Sorry for the loooong delay with this chapter, but I was trying to get this part correct. You may want to read chapter 1 first. After finding the magazines in the garage, James jacked off, then his middle sister walked in on him still naked. They decided to try some of the things they saw in the magazine, and after James made her cum, their older sister came in. What happens next? Read on and enjoy. One note though, this part also doesn't contain intercourse yet, that will come in the next chapter if I get good reviews.
Carrie and James both jumped when their older sister yelled, looking over at Karen, standing in the doorway. Karen stared at them, almost mesmerized by the scene in front of her. "Yo... you guys are hav... having sex," Karen stuttered out, not wanting to believe what she was seeing.

Carrie rolled off of her brother, looking directly at Karen, "that was amazing Karen," she said, without hesitation. Karen shook her head, "but it's wrong for you guys to be doing that." Carrie smiled, "how can it be, when it feels so good?" Karen looked at Carrie, wide eyed, "be... because a brother and sis... sister are not supposed to do that."

James slowly sat, looking over at Karen, not saying anything, just listening to his older sister's argue. "But Karen, you need to try it, I have never felt anything like that before," Carrie argued back. Karen slowly stepped into the room, the smell of sex strong in the air, her pussy beginning to tingle a little, as she looked at her brother's erection, "I... I have already, and know what you're feeling, but you're not supposed to be doing that with your brother." Carrie scoffed, "why not, it felt good and ok." Karen shook her head, "because a brother and sister are not supposed to have sex with each other. How long have you guys been doing this?"

James looked at Karen with confusion, finally speaking, "this is the first time." Karen lightly laughed, realizing her siblings had no idea of what they were doing, "so did you put your dick inside of her pussy James?" She asked bluntly, not even realizing what she had said until it had come out. Carrie and James looked at each other, and started giggling at what Karen had just said, "dick and pussy", then looked back at their older sister, shaking their heads.

Karen giggled at their innocence, "so what were guys doing in here then?" Carrie looked at James, then slowly back at Karen, "Jam... James put his tongue on my boob, th... then he started sucking on it, then the other one." Karen's pussy tingled again as she listened to Carrie explain what they had done. "Th... then he started rubbing his finger against my vagina, an... and I started feeling funny but good, so th... then I sat on top of him and h... he put his tongue on my vagina and inside of it. He... he did that until I felt myself explode inside," Carrie nervously finished explaining.

Karen lightly moaned, her panties beginning to moisten now, thinking about what that may have looked like, with her sister on top of their brother, and him eating her out. Karen slowly started walking towards the bed, "so where did you guys learn about all of that?" James smiled wide, picking up the magazine, answering, "from this." Karen's eyes widened as she looked at the porn magazine her brother was holding up, "whe... where did you get that?"

James laughed a lightly, "I found it in the garage." Karen grabbed the magazine from him, slowly shaking her head, "y... you guys shouldn't be looking at these," she slowly said, turning the magazine over and looking at the pictures on the pages. Karen glanced at her siblings, then back at the magazine, "so you guys did what you saw in here?" Carrie and James both nodded quickly, wondering what their older sister was thinking.

Karen looked back at Carrie and James, noticing the other magazines laying on James's bed. "Let me see those," she demanded, pointing at the other magazines. James looked over at the magazines, slowly picking them up and holding them out for Karen. Karen snatched the magazines from him, quickly looking over the covers of the magazines, picking out one that had two girls standing next to each other. The two girls on the cover were wearing matching bikinis, with both of their tops undone, exposing their tits, and stars covering their nipples.

Karen tossed the other magazines aside, looking at her siblings again, then slowly opened the magazine up, looking at the contents. In the contents there was pictures of girls posing for the camera. She looked over the pictures, seeing one girl licking another girl's asshole. Another picture had a girl sitting on a strap-on, while another girl was pushing a dildo into the girl's pussy, that was wearing the strap-on. As she looked them over, a couple of pictures particularly caught her attention. One of them was a picture of a blond woman, with her mouth wrapped around the head of a dick, while a brunette was licking the shaft of the dick. The other picture showed a blond on her hands and knees, a guy kneeling behind her with his dick buried in her pussy, while the blond was licking and holding the brunette's tits.

Karen looked at Carrie and James once again, not saying a word as she started turning the pages of the magazine. Carrie and James looked back at their older sister innocently, becoming a little nervous now.

