A beautiful girl, diverted, perverted, and clever
LORI – What weddings are good for

WARNING: English is NOT my first language – I have learned it in school and practiced it a lot in trading, but this is (even though pornographic) supposed to be literature.
So please bear with me, or, if not, just read something else.
I also need to mention that the story is true, only depicting my personal experience(s).
All the names and/or places may have nothing to do with the reality...

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Sometimes, marriage becomes epidemic...
No less than ten people I know, are suddenly deciding to get married, the very same summer.
Some of them know each other since high school, some are even together since then, but, still, to be in your so very early twenties...
We are living in the seventies – I mean 1970, not 1870!...

Gosh and how many of them have divorced, only after a few years, some of them, unfortunately, having to deal with kids who, honestly, had no guilt for their parents rush...

Anyway, going to a wedding involves the fact that you get to meet some cousins of the newly married guys, so, eventually, finding someone to have fun with.

I'm at the table, in the restaurant, surrounded by some folks that I know, but also by some that I don't...
The next table has become real interesting for me, since the curled blond hair, surrounding that angelic face, with those deep blue eyes, gives me the thrills...

She looks a little bit artificial, since she's dressed in accordance with the trend for such events, but... this is it!
The bad part is that right beside her are two persons who, surely must be her parents, so, the possibilities to maneuver are quite limited...
I cannot tell if she's sixteen, or eighteen, or something, but the fact that she is accompanied by her parents, and she's sitting at the same table with them, make all the guys keep the distance...

After an hour, or so, I consider the idea of going, and asking politely her parents, the permission to invite the young lady to dance with me.
I may be refused, I know that, but, still, unless I give it a try, I cannot tell...

So, I stand up, button my coat, and go towards the table.
The beauty senses my move and blushes, probably guessing the reason of my approach.
We've already seldom smiled to each other, from a distance...

So, I introduce myself, mentioning that I am a friend of both bride and groom, that we have a history since high school, than tell them the reason I'm there...
The father looks a bit embarrassed, somewhat upset, but, finally, he says:
“Well, it's up to Lori. If she agrees, we won't say no”...

She blushes a bit more, but stands up.
I rush to help her with the chair, than offer her my arm, and gone we are, on the dance ring.
Fortunately, it's a rather large dance ring, and not too close to the table where her parents are sitting.

Lori isn't from Bucharest, but starting with this autumn she will start her studies here, at the faculty of stomatology.
She has a few relatives in Bucharest, but she has decided, and convinced her parents, to let her stay at a dorm of the faculty, so that she wouldn't become a pain in the ass of her relatives...

Unfortunately, I don't have a pen, or a piece of paper, so that I cannot give her my phone number.
Anyway, I'm sure that if I go into the kitchen of the restaurant, or at the bar, I shall surely find what I need.
I tell Lori what I intend to do, but, she, smiling, simply tells me that if I tell her what my telephone number is, she will simply remember it. No written paper needed...

I give her the number, she repeats it, than simply says:

After four tunes, I lead Lori back at her table.
I don't want to annoy her parents...
I thank them for their kindness, than ask for permission to come back later.
Permission granted.

I am not really surprised, after ten minutes, to see a guy approaching their table, so that Lori stands up again and goes to dance.
After she leaves with the dude, I can see, with the corner of my eye, that her parents, especially her mother, are evaluating me, the way I smoke, drink, eat...
I'm just imagining myself as a chimp at the zoo...
I cannot help but smile.

Interesting, but, after almost half of an hour, Lori isn't yet back at the table.
All of a sudden, in some kind of a rush, she's coming back, alone.
I can realize that she's angry – the way she frowns, blushes, and keeps on talking with her mother make me realize that something went wrong with the dude...

Also, where the heck is the guy?!? He hasn't come back at his table!...
I can then see Lori's father waving his hand at me, asking me to approach.
I comply. The father seems quite irritated, asking me if I happen to know the hawbuck who has taken his daughter to dance.

He asks me politely to try to find out who he is.
I start my research and find out that he's a friend of a friend, practically unknown to our group of young people.
I approach this friend who has invited the dude to come with him, ask him about the dude, than, realizing that the dude has most probably left, I kindly invite the friend to go and ask for an apology on behalf of his friend...

So, the conflict is over.
Problem solved.

I return to my table, minding my own business, chatting with the girl and the guy beside me, who, of course, sensing that something went wrong, want to know each and every detail...
Since I have no clue about any detail, I simply explain them that the girl was upset, due to the behavior of that dude, considered by the girl's father as a hawbuck...

