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So, before freshman year of college, I had never had sex with a guy. I had only had sex with two girls at the time, to be frank. I wasn't that big of a sexual expert or anything, but I did know that I had been attracted to guys for a while. On the first day of classes, I had an 8:00 am Government class. It was complete hell waking up that early, but I was gladly surprised when I went to class.

As I'm sitting and listening to music (probably some acoustic music or something similar), this tall, semi-muscular guy with a short beard sits next to me. I was surprised for two reasons: one being the fact that there were a lot of empty seats in the lecture room, and the other being at how attractive this guy was. He had this perfect hair parted to the side, the most amazing blue eyes, and when you saw him smile I swear you'd faint. About halfway through class the role's going around and when he passes it to me, I read that his name is Jeremy. I liked his last name a lot, so I say quietly "Hey man, cool last name" (I always feel awkward meeting people). But he replies "Thanks, what's yours?" So I tell him my name's Alex and we talk about random introductory things (what major we are, where we went to high school, music, etc). Then he asks me something that really surprises me, "Hey, wanna help me move in my shit later? I have a ton to still move, and I haven't really met anyone else." I answered yes so quickly I was sure he could tell how eager I was.

Later that day, I make my way to his room in freshman hall. Luckily, we live in the same building. He answers and smiles, and I felt instantly at home. We go along moving everything, from a mini fridge to a futon, from his truck parked in the parking deck across the street. When we're all finished, he says "Thanks for all your help man, how can I repay you?" And I know this sounds like a complete lie, but he really did. I had no idea of how to respond, and I started blushing. "I dunno, how about a massage?" I stammer out, trying to make it sound like a joke. And he replies with, "Sure, just let me shower really quick." I was so taken aback I let out a little gasp. "Ok" I reply.

I decide to lay on his bed, it hasn't been made yet, and I really don't know what's going on. I'm finding this all hard to believe, and I don't think that anything will actually happen, so I just stare out the window. I fall asleep for a bit, until I'm awoken by Jeremy.

He's in nothing but a towel, and I instantly stare at him, eyes wide. "You're not even going to get undressed? Don't you know how massages work?" He says, kind of angrily. I don't know if he's serious or not, but it really turns me on. "Answer me, Alex" he says, a little more forcefully. "Uhh yeah, I'm sorry, I didn't know--" he cuts me off, "Well now you do. Strip for me, bitch" he says coldly. I blush and am not sure of what to do. "Did you hear me? I said strip" he says, and grabs me by the hair. I'm so turned on by this my cock instantly hardens in my pants. "Since you won't obey, I'll have to do it for you" he says through gritted teeth. He begins forcefully undressing me, my shoes first, then socks, then pants. He gets to my shirt and actually rips it off of me. I let out a gasp. "Don't act like you don't want it now, slut. I can see your hard little cock through those briefs". I look away, embarrassed and ready to burst. He pulls them off of me with such force I fall over onto his bed.

"Look at this cute little ass" he says, as he begins to rub and grab it vigorously. I look back at him and he's taking off his belt. I look away and close my eyes as the first blow hits my right ass cheek. I let out a little cry of pain. "You like that, Alex? You like being my little bitch?" He asks, and hits me again. "Mhmm, I do" I say quietly. He starts using the belt to tie my hands to the edge of the bed. I'm breathing so hard and I'm really afraid because I've never had anything in my ass.

I'm still looking out the window, as I feel him start to rub his hard cock against the crack of my ass. It feels massive even though I can't see it. "You feel that, you little bitch?" He asks. "Yes, sir" I stammer, I don't even know why I said sir. "You're going to get fucked by this and you're going to like it." He says. "Yes, sir" I repeat. He spits onto my asshole and begins fingering it, first with one and then two fingers. "Oh, you're gonna get split open, Alex." He says, and spits onto my asshole again. "Are you ready, my little whore?" he asks as he rubs the head of his cock against my entrance. Before I get a chance to answer, he thrusts into me. I let out a little yelp, both of pain and pleasure. "Oh fuck" I say. "That's right bitch, and that's not even all of me" he says. He thrusts again and I can feel at least another 3 inches slam into me. "Oh gooooooddddd" I moan out. "You like that, slut?" he asks. "Mhmmmmmmm" I moan into the bed,

