Our high school’s lunch period was ninety minutes long. This accommodated a forty minute lunch and a fifty minute class period. In order to ensure that the cafeteria did not get too crowded at one time, those underclassmen with classes over the lunch period had their lunches stacked. Some classes went to lunch right away, other waited fifteen minutes, others waited thirty, still others waited until their classes were over. I was a junior lucky enough to have my lunch be the last one taken. It meant that I got a forty minute lunch, and an eight minute passing period before my next class started, meaning essentially a forty-eight minute lunch. It wasn’t much, but it made a difference.

Amy, as a senior, was allowed open periods, class periods where she didn’t have to take a class. Seniors were only required to take four classes per semester, and if they had the credits they needed to graduate, that was often exactly what they did. Seniors who had cars also had the permission of the administration to leave campus for lunch. Because of this, there was only very rarely a senior who actually had a class during the lunch hour.

As I junior, I was afforded no such luxury. I was required by rule to eat in the cafeteria if I chose to eat at all. But the crafty knew ways around the rules. Seniors had to check out and in and the entrance desk if they left for lunch. This was the schools way of making sure that students didn’t sneak out when they weren’t supposed to. But students could still exit the building from any number of doors. When it was time for lunch, I walked to the back of the building where the gym was. I changed into my gym clothes, a pair of basketball shorts and an old football jersey. If anyone asked why I was leaving the building, I would say it was because I wanted to go for a run. After I exited the building, I simply turned away from the track and met Amy in the parking lot instead.

Amy had a beat up Oldsmobile for her first car. It was nothing pretty, but I didn’t have a car yet, so I couldn’t complain (My first car ended up being even more ugly than hers, I’ll tell the story about I broke in my first car later…-ed). Amy was waiting in her car. She waved at me to hurry up. I ran to her car and jumped in.

“You’re going to have to duck when we pull out of the lot,” she said. “Two of the principles are standing across the street smoking.”

I wasn’t so well known to the administration that they would have seen me in Amy’s car and known instantly that I wasn’t supposed to be leaving school. But Amy didn’t want to risk her parking pass on the chance that I would be recognized. The most common penalty for upperclassmen sneaking underclassmen out of school was losing their parking pass, a harsh penalty for someone who has just bought their first car.

So as we pulled out of the lot, I ducked down in my seat. Amy looked over and shook her head, “Not good enough,” she whispered, “here, like this.” She grabbed my head with her right hand and pulled it into her lap. As we approached the street, Amy stopped for a red light. She giggled a little bit, clearly enjoying my head being in her lap while driving instead of vice versa. I decided to make the most of it.

Amy had an androgynous zone, it was on the inside of her thighs. Rubbing the inside of her thighs turned her on like a light switch. Scratching tickled her, but made her even hornier. To kiss her there though, that was the quickest way to get her wet. While we waited at the red light, l licked the inside of her thigh lightly, and then started kissing her.

“Ohhh,” she purred, “you’re trying to get me dirty again aren’t you?”

“You want me to stop?” I teased.

“You better fucking not.”

I kissed her a few more times, then reached on hand over to her knee. I brushed up her leg to the hem of her shorts, and then snuck my hand up them. She inhaled sharply as my finger found her moistening pussy.

“You never turn it off do you?” she asked exasperatedly, but with just a twinge of yearning at the same time.

“Just tell me to stop, and I will,” I replied, my finger running up and down her slit.

“Ok, we’ll skip lunch,” she relented, “lets just get back to your house,” she said as the car started moving again, “and stop fingering me, we’re gonna crash. You’re turning into as big of a deviant as me.”

I only lived about five minutes away from school. When we pulled into the driveway, I had Amy pull her car into the garage so that if any of the neighbors drove by, they wouldn’t see her car in the driveway. Word would get back to my mother quickly. We went inside from the garage. No one was home, and that was all of the encouragement I needed.

