this is a story
Hi my name is Alex. Im 15 years old and live with my 18 year old sister Kelly. Our parents were killed in a drunk driving accident about 6 months ago. Since about age 14 I discovered masturbation and porn but living with my sister has cut down on the porn. We moved from a 2 story 4 bed 2 bath house to a 2 bed 1 bath apartment cause Kellys job at subway couldnt afford the house. It was hard dealing with our parents death so our grandma went out and got us a puppy. We named her Absinthe (Abby for short), and she was a 4 month old pure-bred pitbull. She was the best dog I ever had.

3 months have gone by since we got Abby and she has grown like a weed. Kelly got promoted from chef to asst. manager so she gets paid alot more and is gone for longer in the day. I was online checking my email and my friend Josh sent me a link. We send messed up stuff to eachother all the time but this was something else. He sent me a video of a dog fucking a chick and for some reason it turned me on. So I pulled my boner out of my shorts and started to jerk off. I hardly lasted 45 seconds before I came on the floor. I looked down at my 6 inch dick and I was still hard. Then I noticed Abby was licking the cum off the floor. I tried to shoo her away but she didnt leave so I just let her clean it up.

So I kept searching the site and find a few more videos and started jacking my dick again. It must of caught abbys attention cause she came up and started licking and it felt so good I came all over her nose. Then I heard footsteps coming up to the door. I switched the website to youtube and put on Megadeth's Sudden Death. Kelly walked in the door and it looked like she had been crying.

"Whats wrong sis?" I asked.

She took in a deep breath and said " Brian and I broke up." She said with a sniffle.

"Oh shit, Im sorry, come here." I said embracing her in a hug.

When we ended our hug she went to her room and closed the door... I didnt blame her a break up is always tough. About a hour later she came out asking what I wanted for dinner.

"Is pizza ok?" I asked.

"Sounds good to me" She said.

I still figured she was bothered by the break up but decided to let it be. We sat down in the pizzeria and ordered our drinks. We got our usual sausage, pepperoni and bacon ( got to have bacon am i right?). While we waited for the pizza I got on my phone and put on some music. I chose Carry On by Avenged SevenFold.

"Can you please turn that off or down?" Kelly asked.

"Sure, sorry sis." I said plugging my headphones in.

Our pizza came, I put my phone down but didnt turn it off. When our pizza came I was looking in my history which had some porn and stories on it. Kelly then reached for the phone and said "what time is it Ghost Adventures is coming on at 8, oh wow my bad." and gave me my phone back. We ate in silence for about 10 mins until the waitress flipped the fuck out about not being paid last week and threw almost everything on the ground. After she stormed out the door we laughed our asses off. After dinner we went and got shakes for dessert and then went home. When we got home Abby was waiting at the door and jumped up to greet us.

" So... about the stuff on your phone." Kelly said. "I get it your a growing boy and your hormones are raging like a mother fucker."

"Yeah basically." I replied.

" Did mom or dad ever give you the talk?" she asked.

"No, but I get it." I said.

"Well watching porn isnt the best sex ed." Kelly said

"I know but I really dont have anyone to talk to about it." I said

"You cant talk to me?" Kelly asked.

"Well your my sister it would be weird that way." I replied

"I guess it would be kind of awkward, but Im the only one around so I say we should talk." Kelly said.

"Alright if you say so" I said.

We walk into Kelly's room and Abby follows. We sit on her bed and the she grabs a small box and pulls out a joint and a lighter.

"This should make it a little less awkward." She said lighting the joint and taking a hit. "Want some?"

"Sure, never smoked before though." I said taking the joint.

"First time for everything, just becareful its strong stuff." She said exhaling.

"OK." I said.

As I take a hit and inhale I start coughing like hell. I feel like my lungs are collapsing. As I stop coughing I see Kelly laughing her ass off.

"Dont knock yourself out there puffy." She said

"Shut up." I said.

As we countinue to smoke Abby comes up to me and puts her nose in my face and licks me. I push her head out the way to exhale but she puts her head right back and inhaled my smoke, then went and laid down. As we finish the joint we start to talk. About half way through I start to get hard so I cross my legs to hide my growing boner. After the basics of sex we moved on the masturbation and different kinds of porn. At the end of it all I had a massive hard-on even worse Kelly noticed.

"I guess Ill stay in here for awhile, looks like you need to handle something." Kelly said.

"Well whats the difference now that we had the talk, I dont think it really matters if your watching tv while im watching porn. I replied

"There is still a line a brother and sister shouldnt cross, plus im a adult your still 15 its technicaly illegal for you to watch porn." She said.

"Would it be illegal if you watched it with me?" I ask.

