I decide to spend my vaction at my beach house and have unexpected guests
My ex-wife and I own a small house situated on the beach in a resort town in the northwest. It's
has two bedrooms one bathroom, a kitchen and a large livingroom with a window that faces the
beach. I bought it year ago at a sheriffs action for pennies on the dollar. Now it's worth a lot
because the town has grown and I've got resorts on both sides of my property.

My wife and I divorced several years ago. We found we just didn't have anything in common
after our kids were grown and out of the house, so it was an amiable divorce. That's how we
decided to share the beach house.

Both our kids live on the East coast, so we don't get to see them much. But my ex has a sister,
Janice, who has two daughters. Her husband is in sales and travels a lot, so over the years Janice
and the two girls, Clare and Summer, have spent a lot of time at our beach house.

I don't mind, even if I'm there. I like the company and to tell the truth, Janice is pretty easy on
the eyes. She's much like my ex in some areas, long, dark hair, with 38 C cup tits and an hour
glass shaped body. But unlike my ex she has deep green eyes, full lips and a smile that would
make any man hard.

Clare, at 20, is a mirror image of her mom, the same dark hair, ample tits, hour glass shape, green
eyes and sexy smile. Summer on the other hand, who is 18, got some of her looks from her dads
side of the family. She's a flaming redhead, with blue eyes, who can't be more than 4' 10" tall and
couldn't weigh more than 85 lbs. But she did get the full lips and ample tits from her mom.

I've watched both girls grow up and to tell the truth, I've jacked off more than once with a
mental picture of their tight little ass's and ample tits playing through my head. After having said
that I also have to add that I'd never ever try anything with those two. As sexy as they are it
wouldn't be worth the turmoil it would cause if they told their mother or my ex that I'd
propositioned them. So I'm very careful not to let them see me looking or make any comment
that's off color.

It was mid June and I had taken three weeks off from work to relax. And since it was only an
hours commute to my job from the beach I was considering staying the entire summer .The first
day I was at the beach house I was sitting in the livingroom sipping a glass of wine when the
phone rang.

When I answered Clare's sweet voice ask,"Hey uncle Brad (both girls call me uncle even though
I'm not related to them) are you staying at the beach house?"

"Yes, I took a few weeks off and decided to spend some time relaxing here."

""I could tell she had something on her mind,"Would you mind having company?"

"Depends on who it is." I teased her knowing from her tone she wanted to come stay at the
house,"Who did you have in mind?"

" and Summer were hoping we could stay there over the weekend, starting

I vaguely remembered a sign I saw coming into town that advertized a three day beach festival
for the coming weekend. It finally hit me that this was the first weekend after most of the
colleges let out. I realized the town would be full of college students because this was the "begin
summer party".

"You guys want to go to the festival don't you?"

"Can't fool you can we?" She chuckled,"Yea, we were hoping to stay at your beach house. All
the motels in town are full already."

"Sure come on." I said.

"Cool!" Clare replied,"We'll be there Thursday afternoon."

As I hung up I knew this was going to be fun. With two young hard bodies in and out of the
house I was sure to get a few glimpses of sweet young flesh.

At a few minutes after 6:00 on Thursday a knock sounded on the door and when I opened it Clare
threw herself into my arms, smashing her firm young tits against my chest as she hugged me. As
soon as she released me my arms were again full of squirming young woman as Summer jumped
into my arms. Unlike her sister she wasn't tall enough to hug me standing, so she grabbed
my neck, shoved her firm tits into my chest as she wrapped her legs around me.

As she pushed her crotch into my stomach I could feel my cock starting to rise from the feel of
her against me. I didn't want to embarrass her, or me, so I hugged her and gently peeled her away
from me and set her on her feet. As she let go my arms I saw her eyes slide down to the bulge
showing in my shorts.

I turned, to hide that bulge, and said,"Come on and get settled in. Your mom's not coming this

"No." Clare replied," She's busy and said she'd come out some other time."

The girls were getting unpacked as I ask,"So what's the itinerary?"

"There is a big bonfire on the beach tonight." Summer said.

"You two will be careful?" I ask.

"We're all grown up uncle Brad!" Clare said,"We can take care of ourselves."

"Ok."I said with a shrug,"But still, be careful."

The girls busied themselves with getting things put away and I went to finish my drink. A half
hour later both girls came out of the bedroom dressed in bikinis. I had never seen either of them
in such brief bikini's and it made my mouth water.

"See you later!" They said in unison as they stepped out the door.

"When will you be back?" I ask as they walked away.

"Late!" Summer responded.

"Very late!" Clare added with a giggle.

I spent the evening watching TV. It was 1:00 AM and I had just finished watching a movie. I was
hoping the girls would be home before I went to bed, but as the movie ended I decided they
weren't going to be. I climbed in bed and drifted off to sleep. I was awakened at 4:00 am by a
loud noise in th kitchen.

I got up, pulled on my shorts and went to investigate. I found Summer sitting on the floor with an
empty glass in her hand and beer puddled about her on the floor.

"What happened?" I ask as I helped her up.

"Wanted ‘nuther beer." She said, her voice slurred.

"You're drunk." I said to her.

"Yea..ain't I though!" She giggled.

I took the glass out of her hand, put it in the sink then took hold of her arm and lifted her
to her feet. I grasp her shoulders and steered her toward her bedroom.

When I got her to her room I pulled the blanket down and turned to help her into bed saying,"In
you go."

Instead of getting into bed she wrapped her arms around me, looked up and said,"You gunna' get
in with me?"

