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Club Fatale, Pt. 3

Chapter Four – The Commodore

The Commodore’s mansion was more like a stronghold then a palatial estate. I was reminded of circa-1600’s colonial forts, like those of Port Royal and St. Kitts. It had the same cliff-side positioning. To say that the mansion was well-appointed was an understatement. From the décor and artwork that I saw just walking in the front gate, I estimated a value in the vicinity of $20 million.

The terrace was not to be believed. It was flanked by statues of Greek gods all around, and looked down on harsh black rocks and frothing waves below.

But it was the female décor that inspired the most.

Two dozen white-collared women were scattered about in various states of undress. One and all, they were gorgeous: with the beauty of models and actresses. Some of them, I would say, even reached the level of supermodel. Not a single male was present. Even the servants that I saw were women. I counted a waitress, a bartender, a chef, a manicurist and a pair of masseuses on my first glance.

The rest of the girls were for decoration. Some were bound and chained, receiving whippings at their master’s pleasure. Others had been hung up by the ankles or by the long tresses of their hair. A young red-haired girl twisted in the wind, strangling slowly for the Commodore’s pleasure.

I did a double-take. It was Patricia, the tennis player I had met the previous day.

I shook my head in disbelief. I had arrived on Olympus.

“There’s the man of the hour!”

The loud, booming voice shook me out of my daze. And, with great reluctance, I tore my eyes away from the decadent feminine view.

The Commodore was a white-haired man in his early seventies, though he seemed hardy and hale beyond his years.

“Mr. Anderson, welcome!” He shook my hand in an iron grip. “I trust that you’re settled in?”

“Oh, yes, Commodore,” I replied. “I’ve been here nearly 20 hours, already. And jetlag has never seemed to affect me.”

“Did you happen to catch Bonfire Night, last night?”

“Yes, indeed,” I answered. “It was very intriguing. But I didn’t see you there. I’d have thought that such a spectacle would’ve drawn your presence.”

“Well, I like to provide the members with time of their own. I sometimes feel as if they treat me as more of a father or leader then a compatriot.”

“But you wish to be the commander,” I said. “Even your title expresses a kind of formal respect and dignity. I suspect that you enjoy your managing responsibilities far more then you let on, sir.”

“So I do, Mr. Anderson!” the Commodore said, smiling. “So I do. May I call you Evan?”

“Please do, sir.”

The Commodore and I passed Patricia, as we walked, and I was drawn to the desperate kicking of her long, slender legs. She seemed much taller now, stretching her neck on the gallows before me.

“You like?” the Commodore asked.

“Definitely,” I replied.

The lithe girl’s bosom shuttered at every breath. She gasped and wheezed, struggling for oxygen. Already her lips were turning blue.

The Commodore watched in silence; I in fascination.

Patricia’s eyes were on me: watching, pleading, and begging. It was altogether erotic to feel that weight, to know that I had the power to ease her suffering. Perhaps a few words to the Commodore and he would spare her for me. As it was in life, the greatest cruelty was often to do nothing. She took one last, shuttering breath and was still.

“Fascinating, isn’t it?” the Commodore asked.

I nodded, eyes locked on her still lips. I had been fantasizing about facefucking her off and on since I had met her. Now I would never get the chance.

“I still never tire of watching one of them pass,” the older man said. “I had been wondering what young Patricia tasted like. I suppose that now I’ll be able to find out.”

And he winked at me. I looked sideways back at him.

“I would be glad to have Sonya prepare her for you, Evan. You can never have too much Femme-meat around. What do you say we split her, half and half? ”

“That’s very generous, Commodore!” I said. “Thank you.”

Though I would never receive that blowjob, I took solace in the fact that I would be able to experience Patricia more intimately than I had ever dreamed possible.

The Commodore led me to a table and we sat. Emmanuelle was there, standing passively.

“Well then, Evan. You have your beach house, with all the amenities. You have your two starter Femmes, the sisters: sweet Jana and sweeter Karina. Emma has provided you with your collars, yes?”

I nodded and asked: “I noticed the colors of the collars. I was wondering about their meanings.”

“You’re a curious one, aren’t you?” the Commodore asked, with a smile. “What do you think they mean?”

I was about to reply that I didn’t know. But then, suddenly it hit me.