After less than twenty minutes, I can see Lori's mother, this time, waving her hand towards me.
Honestly, I feel embarrassed, but... I comply.
The lady tells me that they intend to leave soon, so that, if it pleases me, I should invite Lori to dance, since she doesn't want her daughter to leave the premises upset...

I smile, and comply.
While dancing on a blues, she explains to me that the dude simply invited her to go out on the terrace of the restaurant, and there he started to force himself towards her, groping and feeling her ass and boobs, trying to forcibly kiss her.
When she refused and forced herself to get rid of him, the guy has cursed her, calling her names, so that she has entered the restaurant and went back at her table.

All I can say is:
“I bet the guy was drunk!”
“You can bet!”

After four tunes, I lead Lori back at her table, thanking again her folks.
They stand up, so that we shake hands, and they go towards the bride and groom to say their good byes.

After they are gone, I tell the folks from my table what has happened.
Suddenly, I feel a soft hand on my shoulder.
It's an old school colleague of mine, a little trashed by the booze, asking me to take her to dance.
We do have a history together, including sex, so that it's almost natural to hear that she wants me to take her home.
My place, not hers...

Finding a taxi proves to be a real problem, but, fortunately, we manage to take a late bus.
As I've said, she's trashed from the booze, but... not that trashed, so that we have a nice fuck, than she... falls asleep.
I know that I'm supposed to wake her up, very early in the morning.
She's an adult, of course, but she's still living with her parents and she doesn't want “complications”...

At half past five, in the morning, I lead her to a taxi, than come back home.
I try to get some sleep, since, I cannot tell why, but I simply couldn't sleep all night.

Am I dreaming, or is it the telephone bell?
I make an effort, and answer.
“... Err, hello?...”
“Ovid, is it you?”
I cannot tell how come, but I immediately recognize Lori's voice.
“Yes, it's me, Lori”...

She explains that her father has driven all night and now they are already home, at a distance of about two hundred kilometers, and her parents are sleeping.
I tell her how glad I am that she has really noted in her memory my telephone number, that the wedding has continued for a few hours after their departure, that I've had to take home an old school colleague of mine who has drank a bit too much, and I didn't want to let her go home all by herself.
I have avoided telling her that, in fact, I have brought the lady to my place...

She gives me her telephone number, which, of course, I shall never use, but I just note it in my agenda.

It's September by now, when, on a Saturday afternoon, I receive a call.
To my huge surprise, it's Lori.
Ever since that day after the wedding, she's never called again.
She's speaking from a pay phone, downtown, quite close to my place.

In less than twenty minutes, I'm there!
She's wearing a short jacket, a pair of jeans that show some curves to kill for, and a pair of high heeled boots.
Anyway, it surely must be her, since I have recognized the beautiful curled blond hair.
She's insistingly looking the other way, so that I get very close to her.
“Hi, Lori!”
She jumps, in surprise, turns towards me, and... embraces me, kissing me on both my cheeks, than on my lips a little...

I cannot help but let show my surprise, since, while we've been dancing, two months ago, I've really behaved...
She senses my surprise, and bursts into laughter:
“I wanted to do this ever since you've invited me to dance!”
The Autumn sun of September can still be friendly, so that I take Lori's hand and we enter the nearby park.

She confesses that she knows the place, since her cousins have showed it to her years ago.
I invite her to a terrace, still open, but she refuses, asking me to find a bench.
We sit, I grab the cigarettes and offer her one.
She refuses, telling me how bad this habit can be...

I simply explain that I've started smoking when I was twelve...
She turns towards me:
“Now, why didn't you call me?”
She's serious, and seems to really wait for my answer.

“Lori, I shall be very open with you.
I simply didn't want your parents to start worrying, or who knows what else.
They must be already stressed by the fact that their beloved daughter is leaving them for at least a few years”...

Her reply is sharp:
“Wrong! Very wrong!
If you want to know, my mother has told me to ask my cousins how I can get in touch with you!
You've really impressed them, in a very pleasant manner”

I'm just wondering how impressed would they be, if they knew how hard I was longing to fuck their daughter's orifices, each and every way possible...

She stands up, inviting me to show me her room.
She's supposed to sleep in the same room with two other girls, whom she doesn't know yet, since they haven't arrived.
The place is all right, not too clean, but not too dirty, with some posters left on the walls by the previous tenants, including one with all the bunch of muscles of the human body.

Then, quite natural, Lori looks at me and tells me:
“Now, since I've showed you mine, when will you show me yours?”
She's smiling, in a shrewd and lascivious manner.
I smile a bit:
“Starting with this moment, whenever you please, Lori, just whenever you please”...

She looks a bit annoyed...
“This is a very general invitation, with no real consistence”...
I do realize that she's misunderstanding me, so that I take her by the hand:
“Lori, can you leave now with me, without having problems here?”
“She smiles:
“Yes, of course!”

