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I then sat on the edge of his bed, and sighed. Lyle then asked
"Everything ok?" I said: Yes, bit wore out, but im good. He then kinda laughed and said "Im
wore out too..wanna do this again after school tomorrow?" I thought for a few seconds and
said: 'Yeah, that would be cool, but tomorrow I want to watch you and Buster go for it like I
just did.' Lyle then said "Well..maybe if you help me through it..I just don't want it to
hurt too much." I said 'Ok...when Buster first fucked you, and he tried to tie up with you,
did it hurt then?' He replyed "Heck yeah it did! But I didn't let his knot go in me..I just
held it with my fingers outside my butt and let him cum in me only." I then asked
'How long did you let him cum in you before you let go?' "Oh..about 10 minutes maybe until I
felt my insides warming up and figured that that was enough cum in me." I then asked 'How
many times have you let Buster fuck you?' Lyle paused, and with a shy look on his face, he
blurted out "Four times since he first tried to knot with me, so five times all together." I
then said: Thats cool, I've been fucked 3 times now by a dog and each time they knotted with
me..Your dog was my third fuck.' Lyle then said "Your neighbors German Shepard must have
hurt like hell since he is a lot bigger than my dog." I said: 'Well, I didn't have any
say-so when he fucked me because he pretty much just raped me.' Lyle then quickly said "Wow,
that would have been cool to watch." I then heard a humming noise, and Lyle said "My dads
home. I can hear the garage door opening up. I guess I will see you tomorrow then?" I said
'Ok' and Lyle then took me around to his front door and let me out.

As I walked outside, I saw his garage door closing, and figured his dad must have came in through a door in the garage. As I began my walk home, I could still feel my insides being warmed
by the cum that was still in me. Both Lyle's cum and his dogs cum. I felt some leaking out
of my ass and down my legs, but I was learning how to hold it all in me by keeping my butt
hole closed while I walked WITHOUT walking strangely. Since I was walking down a major
street in my area, I really didn't want all the people in their cars passing by me to see
me walking funny, as if I had just been fucked real good! I also didn't want any of my friends
to see me walking strange since they all lived in the same area and took the same street
home from school as I did. Since I was only 16 at the time, and just had my friends cock in
me And got tied with his dog, my ass a little sore from all the fucking. And trust me on
this. My 16 year old ass was sore that day!
As I contuned my walk home, I didn't know what time it was, but I guessed it must have beenaround 4:30-ish PM, and I knew I had to walk by the Auto repair shop on my way home. I figured it was still early, so the shop would still be open and not have the German Shepard in the yard yet, so I could still cut through the yard. As I got closer to the yard, I saw that all the gates where still open and it was business as usual
there. When I entered the gate to do my short-cut all was fine, until I heard a loud Bark. I
quickly looked around and saw the German Shepard tied up to a post (about 50 feet from where I
was) on the same side of the shop (the grassy area) where he had fucked me just a few nights
before. He then barked a few more times, and that's when I found out his name for the
first time. When he had barked, I heard someone from the shop yell "Knock it off
'"Rascal'"! I just kept walking, but in my mind I was thinking..Rascal huh..Ok, Now I know
your name. I then looked over at him and he seemed to (all of a sudden) know who I was, because
he cocked his head and looked at me with his ears up, and then he began to run in a
circle a few times, all the while looking at me hard. I then glanced at the people in the shop,
and they where not paying any attention..they where back working on the cars. I then
looked back at Rascal and patted my leg with my hand to see what he would do. He quickly gave
out a small yelp noise and pulled on his leash/rope/chain (I was too far away to see what it
was) and then he followed me with his eyes until I was out of his sight. The second I
was out of his sight, I heard him yelp a few more times and then stop.I knew he knew who I was by his reactions, and I kinda liked it..though I was kinda scared that people in the shop might see it and wonder why ME (some kid) has their dog acting funny to me. But I made it through the Auto Repair shop
without anybody knowing anything. As a 16 year old, the last thing I wanted was ANYONE in
that shop knowing that their dog fucked the living hell out of me a few days ago, and that I
liked it enough to return the same night and get fucked by him (Rascal) again.