"Summer!" I said,"I can't do that!"

"Why not?" She ask, her voice even more slurred,"I wanna' fuck.... an prolly....prolly....won't
remember in the morning who I fucked. So come fuck me Uncle Brad."

I was shocked by her statement. I was also tempted; damn was I tempted. But I just couldn't
do it. I would have loved to have stripped her clothes off and filled her tight little pussy with my
hard cock, but I just couldn't.

" Damn it Summer you're only 18. And my ex's sister's kid. I can't have sex with you!"

"But....I'm horny!" She said,"And Carl idn't here and I wanna' fuck.."

The words that were spilling from her lips both surprised and shocked me. Summer had always
been a bit shy and reserved so I couldn't believe that this cute, innocent girl could or would talk
that way.

"Geez Summer," I said, then on the spur of the moment decided to ask,"So do you and Carl fuck
a lot?"

"Me an *hic* Carl do it all the time. We fuck two or three times when we do it. An' when I drink
I get really, really horny! I haven't had any since Monday and I want cock!"

Again I was shocked by her attitude and words. Summer had always seemed so pure and
innocent, it was hard for me to grasp how she was acting. A moment later I became aware that
she was grinding her hips against me. I knew I couldn't take much of that ,so I took a half a step
back and held her away from me.

"Can I...can I tell you a secret?" She slurred.

"Ok, but then you have to go to bed." I told her.

"Promise you won't tell anyone?" She said trying to sound serious,"S'pecially Clare!"

"I promise." I replied trying to ignore the feel of her firm tits pushed against me, but failing.

"Clare...Clare and I hav' talked about fucking you. We...we wanted to fuck you for years. We jus'
di'n't know how to get you to do it."

"So why are you telling me this now?" I ask.

‘'Cause when I'm drunk, I say stuff I normally wouldn't."She said, then added,"I really.....really
want you to fuck me."

"No. And that's the end of this conversation!"I said forcefully. "Now get in bed. We'll talk about
this later."I said pushing her into the bed.

"I don' think so." She replied as she climbed clumsily onto the bed, "I don't think I'll remember

She fell face first onto the pillow and was out before I pulled the covers over her.

I stood staring at her for a long time, then whispered,"Girl, don't ever do that again. I'm not sure
I'm strong enough to say no a second time."

I pulled the blanket over her and went back to bed. It took me a half hour to fall asleep. All I
could think about was Summer's tight little body, her invitation and how it would feel to fuck
her. I woke the next morning at 9:00. As I passed their room I peaked in to see if Clare had made
it home. She was curled up on top of her blanket sound asleep. I made coffee and toast, then read
the paper. At 11:00 the girls were still sleeping so I made a run to the store to get provisions for
supper. I arrived home at 12:30 to find both of them still asleep. At 2:00 PM I heard the bedroom
door open and Clare staggered out.

"A good party was it?" I ask.

She gave me a wane smile and mumbled,"Yea." As she headed for the bathroom.

As Clare was showering Summer came out of the bedroom. Her eyes were bloodshot, and she
walked slowly toward the kitchen, a hand held over her eyes.

"Morning sunshine." I called.

Summer turned toward me, gave me a sour look and said,"I feel terrible."

"You look the same way." I replied.

"What time did I get home?" She ask.

"Around 4:00AM."I replied.

"Did I say or do anything after I got here?" She mumbled.

"You chattered at me in a drunken slur, but you didn't do anything other then spill beer in the

" did I talk to you about?" She ask.

I was thinking about how to answer her question when Clare stepped out of the bathroom.

"All your's sis." She called to Summer.

"Ok." Summer replied, seeming to forget the question she had ask me.

Clare got a cup of coffee while Summer showered. When the younger girl appeared she looked a
lot better. The girls sat drinking coffee and intermittently talking about the nights activities.
Summer glanced in my direction a couple of times, but didn't bring up the question of what she
had said the night before. I made Supper at 6:00 and we had the dishes cleaned up by 7:30.

"So what's on the itinerary for tonight?" I ask.

"We're going to go ride the bumper cars, then take in the free beach concert." Clare replied,"It
sounds like it will be fun."

"I'll ask the same thing as I did last night, please be careful." I told them.

As they left Summer stopped and looked at me like she wanted to say something, but then shook
her head and followed her sister out the door. I watched a game and just as I was turning off the
TV I heard someone come in the door. I looked at the clock and found it was
9:00 PM. A second later Summer appeared around the corner.

"Hi uncle Brad." She said.

"You're home early." I said,"Everything alright?"

"Yea, I just.....No it's not." She said looking at the floor," got the feeling I said
something last night that upset you. I didn't want that to happen. Can we talk?"

"Sure sweetum's." I said calling her a name I called her when she was little,"Come sit with

She came over and sat on the opposite end of the couch.

Again not looking at me she ask," did I say?"

"First do you do that often? Say things when your drunk? And are they truth or stuff you

"I...well....I...first I need to know what I said, then I can tell you if it's truth or not."

I loved Summer. She had always seemed such a sweet, innocent thing that her statements from
the night before had shocked me deeply. I decided the best way was just to get it out, using the
same vernacular she had.

So I started with,"Well you were telling me that you and Carl fucked everyday and you were
horny and needed to fuck."

She seemed to shrink and pull into her self as the words hit her.

"I'm sorry." She whimpered.

"Listen sweetum's," I said ,"You're 18. If you want to have sex with your boyfriend it's ok, that's
your business. If you want to talk that way, it's ok. It's just that I was shocked hearing it come
from you for the first time."

