First time for everything
The pony farm was the best place In the summer, my cousin and I went there every summer since we were little. I just turned 11 on my birthday in late May. My cousin, Dan was 4 years older.

We had chores we did everyday, I loved working around the miniature horses. They were just like their big cousins just not So tall. Dan and I were just leaving the barns to have a swim, we heard one of the horses and ran back in. The stallions gate Was open and he had gotten in with the mares. He was trying to isolate one of the mares and he kept trying to mount her. Dan said " look at the size of his cock that's as big as the big horses." With that he rode the mare fucking her all the way. They Really didn't move in distance they were right there in front of us fucking, his huge cock moving in and out of the mare, her eyes were huge and wild, the stallion just kept humping her. Suddenly he slowed but rammed his cock in deep and had a spasam. I have to say I was wet, I mean I had been around These animals my whole 11 years and seen them fuck all the time, but this was different. Dan looked at me and asked "what Was wrong", I said " I don't know I just feel funny". "funny how?" Dan asked. Between my legs I got wet watching them fuck. Dan said " I can tell you about that, maybe we should go up in the loft." I said "can you really tell me or show me?" Dan said "
oh can show you that way you will know exactly what's happening. It happened to me when I was ten. I sure would have loved To have someone show me.

They went to the back of the loft, behind a stack of hay bales. Dan took a horse blanket and laid it down and told me Lay down Katie and take your suit off. Why Dan, it will be easier to show you. Watch me I am taking my trunks off. Katie had Seen Dan naked before so it really was no big deal. But when Dan stood up his cock was standing straight up and hard. I had Only seen it soft before and it wasn't nearly that big. I said  "Dan are you related to the horses?" All of a sudden Katie said , " oh my God Dan are you going to fuck me? He said Katie you have been asking for it since we got here two weeks ago. Well I said I Was curious but when I saw the horses fuck so close up, I wondered what it would be like with people. "You mean the horse Fucking you," Dan asked. And she said well yes, I mean that and people with people. But someone teased me at school saying I'd rather be with a horse than a man. Well Katie let's try people first.

Dan began by showing me how to French kiss he parted my lips with his tongue, as he found my tongue he sucked it and I Responded sucking his tongue Omg it felt wild and the more he sucked my mouth the wetter I got. he actually moaned. I Couldn't help myself I got the giggles. " Do I have to moan to," oh Dan said you are asking for it again. Now little girl I will make you Moan. Dan laid me back down. And kissed and sucked his way until he got to my mound. He said i will be careful if it hurts A little that's okay it should but if it hurts to much I will stop. First what a guy wants to do is look between your legs. Then he Parts your lips with a finger, sometimes like this, with his tongue, oh do that again so I can remember. Then he felt with his
Tongue to the bottom of my lips. Now he said I will try not to hurt you.... He put one finger in my hole and pushed it in further "Then he picked up a rythum in and out, then he added another finger. Oh ummmmmm, Katie was that a moan ummmmmmm Okay baby now I am going to put my cock in you, Katie opened her eyes and said i want to watch this, because I bet you can't. Can't what he asked as he put his big head in, I wanted to push against him but he pushed some more and now I really Wanted more of it.  Dan put it all the way in and with one big thrust he broke through, it didn't hurt near as much as I thought. It was like Dan said it hurt a little but omg it felt omg it felt. Dan was thrusting into me now, he slowed and kissed me again That's when I moaned, I screamed and begged, I came for the first time. It made me have the shivers and a warm flush all
At the same time. Dan I did it oh I know you did it, now Katie I will show you how good it can be, that was just a starter. Beg Me again Katie beg for everthing you want me to do to you. Well please Dan put your cock in me real deep and kind of stay There pushing but don't pull out much. Dan started kissing me again and the pleasure of his kiss and him fucking me I yelled cay aheeeeeee Dan I am coming now Dan please baby please don't stop fuck me honey fuck meummmmm everything was wonderful, I didnt want him to pull it out and he didn't. Oh Dan I thought you were going to pull your cock out.
And Dan please I want it again, okay Katie but this time I will have no mercy I am going to come and you have
to be stillWhen I come. How will I know to be still? Oh my Katie you will know. With that Dan hammered her
with his cock, he liked itA little ruff, and Katie found out she liked it even ruffer, When Katie felt dans cock get even bigger she said come baby come ,side my pussy come now Dan please I am ready now Dan now. And he unloaded one more time?

A few days since the mess we made, but of course we are going again. Katie are you sure? Please let's go down and find our For ourselves.Katie bent over the chaise and Dan put the head of his cock inside her ass.  It was going to be so fucking tight. Dan had neverDone this before, he only knew what he saw in his xxx movies. Dan moved slowly once again, " Katie asked him to grab aPillow and put it under her hips, omg the feeling was thunder and a little bit like an earth quake. I loved it Dan, did you"Yes Katie I loved it. But we have to get into the loft hurry someone will figure out that we are here. To the back of the loft, Dan took the horse blanket and put it over one of the bales, Katie was on it in a flash. She took both hands and held herCheeks open for Dan and when he entered her ass she was able to relax and he was able to get all the way in the ist time.
He began a slow stroke it was awesome but Katie liked it ruff, at least as ruff as Dan would ever get. So he
sped up and nowDrove his cock in her ass, Katie loved it as Dan drove his cock in Katie started pushing against him, it was total as good asFucking gets. Katie felt him pull his arms under her she wondered what he was doing he slipped three fingers in her vaginaAnd began stroking along with his cock only he could do this to me Katie decided. Ohhhhhh ummmmmmm so fuckingWonderful, some one had come in but after initially hearing something they complete, almost....."
Now this looks like a party, it was our cousin from out of town. I said you got a cock, lets see it
Oh my little thing isn't it? If you can get it hard I'll let you in my pussy from underneath because there is no
Way Dan is going to stop fucking my ass

Katie will be back to the horse farm soon

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2013-04-11 02:48:27
fill a piping bag and pipe frsitong in a rose shape thanks to Lizzy's tutorial from her Your Cup of Cake blog. Her blog is really awesome so you should definitely check it out. With the right star piping

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2013-03-05 19:32:04
Poor story because of your complete lack of knowledge of story structure, grammar, spelling, and just about everything needed to make writing intelligible. So it needs to be asked - "gone to school much?".
Maybe you could try putting some effort into any further postings and make it interesting to read instead of making everyone dizzy!

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2013-01-30 23:35:14
What a load of crap

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2013-01-30 18:50:21
Some tense issues. I got confused as to wether there were two or three people involved. Good story but would be excellent with some editing and formatting. Whit spacing between paragraphs helps the reading.


2013-01-30 12:43:03
mmmmmmmmmm my 3 cousins all fucked me to when we stayed there . i even got caught by my uncle. so it was his turn

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