“It’s ranking system,” I said, as I ordered it in my mind. “It starts at black: no color. Then you give the newest members violet, the darkest of colors. Jacob said that he’s been here for a couple of years and his girl wore blue; Dan Gates claimed that he was here from the beginning. His girls wore red. And you, your girls wear white: the most colorful. All colors combined into white light.”

“By the gods!” the Commodore thundered. “Twenty-five years I’ve been doing this and that is the first time that someone has figured it out without being told! You really didn’t know, did you? No, of course you didn’t. I could tell if you were lying. And no member would tell you, not after being in the dark himself for so long. Add to that the fact that Emma is smiling like a proud mother and I can see that you really did figure it out!”

I looked at Emmanuelle. I expected her to try to hide the smile, but she didn’t. It was a pretty smile of pride and she let it beam on me.

“Well, what should I do?” the Commodore mused and turned to Emmanuelle. “What do you think, dear? Advance him a rank or two?”

“Two, my darling,” she said. “Jacob is blue and he still doesn’t understand the significance of the colors.”

“She’s right!” the Commodore boomed. “You are hereby advanced to Blue, though I’ve never advanced a man up two levels on his first day. I warn you, though. Don’t tell anyone the secret. If I find that you have, you will forfeit your levels.”

“As you say,” I replied.

“Emma will trade in your violet collars for blue later on.”

“Now,” he said. “On to more pressing business. You have been accepted as a provisionary member of Club Fatale. You are the 47th member in its history, and, currently the 33rd active member. You are the owner of a 2.4% share of the operation. I, myself, control a fixed 20% share of all operations. We currently provide a yearly dividend, but it is small, as most of the earnings are sunk back into operations on this island.”

My eyes widened. “You turn a profit here?”

“Oh, yes,” the Commodore said. “We have business in many parts of the world, some legal, some less so, but we manage to break above even almost every year.”

“I congratulate you on your business skills, Commodore,” I said. “I can only imagine the kind of overhead you have here.”

“Yes, well, it is costly,” he admitted. “Femmes are our major expense, of course. But we have developed a new way to lower cash outflows.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Breeding,” the Commodore said. “I have experimented with Femme-breeding on a limited basis over the past twenty years and it is now beginning to pay off.”

My mouth must have been hanging open, because the Commodore smiled and laughed.

“Perhaps you would care to aid me in my program, Evan?”

“What do I have to do?”

“From time to time, I would ask you to couple with a very special woman. Trust me, the experience will be erotic and unique. Any child conceived from the pairing would be the property of the Club. And of myself.”

“What about the males?” I questioned.

“Oh, we have ways of assuring the birth of a female child, Evan. It doesn’t work the other way around, though... But that it is of no consequence for business purposes.”

I was intrigued at the erotic and decadent possibilities of such an arrangement. I found myself nodding. “I agree, Commodore.”


“I do have some questions on the Femmes, Commodore,” I said.

“Ask away!”

“Well,” I started. “How exactly does one go about acquiring Femmes?”

“Ah, yes!” he said. “The rules! Well, first of all, there are five types of Femmes: graded C through AAA. Grade-C Femmes are used for staff positions mostly. Fucking them is completely within the rules and snuffing one of them isn’t particularly troublesome. Grade-Bs are of higher quality, but are still plentiful. They are available in the commissary for the modest charge of $100,000. Grade-As are of fine quality. Each member receives one per month, at no charge, and any additional acquired will be available in the commissary for the sum of $200,000. There is a waiting list, so if you are going to be doing some serious snuffing I advise that you get your name on it as soon as possible. In addition, three Grade-A snuff-puppets will be available in separate lottery drawings once per month.”

“And the others: Grades AA and AAA?” I prompted.

“AAs are rare and precious gems,” the Commodore said. “Any that become available will be auctioned off at the earliest opportunity. Purchasing one is not for the faint of heart, however. They often go for well over a half-million apiece.”

I looked at Emmanuelle.

“Ah!” the Commodore said. “You have a fine eye, son. Emma is indeed a Grade-AAA. The first, and one of the finest, that we ever procured. I paid several million for her at the auction block. If you are looking to find one as fine, I can only tell you that they come along, on average, once a year. As a consolation, I can tell you that every time a member advances in rank he receives a Grade-A Femme, which entitles you to two choices from the commissary, already! Have I made things clearer for you?”

I nodded. “Much clearer, Commodore. And thank you!”