" don't think I'm bad because I do it with Carl? Because I like it?"

I chuckled and replied,"No I don't. I'd think you strange if you didn't like sex."

"Thank you uncle Brad. Mom and Dad would have gone ballistic." She replied with a note of
relief filling her voice.

"Yes they would have. A healthy sex drive isn't anything to be ashamed of. But there is
something else you said we need to talk about."

I could see her stiffen as she absorbed my words, then I heard her mumble,"Wha...what's that?"

I didn't know any other way to approach the subject, so I just said it,"You offered to let me fuck

We both sat still for what seemed an age then I heard her say in a subdued voice,""

"No. Of course not! I couldn't. Not that I wasn't tempted. Damn was I tempted. You are a very
sexy young lady. I just couldn't. Not when you were so drunk you wouldn't remember it. After
you made that offer you also told me that you and Clare have been talking about getting me to
fuck you for years. Is that true?"

Again we sat still. The only movement in the room for long moments was the curtain stirring in a
n errant breeze..

The minutes drug out until faintly I heard her whisper,"Yes, it's true."

Like a blow the realization that what she had said was true and not a statement manufactured
from a drunken stupor hit me.

"Summer, I know I'm not your real uncle. I know it would be totally legal for us to have sex, but
I don't think it would be wise. To start with I'm 41 and you're only 18. Besides your parents
would go totally off the deep end if they ever found out. There's lot's of reason's why we
shouldn't do it."

Again we sat still for long minutes.

Then Summer replied,"Clare and I have been dreaming and talking about...about...having sex
with you for a long time. We are both sexually active so we have already done it. We both love
you. You gave me a few reasons why we shouldn't. I don't think any of those reasons are good
enough. You never said you didn't want to. In fact you said you were tempted to last night. Do
you want to? Would you like to do it with me? Would you like to....fuck me?"

She had put me on the spot. I could tell her no I didn't want to, or I could tell her the truth. I had
never ever lied to either of them. I decided I wasn't going to start.

"I.....I.....damn it! Ever since last night that's all I've been able to think about! But I couldn't last
night and I don't think it's a good idea now. I turned you down last night, but Summer you can't
put me in that spot again. I'm not sure I'm strong enough to turn you down a second time."

A look of thoughtfulness crossed her face, then she smiled and replied,"I'm sorry I put you on the
spot like that."

I nodded to accept her apology and took that to mean she wouldn't do it again.

"Ok, now that we have that out of the way, what are you going to do the rest of the evening?"

"I'm suppose to meet Clare by the fountain on the Boardwalk and we're going to a party. " She
said with a smile that would have put the Cheshire cat to shame.

"What's with the mysterious smile?" I ask.

"Oh....uh....Clare met a couple of guys and we're going to go to the party with them." She

I thought it strange that such a thing could cause her to become flustered, but another subject
popped into my mind that caused me to over look it.

"You do have condoms don't you? Just incase you decide to have sex?"

"Uncle Brad!" Summer squealed.

"Well I don't want you coming up pregnant." I said firmly.

"Well," She said,"Clare and I really don't need them. We've both had a contraceptive shot."

"Even so," I said" I have some in the bathroom. I want you to take them. A shot can't protect you
against disease."

Again that thoughtful look crossed her face as she said,"Ok. I'll take them."

She left a few minutes later. As soon as she was gone I hurried to my bedroom, stripped,
stretched out on the bed and proceeded to jack off as I thought about fucking both Clare and
Summer. Just after I came, as I was laying there with my dripping cock in my hand, I thought I
heard a noise. I quickly got up and dressed in case it was the girls returning. I looked through the
house, but noone was there. I spent the evening watching a movie and a game. Around 11:00 I
took a shower and went to bed. It didn't take me long to fall asleep.

I woke from a very erotic dream. I was dreaming that a very sexy young lady was in my bed and
sitting astride my lap rubbing her wet slit up and down my hard rod. For a few seconds as I woke
I was confused because the dream didn't recede as dreams usually do, but seemed to grow more
real. Finally I snapped into wakefulness to realize that my hands were holding soft smooth hips,
and there was a woman's body sitting astride of me, her warm, moist slit had my cock pinned
between us..

"Wha.......?" I gasp as I realized what was happening.

Just then she leaned down and I heard Clare's voice whisper,"I talked to Summer. She told you
the truth. I'm here so you can fuck me. Fuck me uncle Brad. Fill me with your hard cock. Fuck

I tried to resist as I said,"Clare we can't...we shouldn't...."

I felt her slip her hand between us, grasp my cock and a moment later the exquisite feeling
of her pussy sliding down over my cock.

"Fuck me." She whispered again.

My resistance crumbled. I knew I was lost. I pulled her tight to my chest and rolled, ending with
her under me. I pulled her legs up until her knees were pinned to the mattress on each side of her.
I leaned down and crushed my mouth to her's as I began to fuck her with long hard strokes.

Clare wrapped her arms around my neck and I felt her hips begin to move, rising to meet each of
my hard jarring strokes. It wasn't love making, it was rutting, a violent joining as my balls
slapped her ass and her hips came up so her tight cunt could accept each stroke. I have no idea
how long we fucked. It could have been seconds or minutes. I do knew that when my orgasm hit,
I pushed my cock as deep into her as I could as it throbbed filling her with my cum. As
my cock exploded I heard Clare gasp, then a high pitched keen came from her lips as she too
climaxed, her pussy pulsing around my hard rod. After we lay together, my still hard cock inside
her warm cunt.