When I got home, I just wanted to go lay down and rest, and see if I could keep all of the cum that was inside of me, in me longer. I wanted to see just how long
I could hold it in me without haveing to use the bathroom. I then plopped down on my bed
and layed on my stomach. A few seconds later I felt all the cum inside me stop trying to leak
out of me. It seemed to feel like it all went back up deep inside me since I was laying on my
stomach. I could still feel the a bit of the warmth from all the cum, and I felt something
kinda diffrent this time. I felt a bloated feeling deep inside me which made me think that
all of the cum had flooded up somewhere deep inside my ass. I remember thinking to
myself, Wow this is cool..all that cum is still in me and not leaking out anymore. As I layed there enjoying the feeling of the cum in me, My mom came in the room and told me that dinner was about ready. As I got up to get ready for dinner, I felt all the cum shift in me and it wanted out. So since I was going to be standing again, I went to the bathroom to let it out. DAMN there was a lot of it that came out of me! After
dinner I then went back into my room and just layed down on my bed. I remember feeling my ass
just slightly sore from the fucking I had just got earlyer, but not bad at all. Even
though Lyle had fucked me, and his dog had fucked, and tied with me, I was feeling ok. I
then began to wonder about tomorrow...would Lyle really tie up with his dog and maybe I
could fuck Lyle first before his dog did so his ass whould be lubed up enough to take his
dogs knot when I was done..All kinds of thoughts went through my 16 year old mind!! So many
thoughts, that I got horny as hell!! My cock was rock hard and even though I was fucked
hours ago by Lyle and his dog, I kept thinking about Rascal's knot, and how huge it was, and
just the way he fucked me, he fucked me with great force that I loved for some reason.
I then said to myself, Fuck it, Im going over to the Auto Repair shop and let Rascal
fuck the hell out of me right now! I then looked over at the clock and it was 8:03 pm (I
will always remember that time). I then changed my clothes and put on my shorts and a
tennis t-shirt and walked out into the living room and asked my parents if I could go over to
Gregs house (a friend of mine down the street) to play some tennis with him. My parents both
said it was fine, just as long I was home by 10 Pm (normal curfew hours for me) I said, OK, and split out the door.

I then began walking towards the auto repair shop to meet Rascal, I
was so horny, that as I walked, I had a hard boner and I would keep it hard by having my
hand in my pants pocket stroking it as I walked. I did not ever wear any underwear, and still
do not today, so my hand was able to grip my shaft with ease as I walked. As soon as I
got to the gate, I heard Rascal come running from another part of the yard, barking as he ran
my way. As soon as he saw that it was me, he stopped barking and his tail would start
wagging like crazy. He knew why I was there. I then opened up the gate and went inside, and
Rascal was all over me! He was digging his nose into my butt area hard! Since I had not showered
yet, I was guessing he was smelling the other dog (Buster) that had fucked me earlier. As
I was closeing the gate, Rascal started pawing at my shorts, and had them down to my
knees within seconds! I quickly began to reach down and try to pull my shorts back up, when
all of a sudden I felt his front paws slam into my back, which threw me to the ground hard.
I knew he wanted to fuck me bad, but I didn't want to be fucked in front of the gate where
people could see us from the street. (I wanted to go to the grassy area where it was more
private) As I again tried to get on my feet, WHAM, I was quiclky put on the ground again and he mounted me instantly! I tried to get up, but he had his front legs tightly wrapped around my chest, and his hips where already in motion. I tried one more time to get up and have him release me from his
grip. But as I did, I felt his front paws grip even harder on my chest and slide a bit down
tearing into my shirt and hit my skin. The second I felt his front legs/claws dig into my
skin, I knew I had better submit to him or risk being scratched up even more by his
powerful front legs that already had me in his tight grip. But since I was so scared of being
fucked by him right in front of the fence, and since I was on my hands knees, I tried one
more thing. I began to crawl on my hands and knees towards the grassy area. As I slowly
crawled, His grip around me did not move. He was locked around my 16 year old body tightly, and
he was not about to let go. I then felt his dick poke at me a few times, trying to find my
entrance. I then lowered my ass a bit so he could not enter me yet as I kept crawling.
His hind legs would follow me as I moved, and his dick began to start rubbing on my back
since I was holding my ass real low to the ground as I kept crawling on the ground. I was
about half way to the grassy area when I just had to stop and take a break. Rascals body
weight on top of me was getting hard to bear. Big mistake that was!


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hes not writing it hes stole it off from another author. go to nify and look in the beast section for s story called auto repair shop dog

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well I like the story so far, but I must say that the way you ended this particular chapter is lame. I am very disappointed in you and feel that you can do much better than this.

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Please write more I REALLY enjoy reading your stories!!!

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