A pool at a villa in Italy and girls in the parco.
Jessica sat quiet for a few minutes waiting for her orgasm to subside. The rest came over lying to dry in the sun with their exposure not and issue as they were no more exposed than they would be on the local beach. I needed to cool off, so I decided to rinse the chlorinated water off and change out of my swimming trunks. I got under the shower pulling off my trunks, but was unable to rid myself of my erection. I commenced to masturbate hoping to relieve some of the stress. I heard a scream and thought that they were just rough housing again. Then Gee brought Anna to me as she was crying about getting a bee sting on her leg. They caught me erection in hand and close to ejaculation. I did not make any attempt to cover it up, but I did not continue. I sat her on her butt and she showed me the red mark on her inner thigh. Gee stuck around forgetting about the sting, but mesmerized by my erection. I squatted down putting her calf on my thigh which she moved close to my erection. I put my hand under her ass to pull her towards me a bit to get a better look. As she lifted her ass to accommodate I noted that her swim suit was transparent from her pool time and was a bit a skewed by the rough housing exposing half of her slit. I asked if she had any other spots and she responded that she did not know. I asked Gee to check her leg as I started running my hand over her body and checking for other spots. As she was running her hand on her lower leg she brushed my erection continuing to check the same area with her face right down close to my erection getting bolder and bolder as she did, finally running her open hand and fingers across it causing it to jerk and precum to flow from the tip. She then looked at me and looked back down at it”

“What happened? What is that” they both looked at it and I said “That’s precum, it comes out when you get excited.”

Gee asked “I kind of know what cum is, but what is precum?”

“It is just a natural lubricant, much like when you touch yourself and you get wet.” They blushed as I brought up the fact that they touch themselves.

Anna “So it is like an oil or lotion that your body makes?” trying to get a better look.

I saw that this was going the wrong direction with the crowd we had by the pool. “Gee, please hand me my shorts so I can finish taking care of her bite?”

“Never mind, I’m sorry let’s just continue” and she acted as if she was checking again. I moved her foot underneath me and rolled her to check the outside of her leg. As I moved her the rest of her slit became exposed. I could see that she was wet and not from the swim. Her small lips were starting to bud and causing my erection to spasm and yet more precum flowing out and onto her leg as it was up against it. Gee let out a small moan as she was about three inches away from it. Still being bold she acted as though she was checking her foot and the bottom of her leg brushing her hand against my balls and erection. The head was red as I was already to explode from masturbating. She kept her hand between Anna’s leg and my erection jumping each time it moved. I could see from the way that she was sitting that she was in the same situation that Anna was. She caught me checking her out and seemed to open her legs in appreciation. I changed my gaze back to Anna’s sting that was seemingly starting to swell. As I looked back at Gee I noticed that her suit was now pulled up into her slit as she grinned. This was too much for a guy to handle. “Gee, could you get a piece of ice out of the freezer? I need to ice this down so we can try to get the stinger out.”

She came back with a piece of ice “I’ll do it” leaning down putting her ass an inch from my face. I could smell her sex and was blowing on her crotch to tease her. She trembled and I was watching as she flowered and her small lips came out of her slit. I wanted so bad to take it in my mouth, but thought better of it thinking I might have a more private chance another time.

Once she had iced it I put my hand under her ass bringing her up to where I could get a better look. It was only three to four inches from her crotch so I was also getting a good view. Her ass also felt really good under my hand. Gee sat across my legs so that she was helping to prop Anna up, she shifted so that my erection was up between her thighs. I placed my hand under Anna’s butt pulling her leg towards me trying to pick the stinger out with my other hand. I did not have good enough nails and no tweezers so I told them that I was going to try to suck it out pulling her up to my face with my fingers under her ass and my thumb on her thigh for support. As I twisted my hand to start sucking my thumb pressed into her bare slit causing her to gasp. I had pull my hand out of that position in order to get better access. She started to drop lower so Gee turned sideways so that she was resting on her hip. As she did this it pulled my erection between her thighs popping out and against her bare ass, this motion caused me to explode. Feeling this Gee pushed back pushing the tip against her slit as I continued to cum. The change in the position also caused me to try to catch Anna placing my hand on her bare pussy. I had gotten the stinger out long ago, but was enjoying the situation acting like I was unintentionally putting pressure on her clit. I finally placed her ass in my hands picking her up off of us and standing her up. I pulled Gee over to cover up the fact that I had just come all over her underside and stood up turning with me under the shower. She reached back scooping a little on her finger and tasting it.

“Not bad” as she smiled looking back at me. “I guess by the amount it is not what you called precum?"

