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the beginnings of a romp in Sherwood
                                          The Adventures of Maid Marion Pt2
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 Marion road out from her family hall towards Sherwood hoping to catch a glimpse of this notorious bandit they called Robin Hood. Anna her handmaid accompanied her as Marion got close to the woods her called " Careful milady lest the bandits snatch you away". Marion heard but ignored the warning riding forwards into the edge of the forest she knew this area well she had oft played here whilst her father had ridden further in to hunt deer although he had always left in the protection of his woodsmen. Now she was alone and grown up she rode further still more curious then afraid Anna reluctantly trailing behind her warnings now desperate whispers that fell on deaf ears.      

Suddenly Marion was knocked from her saddle she steadily sat up from the forest floor slightly dazed she looked around her she saw that Anna was also unhorsed and sitting amongst the leaf litter. Marion looked around little more and saw their attackers three woodshed stood round them with bows at the ready but not drawn they were ragged and unwashed. The men dragged the women to their feet covered their heads with rough sacks and began marching them further into the forest. Marion lost all sense of direction and time as she stumbled along the muffled cries of Anna's pleas to let them go coming from behind her the men just laughed and dragged them onwards. Finally the two women were released from the stuffy confines of the sacks their eyes slowly adjusting to the light beneath a deep forest canopy. They were surrounded by about 60 men.  

 Two men stepped forward one grabbed each woman by her hair producing long hunting knives they deftly cut the ladies gowns and shifts from neckline to crotch. They held the women there as the ruined clothing fell away. Anna desperately tried to hide herself with her hands as the band of men laughed and cheered at the two naked beauties before them. The morning air in the forest was cool and Marion felt her nipples hardening as it gently caressed her skin she stood there comfortable in her nudity her firm round breasts and hairless pussy drawing the gaze of many of the woodsmen their leering lustful looks telling her exactly what they wanted from her and Anna.  

A voice from behind the circle of leering men spoke in a loud clear educated tone "My fair ladies you are captives the outlaw Robin Hood and his band of men" a tall good looking man stepped forward shouldering his way through the crowd. Marion stood there a moment staring at his piercing grey eyes before she slowly walked forward dropping to her knees. In front of him she deftly undid his britches and released his already hard member was easily 8-9 inches and had good girth as well. Anna gasped as Marion sucked the bulbous purple head into her mouth tasting the saltiness of his sweat she drew him deeper into her mouth sucking on his throbbing pole and swirling her tongue around it as best she could.     

 Anna's mouth was still open aghast as she watched her lady suck and slurp upon this outlaws cock like some common doxy. She was so fixated she didn't notice the man that had come up to her till her stepped in front of her his hard cock in hand the end glistening with pre cum before she could close her mouth he thrust it forwarding her virgin mouth she gagged as he hit the back of her throat as she struggled to breathe the man grabbed her long braid and began viciously fucking her mouth. Tears ran down her face as she struggled to breathe through her nose and strings of slick saliva hung from his cock to her lips she slowlying started to get the hang of this sudden abuse of her mouth she was gagging less and actually starting to enjoy the sensation of having a Dick in her mouth. Suddenly the man withdrew his penis and moved behind her pushing her forward so she was on her hands and knees he spat in his hand and then rubbed it against her snatch the rough calluses on his palms from years of labour grazing her delicate skin. Then grabbing her hips he eased himself into her tight virginal pussy as he eased forward he finally reached the barrier that protected her virtue he withdrew slightly then jammed himself into her till his balls slapped against her puffy lips. Anna howled in pain as this bandit took her virginity in one painful thrust he held himself inside her as she started to adjust to the foreign object buried so deep in her most intimate parts. Tears streamed down her face as he slowly resumed his violation of her tender snatched slowly thrusting in and out of her gradually the pain turned to pleasurable sensations she looked towards where her mistress was to see her now straddling Robin bouncing up and down on his hard member and screaming for him to fuck her as she rode him to orgasm.      

Marion was in bliss as she bounced on the bandit leaders cock with he her every down thrust he would  push slighty upward making the thick head of his cock brush the base of her cervix and sending shudders of pleasure straight up her spine. Her climax was rushing towards her then it was upon her like a wave crashing into her she shook and writhe and pleasure flushed through her body making her cry out with delight and causing her pussy muscles to clench the cock buried between them milking it of its thick gooey cream into her womb. Marion fell forward on to Robin's chest his still semi hard member buried in her tight cunt. Globs of thick white semen starting to leak out around it and run down his shaft.

  In the mean time Anna was now being spit roasted as another bandit had taken up position front of her and was steadily feeding her is erect cock which she greedily swallowed. Whilst the Dick in her pussy steadily rubbed against a sensitive little bud of flesh sending shivers through her small frame. All at oncebthe man behind her jerked and spasmed and she felt thick ropes of boiling hot fluid being pumped into her fertile young belly. Anna squealed with delight as this sent her into orgasm the vibrations causing the man thrusting into her mouth to lose control and empty his hot salty load into her throat, she tried swallow it all but even so it ran out the corners of her mouth and down her chin. As both men withdrew cum mixed fluids ran from her gaping snatch down the inside her thighs and she collapsed forward on the ground. Passing out.  



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