A pool at a villa in Italy and girls in the parco.
I stood up and Anna kissed me deeply and passionately. "I have never felt like that before. I wanted you to take my virginity, why did you not take it?"
"Your first time should be more special than this."

The other two came over and could tell that I had made her feel as good as I made them feel. I sat on the lounge chair not worried about the fact that my erection was out by now. Jessica sat next to me on one side and Gee on the other. "Can you show us what we should do with that? We know about the whole hand job thing, but have never been told how to do it so it feels good. It looks like you could use help with that as well." I nodded in agreement as she took it in her hand and started stroking. I reached over and started rubbing her pussy through her panties and she used her other hand to pull them off. She had an amazing looking mound and her pussy was swollen and wet. Seeing this Gee and Anna did the same with Anna now sitting between my legs.
"Is that good? Is that how you like a little girl to stroke your big hard cock?" I pressed a finger in her slit rubbing her pussy with my palm. The other two were masturbating as they took turns pumping my erection. Precum started to flow each taking a bit on their fingers and tasting it. "That's not bad said Gee. Can I taste some more?" I nodded in agreement and she leaned forward taking my cock in her mouth. All three took turns pumping a bit out and cleaning it off. I laid back and pulled Jessica up on my face reaching my hand over to stroke Gee's back until I had her ass in my hand and started massaging her anus. She started sucking harder as I did and Anna came over putting my hand on her ass so I could do the same to her. She then started licking my shaft and trading on and off with Gee. I stuck my fingers in their asses up to my first knuckle and they started to moan. Jennifer noticed how they liked their asses being played with and shifted so I was licking her asshole. I loved that and was almost ready to come. Jennifer then swapped with Gee and I was now eating her sopping wet pussy. The musk was strong from the hair surrounding her pussy, but that drove me to eat her harder fucking her with my tongue I placed my finger at Jennifer's back door and she started trembling as I felt down to see that she was masturbating as well. I wet my finger in her pussy and shoved it straight into her ass pushing her off the edge into one hell of an orgasm.

Gee was now cumming on my face and had turned around facing away from my cock, when her orgasm seemed to be coming to an end I shoved my finger in her ass seemingly making it start over. Gee got up and sat next to Jennifer, I I stopped Anna from sitting on my face dangling her ass in front of me as I licked every inch of her meaty ass. She bent forward and was sucking my cock as I started tonguing her anus she started to come as well turning away from my cock and grinding her pussy into my face. It felt as though Jessica and Gee had sat back next to me and were licking my cock like an ice cream cone. I reached for their asses, but they felt different but I continued to play in heat of Anna smothering me with her mushy hairy pussy, damn did that taste good. Both pussies were hairless, but I was holding back trying to make it last as the two were masterfully sucking my hard cock. Anna was now overly sensitive and pulled off of my face sitting down next to Jessica and Gee. Wait, I looked down to see that Lana was sucking my cock with her beautiful little ass pointed my way, as she twisted turning her ass in the other direction she looked up at me and I started shooting into her mouth. She pulled back gagging a bit and Bailey took over not missing a beat. As the other three came over Bailey allowed them to taste more of my come as I continued shooting ropes. I turned and started sucking on Bailey's beautiful tits drawing her tit as far into my mouth as I could. Lana moved her little ass onto my stomach and was rubbing her clit as the other two continued to clean me up with their tongues. As I laid back down she backed up to my face and I tongued her young ass while she rubbed her own pussy shoving a finger in once in a while. As she started to shiver I pulled her up on my face slurping up her clean virgin juices causing her to explode in my mouth slurping her little pussy sucking it in like I was juicing an orange.

the sweet taste of her pussy and the other two licking my balls and shaft brought yet another erection. Gee sucked furiously like she was on a mission. Lana moved off of me as Gee came up and started to kiss me passionately as I kneaded her tits leaning down to suck her nipples. She was going crazy like she was in heat as she reached down aiming the head of my cock into her slit rubbing the head on her clit. She was dripping wet and her pussy was swollen more than I had ever seen in my life. She pointed my cock into her hole pumping the head of my cock in what seemed to be an orgasm. She started pushing herself down and there was no stopping her as she had a sex crazed look in her eyes. Gee Screamed as my thick 9" cock broke her hyman. I pulled her close kissing her on the head "Are you alright?" She looked up breathlessly nodding as she pushed it deeper in. "it feels so good in there" as she kissed me and started pushing up and down on my cock. I pulled Bailey up on my face as Gee turned to face my toes which seemed to make my cock touch her Gspot as she moaned loudly. The feeling of her tight pussy on my cock was so intense that I was ready to come any time as I feverishly ate Bailey's pussy and tongued her ass. Bailey quickly spasmed as she started to orgasm with a gush of fluid covered my face as I reached up squeezing her beautiful breasts She started to scream as her orgasm intensified and I felt Gee's pussy start to contract. i tried to pull her off, but she was locked on with my cock as deep as it could be in her and her pussy walls were milking my cock. I exploded shooting my burst of come against her vaginal walls. She started screaming "fuck, fuck, fuck that feels do good" trying to hump some more. Finally my limp cock flopped out of her pussy and she turned around still crazed trying to get it hard again. She saw the small amount of blood grabbing a towel to wipe it clean starting to suck it in and out of her mouth in hopes it would get hard again. I knew that there was no way as what she was doing started to annoy me. I grabbed her under her arms and pulled her up to kiss me. She licked my face like a dog tasting all of the pussy juices on my face seemingly liking it. The adrenaline finally seemed to subside and she collapsed on top of me.

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2013-02-04 05:39:28
Good story shame you made it up !

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2013-02-02 07:29:41
Great story please keep it happy as you contine. And ignore the last post they are an idiot just trying say negative things for no reason, even the medical community uses the term "breaking the hymen"

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Good, except that you cannot break a hymen. It only patially covers the vagina and is only stretched during sex

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