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My name is Jasmine, and this is how I went from lust to love with my amazing dad.
Chapter 9:

James: Sweetheart, listen to me. I understand how hard this is for you. But sometimes, you just can't have what you want.

slippery_lil_clitty: there has to be a way, I really can't take this anymore.

James: Sure. There's always a way. But is it worth it? He's your father, honey. You only have one. If you push this and it ruins your relationship, there's no going back.

James: Hey... Come on, don't cry baby. It'll be ok.

slippery_lil_clitty: I have to go.

James: Sweetheart, wait...

I turned my cam off, logged off my computer and threw myself on the bed, wailing into my pillow with huge sobs. It wasn't fair. I'd done my research. Girls my age were taken advantage of every day, all over the world. Unwillingly, by dirty older men that chased THEM. A lot of the time it was their family members. Uncles, brothers, fathers. All chasing after these stupid reluctant girls, doing all the work, seducing them. The internet was full of stories, pictures, videos. Endless amounts of proof that they had something I didn't have.

No one ever chased me. Except maybe James, but even he was all talk until I made it really happen. What was it about me that made me so unwanted? Was I ugly? Fat? Annoying? Stupid?

It had been a few months since dad came home from the hospital. At first I'd been excited. A lot had happened while he was away, I'd had a few experiences that turned me from just another horny girl into a more experienced and sex starved one. I'd felt more mature, more ready to try and make something happen with dad. I thought I knew what I was doing, I thought I'd be able to make it happen. I was convinced that after all this time of touching myself and thinking of him, it finally didn't have to be wishful thinking anymore. I thought I was somekind of expert in seduction.

Ha. Some seductress I turned out to be. The only reaction I ever managed to get out of dad was him walking away from me. And to make things worse, I'd been focusing so much on trying to get with him that I hadn't even tried to get with anyone else the entire time. I felt like I'd go nuts if something didn't happen soon.

James had tried to give me advice, and I'd followed it to the letter. He'd never steered me wrong before, but this time nothing worked. He told me to start slow. I'd walked around in front of dad in my undies, laid down on the floor in front of him to watch tv with my legs bent up and crossed at the ankles, my thighs slightly spread allowing him to see the crevice the cotton of my panties was tucked into. Just knowing he was right behind me on the sofa, that he could see the outline of my pussy through the cotton, it got me so hot I felt myself start to drip, felt my panties getting wetter and sticking to me more tightly and transparently. It made me start to rock my legs left and right, making my pussy rock slightly, causing a tiny amount of friction on itself. But the only effect it'd had on dad was to make him walk away and go work in the garage. I wasn't even sure he'd looked at me at all.

A week after that I'd tried again. I'd had a shower and wrapped a towel around myself, and laid down on the sofa next to where he was sitting, my head on the armrest and my legs towards him, wriggling around to "get comfortable" and putting one bent leg against the back of the sofa and my other leg stretched out on top of his lap. All he had to do was turn his head to see a glimpse of my bare pussy.

He didn't. He just left after a few minutes and started making dinner.

I kept up my routine of walking around in my undies, trying to get his attention, and slowly got more desperate. Now when I took showers, I never closed the door anymore. I'd stand under the running water for an hour, just hoping he'd walk by and see me. I heard a creak by the door once and my heart started pounding, I reached for the soap and started to "wash" myself, slowly rubbing my slippery chest and trailing down to my pussy, sliding the bar of soap around my mound and slipping it between my legs, convinced that dad was just outside, watching through the crack from behind the door. Closing my eyes and continuing to slide the soap along my pussy, spreading my legs and building to an orgasm...

And hearing the garage door slam downstairs. If dad was down there, he sure as hell wasn't up here watching me. I was so disappointed I couldn't even finish myself off.

And so it went for months. Me getting more and more desperate, him failing to notice all my attempts at arousing him, trying to make him think of me as something other than his daughter, trying to make him see me as a woman. And failing miserably.

Maybe he loved big boobs. Or slutty outfits. Or red lipstick. I had to find out what made him tick.

Chapter 10:

I skipped school a few days later, went back home after he'd gone to work, went upstairs, and walked into his bedroom. Men had magazines, right? Maybe those would tell me what he liked. I looked through his drawers, under his mattress, in the boxes in his closet. Nothing. I flopped down on his bed in frustration and hugged his pillow, breathing in my daddy's familiar scent deeply. It smelled manly, strong, comforting somehow. God I wanted him so badly.