We walked into my kitchen from the garage. I offered Amy a soda, and we hung out there for a few minutes. Then we went into my family room. There were two couches and a recliner in there with a big screen tv situated in one corner of the room. The windows faced the front of the house, and sitting on the couch offered a view of the driveway. I sat down on the couch, and Amy sat down on my lap, twisting her ass around my crotch. I reached up with both hands to her breasts and gave a squeeze. She put her hands over mine, encouraging me to continue. The next thing I know, she was undoing her own zipper and button on her shorts.

We both stripped pretty quickly after that. There was no time for romance, just lust. After her shorts came off, so did my shirt. When her shirt came off, so did my jeans, until we were standing in front of each other with only our underwear on. She dropped to her knees in front of me and pulled down my boxers, my dick springing upward. She wrapped her hand around the base of my cock, lifting it so that it pointed straight up. She licked the underside of it, slowly, sure to cover every part of it. “mmm,” she said, “I can still taste my pussy from earlier.”

Then she started licking around the head of my dick. She paid special attention to the end, putting the tip of her tongue up against it. Then she wrapped her lips around it, and began sliding her mouth up and down my cock. I placed my hands on either side of her head, guiding her, giving her the proper pace.

Then she reached up to my arms and pulled me down to the floor so that I was laying on my back. She slid down her thong, exposing her shaved pussy. “I want to try something new,” she said. Then she swung her legs over either side of my head, so that her pussy was right above my face. We were about to 69 for the first time.

She bent down to my dick and again wrapped her lips around my cock. I had to slightly lift my head so that my mouth could reach her perfect camel toe. We had never done this before, I wasn’t used to eating her out upside down. I wasn’t used to having her blow me upside down either. The feeling of her tongue on the top instead of the underside of my dick was different. Soon enough, I got used it. I licked her clit and then down the whole length of her slit, pausing sometimes to stick my tongue as deep into as I could.

I reached my hands around her hips, placing one on each ass cheek and squeezing them tightly. At the same time, I stuck my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy and started moving in a side to side motion as quickly as I could. Her hips shuddered for a moment and she took her mouth from my cock to say “ohhhhh.”Then she leaned back, wrapping a hand around my still wet cock. She jerked me off as she sat on my face, rubbing her pussy against my mouth.

Then, quite suddenly, she rolled off my face and off my body completely. She lay, quivering, next to me, her smile somehow absent looking with her eyes closed. She had both hands over her pussy, not to finger herself, but covering it. Just as I was about to ask her if she was ok, her orgasmic wave of ecstasy ended, and she opened her eyes.

“You have NEVER made me cum that hard,” she exclaimed. “I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard even when I finger fuck myself. How much time do we have?”

I sat up, leaning on one elbow there staring, partially impressed with my own work, partially frustrated that she had rolled off me so suddenly without me getting off. I was all ready to go though. I rolled over to my clothes, sitting in a pile by the couch and found my cell phone “About half an hour,” I responded. I was actually being a little liberal with our time, but at this point, I didn’t mind if we were both late to class.

She didn’t take long to recover. She reached over and pulled me closer to her. Next thing I knew, she was laying on her back, with her legs wrapped around me, and my dick was rubbing against her pussy. I leaned in and kissed her. Besides fucking, this was another thing we were really good at. I bit her bottom lip lightly, and then started kissing her neck. She ran her hands through my hair, and whispered in my ear, “I love you. I need you. Please, be inside me…”

I pulled my hips back slightly, and my cock slid into her. On my first thrust, I was as far into her as I could go. Her fingers clawed into my back, and her legs squeezed around my back, her pussy getting tighter and tighter. I plunged in and out of her, not stopping for anything. She was gasping, nearing a second orgasm, and her pussy began to twitch again.

I could feel myself approaching my orgasm as well. “Oh, I’m gonna cum…” I whispered into her ear.

“Cum all over my stomach,” she replied, whispering each word carefully into my ear, “and my tits. Make me all dirty. I want to be dirty.”

