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These are a few very short stories that were mainly made up from texts between me and a friend, let me know what you think and i might post something longer, but please keep in mind i have only just signed up so be gentle with me lol xx

Making love

Its a unusually warm rainy night and we're laying on the sofa watching a movie, the rain outside pounding against the windows. your wearing just an old pair of jeans and I'm wearing a pair of hot pants and a vest top. i turn over to face you nuzzling my head into your chest and putting my arms round you giving a small sigh as i close my eyes, you stroke your hand over my cheek causing me to open my eyes to find u looking at me. You lift me up onto your stomach laying me over your body. Using your hand on my neck u pulling my face towards you, We slowly kiss as my hands rest on your chest and yours run slowly over my shoulders and down my sides running gently over the sides of my boobs and down to my hips where u grip them in your hands and squeeze. My body reaching instinctively i push my hips towards you and moan into your mouth. Your hands make their way back up to my top reaching the hem and lift it up over my head. I lean back down over you in just my black bra and hot pants. My legs open moving down the sides of your legs you lift me up so I'm straddling your waist you reach for my hot pants telling me to lift up and you slowly push them and my black lace French knickers down over my smooth thighs as i straddle you again i trail my fingers down your chest gently digging my nails into your skin as i move them down to unbutton your jeans then lean over and take your nipple into my mouth and grazing it with my teeth as i suck it into my mouth and tugging on it, your hands un clip my bra so you can caress them. you move your hands back to my hips as u lift me up and slowly slide your cock into me. i moan as i feel you thrust into me hitting me in just the right place causing me to slowly ride your cock. My hands on your chest smiling down at you as you push up i moan calling your name as I throw my head back. You sit up your hands on my hips one hand moving to my chin pulling my face down so you can look in my eyes knowing I'm so close to Cumming. you move your mouth to mine kissing me deep as you feel my muscles clenching round your cock, my fingers digging into your skin and my breathing becoming short and quick. I start moaning into your mouth as you kiss me harder. moving your lips to my neck you whisper "cum for me baby" as you pull my face to yours making me to look at you and you watch every naked feeling and emotion in my eyes unable to hide anything. You smile and kiss me again telling me how beautiful I am and thrust your tongue in my mouth. As I start to really cum you whisper "I love you". It pushes me over the edge as I dig my nails into your back and scream as I cum round your cock my muscles clenching your cock bringing you with me your own release coming so quick as you move me faster you start Cumming so deep inside me bringing me to climax again. I look you in the eyes as we both cum.

Street Lamp Sex

we go for a walk down some road and have you push me against a street light pinning my hands above my head and spreading my legs some sexy man watching out his window and wanking have you turn and face me towards the lamp post kick my legs apart and lift my dress as you bed down rip my French knickers off me and using your fingers to open me wide as you lick suck and nibble my pussy me holding on tight as I'm bent right over and him watching now having opened his window hoping to hear our moans you would stand behind me and thrust your cock hard fast and deep inside me my moans would get louder as he opens his door to get a better view his cock still in his hands as he walk over to us and just stands there next to us wanking and watching. you would tell me to suck his cock, i would look back at you desire in my eyes as i say "yes Sir" he would smile and move to stand in front of me, my hands would be on his hips steadying myself as you pound harder into me i would lower my mouth and lick my way up his shaft reaching the tip and licking over before swirling my tongue around the tip his hands would move to my hair and pull it all into a makeshift pony tail so you can both see my mouth sliding up and down his cock you pound even harder saying "that's it baby suck his cock " my moans vibrating around his cock bringing him pleasure as he throws his head back enjoying it as i start to suck harder at your words you would be in control so it would be up to you if you wanted him to fuck me, he's been watching us since you pushed me up against the lamp post and very horny he likes seeing my tight wet pink pussy on display and seeing you pound it but he knows I'm with you and without your permission he cant do anything else to me himself. You would tell me to stop sucking him as you slide out my pussy he looks up hopeful at you as you tell him he can fuck me as long as he pounds me hard like you did, he's only to happy to do that and moves round to my arse his hand moving slowly over my arse and between my legs as his breathing quickens and his smile gets bigger he slides two fingers deep inside me I close my eyes and moan with pleasure as he moves his fingers in a circular motion deep inside me. You lift my chin and tell me to look at you. I look up my eyes wild with my hunger for you you smile and tell me to suck all my juices off your cock, as the man behind me slides his cock deep and fast inside me pounding me like you just was my moans now vibrating around your cock you throw your head back and moan enjoying seeing me like this. the man behind me pulls out and comes over my arse as you look at him and say "leave us!" you make me stand up and turn me with my back against the lamp post you lift me behind my knees and tell me to wrap my legs around u as u kiss me hard and thrust deep in me moving in slow deep movements hearing me moaning in your mouth before u thrust your tongue inside and say "time to come babe!" you move a little fast grinding your cock inside me with each inward stroke you feel my muscles tightening your hand tangled in my hair and holding my head back as u kiss your way down my neck i scream loud as i cum my juices dribbling around your cock you whisper "that's it baby let go" trusting harder each time as another release hits me my muscles tightening again squeezing your cock making you pop like warm champagne.

