deeper into me, my pussy was drip with real pleasure, and for once not being raped. Mommy let go of my hand.

"Now all you have to do is push it in and pull it out, and then keep going in the same motion" mommy said

I did as she said, I pushed the rigid, flexible dildo into me. It kind of hurt as I went deeper into me, but as I let it sit, the pain went away. Mommy pulled a little switch downwards and it started to vibrate inside of me.

"Ahh-ohh" I mumbled

I looked at mommy who was running her dildo up and down her pussy, I noticed her hips slightly pushing back at it. Looking at mommy touching herself was somehow kind of hot.

I felt my pussy squeeze around the rubber penis. Juices from my pussy tried to force themselves out of me, my pre-pubescent pussy choked the dildo, blocking any juices from coming out. I moved the dildo upwards, it hit my button, which I found out later to be my clit. I forcefully pushed the dildo deeper, a mixture of pain and pleasure cracked through me as if it were lightning.

"I think I'm going to pee mommy!" I exclaimed

"No, honey, just keep going" mommy replied

I pulled in and out faster, the vibrations, felt more intense, almost as if it were an earthquake. I grinded my hips back at the dildo, the urge to pee came, more and more, it came closer. Soon I came without mercy.

My back arched, and my hips moved up and down, my eyeballs rolled to the back of my head, the sensations I was recieving were unmatched and unexplainable.


Allison looked upon her beautiful daughter, in her orgasmic state, she had her dildo fully plunged into herself and looking at her 'daughter' cumming brought her over the edge. Allison, for the first time in her life squirted, her juices powerful, as if a water gun was filled with her cum, she soon soaked beadspread.

Little did either of these girls know, Daniel set up a camera in Kayla's room, he filmed that whole scene of adopted-incestual fun, and was soon going to post it onto his black-market child pornography website. Daniel had been getting loads of requests for a mother-daughter porn, and he finally got it. Kayla was going to be famous in this world of child pornography.

Kayla and her mom laid on the bed in an orgasmic bliss. Lying on there backs, with their breathing heavy; Allison's chest could be obviously seen going up and down in a repetitive motion.

-back to Kayla's pov-

I felt satisfied, as well as tired. I soon dozed off to sleep, thinking and hoping this would continue onwards for a long, long time. I slept peacefully, and purred like a kitten.

First day of school- 10 years old

The next morning mommy woke me up and got dressed, I was brushing my teeth when I heard moaning coming from mommy and daddy's bedroom. I walked up to the door, then slowly turned the know, and pushed the door open. I looked inside to see daddy moving as fast as he could in and out of mommy; I literally thought he was raping her. I ran inside and jumped onto the bed.

"Stop hurting mommy!!!" I yelled hammering my tiny fists on him as hard as I could

I hit him on his back, and a couple times on his face, almost in a fit of anger, I bit down on his arm. I continued hitting him while my teeth were dug into his arm; mommy pulled me off of him, my teeth marks and spit were on his arm.

"He isn't hurting me sweetie, we were just having sex" mommy said

"Sex?" I asked

"Yes its a thing two people do when they love eachother" mommy explained to me

"Can I try?" I asked

"No, sweetie, your too young, and its just not right" mommy replied

"But you and daddy love me, right?" I asked

"Oh, yes sweetie, but not in that type of way" mommy said

"Pwease?" I said trying to put on my best pouty face

"You know what, fuck it, sure let's do it" mommy said

With that, mommy stripped me of my clothes, and then she laid on her back with her legs spread. She rubbed her pussy in delicious circles.

"C'mon, lick mommy's pussy" mommy said

I lowered my face to her lips, and ran my tounge against the middle, I felt mommy shiver, daddy got up, but I didn't know why, I tried my best to lick mommy's pussy, I felt her hand push the back of my head, shoving my face farther into her pussy.

I felt daddy rub the cold lube around my pussy, his fingers tickled my child pussy, it made me giggle a little, which made mommy moan.

Daddy put his penis against my lips, slowly he pushes his cock into me, I could feel every motion his cock made, every throb, and even the precum dripping off of his cock, my pussy wrapped around his cock as if it were a boa-constrictor choking a penis-looking man to death. Daddy sat rigid and still for a second, he started to move into a rhythm, he slapped my ass, and started fucking me faster.

With daddy mounting me like a ram, and screwing my young, tender pussy, as well as licking mommy's pussy; at first it was tough to do both at the same time, focusing on both things made it hard to establish a rhythm.