"What do you mean?" Kelly said

"Well I cant get into a 'R' rated movie but I can if your with me. Catch my drift?" I said

Kelly shook her head and said "Whatever but just this once."

"OK just once." I agree. Little did I know this would change our lives forever.

I went online and brought up my favorite site and went into the lesbian section. I heard Kelly turn on the tv and put on a Metallica concert that was on pay per view. I put in my headphones and put on a video.


With Alex online watching porn I put on a Metallica concert that was on. About 10 mins into the concert I look over at what Alex was watching. It was 2 girls no older than me and they were fucking with a double sided dildo. I paused the concert and started to watch the computer screen. As the scene went on I started to feel a little horny so I put my hand down my shorts and started rubbing my clit. I figured he was doing it I can too. As I rubbed my clit Alex looked back at me and smiled and I smiled back, he then unplugged the headphones and the sound of moans filled the room.

"Looks like someone else is kinda horny too huh?" Alex said still jerking off.

"Hey watching porn will do that to anyone." I replied with a smile.

"Yeah I guess so." Alex said

As my pleasure built my shorts were getting in the way so I stood up and took them off along with my shirt.

"Alex come here." I said. He looked at me and his jaw dropped.

As Alex walked over still slack jawed he makes it to the couch and sits down. Looking over my body he says "Damn sis you look better then the girls in the video."

"Ahh thanks Alex, so are you gonna countinue?"

"Oh yeah." He said.

And with that he started jerking off again while I rubbed my clit.

"Thats it little bro, keep stroking your dick while your sister rubs her clit." I said in pleasure.

"Oh shit Kelly Im gonna cum." Said Alex.

"You wanna cum on my tits?" I asked.

He didnt awnser , he just moved forward with his hand quickly jerking his cock untill he came on my tits.

"Ohh fuck yeah Alex cum on my tits."

Feeling his cum on me sent me over the edge and I squirted all over the couch. As we lay there in post orgasmic bliss Abby jumps up on the couch and starts to lick up Alex's cum from my tits.

"Abby, no, down." I commanded. But she didnt listen, she just kept licking. Then when I thought it couldnt get any worse she bent her head down and gave my pussy a lick.

"Oh fuck." I moaned. Her tounge felt incredibley good on my clit and she didnt stop licking and I didnt want her too.

"ABBY NO!" Alex yelled.

I put up my hand and said "Its ok it feels good."

Then a slick smile came over Alex's face. "You like the dog licking your pussy dont you?"

"Yeah". I say in a low moan.

Alex gives a small laugh then says "watch this... Abby." She looks over and he start shaking his cock and then she goes over and starts to lick it.

"How long has this been going on?" I ask.

"Well yesterday was the first time. I was watching a animal porn my friend sent me and she just came up and started licking me and I came all over her face." Alex replied.


"Animal porn huh?" Kelly asked with intrest.

"Yeah I'll pull it up." I said

"OK. This will be interesting." Kelly said.

So I bring up the video of the dog fucking the chick. Kelly seemed mesmerized and couldnt take her eyes off the screen. When the dog finally started fucking the woman she began to moan with sheer amounts of pleasure. I look over at Kelly and she is rubbing her clit, so I get down on my knees and start to eat her pussy.

"Oh fuck, yes yes yes, IM CUUUUUUMMMMING!!" and she squirted all over my face. I open my mouth and catch the second spray and the third went onto my chest.

Abby then came over and started to lick my dick and brought my close to cumming. Then I heard "Fuck me Alex, fuck your big sister."

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"Yes. Fuck me now." Kelly replied.

She bent over the couch and I slowly stuck my dick into her.

"Oh fuck!" I said feeling her pussy engulfed my dick instantly, and she let out a long, loud moan.

"You like how my pussy feels, you like fucking your big sister?" Kelly asked in pure ecstacy.

"Yeah. Oh my god your so tight and so wet, oh fuck, Im gonna cum!!" I yelled

"Cum inside my pussy Alex, I wanna feel you fill me up." She yelled.

"Im cummmmming!!!" I scream as I fill my sister up with my teen cum.

As her pussy milked my dick for every drop Abby comes up and startd to lick Kelly's clit.

"FUUUUUCCCCCCK!" Kelly yelled at the top of her voice as she came all over my cock and Abbys face.

We fall to the floor in orgasmic bliss and catch our breath. After about 5 mins we get up and clean our selfs up and get in the shower together. That night we slept in Kelly bed with Abby at our feet, and we started our new lives as lovers.

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last thing i expected to find was a mention to one of my fav bands songs mad!

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last thing i expected to find was a mention to one of my fav bands songs mad!

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Great story luv the music choices too

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