My eyes wandered over to his nightstand and landed on his laptop. Hey...

I bolted upright and snatched it into my lap, excitedly flipping it open.

Password protected. Shit.

I tried everything I could think of. His birthday. His mother's name. His hobbies and his car. His favourite movie, favourite band, favourite food. Nothing worked and I was on the verge of crying from the frustration.

Not expecting it to work, but not knowing what else to do, I tried my last idea.


Holy crap... I was in. I was so surprised I laughed out loud. Sweet sweet daddy, using my name as his password. I was elated and eagerly started digging around in his documents and browser history. My spirits were starting to fall again the longer I looked, there was nothing. No porn sites, no search histories that could give me a hint as to what he liked in a woman. I was back to square one, when his email client popped up a notification alerting me he'd received a new email. Just a spam message, but looking through his other emails might be a good idea anyway. It's not like I had anywhere else left to look.

Work emails, and lots of spam. All useless. The only actual personal correspondence seemed to be with some guy named Simon, tucked away into a password protected folder I couldn't crack. There was one new message from Simon, unread and unsecured, still sitting in his inbox. I made sure his email client offered the option of marking an opened email as unread, and then I clicked on the message.

From: Simon *******
To: Paul *******
Subject: Re: Losing it

I feel your pain, man. Nothing to do but grit your teeth and bear it, but that
doesn't mean you can't enjoy the ride in your mind ;) stay strong, bro.

>To: Simon *******
>From: Paul *******
>Subject: Losing it
>Man, I don't know what to do. It's like every time I look at her, there's
>that sweet little pussy outlined in her panties, or glimpses of it peeking
>out from under a towel.
>I walk by her room and the door is open, and there she is asleep on top
>of her covers, nothing on under that shirt, legs slightly spread, looking so
>goddamn fuckable. I'm running out of shit to do in the garage, I can't just
>keep leaving every time she gives me wood, she looks so hurt with that
>pouty little "but daddy, I wanted to spend time with you" face.
>I felt a little better last week when I became convinced she was doing it
>on purpose, that she was being slutty to try and show off, because I'd
>caught her in the shower looking like she was posing, wanting me to catch
>her. But I know it's not true, she was just enjoying the damn water, and
>she's still as innocent as ever. If only I could believe she was slutty, I
>wouldn't get this fucking turned on. But she has no clue what she's doing
>to me, and her sweetness and innocence are driving me off the edge.
>I can't take much more of this.

...OH..... MY........... GOD........................

In a daze, I re-marked the message unread, covered my tracks, and put the laptop back. I flopped back on his bed, staring numbly at the ceiling.

My mind was reeling. MY DADDY WANTED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt like screaming and jumping and celebrating. All this time, I thought I'd have to be sluttier to get his attention, try harder, be more obvious. But it was my "innocence" that drove him wild.

My fingers trailed down my abdomen and slipped under the waistline of my school uniform skirt, inched down and absentmindedly began performing their familiar dance on my aching pussy as I lay sprawled across my daddy's bed, picturing him sitting there frustrated, typing the message I'd just read, confessing he wanted me, confessing that all those times he'd left the room were because he'd gotten hard for me. And as I stroked myself to orgasm in his bed, I thought "Soon. Soon I'll be cumming in your bed again, but I won't be alone then, daddy. Because now I know. Now I know just how to break you."

Chapter 11:

By the time I heard his car pull up, I had it all planned out. It was hard to keep a pouty face when I was this excited, but as his key slid into the lock, I composed myself and sat curled up on the sofa, hugging a pillow and looking dejected. I looked up as he entered and gave him a weak smile.

"Hi, daddy..."

"Hey honey. You don't look too happy, what's wrong?"

I gazed down at the pillow in my lap, pouting my lip, and gave a small shrug. "Nothing." A pause, a small sigh, an obviously faked weak smile. "How was your day, daddy?"

"Fine, sweetie..." He put down his briefcase and sat down next to me, putting a hand on my shoulder. "Hey, come on. Something's up. Talk to me, honey."

I hung my head and clutched the pillow tighter. "I..." I paused, waited a few moments, and sighed again. "Never mind. I'm okay. Thanks daddy." Looking up at him again, another weak pitiful smile, a slight quiver in my lip before hanging my head again and sniffling softly.

"Sweetheart, please..." He placed a finger gently under my chin, encouraging me to raise my head and look at him. I sniffled again before allowing him to raise my head towards him, eyes still lowered, blinking a few times before looking up into his concerned gaze.

