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My friend and I bang a lady from work

"Went on a delivery today with Samantha, we were gone two hours and all she talked about was sex."

"What!?" I yelled into my phone, "Are you serious?!"

Samantha, a 32 year old that works at Home Depot with us is fucking gorgeous. When I met her I insisted she show me ID. I'm 25, and I'd been treating her like she was younger than me since the store opened 6 months ago. I asked her who the prime ministers were and everything, she's legitimately 32. But she could almost pass for a teenager. I mostly remember that big, round, juicy ass when I think of her. And my friend was talking about sex with her? I had to find out what happened.

"I know! We just got on the topic of the things Nick and I talk about down at the commercial desk. Like who we think has hooked up, and who hates who, who's hot." Shawn sounded excited.

"Fuck. And?" I ask.

"And then she asked what we said about her. And I was just honest. We said she looks like she could rock a dick. She started blushing and said thanks, and said she could. I just kept going with it. Told her today, we were talking about whether a girl that's getting tag teamed could give a proper blowjob while being pig roasted. She said 'I definitely wouldn't be able to suck your dick as good as if I wasn't getting fucked.'"

"This is ridiculous." It's all I can add to the conversation.

"Yeaah! When I realized she said 'your' dick I started getting a semi, she was blushing, I wasn't hiding it. But at the same time, I was like, I'm getting married, and I had just started talking about like hardcore stuff with this chick. And so I just started steering the conversation towards like, me and my girlfriend." Shawn sounded more than a little disappointed, but then added, more happily, "But I feel like, if I had wanted to cheat I could have today."

I groaned to myself. I also have a girlfriend, but god damn. This woman is smoking hot and looking to gobble cock. I immediately started thinking about what could be done. How do I fuck this chick without her knowing who I am? That's the only rock solid way to do it, right? I'd heard about an affair she'd been involved in, and I don't want to hear about my own relationship being ruined. So how… "Wow. I wish I could fuck her." I said. I was jealous even that he got to flirt with her so much.

The call finished with arranging plans for the evening, and the topic was dropped for a night. It was the weekend. Neither of us would see Cheryl until Monday, unless there was some intervention by me…


I woke up Saturday hard as a rock. My girlfriend was laying beside me, facing the other way. I could tell she was sleeping by her breathing. I stroked my cock while I thought of Samantha. Her soft tanned skin, blonde hair, glasses, and big juicy ass… I reached for my phone with my other hand, and got on facebook to search for Samantha. I used an old fake account to send her a message;

Dear Samantha, Queen of Customer Service,

I have adored your ass at work since we opened, and if I wasn't in a relationship I would bury my face in it. But alas, I have commitments. If you can accept not knowing me, I would love to get to know the inside of you.

Message me for details,
Your Secret Armirer

I typed the message, sent it, and fell back asleep.

My girlfriend went back to her place and I checked Facebook on my phone. There was a message from Samantha. Three messages later she knew I was going to show up with a mask on at 7. I called Shawn immediately after the plans were made. I didn't tell him what was going on.

"I need you to pick me up at 6, we have to grab a few things and be uptown by 7. You'll be home before she's done work."


Shawn and I were walking down the sidewalk, bundled against the winter wearing brand new white balaclavas and I was carrying a small backpack of goodies. We had parked a few blocks away so that she wouldn't see the car. Shawn still didn't know what was going on.

"Alright man. From here out, we can't talk. No voice. Seriously. Neither of us can afford for it to get out that this is happening." My adrenaline was already pumping.

"What is happening?" Shawn asked, confused.

I put my finger over my mouth and made an exasperated "SHHH!!!!" to make it clear that the silence would in fact begin now.

I walked up to the next house, and pushed the doorbell.

The peephole darkened, and she inspected us briefly. We'd dressed pretty anonymously, but we'd exchanged details in the messages that made it clear we were definitely, at least, co workers. I promised her it would be good. The door opened.

Samantha was wearing nothing at all when she answered the door, just like instructed. She was incredible. Her skin was perfectly tanned everywhere, and her pussy was shaved. I'd always stared at her ass, and never noticed her tits. But now they were staring right at me, beautiful big melons, 32DD at least, with perfect sized nipples. She motioned for us to come in with one finger, and bit her lip seductively.

I heard Shawn choke behind me. I opened the outer door and stepped in, and pulled the blindfold from my backpack. She turned around and led us inside. I blindfolded her, sat her on the sofa, and looked around, while I took off my balaclava. Shawn took off his mask too.

The living room was big, with two sofas and two armchairs. I was already thinking about what and where and how to start. Shawn jabbed me in the side, he looked panicked but he kept looking at Samantha's naked body, sitting obediently on the couch. He jabbed me again and I caught him by the wrist, and then pushed his hand toward her breast. He didn't resist for long.

His hand fit most of her breast, barely, and he started squeezing it gently, rolling the whole tit in his hand. I went into the backpack again, and handed Shawn a condom. He looked at me again, amazed, still squeezing Samantha's tits gently.

