Mine part 2: Vacation.

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Mine chapter 2: Vacation.

"Take the pressure from the swelling. This sensation's over whelming." I was singing to myself with my head phones in. Its been a week since I won Katie. We havent really hung out with her for a few days. Except for the occasional blow job here, hand job there. But we had a 3 week vacation starting today and I couldnt wait to catch up on some much needed cumming.

I walked to the C wing once again gettng dirty looks from the girls who took time out of there busy packing to notice me. I walked to the third floor to dorm 316. I was just going to walk in like usual but Katies scream kind of stopped me.

"FUCK!!!" She screamed loudly. I knocked on the door quietly three times. "WHAT!?" She screamed again. "Its me." I told her. "Open up!" I demanded. There was silence for a few seconds but I heard small footsteps walking towards the door. Katie opened the door up mumbled a hi and sat down on her bed burying her head in her hands. I walked over and put my arm around her. "You okay? I asked."No, my dad called. His car got towed. He cant come pick me up. Looks like im stuck in Greenview U for three weeks." Katie said sighing.

I felt bad for her. I mean I had no family so I didnt care. But she did so I figured I'd do my good deed for the year. "I'll drive you." I told her. Katie looked at me for a second and shook her head. "You dont have to, it's like a 4 hour drive." She said getting up stretching herself. I smiled and stood up "And its 2 now so you better get packing. I'll pull up my car." I said heading towards the door. Before I could touch the knob Katie pulled me towards her and kissed me deeply. "I'll pay you back, I promise." She said turning around and bending over to grab her bag. I chuckled smacking her ass lightly "Damn right you will."

I headed out the door and to The A wing parking lot finding my car. A beat to shit Honda. The outside of it was just disgustingly dirty but the inside was alright. Nice sound system and leather seats. I pulled up to the C wing and honked the horn and waited for Katie to come outside. She walked out of the building and I couldnt stop stairing at her. Black and white Skull and crossbone t-shirt. With a black and red skirt with black vans. God she was beautifly sexy. She threw her stuff in the back seat and got in the car typing her adress on my GPS. We drove and talked a little bit about her folks. It confused me. How could Katie seem like such a normal girl but be a submissive little slut inside? Just thinking about her big tits, her hot mouth. God it just drove me crazy.

I tried hard to focus on the highway I really did but thinking about this hot slut near me I couldnt help it. I dont know what she was talking about but I leaned over and grabbed her head pulling it down to my crotch. "Time to repay me." I said focusing on the road. I heard Katie giggle and I felt her hands unbutton and unzip my pants. I leaned up so she could pull my pants and boxers down. I settled back in my seat relaxing as I felt her soft hand wrap around my hard throbbing cock softly stroking up and down. Katie leaned in more breathing on my dick. Feeling her hot breath on my head made my member throb in her hand. "May I suck your cock sir?" She asked in an innocent voice. I responded by pushing my hand lightly down on her head letting the tip of my cock slide past her soft wet lips. I moaned with relief as she swirled her tongue around the head of my dick before slowly going down taking my thick cock in her mouth.

It was great feeling her suck my cock sweetly while I drove her to her folks. Her hot wet mouth drove me crazy. I pushed her head down all the way hearing her gag over and over as my dick kept hitting the back of her throat. "Thats it slut. Work my cock." I said letting go of her head, reaching over and feeling her soft ass taking it in my hand and squeezing it roughly. "Mhmmmm" she moaned sloppily into my cock. Her saliva dripped from her mouth down my cock she may have been my little cum slut of a let but she was the queen of giving dirty sloppy blow jobs. I felt a fimiliar tingling in my balls. "Slut im gunna cum soon!" I warned her looking at the road. Sh shot her head up taking ine hand stroking my cock. "Sir feed me your cum, oh please I want it." She kept repeating over and over as her hand worked my rod. I felt it rushing up my rod I moaned pushing her head roughly down on my cock as it errupted spewing load after hot wet sticky load into her hot mouth. I felt her swallow my load until I was empty. She picked up for head and stared at me as. Looked at her swallow theblast of my load she opened her mouth seeing strings of saliva and cum sticking to her lips. Katie licked her lips seductively "yummy" she exclaimed smiling before settling back in her seat.

We drove a little more and she sank in her seat and passed out. She was cute and looked innocent sleeping. I was starting to get hungry I figured after I dropped her off Id hit Burger King or some shit. I turned down Elm St. And looked for the address 1428 and parked in the drive way. I shut off the car and woke up Kaite from her sleep.

"Are we there." She said rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "Yeah we're there. Hope you have fun." I said smiling." She looked confused. "You're not staying?" She asked. That caught me off gaurd. "I'd love to but I didnt bring clothes or anything." I said chuckling. She eyed me uo and down. "You look like my brothers size." She said hefore grabbing my hand. "Please stay." She said before smiling and taking a finger in my kouth sucking lightly. "It'll be fun I promise." She said. I smiled "Okay if you want me too." I said getting out of my car as she grabbed her bag.

We walked to her house, it was a nice place pretty big. We walked in an walked into her parents living room. Ugh her larents were classy. Modern at big weird rug. Her folks were in there watching tv.