"Daddy... Am I..." Blink blink. Look shyly down. Sniffle and make my lip quiver. Look back into his eyes with my most heartwrenching look. "Am I... ugly?"

"What?? Honey, no! What made you think that??"

I lowered my eyes again, gave a slight shrug. "Girls. At school."

"Well they're wrong, and probably just jealous! You're... You're beautiful, baby." He sighed and stroked his fingers along the side of my face softly. "You have no idea how beautiful you are."

I tilted my head, resting my cheek on his caressing hand, closing my eyes, managing to make a real tear roll down my cheek. One he clearly interpreted as sadness, but a tear that was really one of joy at feeling this closeness to him, having him caress me like this. His thumb reached out to my cheekbone and ran softly across it, wiping the tear away before he leaned in and placed his soft lips between my eyes and held them there, running his other hand through my hair lovingly for a while before finally breaking the kiss and looking down at me dreamily, watching me gaze lovingly back up at him.

He suddenly frowned a little, shifted in his seat, moved his face away from mine, forced a cheerful grin.

"What do you say you get yourself cleaned up and change out of your uniform, and we order pizza and have a slumber party movie night?"

I was slightly disappointed he'd snapped out of his reverie so quickly, but still hopeful. There had been a moment there. There was a chance. This was working. I just had to take my time and ease him into it. So I smiled, slightly more genuinely this time, and flung my arms around his neck, hugging him tightly and whispering into his ear.

"Thank you, daddy. I love you."

"...I... I love you too, sweetheart."

I kissed him softly on the cheek, gave him one more smile before letting go, and went upstairs.

I showered quickly and skipped back to my room, flinging my closet doors open. I selected my cutest most girly pyjama shorts, pink loose fitting ones with cartoon kitties all over them. For my top I chose a fitted t-shirt, soft yellow with a decal of Tweety on the front. I looked myself up and down in the mirror. Hmm. Definitely not cute and innocent enough yet. I had to bring out the big guns. I dug through the back of my closet and found my pink fluffy bunny slippers and re-checked my reflection. Almost done. I grabbed two hairties and divided my hair down the middle, quickly tying it into two low pigtails.

Perfect. Now I was ready for our date.

We had a sofa, a heap of pillows and blankets, pizza, popcorn, and skittles. For the movie I'd selected the Lion King - childish, but I was going for cuteness here, after all. As the movie progressed and the snacks depleted, we snuggled with his arm around me and my head on his shoulder. His hand absently stroked my hair, his chest rose and fell rhythmically under my cheek, my arm was draped across his stomach. I didn't remember ever feeling this comfy. Then the movie ended.

"Ready for bed, sweetheart?"

I shook my head, grabbed on tighter, and put on my most childish voice. "Nu-uh."

He laughed. "Come on, honey. You have school tomorrow."

Yessssssss. He'd just given me the perfect opening to start up my routine again. I let my arm drop away from him, put on my sad face again, and sat up. "Oh... yeah..."

His eyes flashed with the realization that he'd just reminded me of the very thing this movie night was designed to distract me from. I could almost see him thinking "Shit. Smooth move, dickhead." It was hard not to grin as I sulkily threw back the covers and slumped my shoulders, getting up as if to head to bed.

I stood there for a moment, appearing to think, then slid gently into his lap and put my arms around him, burying my face in the side of his neck, breathing his scent in deeply and planting a small kiss on the hot skin of his neck. I whispered "Thank you for the fun evening, daddy" before reluctantly peeling myself off him and walking away with my best sad face, trying to pretend I hadn't noticed his facial expression of tortured shock.

I lay awake that night with my bedroom door wide open, waiting for him to come upstairs and walk by. I wasn't just going to let this night end that easily.

Chapter 12:

Two torturously long hours later, I finally heard his footsteps on the stairs. I quickly double-checked the scene I'd set - my covers all messed up and tangled, pillow clutched tightly to my chest, me curled up into a small ball around my pillow. I closed my eyes and started softly sobbing, making little moaning and keening noises as I twitched and frowned in my fake sleep.

I heard his footsteps stop in front of my door, a soft whispered "Oh..." and him rushing to my bedside. His weight on the edge of my bed, a gentle hand stroking my hair, whispering. "Jasmine, honey... Wake up, sweetheart. It's me, honey. Wake up."

I moaned again and opened my eyes, blinking wildly and looking around confused before letting my eyes focus on his face. "...Daddy?"

"You were having a bad dream, sweetheart."

