Read 1 and 2 first. Continueing from German Shepherd 3
After being fucked by that dog for two days in a row, I decided to take a
break since my ass was sore as hell, and I was worryed about the scratches
on my chest and hip area. Even though I wore a thick jacket on the second
fucking he gave me, his claws still managed to scratch me on my hips and
thighs when he would move his front legs down to my hips and begin to fuck
me harder as his knot would start to grow inside me. Trust me, it was
painful, and since I was his bitch at the moment, there was nothing I could
do to stop the scratching as he tied us together as one.
For the next few days, I would walk to school in the morning and still
cut through the yard as normal. I would never see the dog, but I would see
the grassy area where I got fucked by him, and I would get a hardon just
knowing what happened there a few days ago. When I would leave school for
the day, I would still cut through the yard, and still not see the dog. I
guess the owner of the shop only kept the dog there at night when they
closed. I was kinda glad not to see him since my ass reminded me everyday
that it had been fucked good from the soreness I was still feeling Three
days later.
On the forth day of not wanting to be fucked by this dog, because of my
soreness, I was in school and in PE class and I didn't want to shower after
class because I didn't want anyone to see the scratches on me. As I was
changing out of my gym clothes in the locker room, a semi-friend of mine
(Lyle) ,3 lockers down, came over to me and said "What kind of dog do you
own?" Since I did not own any dog, I was confused and answered "I don't own
a dog." He then blew me away by saying "I just saw the scratches on you."
He then lifted his shirt and showed me his scratches on his hip area, and
there was a lot of them!
I was embarassed, but yet intrested at the sametime since my scratches
looked exactly like his. I just kinda stood there for a second
'dumbfounded' and didn't know what to say. Lyle then said 'Well, If you
don't own a dog, let me ask a diffrent question...What kind of dog where
you playing with that made those scratches?' I was quick to whip out a LIE
and said, Oh, these happened when I was playing with my neighbors dog, A
German Sheapard. Lyle's eyes kinda lit up and he said "Wow, big dog!"
Yup, I said. Lyle then said "It looks like he likes to play rough." I
said, Yeah, he does. Just then the bell rang, and we both headed off in
diffrent directions to our next class.
When I got to my class (History) there was a film that day that the
whole class had to watch. As the film started, I was not paying any
attention to it since I was distracted in thought about Lyle and the little
chat we had just had. I kept wondering if he was also getting fucked by a
dog too. His scratches sure looked like it... Lyle was a normal dude, He
was cute, Blonde hair, thin build, about 5'10 140lbs, and had scratches
just like mine on his hips... I kept thinking about him all through the
film, and wondering about his scratches, and was my Lie good enough, and
did he buy it. The film ended and the teacher told us to write a short
essay on the film and have it on his desk by tomarrow..Needless to say,
that was going to be impossable for me since I didn't pay any attention to
it. But I did notice it was about WWI, so I figured I could manage
something by tomarrow to give him. A few more minutes passed, and the bell
rang, it was now lunch time.
I always ate lunch from the cafe, and would normaly sit with a bunch of
friends of mine outside on the benches and talk about whatever. As we sat
there yacking, Lyle came over and sat with us, he was cool, and everybody
knew him, so it was no big deal...But I had suspected other reasons for him
being there that day. As we all just ate our food and talked, I was
hopeing Lyle would not bring up anything about dogs, but he did. He
started telling us all about his it would catch a frisbee, chase
cats out of his yard, and one story that made everybody his dog
once killed a possum in his back yard. That alone got my other friends
talking about there dogs. As they all talked, Lyle looked over at me and
said "Dude, Do you want to come over to my house after school and see my
dog?" I was curious, so I said Sure. He then said, Cool, Meet me at the
bike racks behind the gym after school. I said, Ok, and that was the end
of our talk. The bell then rang and we headed off to our next classes.
As the day continued, I could not help but wonder what was going to
happen after school, and did Lyle know my scratches where caused by a dog
fucking me, or did he buy my story and was his scratches made the same
way.. I was kinda scared to meet him after school, but I knew he was cool,
so I wasn't that worried. But it was the longest day of my life in school
that day just wondering all these things. We let out of school at 3:pm, and
I remember watching the clock for the rest of the day. When 2:45 pm came
around, I was nervious, but I said to myself, Fuck it! no big deal. As the
bell rang at 3:00pm, I went over to the bike racks and Lyle was not there
yet. About 2 minutes later, I saw him comming from down the Science
buliding hallway, he was walking fast and when he saw me, he walked even
faster. When he got to the bike racks, he said "Hey Dude, are you ready?"
I said, Yeah, and we both then started walking towards his house. He only
lived a few blocks away from the school, so I knew it would not take long
to get there.
As we where walking, Lyle just blurted out "How far did you and your
neighbors German Shepard go?" I instantly knew what he ment, but I just
acted dumb and said 'What do you mean?" Lyle paused for a few seconds and
then said "You know...when he got on top of you and tried to hump you, did
you pull down your pants and let him go for it, or did he dry hump you with
your pants still on?" I was scared to answer, but since I now knew that he
knew my scratches were caused by a dog humping me, I said "Well, I was
wearing my shorts and a T-shirt at the time." Lyle then just blurted out
another ice breaking question, "Did he dry hump you or was he able to get
his dick up into your shorts?" I kinda paused and looked at him, and then
noticed he had a hardon in his jeans, and I had one too, so I said "I felt
his dick trying to...(and I stopped at that)" He then said, "Thats cool."