While Karen did have sex while she was in college, she was still pretty inexperienced, and she knew it. "So do you guys want to learn more about sex?" Karen asked, turning the pages until she reached the page the second picture had said. Carrie looked at James, James looking back at her with a wide smile now nodding. Carrie looked back at Karen, "I... I guess so." Karen chuckled lightly, "ok, I will teach you guys more, but you have to promise not to tell anyone." James's face lit up, "ok, ok, I promise," he answered excitedly. Carrie looked back at him, a look of uneasiness coming over her, she then looked back at Karen, "o... ok I promise."

Karen smiled at them both, then looked back at the magazine, her eyes going as wide as they could. On the pages in front of her, was a two page spread of the blond licking the head of the guy's dick, and the brunette was to the side, sucking on one of his balls. Karen felt warmth rush straight to her pussy, slowly turning the page. The pictures on the next pages were the start of the scene. There was pictures of the women dancing around, fully clothed, and a picture of them undressing the guy, along with pictures of the women taking turns sucking the guy's dick and balls. The full page picture on the other page really caught Karen's attention, the brunette had her lips around the head of the guy's dick, while the blond was holding the base of his dick and licking the shaft.

Karen quickly looked at James and Carrie, setting the magazine down on the end table next to James's bed, her body starting to get hot and tingle. "Ok, we... we'll start simple." Carrie and James both looked at her with interest, ready to see what Karen had planned. "James stand up and come stand next to me," Karen said, untying her pajama pants and pushing them down to the floor. James slowly got off of the bed, slowly walking up next to Karen, watching her push her pajama pants down, but leaving her panties on. As Karen stood back up, she glanced over at her brother's erection, knowing it was smaller than she had ever seen, but not caring at this moment.

"Ok Carrie come here," Karen said, motioning her over. Carrie reluctantly got off of the bed, nervously walking towards them. Karen stopped Carrie in front of James, moving to the side of her siblings. "Ok Carrie, since James used his tongue and mouth on you, it's only fair that you return the favor," Karen said with a devilish smile. Carrie quickly looked at her sister, "wa... wait, yo... you want me to put my mouth on his penis?"

Karen almost burst out laughing when she heard Carrie, "ye... yeah, but it's called a dick or cock," she said with a laugh. Carrie looked down at James's hard dick, cringing a little, "but he pees out of there." Again Karen laughed, "and you pee out of where he had his mouth." Carrie glared at her sister, "I don't pee out of my vagina." Karen continued laughing at her sister's innocence, finding it funny in a way, "that is true, but your pee comes out just above it, and your vagina is called a pussy, snatch, or twat."

Carrie cringed a little more, looking at Karen nervously. Karen put her hand on Carrie's shoulder, pushing down on it, "kneel down and we'll show our brother a good time." Carrie resisted her sister's pushing, then reluctantly moved to her knees in front of James, her nose about even with his dick. Karen moved to her knees next them, eying her brother's dick again, reaching out and wrapping her hand around the base of his dick.

James groaned lightly, his dick throbbing and his body shuddering as Karen's hand grabbed his dick. That was the first time anyone other than himself had touched his dick, but he liked it, her soft hand lightly squeezing the base of his dick, sending all kinds of new sensations through his body.

Karen looked up at James, "are you ok?" James could only nod, his dick throbbing again in her hand. Karen looked back at his dick, moaning, "mmm somebody seems to like this," licking her lips. She looked at Carrie with a look of lust, "ok I will do it first, then you will do it after me." Carrie looked at Karen, nervously nodding.

James kept his eyes locked on Karen, watching as she opened her mouth, moving it towards the head of his dick. He didn't know what to expect, but as her mouth got closer, her hot breath hit the head of his dick, sending a warmth through the shaft of his dick and his entire body. His eyes widened as he watched the head of his dick begin to disappear into his sister's mouth, groaning loudly as he felt her hot and wet mouth close around the head of his dick, sucking on it softly.

Carrie stared at her older sister, watching as Karen gradually moved her mouth further down their brother's dick. Carrie looked up at James, who had his mouth wide open and eyes closed, strange noises coming out of him now. She also heard Karen moaning, moving her mouth further and further onto James's dick.

James's body was beginning to jerk and tremble, as his sister took his dick almost fully into her mouth, her moaning sending shocks throughout his body. He opened his eyes, looking down at Karen, as her hand moved from the base of his dick and started tickling his ball sack. James involuntarily put his hand on top of her head, his balls already getting that same feeling he had felt earlier before he came. James threw his head up, as Karen's tongue started massaging the underside of his dick, causing him to groan and shiver.