Daddy's balls would slap my mound, giving my clit a tease each time it hit it. He stuck a thumb in my butthole, I screamed into mommy's pussy, her hands balled up into fists, pulling my hair; her hips moved in an up and down motion, causing her pussy to grind up against my face.

"Fuck! I'm gonna cum!" Daddy yelled

"Cum in our baby!" Mommy yelled

With a few hard thrusts from daddy smashing my pussy, he shot his cum into my young pussy, his body rigid, stiff, searing hot cum slashed throughout insides, like a time traveler going through a portal.

At that exact time I went into a orgasm for myself, my squirming and shuddering passed onto mommy forcing her orgasm to come, my face was so far into her pussy I could barely breathe. Afterwards, my faces was covered in her juices.

For the second time that day, I got dessed, then brushed my teeth and hair. I stood in front of the mirror that was attatched to the door.

My long black hair went straight down, one half in front of my left shoulder, and the other behind my right shoulder. I had a short mid-thigh dress on, it was black and had pink flowerish designs throughout it.

I walked into my bedroom, and went to my underwear drawer; nothing was there, as it was laundry day, oh, I might have forgotten to mention today was my first day of school in Detroit.

So, me being at my young age, I thought it would be ok to not wear underwear, so mommy drove me to school underwear-less.

The school was massive, it was way bigger than my old school, the reason for that was because the school was a K-12 type school that took all grades.

# During Class #

The teacher was some old guy, he sounded nice, but he was really mean, he would always put his hands on the girls shoulders; he put me in the front of the class. Then he made us do a test. I knew what he was all about.

Teacher pov-

I looked at the new girl, her short dress had ridden up, I had a clear view of her pussy, with a beautiful cameltoe. I had to jack off, and I did, all the while looking at that ever so young, tender, and fresh slut that sat in front of me.

I rapidly rubbed my cock under my desk, I felt the all to familiar feeling of my balls boiling, I needed my cock in that slut, and bust a nut inside of her; which I ended up doing to the underside of my desk, you could hear my cum drip onto the tile floor.

Kayla pov-

I could feel the teachers eyes glaring on me, he was looking at me with a sexual passion, I could see his arm move up and down in an obvious masturbation movement.

The bell rang, first it was recess, then more class, then lunch. I walked outside and sat down on the grass. I looked at all the people I didnt know, running around, playing on the playground, or just sitting down and talking.

Unknowingly, I had my legs spread, exposing my daddy-cum-filled-pussy to anybody that looked; and that would be a group of seniors.

I could see them rubbing their crotches, and talking to each other while solely looking at me. They started walking towards me, I didn't know what to think but, I got a bad feeling about it.

"It's Kayla, right?" The man said

"Yeah" I replied looking downwards

The next thing I knew I was being lifted, and the three males were running, they ran into a secluded alley between two of the school buildings.

"Take her dress off" the main kid said

They pulled my dress off of me as I laid there limply, knowing the inevitable was going to happen, accepting it for what it was. The main kid smashed his dry cock into my dry pussy; his two lackeys made me jerk them off while they groped me roughly.

Another boy lied under me, and raped my asshole without mercy, the other boy I was jerking off, shoved his cock into my mouth, and came down my throat. The main kid, he had the biggest cock of the three, continued fucking me, the two boys had found a rhythm, and were raping me in patterned motion; pussy, ass, pussy, ass, and so on

I felt the cock in my pussy throb, and his fresh, potent load squirted into me out of his thrid eye. He kept his cock in me until it was flaccid. The other boy blew his load in my ass; they all got dressed and ran off.

While I was getting dressed, the bell rang. I felt the cum run down my legs, my pussy and asshole were stretched, my body digesting the cum of a boy I didnt even know; I held back the tears and walked into the classroom. Everyone looked at me, I just walked to my desk, my hair frizzed and matted with sweat. I heard whispers and giggles.

I sat at my desk, my mind went off into space and thoughts, as well as questions, questions that had answers that only led to more questions. I laid with my head down on my desk for the rest of the class, or until lunch.

Teachers pov-

I looked down the girls pussy, fresh cum was leaking out of her red, and what looked to be, abused pussy. The cum running out of her pussy landed on her inner dress, making an obvious stain. I really couldn't believe how many little girls at this school didn't wear underwear to school; I loved my job at this school. I loved all these little sluts as well.

I had to get my hands on this slut, one way or another, willingly or forced. I was going to have her, and teach the little cum filled slut how a real man does it.