Maid sex

I'm standing in the kitchen washing up in just stockings and a maid outfit my arse on display and nothing else coving me. u come up behind, me your hand running up my thigh as i lean over and moan. Your fingers reaching the top you slide a finger in my pussy as your other hand moves round my waist and pulls me back against your hard cock.You bend me over and kick my legs apart. one hand on my back holding me down and the other pulling your cock out so u can thrust deep inside me. I feel you hrust deeper each time, your hands on my hips as u pull me back hard each time you thrust forward into me. I'm Screaming your name begging you to make me come instead you pull out and spin me round forcing me to my knees, you tell me to suck your cock and look at you, not letting me touch myself, my legs wide apart and dripping on the floor as i take you in my mouth your hands tangled in my hair forcing me to take you deep in my mouth all the way to the back, i swallow letting you feel my mouth tighten, you throw your head back as you cum, not stopping your hands on my head and making me continue as u shoot your cum right at the back of my throat. Dragging me up as you drag me to the bedroom and throw me on the bed saying what a naughty girl I've been and need to be punished for making you cum so much. you tell me to turn over, arms and forehead on the bed, legs apart, bum in the air. You come up behind me slapping my arse so hard it echo's around the room. You tell me "me and my dirty little mouth will get what's coming to me" as you slap me again harder telling me to count each one slapping one cheek then the other. I'm screaming as i wiggle my arse begging for your cock and telling you i want you so bad. You tell me to be quiet and that you lost count and will have to start again I'm moaning and needing to come so bad as u start to spank me again. finally getting to 10 before you trust your fingers deep inside me My back arches as i scream your name, you move your hand and pull me back on your cock so hard. you pull me up so were both kneeling on the bed my back to your chest, you pull my mouth towards you and you force my lips apart with your tongue one hand playing with my clit the other caressing my breasts. You stop to whisper in my ear "come for me baby" just before you feel my pussy clenching round your cock so hard its almost painful I'm moaning over and over begging for it to end its too intense as u feel my juices covering your cock making you come again you start thrusting hard as you kiss me spilling your cum deep inside me.

