An zookeeper gets some help caring for the animals
I was working as an animal handler at the local petting zoo. It was a small facility housing about 50 small animals. It was a facility designed to keep little kids busy while their parents went off to get a break from the daily grind. Although my job is officially as a handler most of my work involves chasing little kids back into the pens and stopping them from yanking on ears and tails. The pay was not very good but the job was easy and I have always had an affinity for animals so I was content.

I have never had a desire towards small children until the day I met little 8 year old Lily. She was sitting there by herself feeding some chickens. She was small, even for an 8 year old. She had short brown hair, the cutest little sundress you have ever seen and she was of mixed descent. I had overheard some of the parents speaking about her. Apparently her father was Irish and her mother was Puerto Rican. Her father had a bad drug and alcohol problem and was sent to prison for 20 years for armed robbery. Her mother, Anna, had moved with Lily and her 12yr old brother Jacob to our little hamlet to live with her sister and start over. Anna's sister worked as a greeter at the petting zoo. Anna got a job at the diner across the street. This worked perfectly for her as she could drop off her daughter with her sister for the day and be right across the street. She also knew her daughter loved animals and would much rather spend her days helping her aunt then sitting in a diner.

I had spoken to the little girl a few times but was usually too preoccupied with my work to pay any attention to her. One day her aunt approached me and told me she had an emergency down at home office that she needed to deal with. The zoo had been closed for the night and she just needed someone to keep an eye on Lily until her mother got off of work in about 3 hours. Lily was a very well behaved child so I told her it would be no problem and that I would keep an eye on the tike for her. She thanked me profusely and darted out the door.

I had strolled over to the pens to check up on her when I saw her sitting there feeding the chickens. She turned and smiled at me and I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was in that little dress. It was white with little bears on it. The sun glistened in her hair as her dainty little hands reached out to pet the baby chicken in front of her. If you ever decided to look up innocence in the dictionary, this is the picture you would see. From the moment I saw her I knew I had to have her.

"Hello Mr. Johns", she said to me as I approached her.

"Hello Lily, how are you today" I responded.

"Good, I was just feeding the baby chicken, isn’t she cute?"

"Yes, she is very cute, the prettiest little chicken I have ever see" I responded, never taking my eyes off her beautiful legs.

She giggled and went back to petting the baby chick. It was then that a plan began forming in my mind.

"Hey Lily you seem to really like animals, do you like all animals, even the scary ones?"

"Oh yes, Mr. Johns, I love all animals, even the scary ones"

"I was just about to go feed the snakes, would you like to help me?"

"Sure, I help my brother feed his snakes all the time. He likes to eat little mice and we have to keep a light on him or he gets cold and can die. I got in trouble one time cause I left the light off. I was really scared because I didn’t want the snake to die, but he was ok"

"Great, so come on and help me feed the animals"

We walked from pen to pen spreading out the nightly feed for the animals when we finally reached the reptile house. I led her inside and handed her a box with mice to feed the snakes. I was surprised at how well she handled the whole situation. Most little girls her age are mortally terrified when it comes to mice and snakes but she didn’t even bat an eye. When she finished with the last pen I decided to make use of this opportunity.

"All done Mr. Johns, I finished taking care of the snakes"

"There is one more that you still need to take care of. It's a very special snake, it’s called a trouser snake, and it needs someone very gentle to take care of him, I am afraid you might be too young. Maybe we should call your brother and have him come and help me"

This elicited the response I was hoping for from the little nymph. "Everyone always says I am too young to do anything. I am not, mommy said I am a big girl now so please can I take care of the trouser snake, I promise I can do it"

"Ok" I said, "but a lot of people think 8yrs old is too young to take care of a trouser snake so you have to promise not to tell anyone or I can get in a lot of trouble. You don’t want me to get in trouble do you?"

"Of course not Mr. Johns. You are the nicest man I know and I don’t want you to get in trouble but I know I can do it, please let me take care of the trouser snake"

Now how can any man turn down an offer like that from such an angelic little beauty? I pulled down my zipper and released my growing erection from its cotton prison. Her eyes opened wide as my 8" cock came into view.

"Wow, he is really pretty can I pet him Mr. Johns?"