“Good,” he said. “Now a drink!”

We were served an excellent Bordeaux by a youthful girl in a white summer dress, who knelt at our feet. I looked at her, admiringly. Her shiny black hair and white dress was uniquely cut to bare one shapely breast. It made her seem like a goddess.

“You like her?” the Commodore said. “Partake if you wish.”

“Thanks, but no. It would feel inappropriate, right now.”

“Evan,” the Commodore said, seriously. “There’s no such thing. Pleasures of the flesh are as natural as eating and drinking. They should not be denied or hidden away. They should be enjoyed and reveled in, celebrated and shared. Would it interest you to know that she is my daughter?”

Momentarily stunned, my glance slid to Emmanuelle. The gorgeous blonde’s eyes were locked on me, her mouth tight.

“Yes, Enya is her daughter, as well,” the white-haired man said. “And a better fuck in the known world I’ve yet to find. I partake of her all the time on this terrace, with her mother kneeling beside.”

“And you wouldn’t be upset at my intruding?”

“I wouldn’t, no,” the Commodore said. And his eyes flicked to Emmanuelle.

“But your wife would,” I said.

“I love Emma,” the Commodore told me, “but she doesn’t understand the truth of pleasuring.”

“And what is the truth?” I asked.

He leaned forward to stare into my eyes. “That sacrifice is the ultimate aphrodisiac,” he said, intensely. “Fuck her, now, Evan. Take all the pleasure that you want from her.”

I looked at Emmanuelle. She seemed serene on the surface, but I could see past the act. Her eyes practically begged me not to do it.

“Very well...” I said.

“I knew that you would reconsider,” the Commodore said and smiled. “What’s your poison, Evan? Ass, mouth or twat?”

“I think I’m in the mood for something a little more exotic,” I said as I mused. “How about a titty-fuck?”

The girl’s head was down, but I could see her lips quirk into a small smile.

“Ha, Ha!” the Commodore cooed. “A man of like mind! Enya, if you would see to our guest, please?”

“Of course, father,” the girl said in a small voice. Her voice was quiet, but had a temblor to it that was very arousing.

Enya slid over to me and got to work. She pulled down her dress and revealed both of her large breasts, which I squeezed. She pulled my cock out and slapped it between her tits. I moved my cock in between the massive orbs while I tweaked her nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

It was heavenly.

Less than twenty minutes ago, I was being sucked off by Enya’s mother and now, here I was getting a tit-wank from one of her beautiful daughters. I squeezed her breasts around my cock and fucked in and out.

The Commodore gestured to Emmanuelle and she walked to him and sat on his lap. She watched the show with hot eyes upon her daughter and I. She wore an unreadable look, as he caressed her breasts through the material of her blouse.

“Enya’s quite the little vixen, isn’t she?” the Commodore asked.

I nodded as I continued to fuck her tits.

The Commodore’s hand roamed freely about Emmanuelle’s chest. He pushed her blouse up, revealing his wife’s tits to my wandering eyes. I studied them as I fucked her daughter’s breasts. As far as I could tell, neither pair could gain an edge on the other. Mother and daughter both had perfect, full tits.

I tore my eyes from Emmanuelle, as Enya worked on me with her chest.

“How many daughters do you have, Commodore?”

“Six,” he said and looked around the terrace. “At the moment. But no sons. I’m shooting blanks when it comes to that matter. And the doctors can’t seem to help me.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I said.

“It’s no big deal, son.”

I looked up into Emmanuelle’s eyes. Her hand was under her skirt and she was openly playing with herself. My mouth fell open at the thrill, and I realized that Enya was getting me very close to release.

“You will have to excuse me for a moment, Commodore,” I said.

“Of course,” he said with a smile. “Take your time, son.”

I nodded, very close to the edge.

“Oh, oh, sir!” the girl exclaimed, voice trembling, as I came upon her tits. White streaks sprayed from my cock across her large, warm mounds and some of my seed landed on her face and lips.

She looked at me as she licked the come from her lips.

“Oh, god, thank you, sir!” she cooed.

“Bravo!” the Commodore cheered.

The Commodore motioned the girl to him and she stood, bent to his face and kissed him full on the mouth. His fingers played on her breasts and he scooped some of the come from the left tit and he raised it to her lips. I watched, aroused as the young girl sucked my jizm from her father’s fingers.