Carrie watched intently, watching her sister's tongue come out of her mouth, the tip pushing against her brother's ball sack. Carrie's eyes kept going to her brother, then back to Karen sucking his dick. She felt her pussy tingle again, watching Karen slowly move her head back, the shaft of James's dick glistening with saliva, then her sister swallowed his dick again, causing James to groan louder and Karen moan more.

After a couple more times of moving her head forward and back, Karen pulled her mouth completely off James's dick, grabbing it again and looking up at him, "did you like that James?" James opened his eyes, looking down at his older sister, a look of pleasure on his face as he nodded. Karen chuckled, looking at Carrie, "ok your turn to try it."

Carrie looked at her sister nervously, swallowing hard as she moved closer to James, her eyes moving to his dick. Karen smiled at Carrie, moving James's dick around with her hand, "it's ok, it won't get you." Carrie half smiled, staring at the glistening dick in front of her, her nerves beginning to take over her body, her breathing hastening and her body beginning to shake, moving her head even closer. Karen urged her on, "yeah that's it, see it won't bite you, show your brother how you can suck his dick." Carrie smiled a little more, then opening her mouth nervously, opening it wide like she had seen her older sister do.

Karen continued to hold onto James's dick, putting her other hand on the back of Carrie's head, applying a little pressure on it. Karen moaned softly as she watched the head of his dick slowly disappear into her sister's mouth, "oh yes Carrie, that's it suck his hard cock."

Carrie slowly closed her mouth around the shaft of her brother's dick, jumping a little when it throbbed in her mouth. She tried to pull away, but Karen's hand on the back of her head didn't permit her to. Karen applied a little more pressure on the back of Carrie's head, whispering, "god Carrie that's so hot, take more of his dick into your mouth, suck it real good." Carrie tried to protest, opening her mouth to speak, but it only came out garbled, she gave up and relented to her sister's pushing, closing her mouth and moving her head forward, feeling her brother's dick run over her tongue.

James groaned loudly, feeling his middle sister's teeth scraping across his dick softly as she took more of his dick into her mouth, "ohhh." Karen looked up at him when he groaned, smiling wide, knowing he was experiencing a whole new thing. Karen then looked back at Carrie, whispering, "you hear that, he likes it, he likes having you suck his hard cock, start moving your mouth up and down his cock now, and don't stop until I say so."

Carrie moaned with his dick buried in her mouth, starting to relax finally and get used to his dick throbbing and twitching every so often. She started moving her head back slowly, sucking hard on his dick as she did, moving back until just the head was between her lips.

Karen watched her sister give her first blowjob for a while, watching Carrie fully engulf their brother's dick, then move back, her cheeks going in as she sucked hard. Karen moaned, rubbing her covered pussy lightly as she got more excited. She looked down at her brother's ball sack dangling between his legs, remembering the picture she had seen in the magazine, and licked her lips. She lowered her upper body and turned her body until she was underneath his balls. She opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue as far as she could, pushing the tip of it between his balls, and started flicking it quickly, cooing as she watched his ball sack jiggle to her tongue movements.

James groans grew extremely loud, as Carrie started moving her head faster, his hips starting to move with her head, and Karen teasing his ball sack was almost to much for him. "Ohhh, it feels like I'm going to shoot again," he groaned, feeling his balls tingle even more, feeling his cum ready to come out.

Karen pulled away from his balls, looking up at him, "are you gonna cum James?" James looked down at her, quickly nodding, as he felt his dick throb hard, his cum rushing up his dick, "ahhh!" As the first shot of his cum rocketed out and hit the back of Carrie's throat, it surprised her, causing her to pull off, choking. Karen watched in awe as her brother's dick throbbed, followed by another shot cum, shooting out and splashing against Carrie's neck. Karen quickly grabbed his twitching member, taking it into her mouth, as it throbbed, shooting a third shot into her mouth. Karen moaned as she stroked his dick with her hand, sucking hard on the head of his dick, her mouth filling upwith a little more of his cum.

James's body continued to jerk as his orgasm slowly faded, his dick beginning to soften, as his older sister continued to stroke his dick. Karen finally pulled away from his dick, her mouth full of his incestuous seed, she swallowed the cum down, smiling at him, "did you like that James?" James slowly nodded, still trying to recover, "oh my god, that was incredible." Karen giggled, looking at Carrie, "are you ok sis?"

