Another adventure for katie
Have you ever seen a man that caught your eye so completely that you had to have him. Be careful what you have to have.

My man was truly gorgeous his body was iron hard and the muscles glistened in the morning sun as i watched from above him. He must have gotten that feeling when you know someone is watching you, because suddenly he looked up directly Into my eyes. He smiled and his eyes smiled at me. When he stood fully up I could see that his shirt wasn't buttoned and His stomach muscles made a half dozen ripples of solid muscle.       He had dark wavy hair and as he worked I watched Intently. He was gorgeous and I wanted him, his body a ll o f him. I surely wished I hadn't made appointments for the following Week. But in fact I had back to back appointments with a family of six boys, actually men.

My name is Katie M and I am a publicist. I travel to many places to talk to clients and potential clients. No I am not Married or engaged and no I don't ever plan to be. I am 5'6" and weigh 112 lbs most of which seems to be in my breasts. Measurements 38, 21, 34. This information always seems important to my clients so i figured you would want to know. I am blonde, blue eyed and of better than average looks. I turn a few heads and get my share of whistles. I love the Attention I know exactly what I want from life over the next five years. Each year I make a new five year plan. My only Outstanding plan for this year is to find a steady man to share my attributes with.  I may be female and happy to be Female but I love to fuck. I prefer not calling it making love, you see I like to get right to it. If you see something you Want don't you buy it. It's kind of the same principle when I see eye candy I want to suck it or fuck it, why waste these Valuable years out of the saddle when you can ride baby ride.

The trip was a hoot, we spent a week on a lake water skiing with six brothers who were older than I am but they were Talented and wanted to have their own act at one of the water parks from Washington state to Florida. I would for a Large fee make it happen for them if I thought there talent warranted it.  One of the boys absolutely made me wet and he knew it. A couple of times at the start of the week he surprise me With a French kiss, that really got my juices moving. I suppose you could say I Am sexually flirtatious  Those French kisses were meant to arouse me and I kissed him back sucking his tongue until he moaned. One evening he came By my cabin to see if I wanted to go for a walk. Oh boy do I ,I need to find a place to work out, he suggested we work out at my cabin. I turned to him and said what do you have in Mind, oh I said seeing the huge bulge in his swim trunks. I hadnt gotten out of my bikini so I dropped the top with one pull of a string, I said your turn big boy he dropped his trunks, and seeing the object of my affection, I gasped at the size of
His erection. I said my my big boy, and as I crossed the room I pulled another string and another. By the time I stood in front of him he planted one of those wonderful kisses on my lips and locked on. He was himself a big boy 6'6" and all muscle .He was the baby of the brothers at 27 years old. He said where do you want it? I said big boy where ever you put it I am in need. He turned me around and bent me over and gave it to me in my ass. Oh he went slow not wanting to hurt me with his big cock. I said big boy put the peddle to the metal and don't go easy I like it deep and hard. Oh baby boy sttick it to me yes yes ohm baby you know your business . Honey yes grind omg I am coming oh god don't ever stop Oh my god please oh please fuck me he's, oh honey now I can feel you swelling you can't hold it back come with me come in me.
Yes baby yes keep going and I'll take you to another level I don't think you have been to. Don't pull him I know you will be Even bigger in just a couple mintues. Feel that honey yes what are you doing are you a witch casting a spell over me. This is my workout, part of it. I excersize my ass muscles and those in my vagina. My goal is to pull you back in. How am I doing honey, oh I can feel that it's working just fine. I reached inside my legs and found his balls and gave them a tug and a big squeeze He unloaded again. I said honey let me recover but leave your cock in me he is going to come bigger than you ever have In about ten minutes. I said put us on the rug doggie style and ram the hell out of me and don't stop even if
I scream. Even if you've come don't stop keep, ramming  me baby. We both collapsed, good work out buddy, we should Train together So the jest of the whole act was trick skiing and jumping and at the end they did a spectacular trick. All six of them approach the ski jump but only one of them goes up the ramp the other five do flips and point to The one on the jump. He goes up the ramp and something further propells him up unti he is sixty feet above the boat. A small parachute comes out from him. Oops another small parachute until he must have twelve of them and he begins to come down.

Great act boys, now here's some business decisions that have to be made now. So we got into the what if's
and the leader of the Pack. The oldest was not the leader, it was the middle brother and he was the one who did the grand finale. He was muscular More so than the other five, he worked out five days a week I would
learn he was 6'1" so a little shorter. But of all the boys. He seemed the one to have the most ambition. It is difficult at best to iron out a contract with just one client but with six brothers.
Impossible. So i can meet with you here and now, or tomorrow. Oh he said very playfully now baby would be fine. It will take About four hours I would like to do this at my cabin so I can get comfortable. Would you like to meet me there in say fifteen Minutes.

