“I think you have a conflict of interest here.” Jill countered as we stood there both fully naked in each others arms in the kitchen. “Admit it-- you just want to keep sucking me.” It seemed a little odd coming from Jill at that moment considering that I had the full weight of her testes in the palm of my hand and that I was fondling her into another hard-on again. She wasn't being hard on me, she only wanted me to better understand myself I could only imagine.

“So? I am your lover-- your friend. And you're right, I love to suck your prick. Just let me ease your pain whenever you need it. I will understand.” After a moment of silence between us she gently kissed me on the forehead and said softly:


Holding her and stroking her lewdly for several moments she was really starting to warm up again. I knew that my knees wouldn't stand for another round there on the linoleum so I suggested:

“Go lie down over there.” I said and gestured into the middle of the living room floor. Jill obeyed. Much to her relief somewhat stiffly I walked over into the living room, kneeling down and then laying my face in between her legs. Wrapping my arms around her thighs took a little effort but was worth it as the bulk of my body weight was then on my elbows and my hips-- not my knees or my ass. Lovingly planting dry kissing up the length of Jill's ample member, after I kissed her foreskin I looked deep into her eyes and asked: “You know what I want, don't you?”

“You want me to come in your mouth.” She said eagerly.

“And how often do I want this?” I asked.

“Whenever I want it?” This time there was almost hesitation in her voice.

“Good girl.” I replied. I then suckled her head into my mouth and I can't begin to tell you how grateful I was to not have any teeth. It made sucking her off so much easier not having to worry about biting down or scraping too much. Everything I did was to suckle and give her pleasure. Before long, I felt two hands gently appear on either side of my head-- and it was good. Soon after that she began to moan.

“Gawd masturbating sucks.” Not that I was the least bit surprised, I surmised that she had to be referring to last night after I went to bed. Generally, I would have used the “M” word too, but that's not what Jill would have wanted. I made another popping sound as I disengaged and said crossly:

“No more no jacking off for you-- remember???”

“Right.” was all she could grunt in agreement. I did miss being able to wrap my hands around her tool and rub her balls, but it was much easier trying to hang on and keep her in place as she was thrashing about and screaming for joy with my arms locked around her legs. The cum swallowing wasn't that bad either.

We went back to our usual routine as before and other than no anal sex, I became the perfect “blow-up doll”-- willingly. Much to my relief, Jill understood how-- and more importantly why-- to take care of her “things”. Once it was understood that I still had a right to say “No.” to anything new and that she would “take care of me” and not mistreat me, in a matter of hours I became the perfect love slave.....

Days passed and we fell into a basic routine of waking up in the morning and I would suck Jill for “breakfast” and then she would pin me down to the bed and fuck the shit out of me until she got tired. Fairly often, I would need to take a nap because it was exhilarating but exhausting. Maybe I was dreaming, but she seemed to become even a little happier and more playful most of the time. Then one morning after cleaning up our usual first fuck and suckfest, we sat at the kitchen table eating breakfast:

“Jill, do you remember the day we first met and you handed me the $4800?”

“Yes.” she replied.

“I never spent the money.” I admitted, paused, and then continued. “It's upstairs in a box somewhere.... I never needed it really.”

“Uhm, okay, why are you telling me this now?” As gently as I could, I countered with another question:

“You can always use the 'late registration' process, but the first day of class is tomorrow and I haven't even heard you say so much as a word about going back to school for over a week.” Without fear or favor I looked at her again as if to say that I wanted honesty-- anything else would only insult my intelligence. “I can understand why but-- you never really did want or plan to go to college, did you?”

“” she admitted.