“There is a bit left, Enya,” he said, softly. “Give it to your mother.”

I watched as Enya moved to Emmanuelle. Emmanuelle suckled her daughter’s breasts, sucking up my come for the second time today and swallowing it; all the while, with her eyes upon me. Quickly, she flashed a look at her husband and he nodded with approval. She continued until her daughter was cleaned.

“Well,” the Commodore said after several minutes. “I have some business to attend to right now, so I will walk you out. Enya!”

Together the Commodore and his daughter walked me back inside.

“Your first order of business, Evan,” the Commodore began, “is to acquire a working knowledge of snuffing. I have just the teacher for you. A woman with some twenty years of experience in the field. You will see Angelique. I advise that you listen to her. She knows pleasurable things that even I don’t comprehend.”

“Sounds invigorating, sir.”

“Oh, and Enya will spend the next couple of nights with you so that you can experience her fully.”

My jaw nearly dropped again.

“I would, however, like her returned in working condition when it is time!” he cautioned.

I watched as the girl blushed, barely containing a smile.

My eyes went wide and my cock seemed to harden. Was the girl really amused at the prospect of me snuffing her?

“You are too generous, Commodore,” I said.

“Not at all,” the Commodore replied. “In return, though, I would enjoy a night with the Sweads: Karina and her sister. They are the most wonderful cocksuckers. And I really do enjoy watching Jana suck on Emmanuelle’s pussy. She makes her come like nothing I have ever seen. Perhaps I’ll have my daughters Erin and Evelyn joins us, as well.”

“You’re lucky, sir,” I said. “I almost snuffed Karina with my cock upon awaking this morning.”

“That has happened before, upon occasion. I suppose I had better get my piece of her while she is still with us! Good day, Evan!”

“I’ll send them right over, sir, and good day.”

I shook the Commodore’s hand and left with little Enya in tow.

Chapter Five – Pool Party

Emmanuelle dropped Enya and me off outside my condo. The tall blonde kissed her daughter on the cheek and wished her a good night. They talked for a few minutes while I collected Jana and Karina and bundled the sisters up. Emmanuelle eyed me once before she left: a look that left me wondering if I had destroyed all that had happened between us.

I took Enya on a walk down the beach. After a few minutes, I spotted Dan Gates and Jacob Nelson relaxing with drinks. Dan had the brunettes, Teri and Tori, with him and Jacob had the ever-present Kelly.

“Hey!” Jacob called to me. “How went the meeting?”

“Not bad,” I replied.

“We had a bet going, Evan, about your ranking in the Club. Dan wagered Teri and Tori against Kelly that you would come out at Violet. I thought that you would advance immediately. Tell me, did the old man raise you to Indigo?”

“No,” I said, smiling to myself. It looked like Jacob would benefit from my good fortune, as well as I had.

“He raised me to Blue.”

I could see Dan’s face fall and Jacob’s mouth hang open in surprise. He hooted with laughter.

“Imagine that!” the younger man said. “I’ve never heard of such a thing. It looks like I won the bet, after all.”

“Keep the girls,” the white-haired man said to Jacob. “I had my eyes on new ones, anyway.”

Dan gave me a dirty look. Taking his collars from the girl’s necks, he stormed off. I couldn’t really blame him for his frustration, but he had made the bet.

“Looks like you girls have got yourself a new master,” Jacob said. He kissed them each on the lips, lingering longest with Tori.

Jacob turned to me. “I really only wanted Tori. I would have traded Kelly and another girl for her, but he suggested the wager. He thought it was a sure thing, I think. If you want, you can have Teri.”

“That’s generous of you,” I said. “But I don’t know if it’s really fair.”

“How about this,” he began. “I have this redhead I’ve been tiring of: Cameron. I’ve been trying to trade her, but I can’t really find anyone who’s into redheads and wants to swap. I was just going to snuff her, but if you’d like...”

I smiled. A redhead. He must have read my mind.

“Sounds like a plan.”

Jacob smiled and slapped me on the back.

“So who is this you have with you? Wait a minute! The Commodore’s daughter, as I live and breathe,” Jacob said, caressing her with his eyes. He turned to me. “Don’t tell me that the old man just gave her to you?”

“Until the morning,” I said.

Jacob looked the young girl up and down. “It’s too bad that we can’t party together, little one,” he muttered.