"Hey guys." Kate said dropping her bag smiling. Her parents looked over and instantly smiled. "Katie!!!" They yelled in unison getting off of the couch and hugging her. They had the little family moment hugging, kissing, catching up. I just stood there watching them. It was kind of cool i guess. They finally pulled apart. "Where's Kyle?" Katie asked. "Oh fishing trip with his buddies." Her dad said. Her dad was huge looked like a line backer. Someone I didnt and would never fuck with. "Whos your friend?" Her mom asked gesturing towards me. I stepped forward putting on the nice guy act. "My names Johnny." I said shacking both of their hands. "And your? What? Katies boyfriend?" Her dad asked confused. That kind of took me by surprise. Before I could answer Katie stepped in. "Yeah he is, he's a really super sweet guy. He drove me up here when he found out I didnt have a ride." She said squeezing my arm. "Well isnt that nice." Her mom said. "Im Kathy and this is George." Her mom said looking at her father. "You seem like a nice guy." Her dad said patting me on the back. "Listen Johnny wasnt expecting it but I asked him to stay while im here. His family isnt really here." Katie said looking at me. Her parents both gave me a sad look. Did they think that my parents where dead? "Theyre in Europe. So I dont see them much." I said cutting in laughing nervously. They chuckled embarrisingly. "Well sure he can stay." Her mother smiled warmly. "Im just going to get unpacked in my old room." Katie said grabbing her bag. "Dinners at 8" Her father called out.

We walked upstairs. "Im so sorry." Katie apologized. "It just came out." She said. I grabbed her snaking my tongue in her mouth. "I have no problem with it." I said smiling. We walked in her room and talk about stepoing into the twilight zone. Her familys house seemed so Rich people style. But Katies room seemed like Sid Viciouses wet dream. Black walls. Posters of her favorite bands. A big bed. "Just the way I left it." Kate said smiling. She threw her arms around me kissing me deeply. "God I wanted this all the way up here." She said before biting my neck. I grabbed her cute ass lifting her up in the air and putting her on the bed.

She sat down and started to unzip my pants pulling them down. Katie tore my boxers down and my hard cock sprang free. "Their he is." She said licking her lips before diving her head forward taking my dick all the way in the back of her throat. "Uggg" she Gagged lightly before bobbing her head fast. I grabbed the back of her head and roughly started face fucking her. "Like that you fucking slut?" I asked through gritted teeth. My cock popped out of her mouth with strings of saliva connecting from her mouth to my rod. "I love it." She said throating me again. As much as I loved her hot little mouth on my rod I wanted her tight fucking cunt. I took my cock out of her mouth smacking her face with it a few times making her cheeks shiney with saliva and pre-cum.

I grabbed her legs picking them up making her lie back on the bed. I flicked her skirt up to a surprise. A nice bald cunt. My little pet didnt bother wearing panties. "You like?" Katie asked with a devilish look on her face. I rubbed my hard throbbing cock up and down her slit a few times before shoving it in roughly all the way to the hilt. "Arghhhh" she moanes loudly. "Does that answer your question?" I asked before I started thrusted hard into her making her goant tits jiggle. I grabbed her shirt pulling it up. No bra either I smiled. I pawed one of her massive tits squeezing it roughly. "Ohhh God!!!" She moaned loudly. She took my hand and started sucking on my fingers softly as I fucked her hard. Her hot wet pussy was squeezi ng the life out of my cock. Her pussy was hot and seemed to be getting hotter. I bent down taking my finger out of her mouth andreplacing it with my tongue. We kissed exploring each others mouths as I thrusted into her. She broke the kiss moaning "Ha-harder fuck me HARDER!" She begged.

I took my cock out "Get on all fours." I told her as she turned over showing me her juicy ass. I slide my cock back into her slowly but she slammed her ass back down towards my pelvis burying my hard cock into her tight pussy. One hand grabbed her hips while I smacked her ass. "You like that?" I asked (SMACK!) "God I LOVE IT!" She replied. (SMACK!) "Such a dirty fuck slut." I said thrusting into her with all my might. "Im YOUR dirty fuck slut!" She moaned out. I kept hammering into her when she started panting harder and harder. "Sir...Sir Please can I cum?" She begged me over and over. I reached my hand down under her and started rubbing her clit while I fucked her tight raw dripping pussy. "Oh my god....Oh My God...OH MY GOD!!!" She buried her head into her sheets as she screamed. Her tight pussy clamped down on my cock as she came on my rod. I could take it anymore. "Slut im gunna cum!" I yelled. As I pulled out jacking my cock. I close my eyes and clentched my teeth as my orgasm hit and wave after wave of my cum flew out and hit her juicy ass. I opened my eyes still cumming seeing Katie shake her ass as I came on it. Such a sexy site. My orgasm died down as I wiped my cum covered cock on her ass cheek. I pulled up my pants smacking her ass roughly. "Clean up and ill be downstairs." I told leaning over and kissed her cheek. I pulled up my pants, smiled, and wobbled out of the room due to weak knees.


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