“Neither do I really...not anymore anyway. Be my lover instead.” Jill's face lit up like a Christmas tree again. Before she could answer, I made a point of continuing: “I know what I am asking and really I have no right to even bring it up, but, I like what we have here and us pretending to go to college now at this point would really just get in our way. I'm asking for your preference; I would prefer you stay here with me and by my lover instead, that's all.” I let her chew on that for several moments when finally she replied confidently:

“I'm staying-- I want to.” I pondered her answer in silence for half a minute, judging more whether or not I was about to make the right decision rather than her character as a person. I then produced an ATM card that I had loaded with $9,900 and slid it across the table. On the one hand, it was a lot of money for most people. On the other, it was one of my “Get the fuck out.” cards-- I had a few more of those where that one came from. As much as I wanted to tell her how much money was there to see the look on her face, I knew that she would find out soon enough anyway:

“Here, take this. The PIN is 4287.... Pay our bills for us.” Jill just sat and stared as if I had suddenly grown pointed ears reaching above the top of my head. “Go ahead,” I urged softly, “...yes, it's free money. Please take it...” I paused and in the silence I continued, “You've got the perfect cock and I don't think about much of anything else other than that lately.... I just don't want to have to think anymore. I would rather just eat, sleep, and fuck without worrying that the lights or gas are going to be shut off at the end of the month because I forgot to pay the bill.” I could afford to spend money that lavishly on her and I knew that she deserved every bit it and more-- she was my lover, my friend. That said, the last shred of sanity I had knew that there was no Earthly reason to take that last step and just sign over the house and money itself and be done with it. She didn't need that level of control to keep wantonly fucking me for the rest of her life. Besides, when she asked for more money I could then look at the bank statement after reloading the card again and judge how good she was at keeping us filthy rich. As I was almost finished eating, I waited and watched the same hand that slid away with my dentures the first time scoot out over the table, grasp the ATM card without comment, and slide back toward Jill.

“I don't know what to say.” she breathed. I grabbed hold of my dirty dishes and replied:

“shhhhh....nothing more needs to be said....other than you saying something like: 'I'll be upstairs getting horny.' ” Jill only smiled as I walked away.

I walked upstairs and into the bathroom to clean up. As I looked at my face in the mirror, I noticed that my lips had become much fuller, and my cheeks had shrank inward. Not that I minded-- I found it a little arousing knowing that the man that I really wanted would be even more attracted to a good cocksucker. I was pretty sure that I was imagining it, but my tongue seemed a little longer too. Very strange, but not unpleasant were these revelations. And looking down my body, my boobs were visibly larger than I remembered. My stomach was a little smaller and flatter. I always did want to lose weight anyway so this was of no consequence. Most guys liked a small waist and firm tummy anyway. Turning in place, I looked and my ass was smaller and perkier-- more like that of a gymnast. It even pointed “up” a little more slightly than I recalled. As I stood there I began hearing Jill start playing with her dumb bells again off in the other room.....

Intellectually I knew that I was trying not to do so, but I couldn't help but heft a boob in each hand and flick each nipple back and forth with one finger. Further inspection revealed that my aureoles were a little larger too; the nips standing a little taller even though not yet aroused. As much as I loved to cum to orgasm, I realized that I was becoming even more addicted to being horny itself-- the orgasm that followed was just an added bonus. I was trying to stop but I knew deep in my heart of hearts-- really I didn't even want to try. Instead of trying to shut down and “take a cold shower”, I held my boobs with one forearm across my chest and then used my other hand to start fingering my pussy as I watched myself with joy in the mirror. In time I came again right there in front of the bathroom mirror and decided that I needed more.....

Grabbing a couple of small pillows from the bed, I left the master bedroom and walked over to the door of Jill's bedroom but stayed out of sight. I could hear her counting her repetitions and I waited until she had just started her next set, then quickly dropped a pillow next to each door jamb. I still didn't know if she had seen me yet so I had to move quickly-- I was horny as all Hell anyway. Flipping my golden tresses behind me, I then stood facing out the door and one foot on each pillow. Jill was counting “” and the pillows themselves were a little mushy so I placed one forearm flat against each door jamb for better support and then called back behind me:

“Fuck me from behind Jill. I want it.” I could hear her tone start to change from exertion to frustration-- normally she would count to twenty and I knew it. “You know how bad I want your cock-- right now. Fuck me.” Talking dirty like I was, Jill made it to “...sixteen....” then I heard the dumb bells crashing on the floor.