"Of course you can he really likes to be pet"

She reached out her tiny little hand and gently pet my cock. Lightning shot through my spine at the joyous feeling.

"You have to hold him and rub him like this or else he may get cold"

"Oh no, if he gets cold he may get sick” her hand quickly wrapped itself around my erection and she began to slowly stroke my cock. The pleasure was indescribable. As I edged ever closer to an orgasm I had her stop as I didn’t want to cum too soon.

"Why did we stop, is he gonna be ok?"

"He is doing better but I am afraid your hand is not warm enough and it’s too dry. We will have to try something else"

"Ok, I just want him to feel better"

"You know dear I have the perfect solution, your mouth is really warm and wet, maybe if you put him in your mouth he will feel better"

She jumped up, and her perfect little 4' tall body lined her mouth up perfectly with my cock. She opened her mouth as I slid my cock slowly down her throat. "You have to suck on it like a lollipop so that all of him gets warmer” She simply nodded her head and began to work my cockshaft like it really was dying. She was so small that she could only fit about half of my cock inside her beautifully warm mouth, but it was already proving to be a better blow job then I had ever had. While her lack of experience was evident, she was so eager to take care of her new friend that she more than made up for it.

I had already come this far. I had done more than enough to already land me in jail for the rest of my life. I could not live with myself if I had come this far and did not ascend the mountain. I had her stop. A tiny string of my precum stretched from her lip. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen and I knew I had to have her now.

"Is he better now Mr. Johns?" she asked me with a look of concern on her face.

"Not quite, you have been doing great but he is still really cold"

"What can I do, I don’t want the trouser snake to die?" she let out with a whimper

"I have one more idea but it might hurt you a little. There is a special place on beautiful little girls like you that is very warm and wet and will make the snake feel really good again"

"It’s ok I really want him to get better. I am ready to help you, what do I have to do?"

I picked her up and laid her back on the table. I reached under her little sundress and grabbed the waistline to her panties. When I saw the little butterflies I damn near lost it. I slowly pulled them off those beautiful legs and slipped them in my pocket.

I pointed to her perfect little pussy, which was little, more than a crack at this point,

"That’s the hole I was talking about, it’s really warm and wet and it’s a trouser snake’s favorite place in the world"

"Really?, the snake wants to go in my cunny. That’s weird but if it will make him feel better than please do it"
The sound of her begging for my cock was driving me wild. I leaned forward and licked her beautiful pussy. I now understood why they are referred to as peaches, for that is the only way I can describe it. It was so sweet, with just a tiny hint of womanhood. It was the most fantastic thing I had ever tasted and I had to have more. I leaned in again and began to devour her pussy as though it were the last bottle of water in an Armageddon.

"I have to make sure it is wet enough for the snake" I told my Lily as I returned to feasting on her pussy. I licked every part of her from her pretty little asshole to her clit. It was so small that it took me a few seconds to locate it but there was no mistaking when it was found. She let out a large sigh as I rolled the tiny nubbin between my lips. I stuck my tongue up inside her hot little box which elicited another sigh and some guttural moaning from my tiny charge. I only got in about an inch or so when I located the resistance to the land of unicorns and rainbows. I withdrew and began working her clit some more. Her hips thrust up at my face with every lick and she was getting really worked up. I focused on her tiny clit some more and she began thrashing wildly on the table and her delectable juices flooded my face. She had cum for the first time in her young life. Her eyes were half closed as she lay there panting on the table and I knew the time had come.

"Ok honey you are wet enough now for the trouser snake"

"Please put it in my cunny, I don’t want him to get sick"

Her voice had a twinge of concern but the look in her eye told me her thoughts were not entirely occupied with concern for the trouser snake, but were more concerned with continuing the amazing feelings she had yet to realize in her young life her pussy could bring her.