I pulled my cock out of her pussy at the last second, releasing rope upon rope of cum all over her body. The first shot nearly reached her neck. The second covered her right breast, covering her nipple. The third shot didn’t quite make it to her breasts. The fourth and final shot covered her stomach, forming a puddle in her belly button.

I gave my cock a few quick tugs to finish my orgasm off. The last few drops of cum fell straight down onto her pelvis. She giggled and gave me a wry smile “ you got me really dirty, didn’t you?”

She sat up and leaned over to give me a kiss, careful not to let any of my own cum get onto me. I was on my knees in front of her and I let go of my cock. She looked down at it, and seemed amazed that it was still hard. “You just don’t slow down, do you stud?”

I shook my head, still letting myself recover a little bit. She reached out and grabbed my cock, and then pulled me to my feet. “Show me to the shower, stud.”

We gathered up our clothes, Amy careful to keep my cum off of hers. We climbed the stairs to the second floor hallway. There were two bathrooms on this floor, the master bathroom which had a smallish shower stall, and a common area bathroom which had a bathtub/shower combo. I took our clothes and threw them on my bed, and then grabbed a couple of towels while Amy turned on the warm water.

This was the bathroom which I used most often, so the counter top had my toothbrush and razor on it with the toothpaste and shaving cream not far aside. As the water warmed up, Amy surveyed me, looking me up and down. I did the same for her. The cum on her chest hadn’t dried yet, but it had run down her body quite a bit. She was right, she was looking like quite a dirty girl.

When the water was warm enough, we jumped in. I knew we didn’t have a lot of time, but I was enjoying myself too much to care if I was late to my next class or not. Amy let the warm water wash over her chest, clearing the cum off her body. I picked up the soap, “Would you like a lather,” I asked in what passed for my seductive voice, which must not have been all that seductive because Amy only laughed and nodded. We switched spots so that the water was running down my back and she was standing in front of me.

I ran the bar of soap over her whole body, paying special close attention to her chest, stomach, and pussy. She allowed for this by backing up into me, and letting my arms reach around her to her front. While I lathered her up, she pushed her ass up against my cock, which was still hard. My dick pointed straight up, suspended there by her ass which lightly rubbed it as she pushed herself into me.

After I had gotten her sufficiently soapy, she turned to me and said, “Your turn.” Then she pressed her body up against mine, getting the soap all over me. I reached my hand with the soap still in it to her back, and started rubbing my hands all over her back and ass. Meanwhile, her breasts pressed against my chest, soaping me up, and making me even more horny. My cock was now point straight ahead, between her legs. The head of my cock rubbed against her pussy, something she noticed and encouraged by moving her hips back and forth.

Then she reached behind her own back, grabbing my hands. She felt around until she had the bar of soap in her hands, then took a half step back. “I think you need to be cleaned too,” she whispered, barely audible above the sound of the pouring water.

She fell to her knees again in front of me and took my cock in her hands. She washed around it carefully, like it was something fragile, yet still giving it a tight squeeze every now and then to make sure she still had its attention. After she had it adequately soaped up, she looked up at me and asked, “Do you like my pussy shaved?”

“Yes,” I answered, without a moment’s hesitation. Amy was my first, and so I had never had a beaver to compare her shaved pussy too, but I couldn’t see why anyone would like that so much. Eating Amy out was so much easier since she didn’t have any hair down there.

“OK,” she replied, then added, “Have you ever thought about shaving yourself?” In truth, I did shave myself. Not bare, but I did shave my balls to keep hair off of them. I also shaved around the base of my cock a little and also around my public hair just to keep things tidy, so to speak. But I had never entertained the thought of shaving myself bare.

I shook my head, “No, only guy porn stars can get away with that.”

She smiled and stood up, opening the shower door. “Why do you think I’m calling you ‘stud’?” She grabbed my razor and shaving cream off the counter and reentered the shower. She resumed her place on her knees in front of me, and sprayed some shaving cream on her hands. “You’re ok with this, right? It would be, like, the sexiest thing ever.”