With the pillows in place, my height was almost perfect and Jill mounted me without foreplay. By the time she hit “twelve”, I was already so hot and bothered, none was really necessary. Once she had me fully impaled with a single grunting motion, I knew that relief from my pent up desires would be coming fairly soon. Jill reached around roughly, grabbing one of my aureoles with the flat of each hand and squeezing each boob for “foreplay”. Slowly she began to hump me from behind and I decided that I was held in place enough that I could change positions a little without falling. One at a time I carefully moved each forearm from the jamb and overlay my palm over hers. The effect of my change was electric. “Fuck my pussy Jill. I want it in my pussy.” I commanded.

“...yes...” was all she could say as I imagined “that look”-- her going glassy-eyed again-- in the middle of her first-class fuck. I wanted more.....

“Take me Jill.” I said, “Take all of me.” And her tempo increased along with her moaning. Plunging deep in my vagina with each stroke, it wasn't more than a few minutes before I could feel Jill pumping her goop inside me as she was impaling me so hard it was all I could do to keep from stepping forward off the pillows. I didn't mind, I came just as fully and deeply as she did shortly thereafter. Was I normal? I wasn't sure except I knew that I didn't really care-- just after I came back from eternal bliss, already I wanted more. “Fuck me again from behind. Jill.” I cooed, “...I still want your dick.”

Not that it really mattered what I had said-- my lover was still holding me in place between her palms in front of me and her spike deep inside me from the rear-- and already starting to hump me again. “Oh Gawd Yes Jill-- I need your cock! FUCK ME WITH IT!!!” From the lower and lower guttural sounds that were coming from Jill, I could tell that she was fully not herself by now and priming up for an even more wild screw than the first one. As I primed myself for another full-on blast of her semen, I matched her thrusts with my own and turning my face back toward her, I rolled my tongue across my upper lip. And I made sure she saw me do it. I wanted her to remember what it was like my giving her a blowjob while she porked me. Before long, I knew that I was in trouble-- I was about to lose my speech again-- “Fuck me more Jill.” I croaked. My chest was heaving so hard it was all I could do at the time. This had become fairly normal between us. Often there were times that we'd be fucking and, eyes closed and focusing on giving and receiving pleasure, it was too much work to speak English-- or any other spoken language for that matter-- to get our point across. It would only detract from the orgasms that we were working on and thus defeat the whole point of screwing in the first place. Not that we ever needed it, but four taps was “No! Stop!”, three taps was “A little to the left/right please.” and two taps was “Harder/I want more! Please.” Two taps I gave and Jill immediately knew what I wanted. After that I resumed helping my lover squeezing my boobs through her palms and pretending I was giving her head with my tongue where she could see it. After some minutes of this treatment I began hearing the special grunting meaning that a Jill orgasm was coming again soon. I welcomed the idea and semi-patiently waited for my own raging cumming soon after. In my mind again Jill's stamina was becoming legendary. I have no idea how long she screwed me that day.

I was spent. I was a limp rag-doll in Jill's arms and I knew it. But I still wanted more. Where it came from I don't know but of my mouth I heard the words:

“Fuck my ass.” There was a pause as my mate was still catching her breath.

“Are you sure Jenn?” She sounded genuinely concerned for my welfare. Now it was my turn to pause....

“....yes....” I replied, “....sooner or later I want to try again-- I want 'sooner' right now. Go easy and please help me take your meat up my ass.”

