Wifes journey to slut hood
By now, after two sessions with another guy, it was apparent my wife was getting comfortable having sex with another man. So I figured to push the envelope a bit more to see how far we could get her out of her shell or her element.

We went to fight night at a local little hick bar. Lots of rednecks and wanna be cowboys complete with hats and all. The women were mostly young girls and majority 100 pounds overweight. I paid the extra money to sit in one of the ringside seats with her. We also met a few friends there. Several fights in our friends bailed on us and I decided it was time to see if we could have some fun.

A few shots of tequila and several beers my wife was feeling good and a bit frisky. She started remarking about one of the guys in the bar who was apparently a bouncer. I looked over at him and he was checking her out pretty good.

“I bet you can’t pick him up,” I said to her.

She laughed. “Are you kidding me,” she asked.

“No. I bet you a day at your favorite resort you can’t get him to leave her and go to a hotel room next door.”

She shook my hand. “Bets on,” she said. “Go book the room.”

I got up and walked away going outside. Leaving her there sitting alone. Prime target for anything that wanted to take its shot. The following, related to me later by her, is what happened while I was gone.

Several minutes after I left, she and the bouncer made eye contact. My wife was wearing a mini dress so she crossed her legs, winked at him and showed him just enough thigh to make him smile. He soon walked over to her.

“Your husband leave,” he asked.

“Not my husband,” she replied. “A friend. We are from out of town. He went next door to get us a room for the night.”

“Oh,” he said. “You guys together?”

“Nope. Just pals.”

The bouncer got called away and my wife gave him a smile as he walked away. Several minutes later he walked back to her and handed her a beer. “On me,” he said.

She took the beer, took a sip and then looked him in the eye and said, “I would love to have you lick this off me.”

The bouncer was startled but smiled. “Anytime,” he said.

Soon the last fight was ending and the crowd started to move out. I had positioned myself at the bar so that I could my watch my wife over the last hour flirt with the bouncer. He was continuously talking to her and flirting. As the crowd was moving out, the bouncer was leaning against the wall. My wife walked up to him and leaned her small tall frame up against him, placing her hand on his cock.

“You gonna come to my hotel room and feed me this cock,” she asked him.

The bouncer looked at her and then looked around the room. He walked over to one of his friends and soon came back to my wife. He leaned into her and placing his hand on her ass he whispered into her ear he wanted to shove his cock down her throat.

As she walked by me at the bar with the bouncer in hand she took the room key from me. I gave them about 15 minutes and then soon followed. I went into the lobby and then up to our room. Using my key I opened the door. The room had a small TV room and then an adjoining bedroom. As there was no door, I could see the two of them already by bed. Her friend looked up at me as I walked in.

“Don’t mind me,” I said. I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV and acted like I was fiddling with the camera.

The two of them were standing by the bed and caressing each other. My wife took off his shirt and he was very muscular and had several tattoos. As she caressed his body he tried to kiss her but she held off. Then he reached down and taking her dress by the hems, pulled it up and over her head. She was standing there in her black lace panties, topless, her small nipples fully erect. He reached down and started sucking on one nipple and then the other. She unzipped his jeans and he stepped out of them, his erection pushing against the restrains of his camouflage briefs.

My wife reached for a bottle of oil and handed it to him. “I like to be oiled up,” she said. With that she laid down on the bed motioning for him to follow. Both completely oblivious to me taking pictures. First he completely rubbed oil all over the front of her body spending a lot of extra time on her breasts and nipples. He played with her pussy thru her panties and had the black lace article oiled up as well. He then rolled her over and rapidly in on move removed her panties. Spreading her legs he oiled up her whole backside spending a lot of time on her butt. With her spread legs I could see the juices starting to leak from her pussy as she became wet from his efforts. He played with her pussy as he rubbed his hands up and down her ass and in between her legs.

He removed his briefs and climbed on the bed straddling her legs. His cock was resting right in her butt crack as he poured oil all over her ass and back. Rubbing it in, he slid his cock back and forth. It easily slid down between her legs and pushed at the entrance to her wet hole. As he grinded against her rubbing his cock back and forth the head popped slightly into her pussy. She moaned and arched her back but he pulled it back out. As he stepped off the bed and roughly flipped her over I could see his cock, quite large, was also bent at and angle upwards. He walked around to the other side of the bed and poured more oil onto her chest. As he leaned over her to rub it in, his cock and balls were right on her head. She looked up and took one of his swollen balls into her mouth as he reached down to finger her clit.

He next moved back onto the bed and straddled her again. He ground his hard cock and balls against her slit as he humped back and forth. She spread her legs and his cock pushed at the entrance to her pussy. She arched trying to get it inside of her but he avoided it, teasing her even more. He climbed off the bed and my wife aggressively rolled over onto her stomach and quickly took his cock in her hand and sucked it into her mouth. She took the whole 7 inch shaft deep in her throat and played with his balls as she tried to suck his cum out. Soon he was grabbing the back of her head with both hands and fucking her mouth double time.

She stopped and knelt up and pulled him onto the bed on his back. She then straddled, put a condom on his cock and then with one hand guided it into her love box. Juices flowed out of her as she rode him. She rode him sitting up; she rode him lying flat on his chest. He had very little to do. Soon sweat was pouring off her body as she moaned out trying to cum. Tired she rolled off him onto her stomach. He stood up and dragged her by the feet to the edge of the bed. He then slid his cum covered cock back into her juicy pussy. Gushing sounds could be heard as he fucked her slow, then fast, and then slow. My wife was moaning out loud begging him to fuck her hard.

She moved up to the bed and got onto all fours. He moved behind her and once again went to pounding away at her wet pussy. After several minutes, he slowed and got this look of “oh shit” on his face. He pulled out of her and the condom had broken. He pulled the remnants off and tossed them on the floor. Still standing close behind my wife, as he turned to get another condom she reached back and shoved her pussy back onto his cock. By the look on her face I could tell she didn’t realize he had no condom on till it was too late, but it didn’t stop her. It sure didn’t stop him as the feeling of her bare juicy pussy hit his cock it trigged his animal instinct and he started fucking her like crazy. My wife was screaming out for him to fuck her harder. He reached down around her and grabbed her breasts as he rapidly slammed in and out of her.

“Give me you cock,” my wife yelled. “I wanna feel you cum.”

That was too much for him. He moaned out loud triggering his cum but was able to pull out and shoot his load on her ass. Once down he pushed his cum covered cock back into her and pumped her slowly, giving her a feel for some of his seed. She climbed away from him, turned around and took his cock into her mouth sucking on it for several minutes. She then knelt on the bed and gave him a juicy kiss.

“You can go now lover…..I’m all satisfied.” She walked into the shower and shut the door. The bouncer stood there dumbfounded and then looked over at me where I was sitting.

“Is she unbelievable….what a fuckin sweet pussy,” he said. He got dressed and then left. My wife soon came out of the shower all freshly clean. She walked over to me where I was sitting, knelt down in front of me removing her towel and started to give me an awesome blowjob.

She looked up at me, my cock head on her lips. “You wanna fuck my ass,” she asked.

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Fuck - another idiot who can't comprehend the idea that these are stories . . .sigh.

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this sucks, any man who lets his wife fuck other guys is an asshole and the wife is a shitty ass pig with no self respect and even less respect for her husband...... if he was a real man he'd kick the living shit out of her then throw her ass out the door

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