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Brian controls Janice and introduces her to new experiences
·        Day one using bullet points

·        I received the message as soon as David had left the house Brian was coming.

·         I wore a. Fleece, bra, white knickers and jeans I was barefoot as that was what the message ordered.

·         I watched out of the window for him feeling eager I was looking forward to seeing the man I used to hate and hoping he could make me pregnant.

·         He walked down the street carrying a bag.

·        I opened the door stepped out of the house and kissed him.

·        Do you great Wayne like that he asked?

·        Come on he said we walked down the street to the empty house number 26 Brian unlocked the front door and we went inside.

·        He led me upstairs to the back bedroom the house was warm as the central heating was on.

·        There was a double bed in the room.

·        Strip to your bra and knickers he instructed

·        I did while he removed his coat, shirt, shoes and socks.

·        Kneel down and kiss my feet in worship of me he said I knelt in front of him and bent my head down and kissed both his feet.

·        Still knelt I unzipped his trousers and pulled them and his underpants down around his ankles.

·        He had a small erection which I took into my mouth and sucked on it.

·        His erection quickly grew until he touched the back of my throat and I could feel his pubic hairs against my lips.

·        He pulled out of me and took his trousers and underpants off.

·        I stood up take your bra and knickers off he instructed.

·        Lie on the bed and spread your legs wide he instructed.

·        I laid on my back spread my legs and anticipated what was to come.

·        Brian knelt between my legs

·        I can use you for any eight days in the next two weeks and you will do whatever I want and you will be desperate for sex he said.

·        I was desperate then wanting him to give up talking and to make love to me.

·        I wonder what Wayne would say if he could see you now? Well you bitch I am going to do my best to get you pregnant.

·        His hand ran up the inside of my leg and his finger entered me this was better than talk.

·        The weight of his body pressed on me I opened my legs wider that’s right bitch let me fuck you. I put my arms around him and we made love.

·        Afterwards I lay on the bed watching as he stared out of the window he did not say anything and I could feel myself starting to want him again. I stood up and walked up behind him, pressed my breasts against his back put my arms around him and held his manhood.

·        Ah he said visitors. I looked out of the window two young men were approaching the house.

·        Brian went down stairs and let them in.

·        The three of them came into the bedroom.

·        Your next lovers Brian said.

·        I help them both undress.

·        One was Asian and one black.

·        I knelt in front of the young black man and used my hand and mouth to bring him to an erection.

·         Brian was taking photographs.

·        I pushed the him on to the bed I was wet with excitement.

·        I knelt over him took his erection in my hand and lowered myself on to him.

·        I leant forward and kissed him and his hands caressed by breasts.

·        He came very quickly a virgin converted I thought

·        I rolled on to my back and the Asian youth lent over and kissed me.

·        His head went between my legs and his tongue licked at me making me even wetter.

·        He moved up kissing my pubic hair, stomach, breasts, throat and then my mouth. His body was so light as he laid on me he moved slowly in and out of me bring me to a pleasurable climax.

·        I held him tight as he brought himself to his own climax. For a young boy he showed a lot of experience.

·        After they had left Brian said lay back with your arms above your head.

·        He took handcuffs out of his bag I felt a metal band go around my left wrist and he fastened the other end of the handcuffs to the bedhead he then fastened my right wrist to the other corner of the bedhead.

·        Spread your legs wide he ordered I did and he fastened chains around each ankle and to the corner of the bed. My legs were spread so wide that the muscles ached.

·        Open your mouth he instructed I did and he pushed a rubber ball into my
mouth there was a tube from the ball to a small hand pump

·        Brian inflated the ball until it filled my mouth I could feel it pressing into the back of my mouth, against the back of my teeth, against the roof of my mouth and it squashed my tongue to the floor of my mouth. Well that’s you well fastened up and helpless he commented.

·        I tried the chains yes I was securely chained to the bed.

·        I lay waiting for whatever he had planned

·        He turned and looked out of the window, the minutes passed and I could feel my frustration growing I wanted sex I was getting desperate for it.

·        He turned smiled at me and left the room I could hear him open the house door there was a female voice.

·        Brian and Elaine entered.

·        Hello honey said Elaine I could not answer because of the gag I started to anticipate whatever was about to happen.

·        Elaine lent forward and whispered in my ear and reality hit me as she removed my mind control. I was tied up in room with Brian he had made love to me photographed me with and I had enjoyed every minute.

·        Brian was staring at me I panicked I tried to pull my arms down but I could not, I tried to close my legs but they would not, I tried to shout but I could only make a groan in my throat I stared at him in desperation yes he said you are helpless.

·        I turned my head and looked at Elaine she bent over and whispered in my ear make yourself comfortable there is nothing you can do. She stood up and left the room.

·        Well said Brian for the next few hours I am going to enjoy this and I am sure you are not, this really is my chance to get my own back on you, and Wayne.