I got my pants off while Shawn was still in a stupor, came up to Samantha with a full hard on, one tit in my friends hand, and took a big handful of her hair while I put the tip of my cock to her mouth. She barely hesitated before opening wide and sticking out her tongue for me. Her tongue was wet and hot and got the bottom of my shaft soaked before she even started sucking. She licked up and down the shaft, slowly at first, and then gave the head a few lashes of tongue before diving right in. My whole cock disappeared down her throat in what was my first deep throat experience. She was bobbing her head back and forth enthusiastically on my cock and I was already getting ready to cum, this was way better than I'd expected. I knew I wouldn't have a hard time getting hard again, so I just let go. As I got close I pulled her hair and stuffed my cock as far into her as I could go, and rocked the head of my dick back and forth deep in her throat. She was taking it like a champ. I shot a load straight into her stomach and let her hair go. She kept sucking my cock, but it was a gentle, slow thing now. I pulled out when she had drained all my cum.

Shawn was still clothed. I motioned for him to get going, and he abruptly got naked. I figured I took her mouth first, and so I took her by the arm and stood her up. I led her around the back of the couch and bent her over it, and waved Shawn over. He slid his condom on as he did, and rested the tip of his cock against Samantha's soaking wet pussy. He pushed just the tip in between her lips. He waited like that for a few seconds, maybe weighing his decision, and then switched holes and pushed his cock against her asshole. Cheryl made a noise, but pushed down on his cock too. They pushed like that for a few seconds. I just watched, and then reached around to grab one of Samantha's tits while I did.

After a few seconds without getting it in, Samantha reached back and pulled Shawns dick back towards her pussy. It slid into it easily, right to the hilt in one stroke, and suddenly was completely lubed. She pulled off and put the tip of his dick against her asshole again, and with a bit more pressure, he was halfway into her ass.

I sat down on an armchair and watched Samantha's huge breasts sway as she was fucked from behind, bent over the sofa. She was gasping in ecstasy as Shawn got all the way into her ass, and put his hands on her shoulders to pull her asshole down on his cock harder and faster. Samantha came hard, but still didn't speak. Her legs were shaking. I heard Shawn say "I'm gonna cum," in a whisper. My eyes widened, and I mimed "SHH!!" again. Samantha couldn't find out who we were. I don't think he cared.

But Samantha heard him. She spun around like a pro, and stripped the condom off his dick. Kneeling in front of him, with two fingers inside herself, she leaned her head back and opened her mouth wide expectantly, and Shawn delivered. He unloaded a jet of cum across the left side of her face, a puddle forming in the eye from the second string that landed, while the third fourth and fifth strings of cum landed neatly on her tongue.

She made a show of swallowing his cum and then began slowly sucking his cock again, keeping busy while she waited for whatever came next. I didn't make her wait long.

I took Samantha's arm and brought her to my armchair, kneeled her down in front of me and sat while she sucked my cock back to a full hard-on. Her deep throating was amazing, and I was ready for round two. I wanted to try anal for the first time, too.

When I was back to one hundred percent, I turned her around, and made her start sucking Shawns cock on the couch while she stood and bent at the waist. I got behind her. I didn't have a condom on, but I knew I wasn't going to want one for this. I put the tip of my cock against her pussy, and slid all the way in. It was amazing. She was so hot and wet, and I plowed her pussy for five minutes while she kept deep throating Shawn. Then I stuck it in her asshole, all the way in in one stroke, and took it out and put it back into her pussy. Each hole tightened back up while I slowly slid into the other, and I alternated a dozen times, building the ecstasy and my orgasm until I was at the edge again. I put my cock back into her ass and gave her three hard, long and full thrusts, and then shot my second load deep into her asshole.

Shawn took over again as I backed up. He stayed laying on the sofa and she got on top. She put her tits on his face and brought her pussy down on top of his dick. She fucked him harder that either of us had fucked her yet. She slammed her big juicy ass down on his dick over and over. As I watched, I saw drips of cum leaking down his shaft. But it wasn't from her ass. He'd cum inside her pussy and she was still fucking him hard. I stopped her by getting behind her, and pushing her body down on him. I wasn't worried about Shawn suffocating on her tits. He was still deep inside Samantha, and they were motionless while I positioned to fuck her in the ass.

It was tight, but I got in, my last cumshot kept her asshole slick. I was lubed up with my cum, and started fucking her as hard as I could without dislodging anyone. I went for 5 minutes just slamming her asshole before I felt Shawn start to find a rhythm inside her pussy. We both fucked her like that, until I could barely take it anymore.

I was close to coming again, and I pulled back for an epic final stroke. I popped out of her asshole and she tightened up, about to cum as I did. Her asshole was tightened so hard I could get back in, I panicked, and hoped Shawn wouldn't mine sharing, and pushed hard to get into her pussy before I shot my load in her. I felt Shawns cock pulsing against mine as string after string of hot cum shot into Samantha, she started gushing on our cocks, and as I pulled out and shot another string of cum on her asshole, I could see Shawn pulling out and shooting more onto her dripping pussy lips.

She cleaned every drop off our dicks with her mouth, eager to swallow, eager to suck cock for even another second. I put my cock back in her a couple more times, letting it get soft and drip everything that was left inside of her. I could see she was draining Shawn's cock with her mouth, too.


We got back into our clothes in a hurry, Shawn had to be back and showered before his fiancé got off at 11. We put our masks back on and took the blindfold off of Samantha. We more of less dashed for the door, and headed out. When we got to the car, I realized I didn't live with my girlfriend, and didn't have to go home yet. I looked at Shawn, put my finger to my lips, mimed "SHHH!!" and turned to head back to Samantha's house.

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