“Okay.” she said a little hesitantly and then carefully let go of me. I was glad she didn't just rush off in a hurry like she usually did-- I was so exhausted I probably would have fell to the floor. Before too long, I felt the vaguely familiar insertion of a tube of lubricant up my rectum but this time it was slower and not done savagely like the first time. Cool jelly shot inside me and then the plastic tube was removed. There was a pause as I took hold of either side of the door jamb and “psyched myself up” for what was about to transpire again-- I could only assume that Jill was lubing her member. Jill placed the head of her cock at the door of my anus and held me by my hips. “Ready?” I knew that I couldn't possibly be more relaxed as spent as I was, and I did want more sex-- bad.

“....I think so.” I said and Jill carefully pulled me back over her iron prick. “Oh gawd you're so big.” I groaned. The pain was almost overwhelming but not nearly as bad as the first time.

“It gets easier-- I promise.” she breathed in my ear. Another gentle push up my butt and I said:

“I hope so.” Several minutes passed as she occasionally pushed deeper inside me and I had to admire her control. This wasn't like her-- she must have wanted me to willingly take it up the ass really badly or she wouldn't have taken the time to accommodate me and my needs.

“I neeeeed this Jenn....” she grunted so that no one else could hear. Her breathing was becoming labored.

“I know Jill.....please continue.” I whispered back. Soon she started to pull back out.

“I can't hold it any longer Jenn, I'm cumming!” and as her cock spazmmed in and out of my ass she came to orgasm, then gently resumed her depth inside me, slowly pushing deeper and deeper.

“How much more?” I whispered. I was in agony, but not as before or like the first time.

“Three inches or so.” She whispered back as I started feeling her sperm leaking out my anus and down my inner thighs.

“Oh gawd....” I groaned. It was all I could do to inhale deeply and cross my eyes to help manage the force of her girth in my backside. As much as I avoid pain like everyone else, I was grateful I was too exhausted to object to the experience. I wanted Jill's cock in my life and I didn't want to take weeks or months getting it there. Again she pressed a little deeper inside me, and again, and again. More deep breaths on my part. Finally I felt her hips flat against my thighs and I was “home free”. I had taken all of her again-- this time without complaint.

“...yessssss....” Jill hissed before she began humping me in a shallow but deliberate fashion. Her testes started bouncing into my crotch again like the first time and then something magical happened; my asshole started to tingle and the pain slowly melted away. Carefully, Jill began pulling farther and farther out as she worked my ass. Suddenly my whole back end from my waist to my thighs started glowing with relief-- and pleasure. As her confidence in my ability grew, Jill started thrusting in and out more deeply and her breathing became labored again.

I wouldn't have thought it possible as tired as I was, but I was getting horny again. I had to steady myself with only one arm on the jamb and began fingering myself with my other hand. My ass felt really good too. Jill's thrusts were becoming firmer and firmer and I wanted more....

“Please continue Jill....” I cooed as best I could. She didn't need any more encouragement after that and graduated to “full-force” fucking my rectum.

“Oh yeah!!! I love anal sex!” she grunted just before she screamed another orgasm in my ass again. I myself was getting some sort of second wind and was really hot and bothered by the experience. Before I thought I could feel Jill's cum leaking down over the backs of my thighs-- now I was sure of it as she was easing down from her pinnacle of pleasure. At the same time I was getting a little frustrated as Jill eased herself out when I heard a squirting sound. Jill then resumed pumping me again from behind without ever fully pulling out her meat. She must have lubricated herself again and continued her slow in-and-out thrusts for several minutes. From where I wasn't sure, but from deep within me something began to stir. I wouldn't have thought it possible but the more Jill screwed my ass, the hotter I got. The hornier I got, the more I wanted it.

“Yesssss...” I hissed back over my shoulder. Jill didn't even miss a beat:

“Talk dirty to me.” she ordered. I had been doing so for long enough that it came naturally.

“Fuck me.” I countered.

“Where should I fuck you???”

“” I half-grunted as my lover started picking up steam again. In my mind at least, Jill's stamina was becoming even more legendary and feebly I tried to match her humping. “Please Jill, I want it.” I urged.

“Good....I want your poop shoot too.... Tell me again.”

