Young and horny exhibitionist ball players
I asked Taylor to bring me a loose t-shirt and boxers so that I would not
get anything on the couch. She obliged and I went over to the couch where
Jackie and Tara laid half passed out again. I sat trying to watch some TV,
but even that was a task as I was getting dizzy from all of the pain. After
a few minutes Tara and Jackie pulled in close nestling into my chest.
"No peeing on the couch Tara" I said
"I think I am out, but I think you caused me to pee if I remember right"
Tara said with a smile on her face.

I stroked there backs waiting for the AC to get cold. Letting my hands
often wander elsewhere as I stroked. I was actually going from hot to cold
in flashes, which was really annoying.

They seemed to be with it enough now as they started asking what happened.
I wasn't going to get deep into all of the details.
"You guys drank and or smoked too much and had lost control. I guess you
(looking at Jackie) started teasing these Italians and they decided to get
what you were offering."
"What do you mean "teasing" the Italians" Jackie asked
"I guess you were showing them your goods and stuff, but I was not there.
You will have to ask the others."
"I think I was passed out long before all of that, I can't remember a
thing." Tara added
"I don't know, all I know is that Ashley ran off and called me. Taylor and
Kristy were trying to hold them off when I showed up to get you out of
"They were?" they asked in stereo "How were they doing that, it is not like
they are bad asses" Jackie added.
"I don't know how long they were doing it, but it seemed like they did ok.
They were standing between you and them when I got there and probably would
have ended up raped as well if I was not able to get you guys out of there.
Tara, you were spread eagle on the ground and Jackie, you were laying with
your face down and your ass up. They said one of the guys was standing over
you with his dick out, but they thought that they got him before he did
They both started crying into my t-shirt.

"I am not an expert or a doctor, but I checked you guys over feeling your asses and vaginas to see if anyone had done anything. Your vaginas were dry and cold. Your asses did not have any semen on them or redness."
Jackie smiled and giggled kissing me on my cheek "Before we got in the truck maybe."
Tara echoed kissing me on the other cheek "other the ass thing."
"The first one was an accident, the second one made her almost drop to her knees."
"I would have so done that" Jackie kissing me again. "Tara I didn't know I liked it either, until tonight. Don't knock it till you try int."
I started massaging both of their anuses and Jackie moaned with Tara "ooh, that feels good but I don't think I would like it in there" I started to push a little harder as I rubbed "Do you want me to pee again?" We all laughed "That happens a lot when I orgasm, I am normally afraid to let go since it will probably gross the guy out and then he'll tell his friends and then I would be done"
Jackie "That's not what happened with me, I felt you pee and figured I didn't need to hold it anymore."
"It surprised me as I am not into that whole golden shower thing, but I must say it having you explode all over me was one hell of a turn on."
Tara got in my face a bit "Really? I just thought you had started cumming and it triggered me."
"Nope and it's not like I'm telling anyone."
She kissed me sticking her tongue down my throat "Oh my god, I am getting wet just thinking about it." kissing me again
Jackie "Slow down Goldie, we just got cleaned up." Tara does the pouty lip and leans back down against my cheat. I just realized that I could taste her puke in my mouth. Jackie reached into my boxers massaging my nuts and penis whispering in my ear "Why did you come with her and not me? That's not fair!" I winced in pain as she rubbed a little harder. "What's wrong?"
"One guy kicked me square in the nuts while another one was holding me. I need some ice I guess." She jumped up and got me a bag of peas from the freezer in the kitchen. I was watching her ass as she kind of jogged away and then shook my head in bewilderment as she came back in.
"What" she asked
"It is like you just popped out of a fitness mag. Your body is amazing."
She stuck her tongue in my ear while gently placing the peas on my crotch. I laid back and drifted off to sleep. I woke a couple of minutes later feeling warmth on my penis and looked down to see Tara and Jackie taking turns with my flaccid penis in in their mouths. "What are you guys doing? Please put the ice back on."
"We wanted to try a dick sickle: Jackie laughed.

Just as she put the bag back on Taylor, Ashley, and Kristy came in dragging a futon mattress from one of the futons I had upstairs. "If you bitches are awake you should get the two small mattresses at the top of the stairs."
"What are you guys doing? I can just sleep on the couch."
Taylor responded "No way, you need to be as comfortable as possible."
"Why so many?"
Taylor "We're not letting you sleep alone. We need to watch you while you sleep. We looked it up and you actually shouldn't sleep if you got a concussion."
"I don't think I did, I think my head was the only thing I didn't really get hit on. I need to get some sleep."
Kristy "First we are supposed to massage this rub for pain and swelling and check for signs of internal bleeding."
Jackie and Tara had not seen my bruises "Internal bleeding? What are you talking about"
Taylor barked "You don't remember? You'll see in a minute, then you'll really feel like assholes."
Tara "We already do, but what happened to Tony?"
Taylor "I guess he didn't tell you what he did. Did he?"
"He told us that you guys saved us and he got us out of there"
Kristy "Yeah right, You should have seen it."
"Look, I really don't want to relive this right now. You guys can tell the story later. I am not proud of what I did to those guys"
Taylor "You should be proud, you kicked like 10 guys' asses and saved us all from being raped."
Jackie "10 guys, really? the last I remember there were only a couple of people out there"
Kristy "I think it was more like 15 or 20. They were coming out of everywhere."
"You watch too many movies...I am glad about the second part, but I do not like it when my rage sets in and I get violent losing control like that."
Taylor "You had to hurt those rapist mother fuckers. You seemed to have control of the situation to me."
"I definitely lost control. I don't even remember what all happened."
Kristy "He scared the crap out of me, I was almost more afraid of him then them. Especially when he was done and he had all of that blood all over him."
"Here we go with the movies again. I wish you didn't have to see me like that either. I am just glad that you guys got out alright and the police didn't show up."
Taylor "Did you see him knock that last guy out with one punch by the cars?"
"Look, I just hope they all get up or I am sure that the police will come looking."