I finally found my voice and said,"Damn it Clare. Why did you do that? We shouldn't have."

She grinned and relied,"I wanted to."

She then batted her eye lashes and said in a sweet innocent voice,"Didn't you like it?"

"No...I mean yes...I mean....god damn it! Yes I liked it but we shouldn't have."

"To bad. We have. So," she grinned as I felt her wiggle her hips, then felt her pussy rhythmically
pulsing around my cock,"Care to try it again?"

The realization hit me that she was right. We had already done it. There was no going back. Even
though I felt guilty about it, I also knew I wanted to and would fuck her again. I pulled her to me
and rolled ending with her sitting astride of me, my hard cock still inside her warm puss.

"Ok sweetums," I said using the pet name I had for her and her sister,"You've wanted to fuck
me, so get to it."

She grinned and the next moment I was treated to the sensation of her pussy gently pulsing
around my cock.

"Damn girl!" I said, "Where did you learn to do that?"

" You like that? I do Kegel exercises every day." She said, again bearing down and squeezing my

I laid there enjoying the feel of it thinking it couldn't get better. A few moments later it did. She
began to rock her hips back and forth, sliding my cock out, then back into her wet tunnel as she
continued to squeeze my cock with her pussy muscles. After a few minute of that she leaned
forward and offered me her nipple. I began to suck and lick it as she fucked herself onto my cock.

I have no idea how long we did that. After having cum once already I knew it would be awhile
before I could again. Time stretched out and there was just me and Clare, or bodies locked
together. After what seemed like forever I heard her groan, then felt her thrusts pickup speed.
Soon she was moaning and slamming herself onto my cock with abandon. I grabbed both cheeks
of her ass and began to meet her thrusts with mine. A strangled cry came from her lips, her pussy
clamped onto my cock and her body began to shake. As I felt her cum, my cock exploded
blasting a second load of spunk deep inside her. Soon she lay on my chest whimpering, her body
trembling form the intensity of her climax.

"You ok?" I ask, brushing her sweat soaked hair from her eyes.

"" She said,"That was one of the best climaxes I've ever had. I knew it was going to be
good to fuck you, but I didn't know it would be like that."

I wrapped my arms around her and lay still, my slowly softening cock still inside her.

"You know we shouldn't have done that." I whispered.

"Maybe not." She whispered back, her voice muffled because she had her face buried against my
chest,"But I wanted to. I'm not sorry we did. And I'd do it again"

"What's done can't be undone." I said stroking her hair, then said with a chuckle"So does this
mean we're going to be doing this a few more times before you go home?"

Her head came up and she looked into my eyes as she said with a half grin,"You betcha'!"

"What about Summer?" I ask,"How's she going to take this?"

"Well you're going to do her too aren't you?"Clare ask.

"Well I don't know..." I began to say.

"Please uncle Brad. Summer is a very sensitive girl, when she's not drinking, and it would hurt
her to no end thinking you were doing it with me and not her. You have to do it with her too."

"Does she know you're here, in my bed?" I ask.

"No. We talked when we got home and she told me about your conservation with her, then she
passed out before I came in here. I think she drinks too much, but she won't listen to me about

"Then do me a favor, don't tell her what we did. I have an idea how I want to approach this with

"Ok. I won't say a word to her. But you have to promise me you will do it with her. Promise?"
Clare said staring into my eyes.

So there I sat, Clare astride my lap, my cock still inside her cum filled pussy, as she waited for
me to promise to fuck her hot little sister. What could I do?

"Ok. I will."I replied.

"Great!" She replied with a large smile,"I'd love to stay and sleep with you, but I should get back
to bed incase Summer wakes before I do in the morning."

She slid off me and as she did my now limp cock slipped out of her, falling wet and cum covered
against my belly. I got a look at her naked body as Clare stood next to the bed for a moment.
Even in the dim light I could make out her large breasts, erect nipples and the dark triangle of her
trimmed bush. I could feel my cock starting to stir as I stared art her.

"Go." I said,"Before I pull you back into this bed and fuck you another time."

Clare leaned forward and kissed me, then whispered in a mock serious voice, "Promises,

A moment later she was gone out the door. I laid awake for a while thinking about the situation. I
felt slightly guilty, but over shadowing that was a sense of excitement. I was going to be
spending the next few days with a couple of very sexy young ladies and my mind was filled with
a jumble of fantasies that were possible.

I don't know when I fell asleep. I woke with a start the next morning, the sun streaming through
the window. I got up, showered and had breakfast made before the girls woke. Summer was the
first up. She stumbled from the bedroom.

"Good morning." She mumbled.

"‘Morning sweetums." I replied,"Breakfast is ready as soon as you shower."

She mumbled something I didn't hear as she disappeared into the bathroom.

As I heard the shower start Clare came out of the bedroom rubbing her eyes. When she saw me
she smiled, walked over and wrapped her arms around my neck.

I pulled her tight to me and said,"'Morning."

"‘Morning." She replied in a soft whisper,"How long has Summer been in the shower?"

"About two or three minutes." I replied.

"She usually takes 20 minutes to shower. Car for a quicky while we wait?"

I dropped my hands and ran them up under her nighty to discover she didn't have on panties
under it. I chuckled, picked her up and sat her on the table. I still had on my robe. I opened it
pulled my hard cock out of my underwear and a moment later was buried to my balls in Clare's
tight pussy.

