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Jamie gets kidnapped by horny vampires

As Jamie lifted his head up he looked around not seeing the two females from yesterday he groaned a little bit and leaned his head back letting out a long yawn before trying to wipe his eyes he then realized he was still chained to the wall he tilted his head looking around before seeing the red eyes of the females he tilted his head again and watched as they walked towards him he let out a small gulp seeing their fangs when they got closer they leaned up again him he had to look up at them because the where so much taller than him the oldest female then put her breast to his mouth he took the nipple into his mouth having a little bit of trouble since he had such a small mouth he slowly started to suckle on the breast like a child as he sucked on the breast the youngest female knelt down and started to suck on his cock again he let out a groan and bit down on the females nipple which caused her to moan loudly and grab his head gripping his hair as he latched onto her nipple for a few more minutes he slowly let go and looked up at her while the youngest female sucked his now hard member he let out a small groan feeling like he would cum any moment she then pulled away and stood up and looked at the other female who nodded she snapped her fingers and the chains came off of him he fell to the floor and looked up at them before they grabbed him and stood him up and slowly walked him over to a bed where they laid him on his back and the oldest female then crawled on him

he watched her for a moment before the youngest grabbed his dick and held it still so the oldest could lower her self on to him he watched as she quickly impaled her self onto his cock he let out a loud groan of pleasure and leaned his head back and shut his eyes his hands staying by his side as she lowers her self all the way on to him then started to ride him hard and fast he bit his lip and shut his eyes tightly before opening them to see the youngest lowering her pussy to his face he stuck his tongue out and started to lick at her pussy bringing his hands up to rest them on her hips as his inexperienced tongue worked on her pussy both the females were moaning loudly he felt his self close to coming but held it back for a virgin he had good control he then started to thrust his hips starting a rhythm with her he sighed into the females pussy on his face as he started to get the hang of eating out pussy they both continued to moan making out with each other on top of him the oldest shoved her breast into the youngest females mouth and moaned loudly as she rode him he continued to thrust into her he shut his eyes tightly as he felt his cum rush up and quickly go deep into her pussy he let out a groan and his head went to the bed he shut his eyes and passed out there the females crawled off of him and started making out beside him he slept soundly the whole time when he woke up he was chained back to the wall he let out a long sigh and leaned his head back against the wall thinking to his self "Damn it all to hell why am I still chained to the wall?" he asked his self looking down at the ground he shut his eyes and yawned for a moment blinking a little bit before yelping as he fell to the ground

he looked around for a moment then quickly stood up rubbing his wrists which were bruised he then held his neck feeling two fang marks he gulped a little bit and looked around shakily before he started walking through the room looking for the females he couldn't see them but he knew they were there he could feel them watching him as he walked through the room before he could blink they were in front of him he was quickly shoved to the cold ground a hand went over his mouth and nose keeping him from breathing as the youngest female quickly impaled her self on all 12'' inches of his dick he groaned again and shut his eyes biting the females hand which caused her to scream in pleasure as she rode him like a bucking bronco he opens his eyes and looks up at her as she rode him the older female stepped out of the shadows and walked over to her and him and looked down at them before crouching down on his face the youngest female then moved her hand and let the female put her pussy on his lips he quickly started eating her out looking up at her tonguing her clit a smile on his face as he did he then shut his eyes as he felt his get nearer to an orgasm he let out a soft grunt and came deep in her but that didn't stop her from riding him he continued to eat the oldest female out she moaned loudly as she got her orgasm the youngest also moaned loudly getting hers to they sat there for a few minutes smiling at each other talking to each other silently while he sat under them panting lightly not saying anything while he waited to see what would happen to him he shut his eyes and passed out again his hands going to the ground when he woke up he was laying on the bed not chained up this time

he looked around again blinking before slowly siting up rubbing his head lightly taking a breath leaning over and yawning before slowly standing up and walking around the room looking around trying to wake up the oldest female walked up behind him and grabbed his waist and held him there as she sunk her fangs into his neck he winced slightly but stayed quiet as she fed from him he took a second breath and she took her fangs from his neck he looked back at her for a moment before wincing at a second pair of fangs going into his neck the youngest had started feeding off of him he had turned pale while she fed she pulled away and he had to grab her shoulders to keep from falling to the ground after a few moments he walked shakily back to the bed and laid down looking at the ceiling the females crawled up beside him and laid there he let out a small smile feeling like the luckiest man in the world at the moment

this is the end of this series if any one else has any ideas for a new story let me know and I will see what I can do to write it PM me with ideas

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2013-03-22 12:10:22
how about turning him into a vampire and seeking more adventures

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2013-02-04 22:17:07
I love mytholigical sex stories and female dominations MORE MORE

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2013-02-04 22:13:02
I love mytholigical sex stories and female dominations MORE MORE

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2013-02-01 13:26:03
please write more vampire stories !!
this one was awesome and i think you did a wonderful job with it .

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