Carrie cleared her throat, nodding, "yeah, just surprised me when it shot in my mouth." Karen giggled, looking at her brother's cum on Carrie's neck, "yeah it does surprise you the first time that happens, you still have some of his cum on your neck." Carrie put her hand on the drying cum, giggling, "I guess he shot a lot of his cum?" Karen smiled, "yes he did." Carrie moved her hand away, his cum sticking to her fingers, "eww, it's sticky."

Karen chuckled, standing up and grabbing the magazine again. As she pulled it off of the dresser, it slipped out of her hand and fell to the floor, closing. Karen bent over to retrieve it, as James moved to his bed and sat on the edge, eying his older sister's wet crotch of her panties. Karen stood back up, opening the magazine from the back, her eyes going wide once again at the pictures on the pages.

The full page picture on the right page showed a brunette licking another girl's asshole, while the other girl had two fingers shoved in her own pussy. Karen looked at the other page, her pussy tingling more as she studied the pictures. One picture that really intrigued her was a picture of the two women in the 69 position, licking each others pussy's. Karen had never had thoughts about playing with another girl, but as she stared at the picture, her body temperature quickly rose. She slowly moved the magazine down, looking at Carrie, "so do you want to try something new to me even?"

Carrie shrugged her shoulders, "I guess so, what is it?" Karen smiled deviously, "we're going to eat out each other's pussy at the same time." Carrie looked at her sister nervously, "bu... but how do we do that?" Karen put the magazine back on James's dresser, looking back at Carrie, shrugging her shoulders, "I don't know, but in the magazine one girl was laying on her back, while the other one laid across her body, the opposite way, and they were licking each other's pussy." Carrie looked at Karen hesitantly, "o... ok, I guess I'll try it."

James was sitting, somewhat drained of his energy, listening to his sister's discussing what they were going to do to each other. His eyes grew wide as he watched Karen put her thumbs in the waistline of her panties, at her hips, slowly beginning to push her panties down. He looked directly at where her slit was about to appear, wondering what her pussy would look like. As Karen pushed her panties down, James got a good view of his older sister's, fully shaved, glistening pussy. He groaned to himself as Karen bent over, pushing her panties all of the way down, and stood back up. James couldn't take his eyes off of her pussy, seeing her clit protruding out from the top of her slit, her pussy lips slightly swollen, but held tightly together.

Carrie looked at her sister's pussy and exclaimed, "your vagina doesn't have any hair on it." Karen chuckled, "that's because I shave, maybe I'll teach you how sometime, and please stop saying vagina." Carrie slowly nodded, standing up, "sorry." Karen chuckled again, looking at Carrie, "ok how about you lay on your back, and I'll be on top." Carrie nodded, slowly climbing onto James's bed and rolling onto her back, scooting back until she was in the middle of the bed, leaving her knees bent and legs slightly open.

Karen smiled at James as she got up on the bed, next to Carrie, "are you ready for a show James?" James quickly nodded, his dick beginning to tingle again as he looked at Carrie's inflamed slit, then at Karen's pussy. Karen giggled at him, as she threw her leg over Carrie's body, straddling her chest. James watched in awe as Karen's pussy lips opened a little, giving him a better look at her big clit. As Karen slowly moved back, Carrie giggled under her, when Karen's shirt ran across her tits, tickling her. Karen bit her lower lip, wondering how this was going to go and feel.

As Karen's pussy got closer to her face, Carrie could smell her sister's excitement wafting from her, causing her pussy to tingle as well. Carrie wondered what her sister's pussy was going to taste like, thinking back to when James had just shot in her mouth, realizing his cum had no flavor. All of a sudden Karen dropped her hips down, taking Carrie by surprise as her mouth was filled with her sister's sweet and tangy juices.

James continued to watch in awe, as his older sister closed her eyes and let out a long moan, grinding her pussy against Carrie's face. James chuckled to himself when he heard Carrie's muffled moans, realizing their older sister was smothering her. His dick was beginning to rise once again, as Karen's moans got louder, "oh fuck, lick my pussy, make me cum." James got off of the bed and grabbed the magazine from his dresser, wondering if he could get involved somehow.