Kayla pov-

I laid there with my head down still, I felt the luke warm cum still dripping out of my asshole and pussy, and the crustiness of dried cum on my legs.

*Bing Bing Bing*

The lunch bell rang, I had fallen asleep, and the bell didn't wake me, my head rested against my arms as the class cleared, my sleeping form left me vulnerable to the only person in the classroom.

Teacher pov-

I noticed Kayla had fallen asleep, her head was down on the table, my eyes lit up with an idea. I walked over to the door and locked it, then turned off half of the classrooms lights, giving me enough light to see the specimen in front of me, and blacking out any view of anyone looking through the window.

I lifted and carried her to a table, I gently laid her down, careful not to wake the baby-slut up. I petted her right leg, moving my hand up to the bottom of her dress, I put the thin material between my fingers, and pulled it up.

Slowly but surely, the dress would keep going up, more and more skin would keep showing, soon her her precious orifice showed itself, I kept rolling the dress up, her toned child stomach was soon exposed, and then her non-existent chest.

Her naked, limp body laid gloriously in front of me. Her complexion was beautiful, her lithe frame, with legs spread. Her body begged me to be inside of her. I stripped myself of my own clothes and pounced on top of her like a puma chasing its prey.

I poked my average sized cock into her pre-lubed pussy, I could feel the other men's cum inside of her. she was still so tight, even though she had obviously been fucked during recess, and earlier in the morning.

I pushed all the way into her and looked at the clock. There was 5 minutes before class was back in session! I rapidly fucked her, the table literally shook, making creeking noises.

Kayla's eyes fluttered open, half-awake, she looked me thrusting in and out of her, her beautiful eyes pushed me over the edge. I busted a nut into her, she started to cry, which made my orgasm all that much stronger.

I got off of her and strongly pulled her dress back down, almost ripping it completely off of her body, the bell rang just as I unlocked the door. This memory would be the center of my jacking off for a long time...

Kayla pov-

I sat at my desk, arms folded into a almost rectangle shape, my head planted in the middle of the rectangle. For the third time that day, I had cum oozing out of my abused pussy, two of them being raping's.

What did I do in my life to deserve this? What was the point of living if I was just going to get raped all of my life? Am I just seen as a fucktoy by everyone and everyone?...

I faded back to sleep and into my dreams, the only place that seemed safe in my useless life. I was woken up by the end of school bell.

I was on my journey home when the kid that raped me earlier appeared. He dragged me by my hair behind some tall bushes, he pulled my dress completely off of my body and threw it somewhere.

He pushed me down onto the sharp rocks, and put his cock head against my asshole, and thrusted forwards, balls deep into me. I tried to pull myself off of him, and he hit me in the ribs.

He fucked me relentlessly and without mercy. His face looking directly into mine, he slapped me a few times, and then held my face, and turned it towards him, his face contorted in a almost painful look, but he soon made a pleasures grunt.

"I want you to look at me when I cum inside of you" he said.

With a few more powerful and rigid thrusts, I felt warm cum pour into me, he kept thrusting after he came, letting out pleasured groans and cries of orgasm. He pulled out and then whistled.

Another man came, the man came with a camera in hand, and a dog leash in his other balled up fist. It was a huge black dog, almost like a small horse.

The man who just raped me, flipped me over in a doggystyle position and held me up, naked as the day I was born. I felt the dogs cold nose sniff my pussy, he then started to lick. My body betrayed me a little as the dogs licking was pleasurable.

The dog, I assume got tired of licking, and mounted me. He thrusted forward missing both holes multiple times. One last thrust and he found my pussy.

On insert, the pain itself was excruciating, and like no pain had I had ever felt. He was already half of the way inside of me, and with another powerful and painful thrust, the dog was fully inside of me.

I looked under my body, blood was dripping from my pussy and running down my legs, he continued to thrust in and out me, more than likely smashing vital female parts; the dog started to whimper, I felt his cock throb inside of me and then cum exploded out of his cock.

It felt like the cum-waterfall would never end, but it soon did. I thought the dog was going to pull out, but he didnt, he kept trying to pull it out, but it was stuck or something, it hurt like hell. Finally, he pulled out, the man got dressed and the other man took his dog and left.

I lied there, unable to get up, not having the motivation or strength to even do so. I don't know how long I laid there, a teenage girl walked by, she stopped and looked at me with a concerned look, appearantley she came to get a ball that had bounced near the area.