I bit my lip, looked like I was about to cry, and sat up to cling on to him tightly, shaking slightly. He held me close and stroked my hair, my arm, my back, rocking gently back and forth.

"Shh. It was only a dream, baby. Shhhhh."

After a few moments of this, I pretended to wipe my eyes before letting go and looking up at him.

"I'm sorry, daddy."

"For what?"

I shrugged. "Making you worry. I'm ok." A faltering smile with sad eyes. A quivering lip. "You can go to bed now, daddy. I'll be fine."

"Oh sweetheart. I can't leave you like this. Do you want to talk about it?"

I looked down and shook my head, then bit my lower lip and looked up at him. "Daddy, can I sleep in your bed tonight?"

His eyes flashed for just a split second with some unknown emotion and he fumbled for an answer. "I..."

Biting my lip, looking up at him anxiously, adoringly.

"...Of course you can, honey."

I shot him a beaming smile, sighing with relief. He grinned and stood up, putting an arm behind my back and sliding one under my legs, whisking me up into the air and making us both giggle. Carrying me to his bedroom with my head leaning against his chest, lowering me gently onto his bed and pulling the covers over me, tucking me in before walking around the bed to the other side and sliding under the covers himself, laying down on his back with his arm behind his head.

I turned to my side and scooched closer, draping my arm across his chest and placing my head on his shoulder as I pressed my body up against his. Feeling him stiffen for a moment, then relax, putting his arms around me. I sighed contentedly, my breath caressing his neck, and felt him shiver slightly. He turned to his side, facing me, making it seem like he only did it to be able to hug me properly. I knew he was just trying to keep the sensitive area on the side of his neck away from my breath. He wasn't going to stop me that easily. I simply scooched even closer and buried my face in the soft hair on his chest, feeling him stiffen again.

He eventually relaxed and his thumb began stroking my back in small caresses. I whispered into his chest.


"Yes, sweetheart?"

I tilted my head back and looked up at him, my face just inches from his.

"When you said I was pretty..."

"I called you beautiful, baby."

"Did you... mean it, or were you just saying it because you're my dad? Please daddy, I need to know the truth..."

His breath hitched a little in his throat and his hand stroked up my arm, moving to my face and brushing a lock of hair gently aside, cupping my cheek in his hand and letting his eyes trail slowly across my face, a soft smile on his lips. His thumb reached over to my lips and caressed them, barely touching. I lowered my eyes and pressed my lips against the soft pad of his thumb, kissing it slowly and lovingly, before looking back up at him and seeing the half sad, half dreamy look on his face. Begging him with my eyes to convince me that he thought I was beautiful.

He sighed and leaned down, agonizingly slowly bringing his face to mine, looking deeply into my eyes, lingering there for a moment, giving me a chance to stop him, to back away.

I inhaled a short breath audibly, held it, let my eyes close slightly, mesmerized, nudging my chin upwards, making our lips barely touch for just a moment, my gaze begging him to close the gap between us.

His eyes drifted closed as he finally, oh God finally, pressed his soft warm lips to mine, making me sigh and allow my eyes to close, making me forget anything existed except his lips on mine, pressing gently, caressing, fitting so perfectly together... The pressure decreasing, the contact breaking. No, God no, not now, please.

Chapter 13:

My eyes slowly opened, I looked at him, distraught, seeing my expression mirrored in his face.


"Baby, I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to..."

"Daddy... please... don't stop..."

His expression changing from distraught to confused, to hopeful, to tortured.

"Baby, don't... I can't..."

I rose up to his level, placing my forehead against his, using my nose to apply small nudges to his.

"Daddy... please... please... don't you love me...? I love you... so much..."

And in that moment, I knew it was true. This was no longer about lust, about satisfying any shallow urge. I was in love, deeply and intensely in love with my dad. I still wanted him, still wanted what I'd always wanted with him, but the need was much deeper than mere physical urges. I needed to be close to him, as close as humanly possible. Closer. Real tears filled my eyes now as I looked at him, desperate for him to accept me, desperate to belong to him completely.

And his eyes, filling with tears too. "I do, baby. I do love you. More than you know. Which is why I have to protect you. Keep you safe. And to do that..." He stifled a sob. "To do that, I have to let you go now."

I was crying freely now, the tears streaming down my face. "Wh... why..."

"Because, sweetheart. You're... not safe with me. Don't cry, baby. Please. I never meant to make you cry. Oh God please, I'm so sorry, but I have to. If I don't now, I won't be able..."