He begins to pull out and thrust back into me. I love the feeling of his thick cock in my virgin ass. It hurts at first but I begin to get used to it. I start moaning, and he says "Alex you're going to be my little bitch from now on, and you're going to like it". "Please" Is all I can manage through my moaning. "Ready to taste your asshole, pet?" He asks, My cock twinges at being called his pet. "Mhmmmmm, Yes. Please, sir." "Good little bitch" he says and pulls out of me. I hate the feeling of his cock sliding out of my ass but I'm drooling at the thought of sucking his cock. He spanks my ass and I let out a couple yelps. "Good pet" he says. He begins to walk around the bed and when he gets to where I'm facing, my jaw drops. His cock is fucking beautiful, at least 8 inches, and really fucking thick. It's wet with my anal juices and veiny and seems to be pulsing. "Ok, Alex, I want you to clean my dick before I cum into your asshole" he says. I open my mouth instantly. He moves closer and I take the head of his cock into my mouth. It's so warm, and I love the taste of it. He begins to slowly move his cock into and out of my mouth, gagging me a little bit each time it gets to my throat. "That's what I like to hear" I hear him mutter. He pinches my nose shut and begins fucking my throat. I'm gagging uncontrollably and I can't breathe and I can feel tears coming to my eyes, but I'm loving every second of it. "Want me to stop, bitch?" he asks as he's grunting in pleasure. I shake my head furiously and moan into his cock. I love feeling it way back in my throat. I love feeling used by Jeremy, and I never want it to end. He pulls his cock out of my mouth, and a lot of my spit falls out and onto the floor. "Such a perfect little fucktoy" he says, and walks back around the bed.

He spreads my ass with one hand, and places his cock at my entrance. I'm so eager to have his massive cock back in my ass, and I bite my lip in preparation. He thrusts the entirety of his cock into my ass, and I yell out "FUCCKK OH GOD, THANK YOUU" and start breathing heavily. "Do you want my hot load in your asshole?" he asks, as he's fucking me, and I can feel his cock deep in my bowels, his balls slapping against my thighs with every thrust. "Yes, please Jeremy, please cum in my ass, I want you to fill your little slut with cum" I say between breaths. I can hardly believe what I'm saying. He grabs a fistfull of my hair, wraps his other hand around my neck, and squeezes. He begins to plunge into me, and I can hear my ass clap every time he thrusts in. I'm practically yelling now, and he's going harder and harder, until I feel him let up. His cock begins to twinge inside me and I feel hot liquid spurting out deep inside me. This sends me over the edge too, and I moan as I begin to cum, with my cock twinging from underneath me.

He pulls his cock out of my ass, "Don't you fucking move, bitch, I'm not done with you. And don't you dare let any of that cum come out of your asshole" he says and I hear him walk off. My thoughts are racing and I don't know what's coming next, but I'm sure I'll love it. He comes back, and I feel something cold pressed against my ass, right under my asshole. "Ok bitch, let it all out" he says forcefully. I relax my bowels, and feel the warm liquid start to leak out of my asshole. I push and feel it keep coming out, it feels like so much. When I'm done he walks to the front of me and I look up at him.

He has a glass, and it's filled with a pretty big amount of cum. More than I've ever produced, at least. "I want my little whore to drink what it wanted" he says, and pushes the cup towards my mouth. I graciously accept, and open wide, tilting my head back. He pours all of it into my mouth, and it seems to fill my mouth entirely. I start gagging a little bit, and he notices. "Don't let any fall out, or you'll be sorry. Now swallow all of daddy's cum." he says. I obey, and feel the still warm liquid in the back of my throat and then going all the way down to my stomach. "Good pet" he says, and pets my head before untying my hands. "Now get dressed and get out of here, my family's coming to visit" he says, pointing towards the door. I get dressed as fast as possible, not even able to clean my cum off of me, and still shirtless.

Before I leave the room he says "Don't forget, you're my little whore Alex, be here tomorrow night at 12:00 sharp". "Yes sir" I say and leave, hurrying up to my room, luckily not getting spotted by anyone. I lay down, completely exhausted, but looking forward to the semester ahead of me.

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2013-02-21 21:45:21
Please write more, that was awesome

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2013-02-01 05:21:10
i really liked the story but, if he's in nothing but a towel when you wake up, where is he taking his belt off of?


2013-01-31 21:54:08
Omg...I came so hard...can't wait to hear what else the little slut is going to be doing...write more


2013-01-29 00:33:47
SO hot, please make more!!!

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