As I slid into her she groaned and I felt her hips tilt up to accept my cock. I fucked her slowly as
we both listened for the shower to stop. We both lost track of the shower as we got into the fuck.
Soon I was ramming into her, my balls slapping against her ass as I fucked her. My cock
exploded, blasting rope after rope of cum into her pussy. Clare moaned as her climax filled her.

When we were done I became aware that the shower had stopped. Quickly I pulled out of Clare
and she jumped to her feet. Less then a minute later Summer stepped into the kitchen.

"You ready for breakfast?" I ask Summer,"Clare's already had a snack."

Her sister couldn't see her so Clare made a face at me as Summer responded,"Just juice please. I
don't feel so good this morning."

Clare headed to the bathroom as I ask Summer,"So what's up for today?"

"Clare wants to go shopping. Then I think I'll come back here and nap before the concert
tonight." Summer replied looking a bit pale.

"Perhaps you should avoid drinking anything tonight." I said,"You might feel better tomorrow if
you do."

"Yea. Maybe I will." Summer replied with a wane smile.

The girls left an hour later. I went about doing my chores, laundry, cleaning, mowing the lawn
until late afternoon. At 5:00 I sat down to watch a game. The girls returned at 6:30. Summer went
to their room to sleep and Clare came in to watch the game with me.

During a break in the game Clare ask bluntly,"So when are you going to do Summer?"

"I don't want her to be drunk to do it." I replied,"How long do you think she'll sleep?"

"With the hangover she had, probably two or three hours anyway." Clare replied.

"What time does the concert start?" I ask.

"8:00." Clare replied.

"Why don't you go on to the concert and I'll send Summer along when she wakes?"I said with a
half grin.

Clare caught my meaning immediately.

She grinned and said,"Sure. I can do that."

Clare left at 7:45 for the concert. As she stepped out the door she had a huge grin on her face. I
waited until 8:00 before I went in and woke Summer. She was laying on top of her bed, still
dressed, curled into a ball. I shook her shoulder gently yo wake her. She moaned, stirred and her
eyes fluttered open.

"Hi uncle Brad." she mumbled,"Wha....what's going on?"

"It's 8:00." I said," Clare left half an hour ago and said to meet her at the fountain at 10:00. I
thought you might feel better if you took a shower and ate something."

"Oh....Ok." Summer replied in a sleep filled voice,"I'll get up in a little while."

"We need some time to talk before you go." I said.

That statement brought her wide awake.

"Aw...wha...what about?" She stammered.

"Take a shower then come to the kitchen and I'll tell you." I replied.

"Ok...alright." She said, giving me a look filled with puzzlement and concern.

I went to the kitchen to wait. I was so nervous I couldn't sit still so I paced across the kitchen
floor. Finally after what seemed like forever I heard the bathroom door open. I sat down, not
wanting Summer to know I was nervous. She came into the kitchen dressed in a large mans t-
shirt that on her was knee length.

I pointed at a chair,"Come sit."

She slid into the chair and looked at me her face filled with concern,"Did I do
something wrong?" She ask nervously.

"Yes and no." I replied," have a couple of things to talk to you about. I'm concerned about your
drinking. You seem to get drunk quit often. Care to talk to me about it?"

Summer stared at the table top as she said,"I know I do. But I can't seem to not do it when I'm
out. It seems the only way I can loosen up. I don't like to be sick with a hangover."

"Will you try not to drink for a while? Please?" I ask.

"Ok. I'll try uncle Brad."she said," was the other thing you wanted to talk to me

"Remember the discussion we had about what you said the first night you were here? About how
you and Clare wanted to have sex with me?" I ask.

"Uncle Brad I'm really sorry about that!" She said hurriedly,"I shouldn't have said it, I should
have kept my mouth shut. I'm so sorry...."

I held up my hand to stop her and said,"That's past. I have one question though, did you mean

"I"She stammered.

"Summer, I'm not angry with you. All I want to know is the truth. Did you mean it?"

She sat still for several long moments, then slowly nodded her head.

"That answers my question. Ok we're done discussing things. You need to get ready for the
concert. Come give me a hug before you do."

I could tell she was still puzzled, but she got up and walked around the table. I spread my legs so
she cold step close. She wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me.

As I held her I whispered,"You do know I love you don't you sweetums?"

I could feel her nod as she said,"Uh,hu."

"And I'd never do anything to hurt you, you know that?"

Again I felt her nod as she said,"Uh,hu."

"With that in mind, I want to fuck you."

We were silent for a dozen heartbeats, then I heard her whisper,""

"Right now." I responded.

Again it was silent, then almost too faint to hear she whispered,"Ok."

I slide my trembling hands down her back then up under her nighty until I had both her firm
naked ass cheeks cupped in my hands. I picked her up and pulled her astride of my lap. I could
feel her trembling as I pulled her against my chest.

"You ok ?" I ask,"If you don't want to do this all you have to say is no. I won't be angry."

"I....I....I want to." I heard her whisper,"But...the only time....I've ever had sex sober was the first
time with my then boyfriend. He was big down there. Really big. And when he pushed it into me
it hurt. It hurt really bad . But when I cried and asked him to stop he laughed and told me to shut
up and take it like the slut I was. If I don't have something to drink, I'm afraid it will this time

"I thought you told me you and your boyfriend do it all the time?" I ask.

"We do." She said in a very small voice,"But I make sure I have something, usually a lot to drink
before we do. I know it feels good when I'm drunk. The alcohol keeps it from hurting."