I nodded without words. I wasn’t sure about it, but my dick was so hard, and she was so sexy that I would have streaked the neighborhood on her command at that very moment. She applied the shaving cream to my pubic hair, and then gently began shaving it away. At first I thought that she might not be careful enough, doing this to someone other than herself. But she skillfully and quickly shaved all of the hair off until none of it was left.

I faced the shower head to let the hot water wash the shaving cream and soap off. Amy had done a good job. I was completely smooth, not a single hair missed. My cock stood straight up at attention. My first thought was that it looked bigger. While I admired myself, Amy washed the soap off her body as well.

Then she turned to face me. “I guess we better hurry,” she said, “or we’re going to be late.”

I wasn’t letting her off the hook that easy. “Don’t you want to take my new cock out for a spin?” She looked at me, clearly unsure of whether we had the time or not, so I added, “while we are in the shower?”

The prospect of shower sex seems to be what did it for her. She turned back towards me and wrapped her arms around me. My dick pointed straight up, pressed against her stomach. She reached down, allowing warm water to run down her arm and hands to my cock. She gave it a few rough tugs before she guided it towards her pussy. It did just as it did before, my head just barely rubbing against her slit. Then she lifted one leg and wrapped it around my back so that she was only standing on one foot. “Be careful so I don’t fall,” she warned. I wrapped my arms around her, bringing her in tight to my body. Then she guided my cock into her pussy.

Having sex in the shower was tougher than I thought it would be. My feet had to remain firmly planted so I didn’t slip, that gave me only limited motion when it came to thrusting my cock inside of her. I held her, so she could accomplish a little more, wildly bucking against me when she got the opportunity, but even then we had to be careful.

Still, we made out while we fucked, and with the hot water pouring over our naked bodies, it didn’t take long for us to both get close to our climax. I felt mine coming on before she mentioned hers. I tried to hold off for as long as I could, but eventually I knew I was getting too close. “I’m gonna cum baby,” I said.

“Nooo,” she whispered hoarsely in my ear, “You can’t. Not yet, I’m so close.”

I plunged my cock into her a few more times before I knew I couldn’t wait anymore, “If I don’t pull out now, I’m going to cum inside…”

She lightly bit my ear, and then whispered, “It’s ok, its safe. My period is still a ways off. You can cum inside me.” My heart almost stopped. I knew the only reason she was saying it was because she was so close too. I figured that she would instantly regret it, and so I wasn’t seriously considering doing it until she followed up by whispering, in her most seductive tone, “Do it. I want to feel your hot cum inside of me.”

I don’t think I came as much as I did earlier when we were in my living room, but it sure as hell felt like it. It wasn’t the same as cumming in her mouth. That felt great, but this was something on another level. I came into her while I was holding her, and when I came, she came too, so I could feel her whole body quiver as my cock emptied inside of her. When she felt my cum shooting inside of her, she started cumming too. Never had I been so sensitive to her orgasm as I was when she had that one. I could feel her pussy clenching and releasing with each wave of her orgasm, milking my cock more and more.

We stayed standing together, holding each other, our arms wrapped around each other for a few more minutes, warm water flowing all over us. Finally, I pulled my softening cock from her pussy. She gave a shudder and a gasp at the movement without warning. Her eyes opened and locked with mine and we made out there in the shower for another five minutes.


Amy carefully cleaned her pussy while the shower was still on. Nevertheless, she did not seem concerned that I had cum inside her. I was too relaxed at that moment to care much, but over the next few weeks, I had the sweats as a result of my first ever girlfriend pregnancy scare.

When we got out of the shower, our next class was set to start in ten minutes. We both got dressed quickly and ran downstairs. We filed into her car, and sped back to the school, parking with only about two minutes to spare until classes started.

We walked in together from the back of the building, near where I had exited just an hour earlier. We split in the main hallway, promising to see each other again for our final class in just a couple of hours.

I walked into my class about five minutes late. “Where have you been?” my teacher asked.

“Sorry,” I replied, “Just had to take a shower.”

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