"Oh my god! Mom! Mom!" She yelled

A few minutes passed, and I heard footsteps of a person running, the pattering of running stopped, there was now a panting of breathlessness.

"What is it, Tracy?" Another woman said

"There" the teenage girl pointed

"Jesus! We need to help her!" The other women said

The, what I assumed was the teenagers mom, picked me up, she wrapped her arm around my back, and put her hand on my bare and bloody butt.

She brought me inside, and told her daughter to start a bath. She held me tightly, I assume her motherly instincts went into work.

She put my limp body into the tub, and then washed her blood covered hands, she came back over to me. Her hand ran a sponge type thing tenderly over my pussy, and butt. She then washed the rest of my body.

She wrapped me in a small robe, and laid me down on a bed. I soon fell asleep, to exhausted or unmotivated to do anything. My mind faded to black.

I must have slept overnight, because when I woke up, it was early morning, the girl who had found me, was talking to the cops. Detective Bradshaw, the same cop that I talked to inside of the hospital was there. My mommy and daddy were there too, mommy was crying.

Once again, Bradshaw asked me questions and then left, I said thank you to the mom and her daughter, mommy and daddy talked to them for awhile as well. We ate lunch there then left.

I didn't do much to speak of that day, my brain was still registering everything. I just lied on the living room couch, smothering my face into the cushion, the soft material absorbed my tears. I cried myself to sleep that night.

I woke the next morning, the whole house was quite, I walked down the long hallway, no one was home, except for our dog. I looked into my parents room, I noticed the computer was still, the was a webpage up.

"Kayla Kunt: A Whore Who Loves To Be Raped" I read to myself.

The webpage was filled with videos, they were all me, somehow, all the rapes I had been through were on this website, and some new ones I didn't even know about.

"Teacher Rapes My Daughter"

"My Daughter Raped By A Dog"

"My Daughter Gangraped By Homeless Men"

"Drugging and anally fucking my daughter"

Some I did know about were there also...

"Threesome with wife, and whore daughter"

"Wife and daughter masturbate together"

There was so many more, I looked at the founder of the website; DK/R@ygold, which I assumed was Daniel Kingsley, there was another one; JL/J-Man, Jesus Maline, my old daddy....

I didnt know what to think, my new daddy and old daddy ran a website together? Why was there only videos and pictures of me getting raped? I was so confused...

I made my decision, I was leaving this place and I would never come back. This was the last straw. Nobody cared for me, I was just a piece of shit that was used as a hole for men to pleasure themselves with.

The end was now, I was gone for good, if I was brought back, I would leave again; I was to leave on a journey, as far as possible from this wretched hellhole.

Let the wind take me where it may......

The End of The Beginning - 13 years old

I had ran away, as I figured, no one had even looked for me, not one article in a newspaper, not one missing report, not one news segment for them looking for me. Three long fucking years have passed not even a word of me missing came out anywhere.

I was living on the streets for those three years, I would sell my body so I could eat, or drink. I ended up finding my way to Texas, through hitchhiking, and walking.

That is where I met Mark, a big-time mafia president, he took me in, fed me, pampered me, gave me everything or anything I wanted or needed, on one condition, I become his girlfriend; to say the least I was surprised, he was atleast in his early 20's, and hot as hell.

He was a black man, ripped as fuck, on the verge of muscle-bound. He had a full gotee, and side-burns that traced along his jaw-line. He stood at 6'6 and I think 260 pounds. Like I said, he gave me everything I wanted.

I have gotten into hard drugs, my favorite being Meth. But I'll do anything from weed to pills to acid; in one word, a druggie. Mark and I had been together for about 6 months now, and tonight he was going to take me out to dinner.

I put on a black dress, and went commando as I usually did with Mark. God, I had lost so much weight, I think I was on the verge of 75 pounds wet, my chest stood proudly at a 36 DD, almost the same size as my old mom. I stood at 5'4, about three inches shorter than my old mom. Mark brought in a tailor to fix the dress, when we were at dinner, Mark held my wrists.

"Hey, baby, I got a huge deal on the first of next month!" Mark said

"That's on my birthday, what is so big about it?" I replied

"I know, baby, well if the deal comes through; I'm the King of the avenue, therefore, making you queen of the avenue, and right after that, there will be a big surprise for you" Mark replied with a smile that could charm any girl.

"I want you to cone with me, so I can show off my baby" he added picking up my hand and kissing it.

