A pool at a villa in Italy and girls in the parco.
Girls by the pool:

I have a pool in my backyard at my villa in Italy. It is nice with a diving board, slide, bathrooms and showers as well as a covered patio area for shade. My parco was full of young girls/teens and not a single boy. The summers are hot and even though the beach was only a few miles down the road, we hardly ever went. The girls always wanted to use my pool. I told their parents it was fine as long as I was home to take care of them. I had a few days off, so my house seemed to become a hang out.

I am decently fit at 6’4” 250 pounds having always played sports. I am no porn star, but nothing to be ashamed of with 5 to 6” flaccid and about 9” erect. I have taken in the culture of exhibitionism and it excites me to have women or girls looking at my penis in public or out in the open. It is exhilarating to have them come and watch me masturbate as well. This is normal on many nude beaches where men and women will watch each other masturbate. I am not into the whole orgy thing or screwing a stranger with everything that is out there these days. So it is a safe an exiting relief.

I was out on Saturday cleaning around the pool getting ready for my week off. I had on some short loose gauze type shorts that just barely contained my genitals and a sleeveless t-shirt. A couple of the girls, Giovanna and Anna came over asking if they could play by the pool. They are both beautiful olive skinned beauties. Giovanna has an athletic build that almost skinny but not quite. She has a nice ass and handful size breasts, probably still growing as I believe she is around 16 or 17. She has a nice sized spread though that drives me crazy I a bikini or spandex. Enough that you can see her little camel toe from behind. Anna is softer and plumper, not fat by any means just meatier. Big globes for breasts that seemed to have popped out earlier than they should have, but she is proud of them. She has a meaty booty as well that is almost a bubble butt. She has the famous hour glass type figure of many Italian women do. Both were about 5'5" tall with nice long legs.

I told them to come on in as I was sure that more would come later. They came in and asked if they could take their stuff off and get in the pool. I told them to make themselves at home. They pulled their shorts and t-shirts off revealing little bitty white boy short style bikinis. The type that comes half way down the ass and then looks more like a thong the rest of the way down and in the front. The material was thinned out like they were a couple of years old. The way they fit seemed that way too. If Giovanna was wearing Anna's it would fit. It was like they bought them before they developed their present bodies. I noticed that they had not shaved to fit as they had pubic hair coming out of the top and on their asses, as well as the normal under arm hair.

They sat by the pool with their feet in the water as I cleaned it working around them. I was standing in between them pulling leaves out of the pool with a net when I noticed Giovanna peeking up my shorts. This excited me and I started to grow and erection. I acted like I had to bend down to pick something up so that it was hanging out of the bottom when I stood up. Her eyes got big and I thought she was about to reach up and grab it, but then she set her hand back down. I held the pole down by my exposed penis and asked if she would hold it while I got something. She obliged brushing my half erect penis as she did. It popped down and then back up and sat on her hand for a couple of seconds making her gasp in excitement. I looked at her as if I was embarrassed tucking it back under my shorts. She blushed as if I had just caught her being dirty.

I went to get the trash can and they started whispering and giggling. I retrieved the pole moving to the other side of Anna. She was peeking as well. The head was almost pushing out of the bottom and she gasped when I made it twitch. I looked down "What's wrong?"
"Nothing, nothing" her face turning red.
"Would you guys like to try it?" Offering the 12' pole in their direction.
"yes, we do" they echoed.

Anna was the closest and took the bar in both hands. It was awkward for her as it was kind of heavy with the net in the water. she started shaking it which caused her huge globes to bounce. My crotch began to rise and I could see her nipples grow in approval. One of her nipples slipped out and I noticed that she had no tan line. She froze as I reached up pulling her top back into place. "Do you want me to show you how to do it."
"Yes, it is too hard" and then blushed as she looked down at my crotch realizing her unintentional play on words.
I moved up behind her reaching my arms around her grabbing her hands pressing my erection against her back showing her how to handle the net. She then switched places with Gee, as I brought my hand up to go around her I pulled my shorts up over my erection so it was bare against her skin. I could tell that she liked it because she pressed against it and was wiggling to get a good feel. We walked over together to empty the basket into the can.

