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I had my first oral sex experience with a german girl.
I had my first oral sex experience with a german girl. She was blonde, smart, very sexy and she had a body of a top-model. We knew each other on the Internet and we both discovered that we love sex, so we decided to meet in Germany and to make it real. She invited me to live in her house and I was very surprised when she asked me to sleep with her from the first night. Of course, we began to kiss and to make sex until one moment when she asked me to lick her pussy. It was the first time for me to do that, but I had the guts to start and to finish what I've started. She was very satisfied, not only by the oral sex, but by all the positions we have tried, including doggy-style. I even had the courage to cum inside her, because I don't like to use the condoms. We spent many time together(a couple of years) and my sex experience got richer and richer. Now I'm able to do to a woman anything she wants regarding sex. I can do anal, oral, normal. But I also like when a girl sucks my dick. I like to suck nipples too.
That's my first sex story, but I have more to publish soon.
My second story is about a virgin that didn't want to make sex with me and to lose her precious virginity. But, after a while she gave up. I began to kiss her on her mouth, to suck her nipples until she got very excited and horny. Then we went both into the bathroom and lied down on the floor. I satrted to kiss her body and my dick got harder than never. I started to put my cock into her virgin pussy and I felt a little obstacle: it was the hymen, of course. I began to push harder and I broke her hymen under her moans. The blood started to flow from her vagina and she started to cry, but none of us couldn't stop. We both reached the orgasm and we both were satisfied, but she was sad because she lost her virginity. Whatever, I was happy because I succeeded to fuck her after a time spent together. Then, she wanted to make love everytime and everywhere, because she started to like it. I wasn't a virgin anymore and had more experience than her, so I taught her everything about sex. We liked to go out in the nature and make wild sex isolated by the society, which was like a dream to me, especially because she was living in a tropical country.
My favourite sex position is when the girl stays on top of me and she bends her body towards me. I also like to take her by the back. I like the blow-job too. I like to make sex in my bed-room, but I also like nature. I don't like to make sex during winter time, but during the warm and hot seasons, like spring, summer and autumn. I like the virgin girls, but the girls with a lot of experience too. I like the shaved pussy rather than the hairy pussy.

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2013-10-27 22:06:01
this is a piece of shit


2013-03-27 00:22:23
i couldn't even read this story- it seriously needs reformating before i'd even attempt to read it. Please fix and repost (delete old version after reposting!)

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2013-01-31 20:41:44
another fucking crack head trying to wright a story!!!

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2013-01-31 19:40:45
مقطع ‏

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2013-01-29 11:09:01
What the fuck is this?

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