I pulled her to me in a firm embrace and stroked her hair as I whispered back,"Baby I am so sorry
that guy hurt you like that. And I can tell you the alcohol doesn't keep it from hurting, it just
doesn't after the first time. I can guarantee it won't hurt. But if you're that afraid of it, maybe we
shouldn't do it."

"You promise it won't hurt?" She asked, her voice muffled because she had her face buried
against my chest.

"I promise it won't." I replied,"Have I ever hurt you or lied to you?"

"" She said quietly.

"Let me show you how it's suppose to feel." I whispered into her hair.

We sat still for several long heartbeats, then she whispered, "I trust you uncle Brad. Show me."

I reached around and cupped both her bare ass cheeks, pulled her to my chest ans stood. As I did
she wrapped her arms around my neck and held on tight. As I walked down the hall I could feel
her body trembling against me.

"It's ok sweetum's," I whispered,"Uncle Brad is going to take care of you."

When I reached the bedroom I sat her on her feet and gently took hold of the hem of the t-shirt. I
pulled it up and as I did she raised her arms. When it was free I tossed it to the floor and took my
first look at Summer's naked body. Her breasts were just as I always imagined them. They stood
out from her small frame, sagging slightly, her nipples were crinkled and hard. Both were
surrounded by dark brown areolas that covered a quarter of the peak of her breasts.

My eyes slid downward, admiring her flat stomach and smooth shapely hips, finally coming to
rest on her mound. I expected to see a bush of bright red hair. Instead I was shocked, and pleased
to see she was shaved bare.

I picked her up and gently placed her on her back on the bed. It took me half a minute to shed my
shirt, slippers ands shorts. With my hard cock waving in the air I climbed onto the bed. As I did I
noticed Summer's eyes were riveted on my cock, a frightened look in them.

"Summer, look at me." I said.

Her gaze shifted to my face and I said,"Any time you want to stop, say so. I will stop then and
there. Ok?"

For a moment that frightened look was still in her eyes, then slowly it faded as she nodded her
head and repeated,"I trust you uncle Brad."

I reached over and turned on the CD player-alarm clock combo I had on the night stand. I knew
I had a CD in it, but wasn't sure what it was. A moment later the soft seductive sound of one of
my favorite jazz singers wafted through the air.

I leaned over and softly kissed Summer, cupping her breast as I did. Soon she was kissing me
back as I massaged her firm breast and rolled her nipple between my fingers. A few minutes
more and I pulled my mouth from her's and began to suck on her nipples, alternating from one to
the other.

"Oh....that...that feels good!" She gasp,"No ones ever done that!"

I pulled my mouth form her nipple and ask,"So you and your boy friend just fuck? No foreplay
or petting or anything?"

"No we don't."She said,"I'm usually pretty drunk when we do it. He just pulls off my panties,
get's between my legs and stuffs his cock into me. Many times I don't even remember doing it
with him."

"Then why do you do it?" I ask, totally puzzled.

"Because.....because I feel like I want to, even when I'm sober, but I just can't with out a drink."
She replied,"Am I really screwed up?"

"No," I said,"You just need to find out what it's like without a drink. Now...."

I began to slowly kiss down over her flat stomach. Soon I was close to her mound and I could
smell her arousal.

When I placed a kiss at the top of her bare slit, she jumped and gasp,"What...are you going to eat

In answer I moved around and gently pushed her legs apart, then dropped to my stomach with my
face only a few inches form her glistening slit.

"Swteetum's, I'm not only going to eat you, I'm going to eat you until you scream for me to

With that I used my fingers to gently spread the lips of her pussy, then slowly inserted my tongue
until I felt the hard nub of her clit. When I touched her clit with my tongue I felt her stiffen, then
heard her gasp. With that I put my mouth against her pussy and began to suck on her clit,
lashing it with my tongue as I slipped a finger into her very wet, tight hole.

It didn't take me long and I had two fingers buried knuckle deep in her wet pussy. I sucked,
licked and nibbled at her clit as I used my fingers to fuck her. I could feel her hips rise to meet
the thrust of my fingers as I pushed her closer to an orgasm.

Soon I heard her moan,"Uncle Brad...I'm going"

I increased the speed of my fingers and sucked harder at her clit.

A very few moments later I was rewarded with a scream of,"OH.....OH.....OH MY GOD I'M

Her pussy clamped down on my fingers, her hips began to vibrate, she grabbed the back of my
head and with wild woman strength pulled my face tight to her pussy as she climaxed. As I
sucked at her clit I felt a warm gush of liquid around my fingers, tasted the musky flavor of her
and realized she was squirting.

Her grip began to relax and I knew it was time to enter her. I climbed up, put my cock head
against her slippery, wet hole and pushed, watching as the mushroom crown spread her lips and
slid through into her tight tunnel. Inch by inch I pushed into her. I could not believe how tight she
was. Her pussy was sopping wet but was still tighter than any one I'd ever fucked. I pushed the
last of my hard rod into her and a moment later my balls were nestled against her firm ass.

Summer was laying still her eyes closed. I kissed her gently on the lips as I began to slowly fuck
her. She moaned and I felt her respond, her lips parted, my tongue snaked into her mouth. As our
tongues dueled, I felt her hips tentatively begin to rise to meet my thrusts. How long I fucked her
I don't know, two minutes, five, although it seemed like forever it couldn't have been long. I
could feel my balls ready to burst, knew I was very close to filling her womb with my spunk.