“Who says you can’t?” the girl cooed.

“A white-collar?” he asked, almost to himself. “You could be trouble, my dear.”

She touched his chest, caressing lightly. “And if no one knows?”

Jacob nodded, considering.

“A private pool party,” Jacob said. “I know where the six of us can get lost for a while. Care to join us, Evan?” He looked hopefully at me. I realized the desperation he was feeling. He wanted Enya, very much.

“Sure thing,” I said. “If it’s a place where we won’t be disturbed.”

“Thanks, man,” Jacob said with a grin.

Pool House 3 was free. Jacob locked the door and pulled the shades so that we wouldn’t be disturbed.

We stripped off our clothes and jumped in. We swam for a while and played several water games. Then Enya spoke up.

“Let’s play another game, baby,” Enya said. She swam up and pressed her tits against his chest. “I and the girls each take turns seeing how long we can stay underwater, sucking you two guys off. We continue until one girl goes too long and passes out.”

“Are you sure about this?” Jacob asked. “That could be dangerous and I wouldn’t want to lose you, little one.”

“I can hold my breath longer than any of them,” she said, nodding to the others. “I’m not afraid of what will happen. Are you?”

I liked the idea and when Jacob looked at me, I nodded.

“Okay, let’s see what you got, girl!”

Sliding beneath the surface, Enya took Jacob’s cock between her lips and sucked. I watched her shimmering, submerged figure for a few moments before grabbing Teri’s head and pushing her under. She looked terrified at the prospect and the exhilaration of her fear made me instantly hard.

Nearly a minute passed and I could feel Teri struggling on my cock. Water games were obviously not her strong suit, so I let her up.

She gasped and retched.

Enya came up for air seconds later and took a deep breath. She seemed none the worse for wear. The girls switched. Kelly went down on me second, while Jacob took Tori. While she was waiting, Enya forced Teri to lick her pussy.

Kelly’s mouth was like a handful of wet silk: warm and squishing. She managed to best Teri’s time by more than half a minute.

Third round: Enya blew me while Kelly sucked Jacob off underwater.

Enya’s eyes were open and I watched her beneath the watery barrier. I imagined how amazing it would feel to just hold her and let her go. Would she struggle? Would she accept her fate? I wanted to find out so badly. But after nearly two minutes, I let her up.

She huffed and puffed and spit water.

“Final round,” Enya said when she recovered. Taking Teri’s brown hair, she thrust her under the water and forced her unto Jacob.

Meanwhile, I pushed Tori down and fucked her face with wild thrusts. Kelly swam up to me and we kissed, deeply. My tongue went into Kelly’s mouth while my cock did the same with Tori’s. Minutes passed and I was near the edge.

I held onto Tori’s head, luxuriating in her. I could feel her sucking and gurgling: growing weaker upon me. At the last moment, I pulled Tori up. She gasped explosively, spit and water spraying from her lips and onto my stomach. She struggled to shake the water from her eyes and blinked up at me, retching.

I heard thrashing beside me and looked.

Teri was in trouble. She was struggling with Enya: trapped and held on Jacob’s cock less than a foot below the surface.

“Let’s take this bitch all the way, baby...” Enya cooed to Jacob, sexily. “Don’t you want to, baby? Wouldn’t it be awesome?”

“Fuck yes,” Jacob hissed between clinched teeth. “Do it, girl.”

Enya’s slender hands held the girl down.

I watched as Enya looked into Jacob’s eyes and smiled. I watched the slender brunette convulse and go limp on Jacob’s cock. Bubbles drifted up to the surface and Jacob cried out and came in her drowning mouth.

“Do you want her?” Enya asked, sexily. “Or should I just drown her, baby?”

Jacob caressed Enya’s chin, lightly.

“Fuck her,” he said and kissed her.

I watched as Teri’s struggling slowed and she went limp. At that moment, I came, spewing my seed all over Tori’s face.

Enya smiled at me and then at Jacob. She pulled Teri’s head off of Jacob’s cock. Teri’s black tresses swam in the water like dark tendrils and a white cloud of come drifted in front of her face. A few pathetic bubbles escaped from her lips. Enya ducked beneath the surface and kissed the brunette corpse once. Then she released and kicked the corpse down to the deep end of the pool.

Jacob smiled at her and pulled her up to kiss him.

“Damn! This girl knows how to party, Evan!”

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