Karen felt Carrie's nose poking into her pussy entrance, exciting her more, knowing all of this was wrong, but felt so good. She opened her eyes, looking down at Carrie's pussy, knowing she needed to do the same. She slowly moved her head between Carrie's legs, smelling a sweet scent coming from her sister's virgin snatch. Having no idea of what she doing, Karen opened her mouth wide, and tried to completely cover Carrie's pussy, feeling her sister's pubic hair tickling her lips. Karen moaned into Carrie's pussy, pushing the tip of her tongue into Carrie's slit, feeling her sister's legs jump next to her head. Karen tried to do what she remembered a guy do to her, moving her tongue up and down Carrie's slit.

Carrie wanted to cry out in pleasure when Karen started moving her tongue up and down her pussy, but was muffled by Karen's quickly moistening pussy. Carrie started moving her hips against her sister's tongue movements, while she tried to do the same thing to Karen, sticking her tongue out and pushing it against Karen's oversized clit. She felt Karen's body begin to tremble on top of her, her mouth filling up with more of her older sister's nectar.

James studied the pictures in magazine, his young dick rock hard once again as he listened to his both of his sister's moan, groan, and gasp in pleasure. He looked at the picture of the woman licking the other woman's asshole, wondering if he should try that, and if it would taste like shit or not. He continued to study the picture, his dick beginning to bob as it throbbed in front of him. He set the magazine back on his dresser, deciding to give it a shot, and moved to the other side of the bed, looking down at Karen's firm ass cheeks. He looked a little lower, seeing Carrie's nose prodding into Karen's ass crack.

James took some deep breaths, trying to get the courage to do what he had seen in the magazine, listening to his sister's moans gradually getting louder. He put his hands on Karen's ass cheeks, causing her to jump a little, pushing them apart until he could see her puckered asshole. He stuck his tongue out, moving it towards her asshole. As the tip of his tongue brushed against her hole, he felt her body shiver against his hands.

Karen lifted her head up from Carrie's pussy, looking over her shoulder to see what was going on at her backdoor. She cooed as she felt her brother's tongue flicking against her asshole, his attention to her asshole sending new sensations through her and directly to her pussy, that Carrie now had her tongue in. "Holy shit, you guys are gonna make big sis cum, oh fuck," Karen groaned, feeling her orgasm quickly building in her now. She started moving her hips faster, feeling the tip of her brother's tongue pushing against her sphincter. "Oh fuck, oh fuck," she moaned over and over, wanting to cum so bad.

When James started giving Karen a rimjob, Carrie tilted her head back, pushing her tongue deep into Karen's dripping pussy. She moaned into Karen's pussy, tasting her sister's juices, that was now profusely running out.

As James licked Karen's ass, her sphincter muscles relaxed, the tip of his tongue penetrating her backdoor. He groaned as her sphincter squeezed and relaxed around it, making it hard for him to move further into her asshole. He noticed that it didn't taste bad or anything, and the only smell he got was her scent coming from her pussy. He pulled his tongue out, looking at her hole as it open and closed a little, in front of him. He moved his forefinger against her winking asshole, feeling her wrinkled hole tickle his fingertip, as it continued to open and close. He pushed his finger a little harder against her puckered hole, his fingertip slipping into her rectum, and his finger slowly sinking in.

Karen was drawing closer and closer to orgasm, grinding her inflamed pussy against Carrie's face, and concentrating on her brother's finger on her butthole. When she felt his tiny finger slip past her sphincter and penetrate her asshole, it sent her over the edge. She arched her back, her whole body stiffening, as she threw her head back, moaning loudly, "ohhh fuck, I'm cumming, I'm fucking cumming."

James gasped as Karen started cumming, her rectal muscles squeezing his prodding finger, almost feeling like it was trying to suck it in deeper. He could feel her body shaking and trembling, as he heard Carrie coughing and choking below. He started to pull his finger back, feeling her sphincter squeeze and relax around his exiting finger. He looked down at Carrie, coughing and choking, Karen's pussy lifted up away from her face, as it shot fluid out from it, covering Carrie's face. 'Oh my god, Karen's pissing as she's cumming,' he thought, as Karen's body convulsed again, shooting out more.

When Karen started to cum, Carrie's mouth was quickly inundated with juices, causing her to jump and choke in surprise. Her eyes were wide open, watching Karen lift her hips up, and fluid come flying out of her gaping pussy. Carrie tried to swallow the juices as fast as she could, but as more came out of her sister's pussy, it was impossible.