I don't want to waste any of our time, so that we take a taxi.
My room is a bit messy, since, honestly, I wasn't expecting any guests, but, in less than five minutes, I manage to make it look somewhat better, than bring some whiskey and two glasses.
Lori explains that she's not a fan of alcoholic beverages, but, finally, I convince her to let me pour a few drops in her glass, at least to say cheers...

Honestly, I'm not really delighted.
A teenager who doesn't smoke, doesn't drink... what else isn't she doing?
Anyway, she's crazy about Queen.

After listening almost two albums, she asks me, politely, for a sandwich with no matter what...
I prepare a few sandwiches, and also bring some orange juice.
She seems to be more delighted with the orange juice, than the sandwiches, and, please believe me, I know how to prepare a wonderful sandwich...
But I console myself, remembering how girls these days are obsessed with their silhouettes...

After we finish eating, she excuses herself and goes to the bathroom.
Coming back, she approaches my chair and asks me if I have some blues, so that we can dance for a while...
Yes I do.
I can sense the fresh smell of the tooth paste.
What could I expect from a stomatologist?

I excuse myself, and go to the bathroom, brushing my teeth.
I intend to kiss the girl tonight, to say the least, and the fact that she hasn't smoked or drank will surely not make her happy with my odors...

The moment I return from the bathroom, she jumps from the chair and embraces me, starting to dance, lasciviously, rubbing my chest with hers, and caressing my back with her hands...
It doesn't take her more than a minute until she's kissing my neck, giving me thrills on my spine, and, also, down there, where, if until a few moments I was only semi erect, now my dick is poking my jeans, trying desperately to find a way out...

Lori, shrewd fox, senses immediately my erection, so that she comes closer to me with her belly, rubbing me, pressing me, making me feel like stripping her in a flash...

I grab her by the back of her neck, making her look into my eyes:
“Now, baby, you've already told me, and showed me, what you've felt like when we've met at the wedding...
Can I dare to show you what was on my mind, or, is it, too early?”

She pushes me, gently, freeing herself from my embrace, goes and dims the lights, than approaches her chair and takes off her pullover, than starts unbuttoning her blouse.
I get the message, so that I strip.
She encounters some difficulties taking off her boots, so that I help her.

I simply cannot take away my eyes from her boobs, with bold nipples, very erect, and I can feel my mouth watering...
Not for long, since we're both on my bed, embraced, while I find my way towards them, sucking them, licking them, caressing them...
She's tensing her spine, breathing hard.

My left hand starts it's journey, caressing her belly, her trimmed bush, than looking for the clit.
She opens her legs some more, dragging me above her.
Before I enter, she stops me for a moment:
“Not in there... you know”...

I reach for the drawer, and take a napkin.
She looks at it, smiles, than tells me:
“You won't need that! Just let me know when you're close”...

Her cunt is wet like a fountain, so that I manage to enter her smoothly.
When my dick head touches her cervix, she's suddenly grabbing my ass cheeks, making me go deeper.
The following moment she's already trembling, milking my dick, and breathing as if there is no air in the room.
She's as silent as an empty church, but her body speaks novels...

I can feel that my dick is a little bit too large for her cunt, but she's struggling to convince me of the contrary, grabbing me, making me go deeper, deepest!
I take her legs, making them rest on my shoulders, and continue pushing, rubbing my pelvic bones on hers, making her clit happy.

She shivers again, holding me deep inside her.
I can feel how her cunt and my dick are pulsating together, like in a duet...
And, what the heck! I haven't yet started to pump her!

After she relaxes a little, I start pumping her, withdrawing my dick until only my dick head remains inside, than, slow, or quick, I reinsert it.
She's breathing hard, bouncing her head from left to right and right to left, giving me signals with her hands on my back that she needs to be pumped harder and quicker...

Gosh! Her pleasure is also my pleasure, so that I start pumping, making the poor bed, which has seen so much and so many, to start creaking a little...
She's wet like a fountain, practically leaking, while, from time to time, she trembles, with her face full of perspiration by now, and her hands above her head, letting me do her however I please...

The feelings are fantastic, so that I feel that I'm getting real close.
I make an effort to make sure that she orgasms again, one last time, than I tell her:
“Honey, I'm ready”
She tenses a bit, so that I withdraw my dick completely.

She turns around in bed, making her face sit under my balls, between my knees, grabs my dick, and starts caressing it, jerking it faster and faster, until she senses that I'm really ready, when she engulfs me.
It takes me real efforts to do not let my dick plunge deep inside her mouth.