I lined my cock up with her tiny slit and rubbed the head against her clit. This brought another moan from deep within her throat. Her eyes were wide as she looked so deep into my eyes I could swear she was looking into my soul. Slowly I eased my cock into her pussy. I couldn’t believe how tight she was. Even with just the head in I felt as if I was going to burst. My balls yearned to release inside this preteen masterpiece. I hesitated as I reached her hymen. This was my last chance to spare her innocence and my wicked soul.
"Please don’t let the trouser snake get cold" she cried out, "my cunny is so wet and warm and it wants Mr. snake to crawl up inside so much!" she said as she flashed me a look of lust I have never thought possible from an 8 yr old. I plunged the full length of my cock into her velvety vice of a tunnel. I held my hand over her mouth as she let out a scream to wake the dead. I laid there on top of her, not moving. As I rested there motionless her thrashing and screaming quickly died down to a faint sobbing as her body adjusted to the intruder.

As I felt the tension in her body give way I slowly withdrew my cock a few inches before sliding back in. I began to develop a slow pace as her whimpers slowly turned into moans. It was not very long before I actually felt the child begin to thrust herself back against me in time with my movements. We developed a motion as this once angelic youth morphed into a cock hungry slut.

Slap, Slap, Slap echoed through the building as my balls slapped against her ass. As her breathing became heavier and her eyes began rolling back in her head I knew she was on the verge of her second orgasm.

"Oh, oh, oh Mr. snake, please go all the way in" she cried as I began thrusting into her hard and fast. I felt her wrap her legs around me as she tried to pull me ever deeper and I knew the moment had arrived. I thrust into her with everything I had as my seed flowed from my scrotum into her tiny womb. As soon as I began to cum I felt her pussy lock onto my member as she came from her second orgasm of the day. I came so much she was unable to contain it all as began to leak out around my slowly shrinking cock.
We lay there panting as she slowly reached down and felt her sore but satisfied little cunny. She came up with a handful of my cum and asked "what’s this stuff?"

"That’s a trousers snake’s happy juice. They squirt it when they feel all warm and happy. It looks like you made him feel very happy." She smiled at me with such glee.

"I am so happy I made him feel good. He made me feel really good too" she said "I like his happy juice, it’s kind of sticky"

"Taste it, it’s really good and it helps pretty girls like you grow big and strong"

Her tongue tentatively stretched from her mouth towards her hand. She made a funny face as the taste first registered. She simply shrugged her shoulders and licked the remaining cum from her hand.
"It’s a little salty but it’s not bad, I think I like it" she remarked as she fished some more from her pussy.
I wanted to take her again but I realized we were quickly reaching her mother’s arrival time. I cleaned her up and got her ready for her mother. Her mother arrived shortly thereafter and retrieved her daughter. She thanked me repeatedly for looking after her daughter on such short notice. I assured her it was no trouble and that her daughter behaved like an angel. She thanked me again and I watched with a heavy heart as the two pulled away in her mother’s car.

The next day was a Saturday and I lay in my bed stroking my cock remembering what heaven had been like the day before. The phone rang and I grumbled my way over to the table wondering who it could possibly be bothering me at such a wonderful moment. When I answered the line I was shocked and a little terrified to hears Anna’s voice on the other end. I was quickly relieved of my fears when she began spewing all kinds of praise about how Lily couldn’t stop talking about how much fun she had. She informed me that since she had moved into town Lily had been very shy and introverted. She was very happy to see Lily was finally taking a shine to somebody. My heart Jumped for joy when she asked me if I could watch Lily and her 7yr old cousin Becky tomorrow. Anna and her sister had to go to a funeral for a distant relative and were hoping she wouldn’t have to drag the girls along. Since Lily and I had hit it off so well and her sister had known me for so long they were hoping I would help them out.

I assured her that I would love to watch Lily as she was a very sweet little girl and that it would be no trouble for me to watch the two of them. She thanked me again and let me know she would drop the girls off at noon tomorrow. As we were about to hang up Anna asked me to hold on a sec as Lily wanted to say something to me. A tiny little voice whispered into my ear.

"I told Becky about Mr. trouser snake and she wants to keep him warm too". I heard two little girls giggling and then a click as the phone was hung up. As my mind drifted off to the sweet memories of little Lily I smiled as naughty thoughts of all the fun games the three of us would play tomorrow began to swirl in my head.

To be continued.....

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Good story....a fantasy that's fun having. Also what it would feel like cmming in an 8yr. old's pussy.

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Please continue, very well written

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