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A tale to begin my story, a memory of school and more recent events!
I'll start this tale from the start and I'm going to be totally honest with you all: I really love wanking!!!
Let me take time to tell you a little about myself before we carry on. I've enjoyed playing with myself ever since I was about 11 years old. The first time I can really remember though was when I was 14 and at high school. I was walking around the back of the school golf course to get to the rugby field when I heard voices coming from the nearby shed. Curious as to who was dodging out of rugby and hoping to join them I started walking to the door when I realised it was the hushed voices of a boy and a girl, the sound of childish giggling and sloppy wet kisses stopping me short of barging right in on them. Curiously I listened as they touched and kissed trying to figure out if I knew them or not. A couple of seconds later I realised that I was horny and hard! My willy was harder than ever before and I felt so turned on by what I could hear that it felt like I was cumming in my trousers but it didn't go away like normal and it was getting more intense every second I stood there listening. I wanted to pull my dick out, my willy cried at me to touch it but I wanted to know who exactly I was going to 'dedicate' this, my first ever 'sexual experience' with... I had never even touched or kissed a girl before so it was really my first encounter with sex. Looking back on it now I realise how much that experience affected me but at the time I was too horny to know my own name! As I slowly peered around the doorframe and my brain registered what I saw several things happened all at the same time: I saw an older boy I knew as Lee who was a boarder and also our house prefect. He was in his final year at school and was well liked by the girls in our house and the school beyond. I didn't recognise the girl at first as at that moment her little fingers were up the sides of her legs and in the process of dropping her little white knickers from under her schoolgirl's skirt. That scene formed the first and most powerful image in my memories, the start of my 'wank-bank' so to speak. I still see his trousers around his ankles with his big boner oozing precum while pointing straight up in the gap between the little girls legs, then her undies dropping to her ankles. I can see her long brown hair tied back in a ponytail, so long and straight falling to her tight little bum, she was so tiny and cute at about 4'6"... I recognised her then as my mate James' little sister sarah! It took less than a second to register in my head:
I started cumming in my boxers instantly! I felt my little 14 year old cock getting warm wet with spunk as I nearly passed out in exctatic delight. I hadn't even touched myself, the tight confines of my school trousers and at the scene playing out within a few feet of me was more than enough stimulation for my inexperienced body, but even as I felt my little willy shooting hot cum in my crotch I stumbled forward to hold onto the wall gasping to breathe through the pulsing pleasure of the first true 'orgasm' of my life.

Thankfully Lee and little Sarah were too busy with each other and didn't hear or see or hear me and blissfully unaware of my presence they continued their encounter. I regained my composure and resumed watching them just as sarah was kicking her kickers away and gripped lee's big boner with her little fingers and started wanking him off as they kissed and fondled. I realised with shock that although my boxers felt filled with the large wad of warm sticky spunk that I'd just blown into them that I hadn't gotten soft after I'd cum like I usually did. I undid my trousers and dropped them to my ankles with the cum-stained boxers before the fingers of my right hand wrapped around my sloppy willy and I started wanking myself off while I watched the show! I'd been wanking several times a day for a long time before this and my willy was already pointed a little off to the right so it was amazing when I did something else for the first time and tried wanking with my left hand instead! It was a totally different kind of feeling than usual, and I easily imagined that it was my dick the little girl was rubbing up and down, I even imitated her grip as much as I could but Lee's dick was so much bigger than mine that the closest I could get was to use my right hand forefingers and my thumb! That felt even better than the left hand! I wanked my little boner off with my fingers as I watched sarah giving lee a handjob as he slowly laid her down on her back and I I felt myself getting close to cumming realising that they were just moments away from having sex together! Slowing my wanking I watched as Sarah opened her legs as lee moved between them, they were exactly sideways to me on the floor so I could see what was happening between her legs aswell as see her pretty little face almost begging as lee pushed his knob into her pussy I had no idea what it felt like having sex but I imagined it as I stood wanking myself off! As lee started rocking back and forth on top of the little schoolgirl beneath him and thrusting his big cock up her pussy my fingers rubbed my little dick to the same rythem. It only took a couple of minutes before lee started grunting and I realised that he was about to cum! My mind went racing and I rubbed my willy knowing that the boy in front of my was about to shoot his load up inside her little pussy, the little girl on her back, legs open and panting was having sex and I was wanking off watching them! As Lee began groaning and cumming inside sarah I started to shoot cum up the wall and on the floor in huge spurts! I grabbed my shaft with my whole right hand and pumped up and down again as lee shot his load in a girl! I was much less fortunate though: I had very nearly pulled my trousers up as lee and sarah came around the corner and gasped in shock as they saw me fastening my trousers that were covered in spunk, realising that not only had they been seen but I had been wanking off while they had sex together! Sarah blushed a dark red colour but lee just stood there and started laughing at me! I was so embarassed and humiliated but also really turned on too! I tried but couldnt cover it up in time and when sarah saw my little willy was hard again it made her start giggling which made me suddenly started to cum again, my hard little tool shooting tiny little drops of jizz on the floor as a little girl laughed at me!!!