As I felt my cock begin to throb, I pushed deep into her tight pussy, emptying my cum deep into
her pussy. As my cock throbbed I felt Summers body begin to vibrate, then she grabbed my neck
in a fierce embrace as she climaxed a second time, her pussy pulsing around my cock. As my
cock throbbed weakly for the last time, I felt Summer go limp. I looked down to see her eyes
were closed, a soft whimper issuing from her lips.

"Summer? You ok?" I ask, concerned I might have hurt her.

She said nothing so I began to climb from between her legs. As I did I felt her legs come up and
clamp around my hips, then her arms encircled my neck in a strangle hold.

"Please....please don't move. Oh god Uncle Brad don't move. It's never....I've never...That

"It was Ok then?" I ask.

"No. No it wasn't." She said, which made me think it hurt her and immediately saddened me.

A moment later though my heart jumped as she whispered,"It wasn't Ok, it was the best feeling
I've ever had! God what have I been missing?"

"Good. Good." Was all I could think to say, then added,"So what now?"

I heard her giggle, then say,"I want to do it again. I want to keep doing it forever!"

"I'll be worn out by the time we get to half a dozen times!" I replied,"But if you want to do it
again, I think I can manage that. How about we try something different?"

"Sure." she breathed,"What did you have in mind?"

"Have you and your boyfriend ever done it doggy style?" I ask.

"I don't know. I've always been drunk when we do it and I don't remember. Are you going to
show me how it's done?" She ask.

"Sure, but you're going to have to let me pull out for a moment or two." I replied.

"Can't we move around without you pulling it out of me?" She asked, a small pout on her lips.

I leaned down and kissed her, using my teeth to gently pull on her lower lip.

"You can have it anyway you want." I whispered to her.

"Then keep it in me and fuck me again."She giggled.

I pulled her leg up and swung it around in front of me, at the same time holding her hip with my
other hand to keep my hard shaft buried inside her. A few moments later she was on her hands
and knees in front of me, the large head of my cock still buried in her tight hole. I pushed back
into her until my balls tapped against her pussy. I began to fuck her with a slow steady rhythm,
my balls gently slapping her clit each time I slid into her. I leaned forward and cupped both her
small firm breasts, rolling her nipples between my fingers as I fucked her. Soon I could feel her
pushed her hips back to meet my stokes into her. Small gasping moans broke from her lips.

"Sweetum's I want to change positions again." I whispered to her as I fucked her.

"Oh no!," She moaned,"Don't stop....please don't stop...feels so good...."

"One more change." I whispered back.

This time I pulled out of her, which brought a long groan of protest from her. I sat down with my
back against the head board, picked her up and sat her astride of my lap. I lined my cock up with
her pussy, grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto it, which brought a moan from her. I held
on to her hips and began to fuck her hard. Before long she picked up the rhythm and was fucking
me back.

As we fucked I whispered,"Cum for me Sweetum's. Cum for uncle Brad." Then began to chant,"
Cum for me.....Cum for me.....cum for me....cum for me...."in time to the slapping sound of her
skin on mine.

After a few minutes she began to respond
in time to my

A moment later she screamed," OH MY...MY...MY....PUSSY'S ON...F....F....FIRE!!!" As her
body shook and I could feel her tight pussy pulsing around my cock.

My cock exploded, squirting my load deep into her womb.

When we were done Summer sat slumped against my chest, whimpering.

I wrapped both arms around hr and held her tight as I whispered,"You ok Sweetum's?"

She slowly nodded her head in answer, then I felt her snuggle tighter to me. We sat that way for a
long time, finally we both drifted off to sleep. I woke an hour later, my by now soft cock still
inside Summer. I could tell by her breathing she was still asleep. I glanced at the clock and saw
that it was 11:00 PM. I thought about waking her, but decided to let her sleep until she woke on
her own. Slowly I drifted back into slumber. I started awake a half hour later as I felt Summer

"What time is it?" She whispered.

"11:30 PM." I replied.

"I'm suppose to meet Clare." Summer declared.

"Yes you are." I replied.

"Should I tell her about this?" Summer ask snuggling into my chest.

"She knows." I said.

"She knows? How?" Summer ask.

"I told her I was going to do it with you tonight."

"Why did you tell her that?"

"Because she and I have already done it. She snuck into my bed last night and jumped on my
cock before I was awake."

"So, you've done it with her and she knows about this?" Summer ask.


Summer sat silent for a few moments, then said,"I don't want to move, but I've got to pee."

She dismounted my lap, voicing plenty of groaned protest as she did.

I sat thinking about what had happened and where it might go from here. Summer returned in a
few minutes, climbed into the bed and snuggled against me.

"I called Clare." She said,"I told her I wasn't coming to the concert. Is that Ok? Can I spend the
night here with you?"

"Sure if that' what you want to do." I replied.

"It is." she said,"I still feel bad from the hangover, but I feel really, really good from what we did.
I just don't want to go any place."

"You want to sleep with me?" I ask, hoping that was the case.

"Yes I do." She replied.

I slid down under the sheet and pulled Summer's body tight against mine.

"You do know having such a sexy young thing pressed against me all night might cause a
reaction. What if I wake with a big old hardon in the night?"

Summer giggled and said,"I hope you know where to put it."

I lay with Summer snuggled tight to my side. I could feel her firm breasts pushed against me
which was already causing my cock to twitch. I drifted off to sleep wondering how long before I
woke again.