“Nope, let’s get you cleaned off” Anna had already walked back to the pool, at least I could not see her. I turned on teh water and started washing off her ass down her thighs and up between her legs. I caught her by suprise when I started as I was running my finger between her cheeks then down to her thighs as she bent forward pushing her ass backwards for easy access. I spent a good amount of time washing between her legs running her camel toe between by fingers and then right down the middle. As she started to shutter I cupped my hand around her mound and she ground herself home on my hand. at the cusp of her orgasm I slipped my finger inside her bikini swiping it through her dripping wet slit. She turned looking over her should to see me suck my finger clean setting off another wave of orgasm. I grabbed her around the waste to keep her from falling on her face.

I put my original shorts back on and walked her back out by the pool. Anna looked at her in confusion, but Jessica had a look of understanding smiling ear to ear.

Bailey and Lana laid on her bellies in the sun. Bailey asked "I am going to burn, would you please put some lotion on me?" handing me a bottle of thick SPF 50. The other three asked if the could use the shower and change their messy bikini bottoms pulling little panty looking g-strings out of their bags. I agreed and off they went. I started to apply the lotion on Bailey's back spraying a strip from the top to the bottom. I did not know how thick it was, but it was going to take some work. I started at the shoulders sitting on the chair just above her head. Once I got the back of her arms she raised her hands above her head and as I worked her sides and back her hands rested below my lap. They way my shorts were configured my penis was brushing her hands as I moved back on forth. I felt her palm under my nuts as I sat back on the chair but kept going as I became half erect with the tip now rubbing against her. As I got to the sides she raised up a bit allowing me to access to the sides of her breasts. My erection started to grow once again. I moved and was straddling her legs just below her ass as I continued to rub the lotion in. My cock was stroking her ass as I moved back and forth. She sat up on her elbows as I went up her sides again and had full access to her breasts. I massaged lotion onto the sides and underneath. I rubbed both hands back down the sides and then back up cupping her breasts from the bottom across the nipples to the top and through her arm pits. She let out a moan as I did and then jumped as my erection pointed down between her legs as I thrust upward. She opened her hips and lifted her ass in her excitement.
Lana sat up "Did you say something Bailey?" she leaned over closer when she got nor response. As I sat back and came back up Lana watched as my now full erection scooted up through her sister's ass cheeks like s boat through the water. "Did you say...." unable to finish her sentence. "Tony, I need lotion too."
"I will be done in a minute, nut will need to rest a bit. This lotion is very thick and hard to rub in." as I massaged some more in.
I stood up to change positions and Lana said "you have a bunch of it on your legs from where you sat on her."
"Where?" as I looked down and could not see it.
"Here I will get it for you" she said as she started running it into my inner thighs. As I stood over her she had a good view of my erection. She brushed against my balls and it popped out pushing my shorts up at full attention. She gasped "why is it so hard" reaching up to stroke it with her trebling hand.
"I guess you excited me with what you are doing" as I reached down to tuck it away. She ran her hand back up my leg and over my erection inside my shorts with a devilish grin on her face.
I turned to put lotion on her sisters legs her hands now down to her sides. I moved up as there was a ton of the lotion on her ass, thighs, and lower back. As I was rubbing the lotion in her my erection was poking her hand that was at her side. She turned her hand to have it running through her palm and fingers as it did. She had a beautiful soft ass that was like putty in my hands. The fact that I was massaging it was getting her going. I would run my finger across it cupping her cheeks like I was molding the in place like a sculpture. She would let out moans in appreciation. I got bold and started running my hands on the inside of her thong down to her anus and across it. I could tell that she liked it as her ass would raise to meet my hands. I started rubbing down to her inner thighs which made her shiver as I did. She opened her legs wide giving me full access if I wanted it. I would rub up just underneath her slit and then turn going up her ass across her anus. I had a rhythm going that made it look as though she was humping the chair as she moved to match my rhythm. She then jutted her ass in the air dropping her chest to the chair complaining about a cramp in her leg. I got behind her and started massaging her calf and working my way to the top. I had a great view of her ass and pussy as she was face down and ass up in the air. I massaged up with a hand on each side of her leg and would get just below her pussy. Her wet spot started to grow and her pussy swelled with excitement. I brushed it intentionally as I brought my hands up across her ass underneath. I had my fingers on her mound as I massaged her ass and back of her thigh with my thumbs with circular motions. I acted as if i was distracted as my thumb drifted against her slit and then rubbing her hard clit. She was so wet and ready that my thumb almost entered with her bikini. I started back down her leg as I saw her hand come up from underneath and start rubbing her own pussy from inside her bikini. I could see her fingers rubbing and poking in and out of her hole. She gasped and I placed my hand over hers with her bikini between our hands. It seemed to turn her on that I had acknowledged that she was masturbating and had decided to participate. Lana seemed to be sleeping, so I pulled her thong to the side and started massaging her anus with the index finger of my other hand. This seemed to push her over the edge as she started moaning audibly with her body convulsing in orgasm shoving her her deeper into her pussy. I pulled her bikini to the side and started to eat her pussy licking it clean of her juices. This seemed to set her off on an after shock as I reached up with my hands massaging her breast and pinching her nipples between my fingers. She continued to moan as I fucked her with my tongue.


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