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Time Machine Part 2

I bowed like the rest of the people in the room, and then I stepped back out to catch my bearings. I heard some noise coming from a closed door next to me. I open the door and it was a cloak room, in the back was a man and woman, coupled in a sexual act. I would find out later that these people just love to fuck one another.

I closed the door and stepped back into the room. I was looking for Thomas Cromwell, he’s an aid to Cardinal Wolsey. I spotted Cromwell dance with a beautiful young lady. I waited for the dance to end and I made my way to him. I handed him a letter that I forged, from a high-ranking aid of Maximilian I, the letter explained that I was a linguistic expert speaking fluent German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Latin, and that I would make a good diplomat for King Henry the VIII.

“Come with me please,” Cromwell said to me.

We walked down the hallway in silence till we got to the office of Cardinal Wolsey. Cromwell knocked on the door, and then entered. The Cardinal was in his office doing some paper work. He looked a little annoyed at us for the disturbance.

“Yes Cromwell just what is it?” Cardinal Wolsey asked as he went back to his report.

“This gentleman just handed me this letter your Grace, it is from an aid of King Maximilian I,” Cromwell informed him as he handed to letter over to Cardinal wolsey.

Cardinal Wolsey read and reread the letter over twice, before looking at me.

“You know that this letter will have to be checked out, if this is correct, then you will be a very nice addition to our diplomatic office. Mean while Mr. Cromwell will find you some non official business to do while we wait for a reply. Cromwell please draft a reply back asking for confirmation, and when it arrives bring it to me immediately.” The Cardinal stated, “That is all gentlemen, good night.”

We both left the Cardinal to his reports, and went into Cromwell’s office. We discussed the letter, and he began to draft a reply. When he finished the letter, he sealed it with a wax seal from his ring, and called for a courier to delivery the letter.

“Do you have a place to stay?” Cromwell asked me.

“Not yet,” I replied back to him. For the time being I figured to stay in the abandon room where I have the Time Craft hidden, till I found a place to stay.

He wrote something on a sheet of paper. “This will get you a room at the Inn for a few nights, till you find a more permanent place to stay.” He said as he handed me the note.

“Come see me in the morning, and we will find you something to do.” He said to me with a wave of his hand to dismiss me.

“Thank you Mr. Cromwell, I will be here first thing in the morning,” I responded to him as I turned to leave.

I headed back to the abandon room where I had stored the Time Craft, and climbed aboard. I headed out after the courier, and followed him to Maximilian’s court. I watched the aid read the letter and draft a reply, which was handed to the courier to be returned to Cardinal Wolsey. I followed the courier back to England. I returned back in time to the abandon room and exited the Time Craft, just one second after I climbed aboard. I now knew exactly when the courier would arrive back in England, and it would be a simple matter to waylay him and replace the letter with one that I had drafted. The whole trip would take the courier two weeks.

Cromwell kept me busy in the two weeks that we waited for the courier to return, I told him about the abandon room in the castle that I would like to use, and he had it cleaned up and furniture installed, with attendants to wait on me. There was plenty of room for the furniture and the Time Craft, when I brought it back into existence. Also, I had a full wardrobe of clothes made for me.

I knew the exact route the courier would take in the palace to get the letter back to Cromwell. I hide in a side room, and as the courier passed by me I waylaid him and replaced the letter. I revived him and sent him on his way no worse for wear, without an idea as what just happen to him.

Cromwell took the letter from the courier and went into the Cardinal’s room to hand him the letter. Cardinal Wolsey read the letter and smile, and he handed the letter back to Cromwell so he could read the letter. They both smile and discussed best just how to use me.

They called me into Cardinal Wolsey’s office to talk with me on my new duties. As we were in discussion of just what I would be doing, the door bangs open and in walks the King. We all raise and bow to the King.

“Who is this man?” The King demanded.

“He is our new diplomat your Grace,” Cardinal Wolsey replies to the King as he hands him both letters.

The King spends a few minutes reading both letters, and digestion just what they say. Every so often he would stop reading and look at me, before going back to the letters. He then quizzes’ me on the affairs of Germany, and of Maximilian and his court. Thankfully I had done my homework and was ready for this type of questioning. When the King finished his questioning of me, he asked both Cromwell and myself to leave the office, he wanted to talk with the Cardinal alone.

When the King exited the Cardinal’s office, he waved at me and said, “diplomat come with me, for it is lunch time and I wish to talk with you further over lunch.”

I followed the King through several hallways and through the throne room/ ballroom, through another hallway into the main dining room. The servants had his lunch all laid out for him. As he sat down to eat, he waved me over to an extra chair and said, “Sit and join me for lunch.” All through lunch the King grilled me on where I was schooled and where I learned all the languages, what was new in Germany and with Maximilian. I had to be on my toes, so as not to be tripped up by his line of questioning.

With lunch finally done, the King stretches, and says to me, “You know I find myself trusting you diplomat. You have answered all the question that I asked both truthfully and accurately. But know this diplomat that those who wrong the crown, generally lose their head.”

“You must have a name, I cannot keep going around here and calling you diplomat, so what is your given name?” The King inquired of me.

“Your Grace my name is Tomas Summers,” I told the King.

Just then the Queen swept into the room, followed by her ladies-in-waiting.

“Oh I am sorry your Grace I did not know that you had company with you for lunch,” The Queen said in an apologizing manner.

“Ah my dear, I would like you to meet one of my newest advisor’s and diplomat,” The King said as he introduced us.

