At 10 yrs old it didn't take me long to get over the heartbreak of my "boyfriend" getting another girlfriend. Like I said before at my age these things changed by the day. I got over it and went on with things but it did cause me to think.

I knew more about sex, what is was about and for than I knew about "Love". Putting the meaning of sex and/or love together was to much for my young mind to comprehend, actually I'm not sure I ever really put it all together.

It was much easier to derive pleasure from sex than it was from playing, toys, music or love. I had somewhat of a disconnect regarding love which I am not sure if it really stemmed from my first heartbreak or if my interests, need and satisfaction from sex was just naturally dominant.

I did kind of sour on boys but despite using my own hand I knew I needed, and wanted, them at the same time. I did turned more attention to my other curiosity and even though my feelings were natural I wasn't sure how or even if to make an approach. Some things just present themselves and happen without even suspecting it. The foregoing were my most formative and experimental years prior to me "settling down".

How I Started (A young girls story) Pt. 3. Into Adulthood.

School had started back and at 3 months in I turned 11. There was a new girl at school who had just moved in from out of state. I didn't know if it was intuition or what but when I first saw her I just knew we would be friends.

Similar stories have been told a million times but she was new, had no friends and had arrived well after the school year started. It's tough for anyone in that situation and I felt sorry for her, plus it seemed I didn't have the same interests as my small circle of friends, so I introduced myself.

I tried to insert her in my circle but it didn't work. I was still friends with the group but her and I became almost inseparable and we soon progressed to sleepovers at her house or mine. On one of our sleepovers it started with a little game of truth or dare.

Now her and I have had all sorts of conversations so once we became familiar yet there are still things we keep to ourselves despite being the nest of friends. Females likely share much more than boys or men do however, if you want to find things out and maybe even "do something" then truth or dare during a sleepover is the perfect venue.

Like I said before I felt I was much more advanced than other girls my age, at least in my circle anyway. There were things I kept to myself and never had I told anybody I diddled myself let alone had sex with a much older neighborhood boy.We each went through the usual routine and questions like have you ever kissed a boy, or seen a boys thing or dare one another to lick the bottom of a shoe or some other gross thing.

When she asked me if I ever touched myself down there I almost choked plus it excited me. I wanted it to steer towards this direction but I was afraid to even start. I just knew she had been playing with herself or I doubt she would have asked such a question. She may be bolder than I would be but since the door seemed to be open I confidently responded "YES" !.

I was looking at her to see her reaction, I half anticipated her eyes to open wide in shock, then her eyes narrowed and they had a slight gleam to them. She was gauging my reaction for truth but I was sure I gave her the answer she really was hoping to hear.

When she finished staring at me she nodded her head and said "ok".

I dared her to take off her panties and shirt, stand up then slowly turn around three times. I remember she turned her head to the bedroom door then looked back at me while biting her lower lip then a smile formed on her face. After checking the door behind her once more she pulled off her shirt then while still sitting on the bed slipped her panties off and stood up.

My eyes went straight to her smooth hairless pussy as she stood there. I looked up to her face and told her to turn three times. I took in her entire form as she turned. This was the first time I saw a girl my own age totally naked or even really had this much interest or even this kind of opportunity.

I'm not going to bore you with to many details but we found ourselves under the covers pretty quick. She was very willing and obviously just as curious as I was but as usual i took the lead then wanted it to be reciprocated at most or at least submit and be pleasured.

We initially busied ourselves holding our naked bodies against each other. Having a girls body next to mine was more exhilerating to me than I thought it would have been. I had certainly explored my own body over the last year or so but exploring the same features that I have, except on another girls body that is my own age, was one of the sweetest moments I can recalled.

The act wasn't rough or fast or filled with pain rather it was a sensory event on a whole different level. As I have long wanted to I ran my hand down her tummy until I reach her young cunny and slipped a finger into her slit and began to work it like I had done my own so many times. She immediately laid flat on her back and opened her legs as I fingered her. I felt I knew exactly what to do to make her feel what I could do to myself.

I laid beside her and worked her snatch and when I reached her clit she would stiffen up then her hips would undulate as I stimulated her off and on. It was so fastinating to me to see the results of such stimulation instead of just feeling them for myself. I felt satisfaction for pleasing her as much as I was doing and it really turned me on.

Not a word was said while I pleasured her and the only noises were gasps of breath and little grunting sounds which just started to really set me on fire.

I had thoughts before of actually going down there and licking one but just like taking a cock in my mouth there had been that "yuck" factor. All that went out the window as I got myself heated from me pleasuring her and seeing/hearing her reaction. I knew if my finger could do this then my tongue would give her what my boyfriend had given me.

I began to descend my head down her body while I fingered her but despite a little ongoing apprehension within me I just couldn't stop myself. She had suddenly gotten more slippery after letting out a huge breath and just knowing that she had that tingling feeling I get when it happens dessovled any caution I had.

