Part 4 of the German Shepherd stories.
As soon he mounted me, his front claws grabbed onto my chest and really dug
into me as he clamped down hard on me. He had a VERY tight grip on me! I
then felt Busters dick poking at my butt, trying to find my hole. As he
poked around, I (at the same time) was trying to get him to not have such a
tight grip on me. His front legs/claws where really digging into my
sides. All my efforts stopped when I felt his poking dick hit its mark and
enter me. I let out a huge moan as Buster thrusted himself inside me, and
began pumping away at my hole. I could still feel his claws digging into
my sides as he pounded away at me, but with his tight grip around me, and
his cock inside me, I quickly realized that He was taking full control over
my body and that I had no say so anymore. I was becomming his bitch. When a
dog clamps onto you as hard as he did, and has his cock inside you...your
pretty much Owned by him at that moment. You are pretty much forced to
submit your body to him, and become his bitch. It's a great feelng!
As I submitted to Buster, Lyle then said "Wow Dude, he's fucking you
hard! Are you going to let him go all the way with you?" I had a hard time
answering him right away, because Buster was in full fuck mode on me and
really driving his cock deep into me, but I did muster up enough air and
said "Fuck dude... Im his bitch right now..if he wants to knot up with his bitch. Lyle then didn't say anythng, but I could tell by the
gleam in his eye's that he was enjoying what he was watching. As Buster
continued fucking me, I remember feeling his cock sliding in and out of me
with ease..There was no pain at all, and then I felt something liquid
running down my ass and onto my balls as he was fucking me harder and
harder. I then managed to reach my hand around to my balls and get some of
the liguid onto my fingers and look at it. It was thick and pure white. I
then realized that it was Lyle's cum leaking out of me and providing both
My ass and Buster's cock with lubrication during his fucking of me. As
Buster continued to pound away at me, I remember feeling his cock growing
thicker and longer inside of me, he was real deep in me, so deep that I
felt the tip of his dick pokeing at my guts. When the Auto Shop dog fucked
me, His cock was thick inside me, and deep too, But Buster's cock felt not
as thick, but his cock sure was longer inside me! I actually started to
get worried about his cocks length inside me...was it going to get even
longer? And if so, was I going to be able to take it! I still knew that I
really had no options to do anything about it, because Buster still had
full control of my body, and I was just going to have to take whatever he
was going to give me.
About 5 minutes had passed since Buster had entered me, and he was still
at full fucking me! The Auto shop dog fucked me for about 3 minutes before
his knot grew inside me and tied us together. But Buster still had a firm
tight grip around my chest, and was still fucking me to no end!! I then
looked up at Lyle (Who was still staring hard at us, and still had that
gleam in his eye's) and I said "Dude, I don't think I can take anymore of
this" Lyle then said "Why?". I then began to explain why, when all of a
sudden I felt Buster's knot begin to form in me. I then told Lyle "I feel
his ball/knot growing in me" Lyle then said "Really? When he fucked me, I
always felt it outside of my butt, and he would try and shove it into
me...thats where I stopped it." As soon as Lyle was done saying that, I
felt Busters semi-knot slide out of me and stay just pressed at my butt as
he kept fucking me. I then moved my ass a little higher (Just to see if his
next thrust would push his semi knot in me again) and yup it did!! I let
out a HUGE moan as it went inside me!! Lyle quickly asked "Whats wrong?"
And I quickly said "his knot went inside me again." Just then, Buster slid
his paws from around my waist down to my hips and REALLY began to drive as
much of his cock in me as possable. I began moaning and moaning real loud
as I felt his knot growing bigger inside me, and yet still sliding around
in me. His knot was not latching on to me, but I did feel a few tugs from
inside my ass like it was trying to tie us together.