·        I hated Brian, wanted to hit and stab him.

·        Brian took both breasts in his hands and squeezed till I winced with pain.

·        He knelt between my legs I stared at his erection knowing I could not stop him he lay on top of me and his hardness was against me I tried pressing my hips into the bed to try and stop him but it was no good I could feel him enter me. Slowly does it he said this is a moment for me to. Savour and enjoy.

·        He moved his hips until he was nearly ready to come and stopped rested and started again and kept repeating over and over how long he was in me I do not know it seemed like days but was probably about half an hour.

·        His hands moved over me squeezing my breasts and buttocks, pulling at my hair. I turned my head and wondered how I had. got myself in this position, what use would Brian put the pictures to, presumably blackmail and I thought about what I would do to him if I got free. Eventually he came. I breathed a deep breath as he rolled off me.

·        Brian opened his bag and took an empty wine bottle out he touched my cheek with the neck of it there is no Ginger to save you today he said.

·        He started to move the neck of the bottle across my throat, breasts, stomach, pubic hair, down my legs and across the soles of my feet.

·        I watched in fear as he knelt between my legs I could see and feel the bottle as he ran it up the inside of them it touched my entrance I tried to move away from it but could not.

·        I he pushed the neck of the bottle in to me until it was stopped as the shoulders of the bottle met the inside of my legs.

·         I closed my eyes and felt the pressure of the bottle grow as Brian pressed harder and harder.

·        I felt my muscles expand as the shoulders of the bottle opened me up and moved into me.

·        It did not hurt it was more of an ache as my muscles were stretched.

·        Brian said “I would push it all the way in but Elaine says no damage”.

·        He took some photographs and removed the bottle.

·        From his bag he took an aerosol spray can and sprayed it in my face.

·        The room span and I passed out.

·        I woke up quickly. I was laid on my stomach arms chained above my head to the headboard and legs spread chained to the corners of the bed.

·        There was something heavy and wide inserted between my legs and it felt to be a long way in and something was pressing hard at my bottom.

·        I turned my head Brian had a broom handle in his hands and was pressing into my bottom.

·        I could feel it moving deep into me and I could see what appeared to be a round fence post sticking out from between my legs.

·        Back awake he commented

·        I could not answer as I was still gagged.

·        Brian took pictures and removed the handle and fence post from me.

·        He knelt beside me this is something I always wanted to do to you he said and smacked me on the bottom several more blows followed.

·        He was interrupted by a knock at the door.

·        He left the room and returned with two policemen.

·        They both undressed and one of them lay on top of me I felt him pushing at my bottom there was a sharp pain as his cock went into me.#

·        His weight pressed on me and he went in deeper.

·        He started to move his head was beside mine and he was breathing heavily as the bed rocked.

·        I pressed my face into the Mattress and cried as he buggered me.

·        The second one did the same.

·        As they left Ginger arrived he undressed and pressed a vibrator in to my vagina he switched it on and despite my distress it started to stimulate me.

·        Ginger rubbed some lubricant on to his erection and started to bugger me.

·        I could not help it the vibrator made me climax I came twice while he had me.

·        Ginger got off the bed and whispered in my ear and I realised everything was well.

·        I looked at Brian and realised that it was all a game and that he loved me and I loved and wanted him.

·        Ginger left well bitch Brian said that was good.

·        He unfastened my hands and legs then removed the gag.

·        I rolled on my back and held my arms out to him.

·        We lay kissing and touching I could not help but moan as the vibrator between my legs brought me to climax again but I needed the real thing.

·        I removed the vibrator put my hand down between us and guided Brian into me.

·        Afterwards I looked at the wine bottle that lay on the floor did you really want that all the way inside me I asked? “yes”, he said.

·        I picked the bottle up laid on my back and tried to push it into myself I got the neck in but no further.

·        I stood up and placed the bottle on the floor Brian laid on the bed watching.

·        I crouched over the bottle and lowered myself until the neck penetrated me.

·        I pressed my weight down hard and I opened up as the shoulders entered me.

·        Crouched as I was I could not press down any further so I took a firm hold of the bottle and lifted my feet off the ground.

·        Hell exclaimed Brian as with all my weight pressing on it I slide rapidly down the bottle there was a short pain as the bottle banged into something internal.

·        I looked down about three quarters of the bottle was inside me.

·        I stood up with the bottle protruding out of me I smiled at Brian that’s what you wanted I said pleased I had carried out his wish.

·        Brian took some pictures and removed the bottle.

·        That’s it for today he said we kissed and I went home.



2013-03-24 00:22:54
i hate to say a story is bad... so let me say this on needs a lot of work!

anonymous readerReport

2013-01-31 21:29:46
I CALL BS AN "TRUE STORY" ASSHOLE. Yes I yelled because I hate people who dont use all the proper tags especially when they are liers. first line with telepathiic mind control proves its a lie.

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