I'm chatting away to Lucy, my girlfriend laura's sister as she drives us home from the cinema in town. Laura and my friend John were sitting in the back and were getting on quite well so I let them talk and spoke to lucy about work and other nonesence. We were about 10 minutes from my house when laura started giggling and jumping around in the back seat; I assumed they were just being silly and tickling eachother so I let them carry on without saying anything. It wasnt until they started whispering and giggling that I turned around in my seat amd asked what the conspiracy was for a laugh and to see what was going on behind me. Laura told me that she wanted to go and see the new car john had bought the week before so I said it would have to wait until tomorrow. John said it was okay with him and he could drop her off at her sisters house later on. I wasn't very comfortable with the idea of them together alone but lucy would be with them so I said okay then and asked her to ring me when she got home. Lucy dropped me off at my house and I leaned into the back to kiss laura goodnight then went inside. About an hour later I tried to ring laura but she didn't answer her phone so I tried to ring lucy instead to see what time they were going home. When lucy told me that she was at home already and laura was at john's house alone my stomach did a flip but I didn't panic: She was my girlfriend and he's my friend so i trust them both and should stop being insecure. I had a few beers and went on the pc for a couple of hours before getting ready for bed; I was just getting in when laura phoned me sounding pretty drunk and a bit stoned! She said that they had been drinking and smoking so john wouldnt be able to drive but she was going to call for a taxi back home soon after. I told her I loved her and to text me when she got home but an hour later I got a drunken text message from her that sent my mind racing! "Hey sis can u pz rggn rich an sy am hme in bd c u tmz!" Oh my god, I couldnt believe what I was reading: Laura was spending the night with John, not only drunk and stoned but she wanted her sister to lie to me about it! I immediatley pictured them drunk and stoned at his place alone; it didn't take much imagination to see them flirting and kissing eachother and I knew in my gut that before long it would be laura's knickers that were hitting the floor just like sarahs had all those years ago! I knew I should go around and do something but the image of laura cheating on me with him made my cock hard as fuck and horny as hell! I tried to ring her again but both her phone and johns were turned off... I needed to get to her, I had to stop them from having sex together no matter what it took; I got dressed and called a cab over to john's house as fast as I could; I got there 10 minutes later and had a hole in my gut that screamed that I was too late, that my girlfriend was cheating on me and fucking my mate and he had aready shot his load of hot cum in her belly, maybe even more than once!!!! I was also rock hard and turned on by the idea that it took a huge effort to walk around the back garden and into the house without getting my dick out and wanking myself silly to images of them fucking, of my mates dick inside my girlfriend!!! I got to the bottom of the stairs and my world fell apart around me as I heard the unmistakable sounds of a couple fooling around, of my babe cheating on me just up the stairs with my friend... My dick was straining against my jeans as I approached his bedroom door; sneaking forward just enough to see inside: She still had her dress on! His hand was up her skirt and I saw that her knickers were still on too meaning they hadn't had sex so she hadn't cheated on me at all, just a little harmless fun and that would be it, but just then it happened; John said he was sorry but had run out of rubbers when my sweet sexy girlfriend pulled her knickers down and said it's okay, just pull out as she wasn't on the pill.... As I watched her remove the last of her clothes before opening her legs to let him crawl between her unprotected pussy I felt the most incredible feelings of shame and humiliation mixed with the most lustfful and erotic excitement and as I watched my mates big hard dick sliding inside my girlfriends pussy I was in pure heaven; I was rubbing my willy watching my girlfriend cheating on me, knowing that john's big dick was stretching her pussy so much that my little willy wouldnt even rub the sides! Laura was screaming his name as he penetrated my girlfriend just inches away from where I was wanking my tiny little willy with my fingers watching them having real sex together! It didn't surprise me when john didn't pull his cock out of my girls pussy, that he started shooting his load inside her but it did shock me when laura said "Don't pull out babe your cock is loads bigger than richs!, Oh fuck yes, cum inside me! Shoot your load in me pussy and knock me up!" With that last part I started squirting my jizz over the door while I watched him cumming inside her, his huge dick shooting spunk inside my girlfriend, filling her belly and knocking her up... I cummed and cummed and cummed some more as I watched them have sex together again and again, finally leaving in the early hours of the morning. I got home and got back into my bed but I was hard again; my thoughts went to laura and her cum-filled belly and i sighed with pleasure in seconds as a small amount of spunk dribbled from my willy to coat my fingertips before I drifted off to sleep!


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dude it'll help if you take this to the sexuality part of the forum instead of writing your story here. this isn't exactly what we expect when we say :plot:

And shorten the paragraphs will you ?

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