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A girl's intimate incest tale
The story of Lot always intrigued me. The Bible, actually sanctioning incest? But it really is there if you know where to look (like Genesis 19:30-38). Even better, its the daughters who plot to bed their aging, widowed father who had no sons...

My daddy's my lover; I want none else.
He lieth within me in green pastures:
He lieth within me by still waters.
He rocketh my world:
He leadeth me in the paths of pure incest, 'cause I want him to.

Yea, though we kiss in a world that could bring our deaths,
I shall fear no evil, when he is within me;
His rod, a thick staff, it comforts me.
He preparest the bedroom just for me, like unto my fantasies;
He annointest my vault with semen; My cunt runneth over.

Surely climax and babies will follow me all the days of my life,
And I will dwell in my lover dad's house forever.


Anonymous readerReport

2016-01-25 03:17:15
A bit to far...

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-23 21:17:40
Wow babe your a slut in carrne .

Being MeReport

2013-04-05 22:57:55
Ok we know it was incest but that was to keep the world populated back then.... There's too many people out to fuck besides fucking your daughter that a man help bring in this world why would a man fuck up a kids life like that its bad enough there's rapist so know kids can't be safe in their own home without daddy trying to fuck them do people not understand how wrong that is how much kids already go through bs in life they need parents to be their not to fuck them at night while mommy sleep

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2013-02-26 20:20:17
Hi Glenn Our move happened so qkcluiy that the best thing I could do was place the information in the Guild's newsletter at the time. I'm planning to attend the meeting and workshop in July on a trip back to Texas and look forward to seeing you. You have been so support of my work and I appreciate you, and your wife for her work with children, more than you know. I'm honored you wish to promote my book on your site, thank you! I'm still looking at summer publication, although this move has slowed down the revision process. See you soon, Brinda

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2013-02-09 20:49:12
Depends on the bible version...

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