"Daddy..." a soft wail of desperation in my voice, clinging to him with all my might. "I... don't want... to be safe... not from... y... you... please... Please... Love me..."

His hands shaking as he held me by the shoulders, a sob escaping his lips, suddenly pulling me close and pressing his lips against mine hard, desperately, greedily, my lips responding as eagerly as his, gripping each other tightly as we kissed, his tongue tracing my lips and probing between them, my tongue meeting his, intertwining as we sighed into each other's mouths, my lips closing around his bottom lip and pulling on it softly, darting my tongue back into his mouth and feeling like I was deliciously drowning in his scent, his taste, my sensitive lips on fire with every touch of his. Our hands exploring each other's bodies, wanting to touch every inch of each other, our bodies pressed together and writhing, trying to get closer somehow.

Kissing passionately as his hands pulled my tshirt up, exposing my tummy, feeling his hot skin pressed against mine. Breaking the kiss only long enough to rip the shirt over my head, our bodies immediately pressing together again like the separation had been longer than either of us could bear. His hands on me, running along my shoulders, my sides, my back, my chest. Moaning into my mouth as my hands explored his strong arms, his wide chest. Draping my leg over his side and reaching down to his hip, trying to pull him closer, feeling his groan on my lips as his hips thrust forward, grinding together. Feeling his hardness on me, driving me into a frenzy, slipping my fingers under the waistband of his boxers and tugging. His fingers joining mine, helping me to remove them, freeing his rock hard cock, my fingers finding him, gripping him, pulling him to me.

His hands slid under my waistband, pawed and groped at my ass, roughly pulled my shorts down my legs. The kiss broke again as he leaned down to slide them off entirely, kissing instead along my neck, shoulder, chest, hip, as I gasped and ran my fingers through his hair. Feeling his hot breath travel along my body, every nerve ending alive, feeling him plant soft hot kisses on my thigh, my mound, the top of my pussy, whispering my name between each kiss, me whispering "daddy" in return. Feeling his tongue dart out and bury itself between my closed legs, pressing itself between my closed pussy lips, making my hips buck against him.

He laid down flat, upside down next to me, and started pulling me to my side, lifting my top leg and draping it around his head, allowing himself full access to my dripping sensitive core, groaning hotly as he explored my folds with his lips and tongue, sucking my pussy lips gently into his mouth one by one as I pressed myself into his face, feeling him mumbling "Ohhh... my sweet baby..." into me...

Turning my head to the side and seeing his incredible cock right in front of my eager lips, I gripped it tightly and brought my mouth to it, softly enveloping the head between my slippery hot lips, feeling him moan deeply into my writhing body. Stroking him with my hand as I applied suction with my lips and tongue, jerking him off into my mouth while he ate me, both greedily trying to devour each other, both getting close, and both stopping. And as one, sitting up, gripping each other tightly and kissing deeply, drifting back down to the bed together. Pulling him on top of me, opening myself to him, grinding, feeling his cock sliding along my pussy.

"Make love to me, daddy... I need to feel you inside me... please daddy... take me... make me yours..."

He caressed my face, kissing my forehead, my eyes, my lips, whispering "I love you baby... so goddamn much... I love you..." as his cock found my entrance and slowly pushed into my hot little hole, kissing and whispering "I love you"s into each others mouths, panting and gasping as our bodies finally found each other, finally fit together and became one, my entire tunnel gripping him tightly as though he'd always belonged there, fitting him like a glove as he buried himself inside my tight little body and began thrusting slowly, drawing a rapidly building orgasm from me, my entire body tensing as my pussy gripped him tighter and tighter as his thrusts came faster, his cock swelling inside me.

"I love you, sweetheart. I love you, baby. My sweet sweet girl. I love you so much. I love you."

"Daddy... Finally... Ohhhhh yessss... I'm yours daddy... your little girl... all yours forever... I love you daddy... I love you... fill me, daddy... please..."

And then, delirium, the world seeming to spin wildly around us, nothing else mattered, cumming together, our bodies in perfect harmony, his incredible cock stroking me to an endless spasming orgasm, my hungry pussy rippling and contracting around him to accept him, pull him in deeper, suck him dry, drink everything he could give me deeply into itself, into my body. My sweet daddy finally filling me with the cum I'd been starving for for so long, finally letting my pussy cum all over his hot hard cock.

Finally drifting off to sleep from exhaustion, still fused together and in each other's embrace, truly content for the first time.



- xoxo

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