I woke in the early morning hours. I was laying with one leg over Summer, my hand cupping her
pussy and my cock, rock hard, trapped between my stomach and her thigh. As my mind climbed
up out of sleep to awareness of where I was, I instantly knew I was going to fuck her yet again.
Slowly, gently, so as not to wake her I parted her legs, climbed between them and put the crown
of my cock against her bare pussy lips.

I began to work it in with small, slow strokes, trying not to wake her. When my cock head finally
penetrated her pussy lips, the slippery warmth of her tunnel made me want to ram it home, but I
kept to my plan and gently worked my shaft deeper into her young, tight, slippery pussy. It
wasn't long and I was balls deep in her exquisite cunt.

I began to fuck her with long slow, gentle strokes. As I did I heard Summer moan, then felt her
arms raise and encircle my neck. A moment more and I felt her legs encircle my hips, then the
indescribable feel of her hips rising to meet my strokes.

This time it wasn't hot, passion filled sex; it was a slow, warm joining. A melting of me into her.
I have no idea ho long we lay there, our bodies locked together, my cock slowly sliding out, then
back into her young body. It could have been minutes, or hours. I couldn't tell. I do know that
when I came, when my cock began to throb and I buried it inside her, she responded in kind. I
could hear her gasps of pleasure, feel her pussy pulsing, greedily sucking at my hard shaft as if to
milk every last drop of my cum into her depths.

When that magical moment finally washed away I stretched out next to her and pulled her tight
against me. I heard her sigh, felt her snuggle closer, then I was once again enveloped by the soft
shroud of sleep.

I woke the next morning to find myself alone. As I threw back the covers, in the light of day I
wondered how Summer was going to take what had happened between us. For my part I hoped
she didn't feel to badly about it. Even though I felt slightly guilty about what we had done, I
wouldn't have changed any of it.

I trudged to the bathroom my mind filled with thoughts. Only at a subconscious did I realize the
smell of coffee and bacon filled the air. When I was done in the bathroom, I trudged to the
kitchen. As I entered I was a bit shocked to find both Summer and Clare standing at the range,
dressed in their large t-shirt nighties, talking and giggling as they cooked.

Clare saw me and said,"Good morning. Have a seat. Breakfast will be ready in a few."

Summer poured a cup of coffee and carried it to me. She sat it on the table then leaned over and
gave me a long lingering kiss on the mouth.

"Good morning." She said with a large smile.

The two hustled around the kitchen for the next few minutes serving up bacon, eggs and toast.
When everything was on the table they both took a seat. Then for a several long moments noone
spoke. Finally I decided it was my responsibility to break the silence.

"I think we need to talk...." I began.

"Wait!" Clare demanded, holding up her hand to stop me,"Summer and I need to say something
first. You want to go first Summer or do you want me to?"

Summer's cheeks were pink with embarrassment as she replied,"Why don't you."

"Ok." Clare said, then turned to face me and added,"What happened here we all wanted to
happen. For my part I've wanted to do that for a long, long time. Now that I have I am neither
disappointed or unhappy with the result. In fact I'll do it again any time. Summer? "

" want it too." Summer stammered in an almost whisper, then seemed to find her
train of thought as her voice grew stronger,"Thank you Uncle Brad. I've never ever felt the way
you made me feel. I loved it and I want to do it again."

I sat there stunned. I hadn't expected the girls to be so frank and open about what had happened.
After a few moments of reflection, I decided I could do no less.

"Ok. Since we're being open about this, I enjoyed my time with both of you. And I thank you for
giving me the opportunity to make love to two very sweet, very sexy young ladies. You do know
we can't ever tell anyone in the family about this? Even though both of you are not blood
relatives and what we did wasn't illegal, the rest of the family would take a very dim view of it."

Both girls nodded there agreement.

"Ok so what now? You two are going home today."

"How long are you going to stay here?" Clare ask.

"I've got another two and a half weeks of vacation, then I was thinking about commuting to work
from here for the rest of the summer." I added, hoping they would want to come back for a
weekend or two.

"Well," Clare said with a sly grin and a sidelong glance at her sister,"Summer and I have jobs
this summer, But neither of us work on weekends. Would you like to have a couple of weekend
house guests for the rest of the summer?"

It took a moment for the implications of her question to hit me. They wanted to come back for
every summer weekend!

In the back of my mind I wasn't sure if I could survive it, but the words that spilled from my
mouth came straight up from my cock," Absolutely!"

We ate breakfast, chatting about what there were going to do for the day.

When we were done they stacked the dishes in the sink, then Summer said,"I'm going to take a

As she entered the bathroom Clare walked over and straddled my lap.

"When summer's done I'm taking a shower." She said as she rubbed her pussy against my hard
rod,"Then Summer is going to go shopping. You can take me to your bed when she leaves if you
want to."

I grinned and pulled her crotch tighter against my hard cock,"Try and stop me!" I said with a

"But you can't wear yourself out on me." Clare added with a sly smile,"Because later this
afternoon I'm going shopping and Summer is going to be here with you."

"You two are going to kill me." I replied in mock seriousness.

A moment later we heard the bathroom door open . Summer came out and spotted Clare sitting
on my lap.

"Time to change places." The redhead said with a grin.

Clare climbed off my lap to be immediately replaced by Summer.

As she sat down, her warm slit pressed to the length of my cock she ask," I take it Clare told you
of our plan?"

I pulled her to me kissed her lips and whispered,"My name is Uncle Brad and I approve your

As the sexy, petite redhead sat astride my lap, her warm pussy press against my cock, I wondered
what the rest of the summer was going to bring. As my hands wandered over her body I decided
it was going to be good summer no matter what.

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