Ashley comes back in with a laptop "The web doctors are in"
"More like the naughty little naked nurses." They all laughed except Kristy whose hardening nipples told me that there were visions of role play in her head.
Kristy took the lead "Let's get you comfortable" pulling me down towards the bed. "Let's get you stripped down" I handed her the bag of peas as my balls felt 100% better. I had a hard time getting up, but finally got there. Kristy jumped up on the couch "face me and put your hands up" I turned and her huge perky globes where right in my face, nipples still hard as pencil erasers with quarter sized areolas. She leaned down and to grab my shirt giving me a quick kiss on the lips. She pulled it gently over my head and I started sucking the nipple that was right in my face causing her to pause for a few seconds turning a little giving access to the other one. My genitals were jumping for joy with the activity bringing me to a semi erect state.
"Thank you, Jesus those are beautiful"
Taylor was standing behind me slapping me on the shoulder blade "Don't talk with you mouthful" They started to laugh, but I guess she had hit me on one of the welts and the pain was so sharp I dropped to one knee trying not to pass out. "Oh god, I am so sorry, I am so stupid. Are you alright? Please say something!"
"I guess I somehow deserved that"
Taylor "No you didn't, i shouldn't have done it I wasn't thinking straight" hugging me from behind hunched over me kissing the red mark she had made. I knew she was getting possessive and should not have pushed it, but with all of these beautiful naked young women around she was going to have to learn to share.
"What the hell Taylor, get off of him. Don't you think you hurt him enough?" exclaimed Ashley
I stood up kind of wobbling. Taylor and Ashley jumped to my side to hold me straight. I guess Taylor had been blocking their view, because I heard Jackie and Tara almost screaming as they started crying uncontrollably. They came up and started running their fingers over the welts on my back probably trying to wish them away. I felt a warm tingling flow through my body as Kristy bent down in front of me and pulled off my boxers. I was not sure why they needed to come off, but the freedom felt good. I had lost my partial erection with the slap earlier, but it started to return. Taylor and Ashley had tears running down their cheeks as they looked the my bruises on my torso. I guess they had started turning a blackish purple color. Ashley said "you should come around front so maybe you will learn not to get drunk and show your ass to strangers"
"Come on Ashley, they've had enough for one night."
"How can you say that? Look at you! We don't even know what we are doing. You could still have broken ribs that could puncture you lungs or internal bleeding. Your nose was broken, yeah I saw that. This is too much! We should have just left them there and called the damn police."
"Really? No one deserves that. You've never gotten drunk and done the something wrong?"
"We told her to stop and the other one just started stripping too. They asked for it."
"Look, that's enough. I would have paid the same price for you. Let's get past it and maybe I will get better enough that we can all have a good time."

Jackie and Tara came around to my front and started crying uncontrollably again. "We're so sorry. Thank you, thank you for saving us." They hugged Taylor, Ashley, and Kristie. "He told us that you guys actually saved us from getting raped. We love you guys and we are so sorry we got you all into this mess."
Kristy reached out stroking my cock until it was fully erect "At least one good thing came out of this." they all started laughing each taking a turn to squeeze it.
Now you guys made me have to piss. Kristy ran to the kitchen coming back with a big empty Gatorade bottle. "Come on, I can walk to the bathroom."
"Nope, just do it here." with her hands on her hips puffy her cheat out.
"You guys can at least turn around while I do it."
"We don't want you to fall out, so we need to hold you up." said Taylor
Ashley spoke up "We need to see if any blood comes out"
"Ok then, give me the damn bottle."
Tara "I'll do it!" looking up at me with a smile grabbing the top of my erection pointing it towards the empty jug.
Taylor held the bottom of the shaft and Jackie grabbed the bottom of the jug.
"You had better put it right up against the hole or it will go all over" Tara had it right under the head and was aiming it while Jackie brought it up.
"Tara, if you don't loosen your grip a little and stop stroking it It will never come out." She did and it did.
She moaned as my erection twitched in her hand and the urine came flowing out.
"It's like you guys never saw a guy pee before!"
Tara said "We've probably never participated in it like this" her voice strangely trembling.


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