It wasn't her dream job and it didn't pay well
I was not my daddy's favorite, but then he wasn't my favorite either. He loved to beat me then I would run away from home, always to one of my uncles. I really wanted to go to my uncle Petes I had accidentally seen him fucking my Aunt the weekend before and I wanted to do that with him. So I found some reason to go. I had to ride my bike all the way, Over ten miles all I could think about was my uncle hammering me.

The phone is for you. Who cares? You will it's your parole officer, you are supposed to be here. Just checking in Pete Things any better with the wife, not yet. Okay I  will check with you tomorrow.

I knocked lightly on the door, no one came, so I let myself in. I heard those noises from the dining room. My aunt saying Fuck me Pete, oh Pete let me watch I want to see that huge horse cock go in me. He was standing between her legs, but he hadn't taken Any clothes off yet. My aunt hadn't either so I watched as my uncle ripped my aunts blouse and bra off her. He squeezed her tits And bit her nipples then sucked her tits hard she loved it. She threw her head back and said oh honey don't stop. He pulled her pants
And panties to the floor then he took his own pants off and I got to see the biggest cock on a human I had ever seen. My aunt Was a small woman it must have hurt her when they fucked. But she wanted it again, Pete said honey I just fucked you this Morning you are fucking slave to my cock. Just fuck me honey or don't you want to? Oh he wanted to alright he lifted her to The edge of the table. He began the lengthy process of easing his cock into my aunt. She kept loosing her breath as he got it deeper He was only half way inside her when he turned and caught me. He simply said come over closer and I will let you feel the part i can't get in her. At least your aunt can't get it all yet. Do you want me to put it in you? My aunt slapped him hard, don't talk
That way.  He slapped her back and told her I'll do what and when I want. Now I want you to turn over. As soon as she was On her stomach he slammed his cock in her this time it went in almost all but about two inches. My aunt said easy baby I am Coming oh yes Pete now fuck me honey fuck me hard get it in all the way. And fuck me with it fuck me with that monster Oh Pete sink him deeper, oh Pete oh Pete again baby again. She seemed a lot goofy all she wanted or even knew was to ask For more, oh don't stop I heard myself say. You do want some don't you sweetie? Oh yes I do, will you do it to me please uncle Pete please. He said come jump up on the table and take your panties off. I will get you started he traced around my lips and then
Inside my pussy lips, oh it feels so good awwwwwe ummmmm my aunt was watching as much as she could but uncle Pete was Hammering her now and she took it all in, until finally she was moving against him and they were both moaning uncle Pete Said I am coming, now my aunt cried now honey and he stuck her hard and kept it deep he was still not moving.He had tohold onto her hips and pull her back and forth but he ground his cock into her and they both came. From the looks on there faces it was Torture but the words were wanting more. My uncle pulled his cock out then and told my aunt to take a shower and he wouldFuck her again. As soon as she left he picked me up off the table and put his lips over mine he pushed my mouth open with his
Tongue. He pulled back for a second and said suck my tongue like I am going to suck yours. Oh and I did it was so amazing It made me hot and I was so wet now it was dripping on my thighs.  He tried his fingers once more then said to me here we go baby He put his big cock up next to my glory hole he started rubbing it inside my pussy lips, then he pushed harder, he got to the wall He said this really might hurt honey you are about to become a woman. I am going to fuck you so you will never forget how Your uncle Pete made you feel sooooo good. I was so tight he loved it and so did I, there was quite a bit of blood. But omg theFeeling from his horse cock was sssssoooooo great. I was spoiled that day I wanted my uncles huge horse cock.