They all said goodnight and off we all went. None of the brothers were married, they were all late 20's to mid 30's. Joe was Coming over to iron out the contracts. I wanted to shower and change into a gown for comfort. It had been a long day. All I was thinking about was if my new lover was waiting for me? Oh my god the shower felt amazing. I was leaning Back when I felt someone in the house? At least the feeling that I was not alone. He said don't scream it's Joe I thought You might need someone to wash your back and possibly here or here, oh yes yes there. What is it here or there? Both I said and you tell me Joe where would you like me to wash you? Lets start here Joe said, he kissed me and might as well have been fucking me, his tongue his suction, his muscular arms holding me tight but not to tight. Oh my god the Pressure he put between my legs with one
of his own, he was a pro at this and I wanted to be in his arms and his mouth Forever. Oh Joe where have you been all my life. He picked me up and pushed me into the wall as he entered my pussy. He didn't make it far, this man surpassed his little brother in the thickness of his cock and I had yet to find out, omg omg
He slammed his cock in me where no man had ever been. He was so fucking deep I couldn't breath. I said Joe my God man You are a stallion honey oh honey I'm coming oh Joe why you are amazing with that rod. Well he said we had to get her Clean. Now if you will come here I will dry you off. He gently laid me on my bed on my back. He straddled me and began Around my neck, then he would come up to kiss me, but instead he darted that tongue in and out of my mouth. It might tAs well have been my vagina because I came just as fast. He straddled me but would rub his shaft on me, just enoughThat I tried to grab it and put it in for him. It wasnt so much that he was a tease as it was a preview of things to come.And oh how I wanted him to hurry. It was as if I had craved what he was giving me for so long. He continued to blow down Between my breasts and he nibbled on each, then he moved lower, and as if a feather had opened my hips the soft warm Feeling we all get when we feel cared for, Joe had feelings for Katie he hadn't  expected. His cock was rock hard and more
Than ready to fuck Katie for as long as she wanted him. Joe was blowing all around her needy lips then Inside her lips.Just as Katie thought she would scream, Joe clamped on to her inner lips sucking, he slid two fingers inside of her and Pumped her fast until she came. She was in the throws of her orgasm when Joe slid his cock inside of her. Now she Screamed omg omg fuck me Joe you are incredible honey omg omg ummmmmm honey. Joe was on his knees and he Pulled Katie to his cock and left her ass on his thighs he quickly brought her to another orgasm, he pulled his cock quickly And started inside Her ass, much to katies amazed and crazed mind it felt like two men. She finally could take no more when Joe kissed her deeply but he was still slamming her ass. She opened her eyes and indeed it was Joe kissing her .She could also see Matt the youngest brother fucking her ass. Just as she laid back to enjoy something nudged her pussy.
Then she felt someone enter her pussy, but Matt was fucking her ass and Joe was kissing her. It was John the oldest Who slid inside her pussy. Joe stopped kissing her and offered his cock to her mouth. Katie eagerly sucked him but she Felt someone on her other side, it was Sam the next to the youngest. He was stroking his cock but offered it to Katie to Suck. And suck she did all the while Matt was still ass fucking her and it felt wonderful and John was in her pussy, her Pussy was now climaxing for what she decided was the last time tonight. She asked all the boys to stop and take a shower.

She went first and took a quick one with Joe. While the others showered, Katie and Joe were able to reach an agreement.

One contract done, and while Joe went over that contract Katie was able to get two more ready. The first contract had to do with liability to the park, the second the responsibility of the brothers to keep the show fresh and new and without the Absence of one of them. Katie talked to the boys then about just having five of them in the finale. She wanted one of theOther brothers to train to take joes place in case he was injured. They
agreed they would do that. This contract stipulates that each man can do the others job. There was always one man who set up the trick and that tWas difficult but not like the performance, Katie wanted them to hire a crew of three minimum to do the set up and also be There for back up. Katie had already worked out there contract amount, and they knew she would still have to negotiate.So they hammered out the rest and as the sun came up Katie said where were we. The boys all said you are perfect for Us Katie but we need to get our beauty sleep.

Katie took a two hour nap, and got up to pack and head toward home. She had one stop to get a signature of the brothers Lawyer. He was one handsome hunk, and quite the flirt, when Katie saw the picture of his wife and daughter on his desk ,She found him to be less attractive and easily stopped his advancesq

On the road her thoughts turned back to Mike, her soon to be lover. All she could think about was his incredible body and Those eyes. But she really needed to get some sleep.

Katie will be back with Mikes story very soon

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2013-02-04 19:29:37
I agree with the first poster. Some editing problems - capitals out of place interupted (sp) the flow.

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I like how Katie became less attracted to the lawyer when she saw he had a family. Good job Katie

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