Once in position I went right in without hesitation, with my tongue stuck out I stuck my tongue into her groove and and licked to the top of her pussy. I don't remember any particular taste or smell because either there wasn't any or the other sensations were so overwhelming and burned into my memory. With no immediate revulsion I repeated it again and again while modifying technique to how I would like to feel it being done to me.

The effect was instant and appreciated by her as she she breathed out an "ohhhh yeah". She put a hand on the top of my head and moved it with my motion as I licked her pussy up and down. I was so into the act that i have no recollection of every detail but I only remember concentrating on what I was doing.

The end result I remembered because of the mutual gratification. After I had thoroughly licked her opening and had her worked to a fever pitch before I finally attacked her clit.

It wasn't really an attack or even frenzied rather I recall it as an intensely gentle, even sweet, act between two young girls. I was working her spot with my tongue, she was grinding herself against me and she had a hand on each side of my head.

She panted heavily as I tongued her clit and then she suddenly took in a huge breath and her body went stiff. She quickly blew out her breath, dropped her hands from my head and she seemed to have just relaxed.

It was sort of anticlimatic to me as I was anticipating, even hoping, her reaction would be like mine was when I had when my pussy eaten. I had thought my life energy was being drained out of my pussy while simultaneously being refilled with new energy entering through the top of my head.

Her reaction seemed to convey "OK, I'm done but satisfied". It was yet another event that stuck with me and it had me perplexed for quite some time afterwards. I wasn't sure about the whole dynamic back then but learned as I had gotten older and had experiences with different partners.

Some girls/woman go their entire life thinking they have had "orgasms" while a lot of us know whether or not we have. I quess it must have been her maturity perhaps or maybe even the situation or my technique or all the above.

She did return the favor that night, and we did it to each other on several occassions. Even though I liked it there was just never that intense satisfaction between her and I that I ened up getting from other girls or boys as I got older. The hook was set though, I was with a female and I liked it but wanted more and I wanted that feeling I got when I was first eaten.

I think that was what I constantly searched for rather than just having casual sex, which is needed of course, but the end results aren't always lasting.

I had several sessions with boys and girls with most of them my own age or very near my age.

Sure I was a bit promiscuous but it validated thoughts regarding what I always thought was my advanced sexual and even ideological maturity. I always felt I was ahead of others my own age hence the sex with my neighborhood boyfriend who was 15 when I was 10.

I had always been somewhat attracted to boys, then men, who were much older than I. As easy as it appears to be for a girl to have sex with practically any much older male or female it isn't always as easy as one may think or rather it's more of a comfort issue. I think maybe quality over quantity defines it better than any other way I could describe.

Let me go forward several years now:

I was out of highschool, working fulltime and as much as I had "been around" I had actually calmed down from my sexually adventurous ways. I just couldn't relate to others my own age but related well to people much older than myself. I started thinking about building serious relationships and think mre about the future.

We all go through that phase at some point but sustaining that is always another matter. I took a much bigger leap into that realm than I would have thought I ever would.

I had become attracted to my supervisor at work and since we related so well I was the one who kind of "fell in" and wanted to push things along. The relationship was on a more intellectual level which added an element to the whole thing I had never experienced previously.

He was 43 years old but he talked to me and talked with me and he never even tried to talk dirty, suggestive or even flirt. I was throwing out every signal and was as suggestive as I could be every chance I got. Maybe it was his seemingly disinterest in me that turned me on, his wisdom, his looks, his maturity and even the perception of his experience.

He was divorced and without a current girlfriend and i was in my "calm period" but I was so attracted to him that the closer we became I really tuirned on the charm and threw out every signal I could.

I was working parttime and starting college courses and he worked with me on my schedule and had advice for me or helped me with problems, etc. Things progressed to the point that we became romantically involved and with me wanting to move out of my parents house we moved in together.

The sex was outstanding and beyond anything I had to that time with one person. It went from as wild as we wanted to to as passionate as I ever thought I would like. I never thought I would have liked being made love to as opposed to just geting fucked but I experienced things with him that I only thought I could get from another woman.

When we went to bed for the first time it had been awhile for me and I felt I needed to be ravaged. What I received was the complete opposite but more gratifying then I ever had with a man.

Being with other girls was always so gentle and sweet while every boy I had been with the sex was so frantic.

This man gently massaged my entire body and touched spots that got me hot that I didn't know I had. He would only go near my pussy or titties but never directly touch them so he teased me and slowly brought me to a boil.

He had restraint which only comes with experience that I never saw with any other male I had been with to that point. He gently started kisisng my body, he didn't leave any spot unkissed as he started at the top of my head. He worked his way down my face then neck then titties across and down my stomach. He bypassed my pussy and worked each of my legs before heading back up to eat me.

This is another area where his experience was evident and much appreciated. As he started in I instantly felt the hair on my head stand on end. He worked slowly but in just the right way which kept me going from relaxed to tense.