"Ok, if it means that much to you, Mark" I replied

"Let's eat, sexy" he said with a wink

The next month went pretty normally, my daily dose of Meth, one thing that normally happened in my life, hadn't happened recently, I hadn't gotten raped in 7 months. Mark, I would assume, scared off a lot of guys.

Today was my birthday, I was in my bed, doing some drugs, as I normally did, everyday. I was happy where I was now, not having to worry about anything or anyone. I felt truly cared for, not to mention, treated like the girl or woman I was.

I stood in front of the mirror, my rib cage showed itself predominantly, the only fat on me was my breasts and ass. I put a super short dress on, that Mark had bought especially for today.

My breasts were perfectly fitted and looked perfect. Half of them spilled over the top of the dress, barely hiding my nipples. The bottom of the dress stopped just under my ass, meaning, if i bent over my whole ass would be exposed.

I found a pair of black stiletto heels, open toed, and glossy. I put them on, and stood in front of the mirror, it added to my height, making me look a little older, added with the make-up, I looked like I was in my early 20's.

Mark walked into the room, his shoulders broad, he looked professional in an Armani suit, it was his favorite suit, it was solid black, with white pin-stripes throughout the suit.

He also had a pair of Armani glasses on, that would turn into sunglasses in the sunlight. His overall appearance gave him a educated, and smart look. He walked over to me, the clicking of the shoes on the wood tiled for floor

"Hey, Kayla, you ready to go baby?" Mark asked

"Yeah, just a second" I replied running a brush through my bone-straight hair.

I put the brush on the dresser and we left, we went down the 50 floor building, his hand on the right side of my hip. I rested my head on his broad shoulder.

The elevator stopped and the door opened, there was a group of about 10 big men waiting for Mark. They walked us out to the black SUV everyone got in, and we drove off.

A while later we arrived, it was a Hispanic area, we walked into a warehouse, there was another black SUV, and another large group of men, Mark and I walked over to a Mexican man.

"You got my money, Carlos?" Mark asked

"Yeah, you got my materials?" Carlos replied

"If everything goes ok, yeah" Mark said

"Ok, want a drink, my friends?" Carlos asked

"Sure" Mark said

The men played poker, or some card game. I stood by Mark, and a guy from Carlos's side came by me. His hands squeezed both of my asscheeks.

I turned around and looked at him, he smiles and gave me a wink. I spit in his face, he wiped it off and got a extremely angry look.

"You bitch!" The man said

He then hit me square in the jaw, I fell to the floor, blood dripped from the side of my mouth. Mark got up and pulled out his gun, he shot the man who hit me.

"You got a woman with guts, I like it" Carlos said.

"You don't hit woman man" Mark replied

"We do whatever we want to women in my place" Carlos said

"Fuck that!" Mark said

"I run this town, I'll run it however I want" Carlos said

"The deal is off" Mark said

"Bullshit it is!" Carlos said

All the men pulled out guns, a gun went off and bullets started blazing. Men started falling to the ground, the gunshots were deafening, I was standing there like a deer in the headlights.

The next thing I knew, three bullets hit me, two in my chest, and one in my neck. I fell to the floor, staring into a blank ceiling, Mark dragged himself towards me, and kissed me on my lips.

It was a full fledged lovers kiss, the only one, and the only man I would ever have. It was true love, we traded bloody spit, until I saw the light, I passed on, I died, in my lovers arms.

They say love at first sight doesn't exist, until the day I met Mark, I never thought a man would actually love a woman, men just used women as a form of pleasure.

The day I met Mark, I knew he was the one I wanted to live my life with. I did, and it was true love, at that point I knew it existed. I lived my life with Mark, to die was my destiny, and I did it with someone I loved.

After story-

I have relived all these events for what seemed like forever, I am stuck in between the next world and on this planet. Thats when I met this girl, a teenager, a white girl named Jessica.

Jessica was the only girl who could see me, and talk to me. We had some type of connection. We sat together, and played. I told her I needed my story revealed to move on to the next world.

We sat for days, she wrote down my whole life, and then she went to the news station. We watched the news together, the news anchor read the story, uncensored, to get the true power of it to the population of earth.

It turns out, all the rapes were planned by my daddy's for their child porn website. My old parents were found in Mexico, and were arrested, they got life in prison.

As Jessica and I watched the news, I started glowing in a white light, and moved on into the next world, Heaven. You would be suprised how many murderers and pedophiles are in heaven.

Anyways, I must be going, I will leave you with one last thing, a person very close to me said this, before my innocence was corrupted and I went down the wrong path.

"You are to be born, with only a destiny to die"...


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