I asked if they would like something to drink and went to the fridge under the covered patio. When I came back they were laid out on sun chairs leaving the one in the middle open for me. I handed Gee her soda and could see a good patch of hair sticking out of the top of her bikini while she sat with one foot on either side of her chair. "I guess that your hair is not naturally that color." giving her a wink. She reached down trying to cover the hair by pulling her suit up to cover it and the suit wedged into her camel toe. My erection sprang to life, so I handed Anna her soda and sat on my chair. I exposed myself as I lifted my other leg to place it on the other side. Both of their stares were locked on my erection. I reached into my shorts and pulled it up into the waste band as Jessica, Bailey, and Lana came in the gate. They were a little younger then the other two with Lana being the youngest. Jessica was very long and thin, but had a nice ass for her size with small breasts. She had one of those protruding pubic mounds that made my mouth water in her spandex shorts. Bailey had the long tall body of a model with big perky breasts for her frame and a nice ass, Lana was her little sister who was just starting to form her body. Like her sister her breasts seemed to be the first to develop. They all jumped into the pool. I went to the shower just behind the glass separator and hung my shorts up on the hook with my t-shirt washing the dirt off my body from cleaning up. I had put my shirt back on as I noticed a shadow on the glass and Bailey came around asking if she could use the restroom. I made no big deal about it and answered her as she stared at my now semi erect penis. I then asked her if she could hand me my swim suit that was hanging on the back of the chair. She tried to reach and get it without turning her head to lose sight of my cock and knocking it to the ground. She bent over to pick it up and I noticed she was wearing a very small thong bikini, so small that her virgin pussy was sticking out of both sides. This popped me to full erection to her surprise as she turned around. She handed me my swim trunks and continued talking to me, well my erection.
"it sure is hot today, thanks for letting us use your pool."
I dramatically pulled my suit on bouncing my erection as I covered it up watching her eyes as they followed the bouncing ball. "Wait for me if you are getting in the pool" never taking here eyes from my erection. My suit was thin loose spandex, so there was no hiding it. As I said before, I did not want to hide it. I watched her ass a she walked to the restroom. She came back out and I walked behind her checking her ass out as we walked. She stopped at the edge and I grabbed her around the waste picking her up against my erection. As she fought me it popped out the top so athat it was now poking between he bare ass cheeks. She froze as she felt it and I stepped into the pool with her. They all started wrestling with me in the pool with each of them intentionally brushing my erection at one point or another. They started tugging on each others bikinis with Jessica jumping up around my waste with her mound pushing against the top of my erection. I had grabbed her with my hand under her ass and was pumping her up and down against it. I went to throw her and she reached around my neck holding on. My trunks had rolled down so that half of my erection was sticking out rubbing against her. She reached down and wrapped her hand around it. I pulled her legs up placing her mound in my hand with her up over my head. Bailey saw that my erection was half exposed and pulled my shorts the rest of the way down for all to see it. I acted as if I had not notice while squeezing Jessica's mound and pressing on her slit with my index finger. She squealed in delight for me to not drop her as I could feel her little pussy getting wetter as I pressed my finger in deeper rotating my hand to grind her clit. She struggled a bit as she felt me start to drop her which maneuvered my finger inside her bikini. She continued to squeal as if we were still playing as my finger slipped into her wet slit. It popped out as I threw her ripping her bikini off around my hand. She jumped on me to hide her nakedness and her bare slit sat at the top of my nude erection.
"Please get me out" as I bent and reached to pull my shorts off she buried her face in my shoulder as the tip of my erection entered her now wide open and wet vagina. I pulled my shorts just under it as I left it there grabbing her bikini bottom and walking up the stairs out of the pool. She sank deeper on it with each step moaning the whole way. I got to the point that I would rip her hymen and she started trying to push herself onto it harder while I was pulling her up. "Please let it go"
"You don't want to lose it this way" as I sat her down. The other girls continued rough housing asking each other if they had seen how big my erection was. I kissed her on her forehead as she was still straddling my lap. She pushed up and kissed me deeply on the mouth. I stood her up and put her suit back on tying her legs on either side.
"I want it in me, it felt so good." I pulled her suit to the side rubbing her clit with a finger pressed in her. Her body shuddered in orgasm as I leaned forward running my tongue through sucking the juices she was letting go.

The others exited the pool with their suits tattered, torn, and missing.


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"I am no porn star, but nothing to be ashamed of with 5 to 6” flaccid and about 9” erect." ROFLCOPTER

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ok this not only fantacy but a bad one at that your brain can come up with a better more beliveable one

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waist band, not waste band. waste= shit.

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