I remember at this point that I was in another world. I heard Lyle saying
something, but his dogs knot slideing around inside of me had my ass
tingling to no end! I was in pure bliss! I remember even pushing my ass
as close as I could to his humping cock letting him drive every inch he
could into me! I was almost about ready to pass out from the estasy his
knot was giving me as it slid around inside me! Buster then moved his paws
from my waist down even futher and contacted my thy's. His hips then really
began to drive every inch of him into me with shorter, but harder quick
motions. I then felt his knot slide about two more times inside me, and
then take hold of me. I let out a Huge moan as his knot locked us
together. Lyle then spoke up and said "Whats going on, are you ok?" As I
was just about to answer him, Buster gave me a few more hard thrusts as if
he was confirming that him and I where mated together. I then looked up at
Lyle and said "He's tied with me." Lyle then got all excited and said
"Really? His ball is inside you?" I said Yup, in a low moaning voice. Just
then Buster dis-mounted me, and I quickly had to adjust my butt as close to
his so the pain of him tugging on me would not be so great. Lyle then
jumped off the bed he was sitting on and came over and looked at our
'Connection' and said "Wow dude! I can see alittle bit of his dick comming
out of you, and I don't see his ball." I quickly said "That's because it's
inside me holding us together." He then said "Oh my god dude, my dogs dick
is huge! And all of it is inside you now! Wow!! Does it hurt?" I said "I
feel it way up inside me, and it feels like a huge slab of meat. It does
not hurt, but his knot hurts alittle." Lyle then asked "What about my dogs
cum?..When he would try and fuck me, I would hold onto his ball until he
would be done cumming, and he would cum a lot before his ball would shrink
and he would stop cumming." I then said (Looking for information) How long
did he take before his ball shrumk? Lyle then said "I think about 15
minutes or so." I then said, Whelp, I can feel his cum filling me up, so I
guess he will be filling me up for about 15 minutes before he pulls out of
me." Lyle then just perked up and said "Wow dude, seeing you stuck to my
dog is making me horny as hell!" I then said "Well, since you cummed in me,
and now your dog is cumming in me, how about you get me off somehow? Lyle
was quick to answer with "Sure dude, anything you want, I will do right
I thought about it for a few seconds and said, How about a blow job or at
least jerk me off right now?. Lyle then looked at my hard cock waving in
the air, and said "Pick one, and I will do it." I quickly said: Blow
job. And he said "I have never done that before, but always wanted to try
it....fuck it, your hot, and your stuck to my dog." And with that, he
quickly crawled under me, with his back laying on the floor, and put his
mouth around my cock and began to suck me. He was doing a pretty good job
at blowing me, for a guy that has never done it before. He kept trying to
get as much of my cock in his mouth as he could, and he had to adjust
himself a few times under me in order to get in the right comfortable spot
under me. Once he found his spot, Lyle was taking a lot of my cock into his
hot young mouth and really doing a great job at me! He then began to try
and deep throat me, and at the sametime, he began useing his toung on my
cock, and that brought me into estasy!! I began moaning as he was sucking
me perfectly! I then said to him "Yeah, like that..Ohh yeah.." He then kept
me in a total bliss! A few minutes later, I felt myself ready to cum, and I
didn't know if he wanted to swallow my cum or pull out. I then said "Dude,
Im getting ready to cum" and I know he heard me, because he then started to
give me longer and deeper strokes, and his toung was sliding up and down my
shaft just heating me up to no end! He then tightened his lips around my
cock and I could feel the head of my cock hitting his throat area. I could
no longer stand it, and I then anounced to him "Im cumming", and he began
shoving every inch he could of my cock down his throat as my cock shot
stream after stream of my cum into his throat. I felt him begin to swallow
my cum as each spurt shot into him. As I was cumming in him, I remember
feeling my ass muscles clinching tight around Busters cock that was still
firmly locked inside of me. Buster would move a bit when this was
happening, but I tryed to not move to much with him since I really wanted
to keep my cock in Lyles mouth and let him swallow all of my cum!
Just as my cock was about to shoot its last spurt into Lyles mouth (I
guess Buster could not take anymore of my ass muscles clinching around his
cock) because he learched foward, taking me with him, and my cock popped
out of Lyles mouth. I quickly had to regain my balance and move my ass back
as close to Busters as I could to avoid the tugging pain of his knot that
was still holding us tightly together. I then looked down and saw Lyles
face looking right up at me. He was right below my face now, and I saw a
thick stream of my cum running from his mouth all the way up to his hair.
He then crawled out from under me and said "What happened?" I then told him
about Busters Learching foward, and he said "Oh, Ok, Did it hurt when he
did that?" I said "Yes..alittle.." He then said "Fuck dude, sucking you was
awesome! At first I didn't want to swallow your cum, but once I was into
it, and you began moaning during my sucking, I figured I would go all the
way." I then looked at him and said: Dude, theres a huge line of my cum on
your face. He said "Really?" and then got up and looked in his mirror. When
he saw it, he ran his finger half way down the line of cum and then put his
finger in his mouth and ate it. He then did the same with the rest of my
cum, and then said "Since I was swallowing your cum down my throat when I
was sucking you, I didn't taste it at all...but now I know what it tastes
like...pretty cool."
Lyle then sat back down on his bed and said "Damn dude, Its been 17
minutes, and Buster is still stuck to you....Can you tell if his ball is
shrinking yet?" I said: Nope, it still feels like it is at its full size in
me." He then asked "Is he still cummng in you?" I replyed with "Fuck dude,
my insides feel all heated up from the amount of cum he has been putting in
me since he first tied up with me." Lyle then said "Wow, when I fucked you,
I put a lot of cum in you, and now my dogs cum is also going in you..there
must be a ton of cum in you by now." I then said, Yeah, I feel it all in feels kinda good." Lyle then said "I will be right back, I have to
take a piss." I said Ok.