I got up and bowed on one knee and accepted the Queen’s hand and kissed the backside of her hand, in the proper manner.

“Your Grace the pleasure is all mine in meeting you,” I said as I continued to kneel at her feet.

“Rise Mr. Summers, and thank you for the greeting.” The Queen said to me.

She turned to the King and said, “Your Grace when you have time, I need to speak to you on matters that concerns us privately.”

The King looked at me and her ladies-in-waiting and shooed us out and said, “wait in the throne room for us.”

The Queen’s attendants were all very pretty young ladies, with one old hag, who was the head attendant. They all giggled among them selves except for the old hag who kept to herself. We left the King and Queen in the dining room and went to the throne room as requested. I talked with all the attendants but the old hag. They pretty much all flirted with me.

One in particular was very flirtatious, and asked just where my room was, and if I want some company. Her name was Mary Boleyn. She would later have an affair with King Henry, producing a couple of children.

It was late that night, and I felt a soft warm body cuddle up next to me. I rolled over and looked into Mary’s face gazing down at me. She bent down and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.

“Should I stay or leave?” She asked me with a smile on her face.

I reached up and gave her a fierce kiss back, “does that give you your answer,” I replied.

As she snuggled down next to me, I thought that I will show her what love making is like from a 20 century man.

I pushed her down on the bed and kissed her with all the passion that I had. She returned the kiss with her tongue darting into my mouth. Our kiss lingered with our tongues locked together, as we gently probed each others mouth.

She reached down and started to stroke my cock, and it was not long and it was fully engorged, and standing out straight and hard.

“Oh my you are so large, I am not sure if I can take all of you inside of me,” She exclaimed wide eyed.

“I will make sure that you are completely ready for me when I enter you,” I said as I gave her another kiss.

My hand was rubbing and massaging her breast, and nipple. Her nipples were standing to attention, and begging to be sucked.

I got down to those perfect little 34B mounds, and I attacked her stiff nipples. I sucked on them, softly nibbled on her nipples. I tried to suck her whole breast into my mouth, but I could not quite get it all to fit inside my mouth. So I worked on her nipples and the bumps on her areola’s.

My hand move done to her slippery slit, and her lips were wet with her overflowing juices. The minute I touched her lips, she shuddered. I massaged the outer lips, as she spread her legs wider. I could feel more moisture leak from her pussy, as I continued to work on her outer lips. My finger brushed her star hole a couple of times, making her flinch each time.

I spread her lips, and inserted two fingers, and started to give her a good finger fucking. She was soaking wet inside her pussy, and you could hear her liquids squish as I rotated my fingers around her insides. I reached up to her sensitive G-spot, and put some pressure on it. She raised her hips right off the bed as she cumed in excitement.

I moved my head down to her cunt, and she had her legs wide open for me as I began to kiss her juicy slit, my tongue started to lick up her love nectar that coated her outer lips. I spread her lips apart, making her clitoris pop out of it’s hiding spot. I licked her clit a few times, as the blood flow into it, enlarged it like a small penis. Then I sucked it really hard and fast, and raked my teeth across it.

“OOOOO my that feels sooooo good.” She moans in pleasure.

She locked her legs against my head, as her cum just poured out of her totally drenching my face and beard. I try to lick up as much of her sweet love juices as I possible could.

She finally calmed down from her massive orgasm, and laid there for a few moments gasping for air, before she relaxed her legs to let me loose. I looked up at her with her cum dripping off my face.

She giggled looking at my dripping wet face.

I did not say anything I just lunged forward and planted a kiss firmly on her lips, letting her taste herself. To her credit, she did not back down, but instead licked some of her juices off my lips.

She whispered in my ear, “my turn.”

“No my cock is so hard it is about ready to burst out of its skin. I can’t wait. I am going to fuck you hard.” I said with cock in hand I was rubbing her slit.

“Please then just shove that stiff cock into me and fuck me silly.” She said as she begged me to fuck her.

I slowly entered her love hole, gently pushing my cock deeper into her pussy, giving her a chance to adjust to my size. Finally I was fully embedded, and I hit bottom. I stopped for a moment, as she was gasping for air. I could feel her pussy walls contact around my cock, trying to milk my cum out of me.

I started to pick up the pace and soon I was slammed my cock deep into her pussy, pumping as fast as I could go. The heat that we generated was cooking my cum, and I could feel it boil.

“O MY I feel it again.” She pants in ecstasy as she starts to cum again.

Just them I exploded and dumped load after load deep into her pussy, the force of mine and her orgasm together lifted her hips right off the bed. We collapsed into a heap, with both of us panting like we just finished a race.

She laid in my arms as we both drifted off to sleep.

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only once how come on really

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2014-10-09 17:29:05
Excellent review of a wrdneoful book,one that's still in my thoughts, months after I've finished reading I hope her sequel's not too far in the future. As to the title,I think the author sees Henry's court as a pack of wolves, sort of a 'dog eat dog' existance. Wolves living in halls And how!

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2014-10-09 14:13:48
Really interesting to read a reveiw from someone who has more knowledge of the Tudor period than myself. I've just finished the book and really enjoyed it, but I was a little unsure as to how much of the historical fact' was indeed true, and how much was Mantel's invention. From browsing around a few blogs it certainly seems that history buffs are enjoying the novel as much as literature lovers.Anyway, thanks for the reveiw, mine is here if interested:


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oh. is this what dr who meant

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