I then perked up and asked him, "What about you? How far have you gone with
your dog?" Lyle then said, "Well, he used to dry hump me all the time, but
one night when my parents where not home, I smoked a joint and got horny,
and brought him in the house and took him into my bedroom. I took off all
my clothes and.....well....I let him go for it." I then (Gleaming) said
"Really!?! You let him fuck you in your butt?" Lyle then said, "Yeah, for
alittle while." Playing dumb, I then asked "Did he fuck you all the way?"
Lyle then said "What do you mean by 'all the way'?" I then said, "You
know, did you and him get stuck together like dogs do when they fuck?" Lyle
was quick to answer with "No way! It almost happened one time, but when I
felt his ball growing inside me, I panicked and pulled it out of me, it
hurt a lot!"
It was at this point when we reached his house, and didn't know what to
expect next. Lyle then said "My parents will not be home for
what do you want to do?" I said, Can I see your dog? He said, Sure, and
lead me towards his back yard. When he opened the sliding glass door, I
saw his dog come bolting around from the side of his house to greet us.
His dog was a black, long haired, labrador. When it came running up to us,
I could tell it was eager. It was all over Lyle. It would sniff his crotch
and jump up on him. The Lab then greeted me in the same way and really dug
his nose into my butt, sniffing and then moving to my dick sniffing away at
me. Lyle then said "See, hes always horny and wants to fuck someone, and
by the way he's acting to you, I think he wants to fuck you." I then said,
Sure, I'll let him fuck me right now if your Sure your parents won't be
home for awhile. He then said that his parents don't come home until 6-ish
pm, and I then looked at the clock and saw that it was only 3:30 pm. I
then asked Lyle 'Do you want him to fuck me right here in your bedroom?"
Lyle said "yeah, that would be cool.
I then began to take off my pants and underwear. As soon as my underwear
came off, Lyle said "Before he fucks you, Can I fuck yu first?" ( I have
never been fucked by a guy before...but always wanted to try it...) I said,
Ok, and moved up onto the bed. Lyle then took off his clothes and I got to
see his hard cock for the first time. It was about 6 or 7 inches long and
he had a nice size pair of balls too. Lyle then told me to lay down on the
bed and spread my legs. I layed down on my stomach and spread my legs, and
with in seconds, he was between my legs getting ready to mount me. Lyle
then said "Dude, I have never fucked anyone before, your going to be my
first. I then said, I have never had a guy fuck me eaither, so your my
first too. I then watched as Lyle spit in his hand and rub his spit on his
cock lubeing it up for me. He then placed his cock between my ass cheeks
and said "Tell me when Im on your hole." He then poked around a bit and I
stopped him when he was right on top of my hole. He then started to slowly
ease his cock in me. It hurt a bit at first, but once the head of his cock
went inside me, his shaft was easy to take. As soon as he was fully inside
of me, he layed down on top of me and put his arms around me and held me
kinda tight. He then said "Are you ready?" I answered "Yes, go for it." He
then began fucking me gently at first, but once he got going, he was
fucking me pretty good! I remember feeling how thick and deep he was
inside me and I could feel the head of his cock deep inside me sliding
around with each pump he was giving me.
After about 5 minutes of him fucking me, Lyle spoke up and said "Im
getting ready to cum" and not 30 seconds later he was driving his cock as
deep as he could get it inside me, and I was moaning real loud with each
thrust he was giving me! He then tightened his grip around me and said "Im
cumming!" and bucked his hips deep and hard at me. I then began to feel my
insides warming up as he shot his cum deep into me. He must have cummed a
lot inside me because I could feel my insides all warm and I felt a kinda
full feeling inside me. The same feeling I had when the auto shop dog
fucked me and left all of his cum in me. Lyle then layed on top of me,
resting, and said "Fuck dude, that was awesome...your ass is so tight, I
didn't think I was ever going to stop cumming in you!" I was wore out and
breathing hard from Lyles fucking, and said "Yeah... I know..., I can feel
it all in me..." Lyle then said "Did you see what Buster was doing when I
was fucking you?" I said. No I wasn't watching him. He then said "He was
stareing at us and he kept licking his dick getting a hard on..his pink
dick came out of him, and he was licking it like mad." I laughed and said:
Well, maybe he wants to be next. Lyle then gave me a few more thrusts of
his cock that was still buryed in me, and said "Do you still want to let
him fuck you right now?" I said 'Sure, if you want me too.' Lyle then said
"Heck yeah! I want to see if you and him can really get stuck together."
Lyle then eased his grip around me and slowly pulled his cock out of me. I
remember feeling the head of his cock pop out of me, and as it did, I just
layed there (still resting from the fuck I just got) for a few moments,
when I felt some of his cum leak out of me and run down my balls. Yup,
there is a lot of Lyles cum in me I thought to myself. I didn't want to
get any on his bed, so I rolled out and onto the floor.
As soon as I hit the floor Buster was digging his nose into my ass and
licking away at my 16 year old hole and lapping up all of his masters cum
that was leaking out of me. He would dig his tounge hard at my hole, trying
to get at his masters cum. I kinda wanted to push more cum out of me, so he
could lick it up, but at the sametime, I kinda wanted to keep it in
felt kinda good in me. I then adjusted myself and got on my hands and
knees, to see if he was ready to fuck me. Needless to say, he was. He
quickly mounted me, and took a firm grip around my chest.

More to come...........

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