A pool at a villa in Italy and girls in the parco.
It seemed as the other girls came out that she all of the sudden became embarrassed about her condition. She woke Lana and excused herself. Lana came to me hugging me goodbye reaching up into my shorts to feel my erection once again. “We will probably be back later or tomorrow.” Smiling as she turned to catch up with Bailey.

The taste of Bailey’s virgin pussy and the thought of her masturbating in front of me had had me rock hard. The other three were still in the shower area changing. I could feel my shoulders were burning so I walked over to the separator and asked the girls if they planned on swimming anymore so I could head inside, hoping to relieve myself soon. They stated that they just wanted to cool off. They said that they would just jump in to cool off and then lay out in the sun. As they came from behind the separator it was like a line of models, all three topless in g- strings that seemed to barely cover their genitalia. They exited in order from small (Jessica), medium (Giovanna), and LARGE (Anna). I told them that I was going to head inside as soon as they were done. Turning the corner I placed my beach robe on, which was made of light material and came up to mid thigh.

They came out of the water drying off a bit. I was sitting on one of the chairs with my erection tucked down and covering my erection with the side of my robe. They asked if I could put some lotion on their backs as Anna sat between my legs backing up with a bottle of lotion. As she backed up against me my erection sprang up resting between her cheeks causing her to startle. I rubbed the oil into her shoulders and back as well as the sides of her breasts as she raised her arms up placing her hands on her head. The other two sat back rubbing the oil on their fronts. Jessica’s baldness was obvious through her bottoms and she joked with the other two about their hairy status.

“You should at least shave your arm pits. The rest is normally covered up, but you should shave that too if you are going to the beach in these bikinis anytime soon.”

Gee replied “I don’t think that we would wear these anywhere but here or at home. We are practically naked” as she looked at me and winked.

“Tony, do you have a razor and cream? This way we can shave our pits and get some sun on them so that we do not have white spots.”

I went inside and grabbed my scissors, straight razor, and cream. I do not use the disposable types of razors. I came back out a little more comfortable as my erection was now at half mast, but it would still show when I wanted it to. I laid all three on the chair turning to leave. Gee blurted “How do we use this razor? We will cut ourselves with that. Can you help us?” I sat on her chair and asked Jessica to get a bowl with water. I could not get a good comfortable angle, so I lifted the back of the chair into the upright position sitting with my back against it and my legs straight having her straddle my lap facing the opposite direction. I could not see what I was doing while I did it, so I had her turn around now her armpits where too high. I got up and pulled a normal chair over having her straddle the chair with her legs dropping her ass onto my lap facing me. Jessica came back with a towel and the water I asked for so I had her raise her arms interlocking her hand on top of her head. I wiped her pits with some water and a corner of the towel and started to trim the hair with my scissors.

Her breasts were right in my face and my erection started to return pressing up against her slit. She smiled as she felt it. There was no moving with her legs spread over the arms of the chair and her slit just inches from my crotch. I reached around behind her picking her up from under her ass and dropping her so that it was coming out of the back between her cheeks. She liked what I started and moaned as I started to lift her and then seemed annoyed by the change I made. I then finished the rimming and moved to the other arm. Jessica was sitting behind her and could see my reception poking out of the back. I asked her to hand me the cream. She handed it to me “I had better put some oil on your back or you are going to burn” and I could feel the oil she had pored dripping from Gee’s ass to my erection. I continued to lather her up as I felt Jessica’s hand stroke my cock. Anna started to move from where she was watching behind me to sit next to Jessica. In a panic, Jessica let go of my erection which then slapped Gee on her ass. Gee jumped and my erection hit my belly as she came back down with it in between us. My hands slipped and I ended up cupping her breasts. The girls laughed as there was shaving cream hand prints on each breast. I wet my hands and wiped them off sensually. I could feel the heat of her crotch against my erection. She started to grind in a way that would not be noticeable as I began to shave her pits with one hand on the razor and the other resting on her breast as my fingers pulled the skin flat while I shaved them.

I completed her pits and wiped her off reaching under her ass to help her out of the chair. Gee leaned forward pulling around my neck with her nipple pushing up against my lips. She hung there for a minute as my mouth opened giving it a short hard suck into my mouth and then letting it pop out. She moaned loudly as she stepped out of the chair. I had my hand in my crotch trying to cover my erection as I was uncovered, but my hand was not big enough and it could still be seen until I pulled the corner of my robe to cover it.

Anna came over working hard to get into the position that Gee was in. She was not as skinny or limber. I grabbed her ass from both sides to guide her down leaving my erection between us, but covered. She was sitting strangely on my thighs so I reached around her waste to adjust her position. As I did she slipped a bit on the oil Jessica had pored onto my thighs and started to slip backwards. As I shifted to pull her back up my erection came uncovered and my hands pulled the sides of her g-string up giving her a frontal wedgie. This had her naked toe up against my shaft. I was having a hard time working around her huge breasts as I worked on cutting her pit hair and was continuously brushing them with my hands or face. She obviously appreciated it as her nipples would have poked my eyes out as hard as they were.

I started getting the cream ready so she dropped her arms to rest. She leaned back a bit to pull the frontal wedgie out actually grabbing my erection to get it out of the way while she did. I started to spasm as she did. She continued to hold it until I was ready to put the cream on, but I soon noticed that she had not straightened her bikini bottom she had pulled it to the side. My erection was rubbing up against her totally naked pussy feeling the heat and wetness. Her breasts were so big that I actually had to hold them with one hand as I shaved with the other. I was massaging them and pinching her nipples as I did acting nonchalant so as not to tip off the other two. as I shifted to get the other pit I pressed the tip of my erection against her clit leaving it there as she reached down with the opposite arm to maneuver my cock to rub her clit. I sensed she was ready to orgasm as she pulled her hand back. "While I wipe her off could one of you take the blade to wash it and the other clean out the bowl?"

They did as I requested and I reached down pressing my cock head between her folds leaving it and rubbing her clit while I sucked on her huge delicious breasts. Her orgasm hit like a freight train as she pushed down onto my erection until it was up against her hymen. I put my hands under her ass and picked her up off of my cock licking her hairy pussy as she stood getting a mouthfull of her sweet nectar.

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