Over the years I tried to fuck boys my own age but they wer e so stupid and there cocks were so small. One day at my aunts in town She ran to the store and I stayed with uncle John. He said Missy I heard from uncle Pete that he fucks you. I said yep. Well he saidLet me show you what i have. He pulled out a cock even bigger than uncle Petes I gasped and went right to him, omg uncle John Will you hurry and put it in me. Let me call your aunt first and I will send her on an errand that will take a few hours. Omg that Would be great, he carried me upstairs In front of the window where he could see the driveway. He took my panties off and said
Let's just get to it honey. He rubbed his cock around my outside lips it felt like a hand instead of a cock he tried to push I said Uncle Pete uses his fingers first to get my juices flowing and uncle John look at me, I planted a
huge wet tongue kiss on himIt made him moan. You like I asked just kiss me and finger me and we will have that cock in my pussy very soon, oh me growled That growl was like an animal and I liked it. Uncle John had Alzheimer's diease. In the end he only remembered how to fuck. So My aunt brought me in at least two times a week. For uncle John to get his huge cock in me he had to be able to get four finger in Pussy. My aunt was exhausted from all the fucking she loves to fuck but uncle John didn't see why they couldn't stay locked Together all day and night. He pretty much walked around with his cock out or in his hands spewing his seed when and where He wanted to. My aunt needed a babysitter and finally she asked me to stay in town and I would just have weekends off. Uncle John and I fucked each other in every room at any time we wanted to. One day while my aunt was to be gone all day my uncle Pete Came by, he waited at the door finally i got johns cock out of me to open the door. Uncle Pete, yes my girl I want to fuck you. The three of you are just standing around holding you massive cocks. All but you Jim you are smaller so you can ass fuck me.
Would you like that? He was on me, no need to answer. Wait boys let Jim get in and stroking before I decide who gets my Pussy. Ohhhh Jim nice honey harder baby I like it ruff. Oh uncle Pete why don't you take my pussy uncle John is so big and I Need to show him a better way to kiss me and uncle John likes my tits and they need to be sucked hard. ummmmmm Jim
Oh baby stick it in deep and grind me and I will come for you, when she comes she will squeeze the life out of your cock and You will come with her. After that wash up and uncle Pete will take your place, while John gets
My pussy for the rest of the day. Oh my god boys this is remarkable each one tearing at me in a different
way.Uncle Pete you have got to be the best. You Fuck me so thoroughly if you can get John to take a nap you two have me to yourselves for the rest of the day. Uncle Pete you try first To get his cock out of me and go easy he is bigger than you. He absolutely won't pull out himself, oh god I'm coming again
uncle John I cant fuck anymore I have to go now. Uncle john pull you cock out when I say one, two three now.
Instead of pulling his cock it swelled to have another orgasm. Okay uncle John that was the best fuck ever you know I will be hereAfter you take your nap and you can fuck me in my ass then. Yes yes he said in your ass my horse cock wil fuck tou like aStallion oh yes . He pulled his cock then and uncle Pete took him to his bed. When uncle Pete came back Jim was fucking my pussy It wasn't as good as uncle peters  all 12-13 inches and at least 5-7" around . Ladies the first time uncle Peter stuck me I had an Orgasm for fifteen plus minutes, I couldn't breath it was so fantastic. The pain of having so much cock in you is powerful but once
You get a rythm going you will want nothing but the best. I stay practice so I don't get sore I can walk around with my 10" dildo in my pussy and actually come, without, so far anyone catching me. Uncle Pete I need to talk alone. I said please don't bring Uncle Jim or anyone else by I love having you here please come more often. My god kiss me and give me one last fuck before mmYour sister comes home. She thinks I'm a tramp you know it absolutely pisses her off that she has to have me here. Uncle Pete .Yes honey will you help me negotiate something with your sister. I mean it isn't my life long ambition to take whatever payShe feels like giving me. Uncle Pete fucking uncle John is worth 500 a pop and he can pop ten times a day. Of course I'm Not asking for that but a decent wage and a bonus for fucking him every day usually six times a day. If his cock
wasn't so big And he is so good at pleasuring me. Well I love him he is my uncle, and I really want to help. I just want to be treated fair. He makes me come and we do laugh and have fun together. So I get a reward that way. Uncle Pete finally said quiet honey, listen I don't know how much money your aunt has but baby I have tons so let me treat you. I am going to come here every morning

For two weeks I am going to teach you to drive and as soon as you pass my test i will buy you a car for your first bonus. How's That baby ,you won't have to pay insurance I'll do that and i will give you a gas card. Now if you don't take care of your car, oR if you ou start running around and acting like a tramp, I will take it all back. In three months we will talk about another bonus.Uncle Pete will you fuck me every morning after driving lessons ? Oh baby i thought before would be better. Now I don't wantAnyone not anyone to know that this
comes from me. My uncle John passed away seven months later, I would truly miss him. My aunt was beside herself without all her brothers coming all the time, she had no idea they were there to fuck me. I got my aunt through the funeral and much to surprise she wanted me to stay. She had a bedroom redone just for me with my own bath and my own entry from outside. She talked to me About when she was young and wanted to dress nice but there was never the money. She married at eighteen to a rich man But he lived on the east coast, so she moved. She had the fanciest of clothes she said, but she was lonely, after she had my""Oldest cousin she came home and never went back. They were divorced and that's when she married uncle John. Oh sheSaid he was a magnificent stallion he always fucked like that, he could be up and ready any time or place. I loved him moreThan I can say. It hurt me that I couldn't keep up with his fucking but at 72 I just couldn't do it more thn twice a day. He alwaysHad to have a good fuck in the middle ofbthe night, I would wake up with him squeezing my tits and his cock up and ready to Dive in. In the evening he would wait for you to leave or go to bed and he would pull his cock out and wink at me.he wanteTo stay joined all night, as soon as he fell asleep I was able to turn over and sleep until he woke me around three in the morning.Oh honey you have truly helped me more than I can ever repay you. But I have opened a savings account for you I put 35,000
In it for all you have done for John but honey fir me to. Once a month I was hoping we could go shopping and up date yourWardrobe. What wardrobe auntie I don't have any idea about a wardrobe. Come with me, I went to her room and there wereRacks of clothes as I looked they were all my size. My aunt said we will have some fun trying all of these things on you and whatWe don't like we will have them picked up and returned.
I began to cry uncontrollably, I blubbered I thought you hated me, because I like to fuck. Oh honey, I love to
fuck does thatMake me or you bad? NO honey it doesn't. But uncle Pete gave , oh please don't tell him I told you. Why honey you didnt tellMe that he bought you that car and gas and all, I already knew that. And rightfully so he has more money than the president.And he loves fucking you to doesn't he? Well , you are such a surprise, I am so grateful , no honey I am the grateful one.Now let's turn you into a beautiful young lady, we can do clothes any time, but tomorrow we are going to the salon and be there
All day to get facials and hair styles and make up. Does that sound like a ladies day out.............

Future visits with Katie soon.

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