Young and horny exhibitionist ball players
As I finished Tara performed the tug and shake masterfully. Until she started to shake herself in I guess what was another one of her orgasms as she ran to the bathroom. I noticed that there was a trail of little drops of liquid, probably urine. I had never heard of anything like that, but she was hot enough for it not to bother me. Kind of like if it was a less attractive woman that might just be a deal breaker.

Everyone else giggled pointing at the little trail as well. Jackie was holding the bottle with one hand and my erection with the other and was too focused to notice. There was a little bit of my urine on her leg from when Tara let go so quickly, but that did not seem to bother her either. She was looking at my erection like it was a juicy burger. Mouth watering, nipples hard, and lips blooming easily visible from the way she was squatting.

“Now that you are done with that let’s get you cleaned up and lay you down” Kristy said in her nurse like manner keeping control of the situation. She had a handy wipe in her hand and commenced to clean off my erection. I ran my fingers up and down Taylor and Ahley’s ass cracks as she tugged while cleaning. I guess she really wanted to be sure not to miss a spot.

“Kristy, if you keep that up you will be cleaning up another mess.” Her face turning red as she gave it one last tug.

They laid me down softly on my back. Taylor sat behind me resting my head in her lap caressing my head and neck while Kristy and Ashley worked my torso rubbing the cream on and checking for signs of internal bleeding. Tara was back so she and Jackie decided to massage my legs and feet. They had music videos or something on the plasma as there was not much else on this time in the morning. I looking around I would think that I had died and gone to heaven. I went to itch my nose with my right hand and Kristy jumped as I bumped her pussy, so I went to use my left and bumped Ashley’s. I pulled my hands out and itched my nose then put them back between their legs. I took the opportunity to explore their nether regions with my fingers. I teased them both making circular motions in areas just outside of their pussies. Their faces were turning red, probably from frustration as they both wiggled around trying to give me a hint or push me in. I finally obliged stroking there slits with my index fingers. They were both noticeably wet already. They continued rubbing the cream on trying to act like nothing was happening only making eye contact with me and not each other. I could not tell if Taylor could see what was going on, but she gave no sign as she continued on my head and shoulders. Soon I was holding their mounds putting pressure on their clits with one finger submerged in their wetness. My cock would twitch in excitement and Jackie and Tara were under its control like a cobra in a basket. I kept waiting for one of them to reach up and grab it, but I guess Taylor was giving them the look of death.

Kristy was the first to blow trying to contain herself so as not to let anyone else know what was going on. Her eyes closed as she bared down on my hand cumming all over my it. Precum started flowing out of the tip running down the side. This pushed Ashley over the edge closing her eyes and grinding down as well. My erection started to spasm at this point and the precum flowed freely. Taylor shuffled dropping me head down to the pillow reaching down towards my erection. I could smell her sex and saw that she too was blooming with excitement. As she grabbed the base to wipe it off I put a lip lock on her pussy grinding her clit with my chin. Her body started to quiver immediately and her juices were flowing on my face as in the heat of the moment she took my erection into her mouth and started sucking. The rest of the girls gasped and groaned, which seemed to egg her on as it felt like she was putting on a show. She was grinding my face as if she needed more and plopped down on top of me sending pain throughout my body. I reached up with my wet hands grabbing her nipples pulling her upper body up off of me. I started to shoot and she whipped around straddling my face grinding her clit on my tongue with another orgasm. Jackie and Tara continued her work milking my cock dry while licking it clean. Tara was humping my leg while she did and suddenly ran to the bathroom again. Jackie continued sucking in hope to keep it hard. As it was softening she even tried sucking my ball, but no such luck. Taylor climbed back down with her ass pushing Jackie out of the way. She started grinding her hips trying to get me hard again while kissing trying to taste herself in my mouth. Moaning loudly oh my god, my god, I have never felt so good in my life. I am still tingling and and looking to do it again.

Kristy "Taylor, that looks fun and all, but you are rubbing the cream we just put on off. We need to roll him over"
"You guys start on his back and I will be back. I am going to grab a snack and get a shower." Taylor kissed me as she got up to leave.
"Tara and I are coming too" said Jackie
"Do you want anything? I will be back in a few minutes as well" asked Kristy
"No thanks, I am not really hungry" She nodded and then gave me a kiss on the lips as she got up as well.

