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I stood in the shower thinking about what I could do. Was there really anyway I could trick Jill to let me fuck her? After 2 weeks I still hadn't come up with an answer. Of course my sister being naked all the time distracted me a lot. One day I told her to buy a dildo, and she did. So whenever I was to busy to have sex with her, I simply told her to masturbate in front of me with the dildo. But anyways, after a month I was at school I heard the most interesting thing. It made me think that maybe fate was on my side.

“Hey Jill, what's up?” I asked Jill as she was standing by her locker.

She turned around and answered with a questionable look “Oh, heeey...uhh”

“Zack.” I replid with a hint of anger.

“Yeah, sorry”

“So, I heard that your father just got arrested for trying to cheat his taxes. Crazy things, right? So how are you doing?”

“You know, fine I guess. My family is just running low on money, that's it.”

“You know I could help with that. Come here.”

I took her to the corner of the hallway and whispered into her ear.

“I'll pay you $500 to let me fuck you.”

She laughed, but didn't really seem to smile “Haha, yeah okay.”

“I'm serious” I said.

“Fine. Let me see the $500.

I took out the money and showed it to her. I had gathered a bunch of money doing odd jobs such as mowing lawns, shoveling snow and etc. I was going to buy the Samsung Galaxy S3 with the money, but I figured I'll invest a little first. Come back with $500 and interest.

“Okay, fine. Just don't tell anyone. No one can know about this, otherwise the deal if off, got it?” she said. As I would tell anyone that I basically just hired a very expensive hooker.

“Yeah, of course. Come with me to my house tomorrow after school.”

“Fine.” She replied in a whisper.

After school that day I started preparing my real plan. I hooked up a camera in my room. My god I was going to love this so much. My sister got home a few minutes after I had finished installing the camera.

“Hey, Christina?”


“Go to your friend's house tomorrow after school. Tell mom and dad you have some project to do, or some shit like that. I don't care. I don't want to see your ass tomorrow until 6:00, got it?

“Okay!” She answered with some joy on her face.

The next day I couldn't wait until the final bell rang. After what felt like centuries the final bell finally rang, and Jill came up to me.

“Okay, let's do this quickly. The faster this is done, the faster I can forget about it.” She sounded really disappointed in herself.

I took her to my house, and upstairs and into my room. She started by taking off her green dress, and underneath it was a white bra and black panties. I sort of expected more from someone so hot. She then took off her bra and panties.

“You got a condom, right?” She asked.

“No, I figured I could go without one.” I answered.

“Hahahahaha, are you a fucking idiot or what? You trying to get me pregnant? Put on a condom, asshole.”

Wow. I had never heard her swear. This bitch was going to get what she deserved. I had thrown off my clothes long ago, and I ripped open the packet for the condom. I put on the condom and went up ahead to go kiss her. She slapped me.

“Hey, the deal was you can have sex with me. You don't gotta kiss me to have sex with me.”

She was really starting to piss me off now.

She got on all fours on my bed and I took my hard dick and put it in her. I started pushing in and out as fast and hard as I could.

“Oohhhh aahhh Zack! You aren't half bad! Ahhhh uggggghhhhhh!” She moaned.

I kept on fucking her until I finally had to cum. That sex was pretty good, I swear she was doing more work then I was.

“Not bad, now pay up.”

I gave her the $500. I was planning to get the money back, I just needed some time to prepare a little video of her. She then put on her clothes and left. That's right, she didn't clean up or anything, just threw on her clothes and left. Now that was hot. Later that night when everyone had fallen asleep I got to work. Just like Christina's videos I hid them in all the same places. Except of course I didn't put one in the Twilight cover. The next day during lunch I went up to her while she was talking to her boyfriend Terrick

“Hey Jill, can I talk to you about the Physics project?”

“Yeah...uh sure. Terrick can we do this later?”
Terrick left giving me what seemed like the death stare.

“What do you want?” She asked somewhat angered.

“I want my $500 back.” I answered with a smirk.

“HAHA! Why exactly would I give you your money back?”

“Well, it's either that or everyone find's out how me and you fucked.” I said with a smile.

She just laughed. “Yeah, sure. You are basically the loser of the school, no one will fucking believe you. So how about you and your tiny dick just get outta here.”

“Okay, if you say so. You might want to watch this video though. It's a great movie.”

She just stared at the CD with a blank looking expression. I laughed while I walked away, leaving her even more confused. I got home after school that day, and found that my sister wasn't there. She was definitely going to get punished for that. But, I thought of an even better idea. The next day at lunch I was standing by my locker when Jill came up to me.

“What the fuck is this?” She asked in a whisper holding up the CD I gave her.

“Oh, it's a video. You know, of us.”

“You know I could have you arrested for this?

“Yeah, but in this video you actually admitted to the fact that I was paying you to do it, basically prostitution, yeah? Sure, I would go to jail for a longer time, but nonetheless you would probably spend a little time too, as well as your reputation would be ruined. No girl would hang out with you, and no guy would go out with you.

“Here's your fucking $500 back. Now, give me all the copies.” She said in anger.

“What copies” I replied with a smirk.

“Do you think I'm stupid? Give me all the copies!”

I smiled, and whispered into her ear “How about you shut the fuck up. Right at this moment, I control your life. You don't tell me what to do, I tell you what to do, and when I do, you better fucking listen.”

I usually wasn't this evil, but she was treating me like I was her bitch. Of course though, it was the other way around. She was my little bitch.

“Now, we have half an hour until the bell rings, so you and me are going to have some fun in the school washroom. And guess what? We are going to have fun without a condom.”

She just looked at me with fear on her face. I started leading her into the boy's washroom.

“What if someone is in there?” She questioned.

“Well, why don't you go and check? And don't lie to me, because if I go to check and there is no one there, you will be punished.”

She checked both sides of the hallway and then entered the washroom. I just stood outside waiting for a few minutes before she called at me.

I heard her whisper “You can come in.”

I entered the washroom and saw Jill standing by the stall, waiting.

“Well? Hurry up so that I can go.”

“Do you already forget the whole control speech I just gave you?”


“Now, get inside the big stall in the corner.”

We both entered the big stall in the corner of the room. It was cleaner then I expected, which of course was a good thing. I proceeded to pull down my pants and underwear. She immediately put her mouth on my dick and started riding it with her mouth.

“Ohh yeaaah. You're really good!” I said with great pleasure.

“Whatever.” She said it like she didn't care, but I swear I thought I saw a smile.

She started bobbing her face back and forth, and then she took her mouth off my dick and started licking my balls. She was much better than Christina. She licked the bottom of my balls and worked her way up.

“Yeaah, that's it! Keep going Jill! I know that you love to suck cock!”

She put her nice, amazing lips back on my dick and started to move her head back and forth.

“Ugghhh, I”M CUMMING!” I yelled with great joy.

She took my dick out of her mouth and aimed for the toilet.

“No, fuck that. IN YOUR MOUTH!” I shouted.

With great fear she immediately took the dick back into her mouth and started licking off all the cum.

“Not bad for your first day on your job.” I whispered.

The bell rang and she ran for the washroom door. I just laughed. After school that day my sister came home half an hour after me.

“Why weren't you home after school yesterday?” I asked.

“Uh, I had to work on a project. It was really important, I'm sorry. Won't happen again!” she replied quietly.

“Next day you got to do something, you tell me first. Now, there is someone I want you to meet.”

Jill came walking out the living room.
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