As Lyle left the room, I was now able to be alone with his dog, and I
wanted to now be very still with his dog and see if I could feel his cock
throbbing in me. When Auto shop dog dog fucked me, I could feel his cock
throbbed inside me when he was still cumming in me, and when it stopped
throbbing, it took about 5 minutes before his knot let us loose. I then
adjusted my ass and stayed very still..waiting to see if I felt the
throbbing. As soon as I was feeling for it, I felt it! His cock was still
throbbing in me, which ment he was still cumming in me and not close to
pulling out of me yet. I remember putting my head down and hoping he would
soon be done with me..Lyle had said that it was 17 minutes since we first
got tied together, and that was about 5 minutes ago. 22 minutes, and he's
still tied with me, and still cumming in me!! Since I had just had the
greatest sex ever with Lyle and his dog, I was spent and needed to get off
my hands and knees and rest. Since Busters knot was smaller than the
German Shepard that fucked me in the auto repair yard, I began to wonder if
maybe I can pull it out of me. I then began to slowly move my ass away
from Busters to see if I could feel his knot at least slide alittle bit in
me towards my exit. As I did, I felt his knot bringing my ass with it, and
not budging at all. It was painful, but I rested for a few seconds, and
kept pulling...His knot was not moving at all, and Busters ass kinda
followed me as I tryed, and at one point he even began to growl. That
pretty much ended that. His cock was going to be stuck into my 16 year old
ass until he was good and ready to pull out of me. I then went back to
being his bitch, and moved my ass close up against his ass to not feel the
pain anymore.
As I re-submitted myself back to Buster, Lyle came back in the room and
looked at us still stuck together, and said "Dude, is he ready to pull out
of you yet?" I then looked up at him and said, Not yet I guess. Lyle then
said "Damn! Im glad I never let his Ball go inside me when he fucked me, I
don't know if I could take it in me this long." I then said, Well, your
dogs knot is not as big as the dog that fucked me before, but it sure is
lasting longer." Lyle then asked "Does it still hurt?" I said 'No'. He
then asked "What about Busters cum..Can you feel it inside you?" I said
'Oh yes!' Lyle then paused and asked "What does it feel like?" I answered
'It feels like a huge warming sensation inside me, and I can feel my inside
kinda bloated because of his meat being in me, and he puts so much cum in
you that your insides begin to expand as more and more of his cum keeps
going in you.' Just then, I felt Buster move alittle bit and I felt his
knot starting to shrink in me. I knew that when he did, that a lot of his
cum would quickly leak out of me and onto Lyles bedroom floor (and I didn't
want that to happen) So I asked Lyle to go get a towel and put it under me.
Lyle asked Why, And when I told him why, he quickly flew out of the room
and was back in a second with a towel. He placed it under me just in
time. Busters cock slid out of me and made a slight pop sound as his
shrunken knot came out of me followed by his long thick meat. I quickly
layed down on the towel and tryed to hold in his dogs cum, but a lot of it
came out of me and ran down my balls and onto the towel. I knew I would
have to use Lyle's bathroom soon to push out a lot more before I would be
able to feel safe walking again. As I layed there, Lyle looked at my ass
and said "Wow dude, theres a lot of cum on that towel already." I then
gathered myself up, and went into his bathroom. As I was in there, I
emptyed what felt like Tons of cum out of my ass. I was in there for about
15 minutes before I figured I was empty. Just as I was about to leave the
bathroom, I looked into the bowl and saw a mixture of clear looking dog
cum, and Lyle's cum. There was a lot of both! I then flushed and went back
into Lyles room where he was cleaning up his room and putting his bed back
in order.

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I agreed with and was glad to see Harvey not stintarg in the UConn game. His mood swings just isnt good enough. I think Lawrence and Theodore sharing the point guard position is just going to get better and better.The other position needing the change now is in the Center position. The UConn game shows proof again that Jon Garcia just isnt quick enough and doesnt have the Center moves to compete against the Centers in the Big East.Farrakon Hall is getting better and better and I think he should be sharing that position with Pope with Jeff Robinson coming to share the Power Forward Position with Pope. Then have Garcia come off the bench to deal with the oppositions bench Centers later in the game.He is just not Big East Good enough and is hurting the team. A couple of times you can see Garcia back away from positions underneath the basket where he could have made the easier rebound or block outs.


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hes not writing it hes stole it off from another author. go to nify and look in the beast section for s story called auto repair shop dog

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