Desk sex

I walk into your room pushing your papers to the floor, i stand in front of you and put my hands on your desk to slide myself back onto it looking you in the eyes the whole time as I unbutton my coat to reveal nothing but sexy thongs and a corset I put my heeled feet on each arm rest of your chair and smile as I lean back opening my legs wider. You can see the glistening dampness on my thongs your hands travel slowly up my legs, reaching my thighs you hear my breathing start to quicken. Your thumb reaches up to slide my thong to one side as u slide your thumb inside me.....My head falls back and my legs fall wider apart as u push your thumb deeper inside me u pull it out and slide it into your mouth tasting my juices on you. You smile and say "mmmm yummy" as u pull your chair forward and say "we need to get u out these wet clothes" pulling my thongs slowly down my legs you lift them to your face and take a deep breath in smelling me on them. U open your eyes I see your desire burning there you put your hands on my thighs and push them as wide as they will go as u bend your head and kiss just above my clit. You smile as I start squirming on the desk wanting your tongue, you bend lower as up run your tongue from the bottom all the way to the top of my pussy in one firm lick I scream loud my hole body relaxing you take me between your teeth and tug gently as u suck, spreading me with your thumbs u bury your head between my thighs licking and sucking. You thrust your tongue deep inside me.
I sit up as I put my hand on your head Wanting u deeper and screaming louder U look in my eyes as you slide a finger into me my eyes wild with the heat I'm feeling. You can see I'm close. U resume what u was doing licking deeper and sucking harder pushing your fingers Deeper each time twisting them and curling them as u pull them out My legs start to shake. U can feel my muscles clenching your fingers as I lay back and moan over and over, Cumming over your tongue and fingers you stand up and lift me back to a sitting position lifting my legs under my knees, I wrap them round u as u take my arms and put them round your neck u lean forward looking me in the eyes as u bend your head and take my mouth with yours using your tongue to open my lips, your hands on my waist U pull me closer as our warm wet tongues slide together I pull your head closer as u unzip your jeans pushing them down u pull me to the edge of the table and push your hard cock against my warm wet opening. U push harder your cock slowly sliding in as I pull my mouth away and look u in the eyes. You thrust deep but don't pull out, I use my legs to push you deeper and whisper "please" You pull my mouth to yours as you kiss me hard. The whole time your moving deep and hard inside me. My muscles start to clench again you move faster thrusting deeper. My nails digging into your neck as I hold on tight. Your arms round my waist pulling me to u with each thrust, as you feel yourself about to come you can feel my muscles squeezing your cock, milking you for what I want.

Oral sex

Your sitting on my sofa Im on my knees in front of you, i look in you eyes as i lean forward and kiss you softly on the mouth you slides your tongue in my mouth forcing me to open my lips i slide my hands down your body until i reach your trousers i start to slowly unbutton your jeans sliding my hand under them, i start kissing my way down your neck over your chest to your nipple which i suck into my mouth and tug with my teeth running my hand over the bulge in your jeans i move my lips down your stomach i sit up and slide your jeans down so your hard cock springs out i smile as i lean down and kiss my way up your thighs moving my hand over your shaft i suck your balls into my mouth running my tongue over them, i move my tongue up your shaft as i reach the tip i look in your eyes at the desire and hunger there i realise you're about to lose control making me smile again i lick the tip of your cock watching you as you throws your head back and moans loudly i open my mouth to suck your cock taking you in my mouth as you move your hands though my hair tugging it to one side so you can watch i build a faster pace sucking and gently grazing your shaft with my teeth sucking the tip a little harder until you pop like warm champagne in my mouth. Once you cum you stand me up lay me on the bed and Slowly kiss and nibble up my thighs, until you're so close to my pussy, you tease with one lick of my clit. And kiss back down the other leg, I'd grab your hair pulling you back up to my wet pussy. You start Sliding a finger slowly inside me while your tongue teases me making me moan you keep fingering and licking hearing me moan feeling me getting wetter and wetter. Squirming like I'm about to cum. You stop.. As I it up you push me back down so I'm on my back, you stand up, your cock in one hand you push the end on my clit, I'd feel your hard shaft rubbing up and down teasing my clit, you slip it down further then push it slowly inside of me. Going in and out just the tip, as I wrap my legs around you using them to push you deeper inside me.. Slowly deeper and deeper until all of you is inside me. I'd feel every inch and you feel my pussy tightening around your cock as I cum screaming your name As your not finished, you get my legs hold them up over your shoulders, you start fucking me harder and harder, I'm still weak from Cumming so much before I'd be screaming, until I'm ready to come again you drop my legs, lean down toward me kissing my neck and biting my ear hearing you moaning my name as you feel my muscles clenching around your cock again as I orgasm my juices soaking your cock forcing you to cum hard shooting your cum inside me.


2013-05-13 11:37:53
As it says at the top they are based on texts between me and a friend so yes they was copy and pasted from my phone to computer to here. I wrote everything posted on my profile.

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-11 16:48:02
thats a pure copy and paste job maybe tweaked a little but you never wrote that hahahahahha

anonymous readerReport

2013-04-09 15:55:42
Very hot short stories very hot imagination and so well described:)


2013-03-18 16:55:49
Princess Jasmine , please don't stop with Ur short sex stories. I enjoy them so much. They are just long enough to give me an erection. Thank you XXX

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-17 17:50:38
good job indeed, your writing is amazing, it makes everything so visual. I love it

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