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A daughter's prayer to her daddy...
The story of Lot always intrigued me. The Bible, actually sanctioning incest? But it really is there if you know where to look (Genesis 19:30-38). Even better, its the daughters who plot to bed their aging, widowed father who had no sons.

To My Daddy, who lies within me,
Happy is our love.
...and when you cum,
I'll be fecund, tonight,
As I'll miss my menses.
Give me again your heady seed,
And forgive me now my lurid intention,
As I forgave you when first we bedded.
And if you'll not feel irritation,
I'll deliver you a baby,
For ours is the loving,
And the climax, and the glory,
For ever....
Uhhhhh...OHMYGAWD!!! Wow...

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2014-09-28 22:02:31
nice, my dad awlyas loved his 96 LT-1 Camaro SS, and I awlyas hated putting new plugs/wires and opti-spark on it. he just recently traded it in for a new Camaro SS though

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2013-04-27 04:41:11
And you are the cute brunette on the right who is ever so cute being 8 mtohns pregnant. You both are beautiful and very talented. I haven't heard so many Oohs & Aahs in a long time. Everything was perfect. It was whimsical, fun, tasty and yummy. I had a wonderful time celebrating the anticapted birth of these two new babies who will bless so many. Love to all.

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2013-02-03 12:54:56
Put it in the poem section dorr

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