She was right. I didn't need the napkin.
When I manage to take away my dick from her mouth, it's clean, but this is not all.
She immediately starts licking my balls, coated with her juices, doing a real good job...
Her tongue tickles me a little, but I manage to endure.

Then, I just bend and give her a long deep kiss, while my hand has already reached her clit again, making her jump because of the too strong sensations...

Finally, after five minutes, or so, we stop.
I ask her if she feels like taking a shower, but she refuses, telling me that we'll have plenty of time for that...
Then, she takes the napkin and lays it on the bottom of her chair, just in case...

Since she asks me for another glass of orange juice, I pour her the juice, than ask for permission to add a sip of whiskey.
She's a bit reluctant, but accepts.

I don't know who has taught her to make love so exquisite, so that the curious kitten in me doesn't let me be, before I ask her at what age she's started, mentioning about myself, that I've started at twelve...
She bursts into laughter, telling me that she's lost her virginity at... six!
But, not to a guy, but to a fence that she's tried to jump over...

She's very open, telling me how she's explored her insides with a cucumber, the handle of the hair brush, carrots, and so on...
She's laughing.
She's had the first real dick when she was nine, with a neighbor of the same age, but that little penis of him has made her avoid boys until she was sixteen.

She's done it with the same boy, but only after he showed her how much he has developed since their first experience...
She also tells me that she has experienced anal sex, but that she doesn't feel, over there, any real pleasure.
Anyway, if the guy's dick is too thin, she uses to take a carrot and stick it up her ass, making her feel a better friction inside her vagina...

I jokingly ask her if she wants me to go to the kitchen and try to find a cucumber or a carrot, but she bursts into laughter, telling me that it is not the case...
She also tells me how her mother has caught her, one afternoon, while she was exploring her insides with a carrot, and how, as a punishment, her mother made her eat all that carrot...

Her father doesn't have a clue about her kinky perversions, and, anyway, ever since, she's always taken care to lock the door before playing with herself...
As a conclusion, she's told me that no matter what she has experienced with, including sausages, nothing has made her feel as good as when the real thing entered her...

All her story has had a certain effect on my dick, throbbing hard by now.
Lori jumps from the arm chair, lays in bed, on her back, but with the head out of the edge of it.
She opens her mouth, sticking her tongue out.
I don't need any explanations.
I approach the bed, hold her by her beautiful hair, and start plunging my dick into her mouth, this time in a more boldly manner, reaching her throat.

She doesn't gag, but stops me with her hands to go any further.
After ten minutes, I realize that she's tired, so that I grab her and make her stay on her knees and hands, and start pumping her from behind.
She's having orgasm after orgasm, so that after twenty minutes I feel the need to explode again.

I simply take away my dick from her cunt, and, wet as it is, I start sticking it up her ass.

Felling what I do, she simply opens her legs a bit more, letting her upper body on her elbows.
She's probably practiced a lot, since I enter with no problems.
I pump her for another five minutes, and... here we are!
She turns her head and smiles at me...

After this, a shower is compulsory, so that we go.
Rubbing each others backs and the rest of our bodies make us stay in the bathroom for more than an hour...

What can I say?
We've fucked again in the tub, on the margin of it, and, again, she's sucked me dry, if I can say so when the water of the shower is pouring on our bodies...

After we get out from the bathroom, she asks me to do not mind, since, even if there will be Sunday, she wants to get up early and go to her dorm, hoping that her room mates will arrive, and she wants to meet them.

At seven, I wake her up, so that at eight we are already at her place.
Lori goes to the door, locks it with the key, leaving the key in the locker, than comes to me, falls on her knees, and makes my jeans and shorts get down to my ankles.

I let her do me for five minutes, but, honestly, I need to fuck her cunt.
I grab her by her arms, make her knee on the edge of her bed, let her panties roll down a bit, than stick my dick inside her cunt.
It doesn't take her more than a minute to orgasm again, then again, and again...

After twenty minutes, I'm done, so that I guide her to fall again on her knees and suck me dry...
Gosh, when I explode, I do have a little trouble with my balance, but I hold myself on her head, making a mess of her beautifully brushed hair...
Whaw! She's so beautiful!

Afterwards, we kiss good bye, remaining to see each other in the evening.

The three years that she's staid at studies here, she's never started to go around the bushes, telling me how much she loved me, marital ideas, or so...
It was pure and simple lust, no strings attached, and we've always felt good together.

After leaving Bucharest, she's called me, now and then, telling me about her professional progresses.
Later on, after an year, or so, her parents have managed to arrange for a job for her in their town.
She's never called me again, and I, in spite of the fact that I still did have the telephone number in my agenda, have never called her.


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