Karen's body collapsed onto Carrie, as her orgasm faded. She kept writhing around, her body shivering with aftershocks of her orgasm, groaning as her brother pulled his finger out of tight asshole, with a light audible pop. "Oh my god, that was intense, thank you guys," Karen said, out of breath. She finally gained enough strength to push herself up, looking at the alarm clock on the end table, and seeing it was almost 4:30 pm.

Karen quickly jumped off of the bed, "holy shit, we need to get cleaned up, mom and dad will..." she trailed off, as she watch Carrie grab her brother's erection and tilt her head back more, taking it into her mouth. 'These two virgins are insatiable,' she thought, watching James slowly move his hips forward and back into his sister, trying to mouth-fuck her. Without saying a word, Karen decided she needed to return the favor to Carrie, climbing back on the bed, lowering her head between Carrie's legs.

Carrie started moaning, when she felt her older sister's tongue on her pussy, realizing Karen was going to make her cum too. She lifted her hips up into Karen's face, wanting her to keep going. She held her mouth tightly around James's dick, feeling his balls brush across her forehead, as he started moving a little faster, and moaned more.

Karen ran her tongue up and down Carrie's slit, tasting her sweet nectar. She sucked her sister's tiny clit into her mouth, flicking her tongue against it, and sucking on it hard. Karen moaned as Carrie put a hand on the back of her head, trying to pull her harder into her pussy. Karen tried to push a finger into Carrie's tight pussy, causing Carrie to jump and try to pull her hips back. Karen moaned more as she felt her sister's tight pussy squeeze at her invading finger, knowing it was the first time anything had penetrated it.

James was taken by surprise when Carrie grabbed his dick and pulled it to her mouth. His erection was a little painful now, sending jolts of pain through his body, as it throbbed. But he wasn't about to complain when Carrie started sucking on it. The more his sister sucked on his dick, the more he felt the urge to move his hips. Finally his natural instinct took control, bending over and putting his hands on the bed, moving his dick in and out of her mouth, feeling her tongue run across his sensitive head and shaft, causing him to go faster.

Carrie felt the same way she did earlier, feeling her body temperature rising, and a pressure building up inside of her. She wanted to spit out James's dick, and focus on her orgasm that was coming, but he was driving his dick into her throat, steadily. Carrie turned her head, finally able to get his dick out of her mouth. She gasped and moaned aloud, "I... I can feel it, I'm gonna cum, oh god don't stop."

Karen attacked Carrie's clit harder when she heard that, nibbling and sucking at it, moving her finger around, just inside of Carrie's tight pussy. She pulled away from Carrie's clit, putting her thumb on it, rubbing it vigorously, moaning, "that's it Carrie, cum for me, cum for your big sis." She looked up at James, who was squeezing and fondling one of Carrie's tits, Karen moaned to him, "mmm James, stroke your dick too, cum all over her chest."

James nodded at Karen, taking his dick in his other hand, vigorously stroking it, while pinching Carrie's nipple with his other. He could feel his balls beginning to tingle once again, knowing he was going to cum soon. He looked down at his dick, watching the head of his dick turn purple and grow bigger, as what little cum he had, prepared to come. "I'm gonna shoot, ohhh," he groaned, feeling his dick stiffen, his body convulse, and cum rush up his dick. While his was as intense as before, his cum didn't shoot out explosively this time, instead it slowly oozed from the head, and his stroking caused the small amount fling onto Carrie's tit.

When the first small dab of her brother's cum landed on tit, Carrie arched her back, her orgasm shooting through her. "Ohhhh," she moaned aloud, closing her eyes, as another small dab of James's cum landed between her tits.

Karen watched in awe at her siblings having mutual orgasms. She tried to keep rubbing Carrie's clit, as her sister's body shook and bounced on the bed. She looked down at her sister's pussy, seeing her juices leaking out and staining the sheets.

James collapsed onto the bed, next to Carrie, completely exhausted. He was only able to muster up 4 or 5 small dabs of cum, and flung them onto Carrie's convulsing body.

Carrie finally finished cumming as well, her tired body laying limply on the bed, a huge smile on her face. She looked up at Karen and said, "wow I don't think I can take anymore."

Karen glanced at the alarm clock again, seeing it was 4:45 pm. She got chuckling at Carrie, "yeah, well we're done today anyway, we need to get dressed before mom and dad get home."

Carrie sat up, knowing Karen was right, as James slowly pushed himself up. He looked at Karen, who was getting dressed, "can we learn more tomorrow?"

To be continued? Let me know. Again constructive criticism please.

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