“Yes Jill...I WANT it.” I said-- and I meant it. My pleasure was mounting. Goddamn....Jill pulled out again and held her foreskin only in my rear-end.

“Are you sure???” Jill whispered.

“YHES DAMNIT! UP MY ASS FHHUCK ME! FHHINAL AHNSWER!!!” I was getting angry-- needlessly. My partner not only started butt-fucking me again, she went ballistic doing it too. After some bumping and grinding together, soon enough we were both crying out in orgasmic pleasure. I loved it. As she fully pulled out of my rectum I could feel the remainder of my entrails seep out and I grabbed both butt cheeks and waddled over to sit down on the toilet just in time-- then lost consciousness.

When I came to again in the darkness I felt that I was in a bed. In the darkness I could only assume that it was mine and I could hear Jill's heavy breathing on the verge of snoring. What woke me up was that I was horny as all Hell again and I wanted some dick-- right now. I didn't want to wake up my lover-- not yet at least-- and couldn't help but begin thinking....

“Counting” orgasms lately had become not only a waste as both of us were having so many we would lose the number that we were on. The counting itself had become counterproductive and I immediately resolved to stop doing so. What mattered so much more to me in that moment was that glow of how Jill and I made each other feel during and after our lovemaking. I lay there for several moments lost in thought and desire until I came to a conclusion:

Now that I knew what levels of pleasure and joy she was really capable of giving me, I had lost and I knew it. I tried to help myself from “going to the next level” but I couldn't-- the house, the car, the money-- I would do anything for her meat inside me. The only question now was, how was I going to get it there-- “all the time”? I wanted her pop-sickle in my mouth bad just to get started again but I had to check-- I carefully rolled over and took a sniff. .oO(Good girl, you washed it off.)Oo. After a gentle roll of her hips into position and spending several minutes lovingly sucking her penis she woke up without comment. I kept sucking until she came and swallowed all of her goop.....

“You win, I lose.” I waited for her to come back from the brink of such pleasure and then repeated myself:

“You win....I lose.”


“You fill me so completely Jill, I'll do anything for you. The house, the car, the money....take whatever you want-- I just want to be your toy.....” I wasn't 100% sure that I was using the right words, but I was trying. “Some would call me a bitch or a slut, but I don't see it that way.... You have the cock that I want, and I want to be your whore....please.” The silence was so long, I began to wonder if Jill had heard me.

“You're not a whore...”, she whispered, “ least I don't think so anyway-- you're not the type.... I think that what you are really trying to ask for isn't so much to be my whore, but to be my 'boy-toy' your case, 'girl-toy' of course.”

“Yes....whatever you want to call it-- I don't care. Anything.”

“....not for the money....or the house or anything. I don't want the responsibility. I just wanted a lover...a friend...... The way you take all of my prick up your ass, I couldn't say no if I tried.... Accepted.”

“Thank you.” was all I could utter. I was too far in shock to think of anything else. To have what I wanted-- Jill's penis-- without having to give up anything I owned that I would have given her freely was beyond my ability to think. I didn't complain-- or comment for fear of her changing her mind.

“Just keep sucking me for now and then get some rest-- tomorrow you're going to need it.” And without comment I obliged on all counts as I fingered myself to more orgasms. With Jill's cock sliding in and out of my mouth, it didn't take much.....

I awoke alone this time and by the look of the sun through the window it was getting to be close to lunch time. Remembering what Jill had said made me even a little more excited. My being randy or not was no longer a question really-- it was only a question of how horny I was. Finding her and the rest would take care of itself was the only order of business. Getting out of bed showed my blue mini-skirt and white blouse hanging from the dresser along with a note: “Put this on, sit in the office and wait.” and I walked over to remove the note. Taking my clothes from the dresser and a quick shower, I dressed as fast as I could. Adding makeup, I used just a little more rouge at the cheekbones than I normally would and stepped over into the office and sat down......

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good thing this is just fantasy, nobody coud fuck that many times in one day
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