When we started I was hot and ready to be fucked but now it was like I had been restarted and was being slowly brought to a fever pitch again. He would lick my slit deep then tease my cunt lips with the tip of his tongue which made me tense my muscles before licking deep again. He would suddenly rim my anus which was like gettting a jolt of electricity before slowly working my slot then flick my clit with his tongue sending another jolt through me.

I had flowed rivers of jizz from the attention he was giving me and it was wonderful. He wasn't trying to bring me to a screaming oragsm but simmering and longer lasting. When I had released yet again he stopped licking my pussy and ran his hands up my torso squeezing my titties then lightly pinchin my nipples before he worked his head up my stomach to suck and bite my nipples.

His timing was perfect because I needed another sensation, I needed to be filled. He worked his body into position and while hovering over me he rubbed his cock up and down my drenched pussy. I raised my legs higher as he entered me sliding his entire length into me in one motion.

I let out a slightly grunting breath as my hole was stretched for the first time in a few months. The slight discomfort was replaced with pleasure and when he bottomed out the tickle of his pubic hair against my bare pusy made me quiver.

As he began to thrust in and out of me he spread his legs apart which blocked me from even thinking about dropping my legs. He then glasped my wrists in his hands to pin me down.

I was previosly in such a relaxed state but he got my attention with his agressive manner. This was out first time and he had always been so calm and gentle during our most intimate talks and his moves scared me a little which added to the total excitement of it all. It caused a burning inside of me to begin to build in intensity as he rolled his hips sawing in and out of me.

Even though we talked intimately and he knew what I liked and how I liked it I could tell his agressiveness was his natural style and not done just for me.

We seemed to be so in sync in thoughts and conversation and it was the same now that we were being physical. The work and passion he was putting into his lovemaking was for mutual pleasure.

With any other man I had been with before they would have never warmed me up like he did and once a little lick got things wet they would have hammered me and blew their wad already.

This was so much different and stimulating I knew I would only want the most experienced man to have sex with going forward. My own thoughts of just having sex with a man so much older than me was enough to cause the pressure to build but his efforts and passion only compounded it.

I was trying to control myself but he was in control and I couldn't seem to let go like I did when he ate me rather it kept building and building inside of me. He was picking up his pace and started breathing heavier and leaned more into me as he worked.

The fact that he was now building towards his explosion only turned me on more and as the heat and pressure in my lower stomach increased I began to moan.

This in turn caused him to increase his attack and pushed harder on each downstroke. With his cock now going in and out like a jackhammer my moans turned to groans as I built to a my climax. The feel of his cock sliding rapidly in and out and the thoughts of him shooting his cum inside of me finally sent me over the edge.

That low gutteral growl eminated from deep within me as I soaked his cock with my juice. My body was rocked with shakes and quivers while he groaned louder and louder which changed to a long drawn out "ooooohhhhhh" as he continued to pump while shooting his cum inside of me.

I had been eaten and brought to an intense orgasm over the last few years by one girl or another, not to mention that one time when I was 10. I had never had an orgasm with this intensity from being fucked but this, so far, was beyond anything I had experienced.

He finally stopped pumping and held still while I felt his cock twitch again and again as he shivered while holding himself inside of me. He pulled out and pulled his legs together which allowed me to drop mine down. I continued to shutter and shake uncontrollably for several minutes while he laid next to me. When I calmed down we kissed and cuddled while occasional quivers shook my body.

I was in that relationship for 2 years before we mutually split. All the sex we had was fantastic right up to the end but I guess I really knew that our age differences would cause us to grow apart. I had finished my first college courses during that time and went to work fulltime before I met someone and married a year later. My husband was 5 years older than me and at that time in my life i knew I had jumped faster than I should have. He always treated me well but I never really felt that deep connection despite being married for 10 years.

It was a different life for me and I made the best of it but I could never break away for things I felt deep inside and certain needs which weren't being met.

By this time social media was more commonplace and I reconnected with old friends and others I hadn't heard from in years. One of them was a woman my husband knew and her husband was my neighborhood "boyfriend" when I was 10 years old. It wasn't awkward at first when we all had decided to get together as so much time had went by we weren't immediately aware who each other was, even though we seemed familair to one another.

On one get together with the four of us we started talking about when we were kids and what neighborhood was our stomping grounds. One question led to another and him and I knew who each other was but we didn't acknowldge it openly.

We began to privately speak on the phone and text each other. I had never forgotten him and what we did way back in the day but as we continiued to converse things were getting more suggestive between us.

He was my first in a few different way and I found out I was the first girl he had cum inside of. He also said that he never brought any girl off like he did me when he ate my pussy. There was no doubt both of us wanted to relive an old memory and years of built up curiosity could not be held at bay.

For more on that story and to see where it ended up then you will have to read my very first story:

"I Cheated, Well, WE Cheated".

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