"Don't you want anything Ashley?"
"Yeah, but it is not in there." She laid down snuggling face to face as I rolled to my side.
"I guess none of this would have happened today if you had not gone crazy like you did." As I brushed the hair out of her face.
"Oh great, you blame it all on me. I just wanted you not all of the rest. You getting hurt was not my fault."
"Ashley, I was talking about the rest. The problem is that there is no good way out of this."
"What do you mean by that?"
"You guys all mean a lot to me and I love what we are doing now. This is like a dream. I have never seen young women as beautiful as you guys are much less felt and tasted them. The problem is that it will have to stop at some point or things will get out of hand."
"I think it already has. Jackie and Tara are in love with you because you saved their lives, Kristy, Taylor and I already were and did all of this to get you to help us act on it. We were supposed to be able to keep it to ourselves and stay quiet about it so it would last. Damn Taylor is getting too possessive. I see it in her eyes, she gets pissed when we try to do anything with you. I am the one who started this whole thing and Taylor is the one that got you. Kristy is pissed about it too. I am surprised that she was not the one you liked as she has those huge as boobs."
"Look, I love you all. What happened with Taylor was not my choosing though, she just happened to be the one who found me with no pants on. If anyone else had been the first through the door then it would have been them. Although I have know her the longest or the most. I needed someone to cover me up so the others didn't see. I had already gone too far with you and was trying not to make it worse. The feeling I got from you guys interest in me was uncontrollable. It wasn't like she slipped and fell on my dick. I wanted this just as much as you guys did, but never saw a way to act on it."
"Really? Your just saying that"
"Why would I say it? The fact is that I have thought of you guys in my dreams, daydreams, and as fuel for masturbation"
Ashley started kissing me, touching my tonsils with her tongue. I started massaging her breasts leaning down to kiss her nipples, sucking and nibbling on them. I kissed down her belly and on to her pussy. My lord did she taste good, just as good as she did leaving practice. Her aroma was intoxicating. I licked her like it was a bottle of oxygen and I would die without it. She came more than once and her pussy was getting overly sensitive so I rolled her over and started licking her ass. What a beautiful ass. I licked every inch of it touching her anus with my tongue causing her to gasp. I licked her taint and on my way back to her anus a wave of orgasms erupted. She reached back pushing my head towards it and pushing her hips back towards me. When she came down from that I licked her pussy clean. My erection was back in full swing, which surprised the hell out of me as I was a two or three kind of guy before. I could not even count how many times I or anyone else had come other than Tara and Jackie. Counting how many times I put my fingers in Jackie's ass and how many times Tara pissed on me or ran to the bathroom.

I rolled back over onto my back and Ashley wrapped her leg over mine and we fell to sleep.

Kristy woke me up wanting to roll me on my back leaving Ashley sleeping moving her over out of the way. As she rolled me over she even grabbed my erection tucking it in so that I wouldn't roll over onto it. Tara sat on my ass and Jackie sat in front of be with her legs open under my shoulders as I had my hands around her waist and head in her lap. Kristy and Taylor started rubbing the cream on my back and inspecting the welts as they did. Jackie stroked my hair as I turned my head kissing her mound and unable to get the angle to lick her slit. I could smell her sexual aroma and wanted to taste it, but she was wedged against the couch and couldn't move either. Taylor noticed me trying and slapped me on the ass.
"Taylor, you have got to quit slapping me."
"I'm sorry, did I hurt you?
"no, not this time."
"Oh, ok. You probably deserved it though."
"look around, I probably deserve it constantly"
She slapped me on the ass again and I shook my head bringing my hands down to cup Jackie's beautiful ass.

After they finished I rolled onto my side while the cream dried. Taylor spooned me from behind, I was spooning Kristy, Jackie had laid down and was acting like a pillow for me, and I had Tara and Ashley's feet where touching mine. I felt like a sheik in his harem, a harem, of beautiful young women. Kristy was obviously not sleeping yet as her breathing was deep. My erection was poking right into her slit. I reached ran my hand up her thigh to her side and then I cupped the bottom of her huge breast. I continued to massage her breast noting that here breathing quickened even more as she started pushing her hips down towards my erection. Taylor whispered in my ear "Give it to her, she deserves it with all she has been through and all she has done. I want to hold you while you do as I want to be part of it without the whole lesbian stuff."

Kristy protested as I started pulling her away from my erection, then understood as I was kissing down her back as I did. I wanted to get a good taste of her before I dirtied her up. And I couldn't move without unsettling everybody. She moaned in anticipation as I licked her plump little ass. I really got her going when I started licking her asshole moving her up so that I could taste her pussy. Much like the others it was like eating the best ice cream you ever had. I am not sure how many times she came in my mouth, but I relished each one. Her pussy was swollen from all of the activity. I brought her back down cupping her breast and pinching her nipple. She started to back down on me shuddering as I entered her kissing her neck and playing with her breast. I pushed a bit, but she had to do most of the work. Taylor was kissing my shoulder and neck as we did it. Right away I could feel her pussy contracting juicing my cock while she ground against me. I felt her start to have another orgasm as she moaned loudly, even more so as I reached down to touch her overly sensitive clit exploding on my erection. "Stoppp, Stoppp I can't take anymore. Please don't come in me"
I pulled out with a sloppy popping noise and rolled over onto my other side met with a big kiss from Taylor who had her hand down between her legs. "I want you to come inside me. I want to feel you shooting your load in me. I won't get pregnant, I am on the pill already because my Aunt doesn't trust me. Let me taste Kristy first as she went down giving me a blowjob.
I reached my hand up and started rubbing Jackie's pussy. she moaned and opened her legs, but did not seem to wake up. Taylor came back up and I pulled my fingers out of Jackie licking my fingers like they were covered with bacon grease. Taylor kissed me and smiled turning around placing my hand on her breast. I played with her nipples as she lowered onto my shaft. reaching down I pulled her ass cheek out of the way so that I could get even deeper into her. Her pussy was so wet that I slid right in like fingers in a tight glove. "Oh my god, it feels so good having it all finally inside me. I could stay like this for the rest of my life." I could too, she fit like a glove and her pussy was pulsating around my cock. "I love you Tony!"
"I love you too Taylor" as I reached around and started rubbing her clit. It only took a couple of grinds and she started to convulse on my erection sending me over the top as well. I shot rope after rope into her and she was crying out as I did "fuck, fuck, fuck, that feels do fucking good."
We laid there falling asleep with my cock still being pulled into her pussy.

Continued later...
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