Right where I left off...
Hello Gentle readers after the last abortive attempt to post a story... I have been hesitant to post anything new. But here goes I know you have been waiting for this, hope it lives up to your expectations. Enjoy.

I looked at the three women who looked like they were sizing me up like some piece of meat. I tilted my head slightly in annoyance and turned and walked out the front door. Becky came tearing after me a few seconds later. Before I got in my car and drove off anyway. “Please Robbie” she pleaded.

“Please what Becky I want to take you out and you bring me here and you want me to fuck all of your friends, I mean on one hand its pretty fucking far out, but on the other, don’t you think it cheapens any kind of relationship that we have?”

“Robbie it’s… well… I mean I can’t not”

“The Girls all adore you and they can’t stop talking about you… Mr Robbie this and Mr Robbie that…”

“And” I said as patiently as I could.

“And I owe you, big time”

“And you think throwing your friends at me will pay me back for just being a nice guy?”

“Well… kind of it’s also because… um well there are four of us and then my seven sisters and my mom that’s…”


“Right Twelve women you’re going to have to fuck”

“And you don’t think I can fuck them in twenty-nine days?”

“I’m… I’m just afraid that they … well some of them may want to get fucked more often than once in twenty-nine days. In fact some of them will probably want to get fucked two or three times a day”

“And so your friends are what?”

“Um Training for when we get married…”

“Becky… Becky, Becky and you wont be jealous of them?”

“Well… until the wedding maybe a little.”

“Okay I’ll accept your gift I guess is the best thing I can call it… on two conditions?”


“First, I don’t want to have them tagging along wherever I go”



“The first time I fuck them I want you to put my cock in them”


“Take it or leave it”

“Okay” she said after a pregnant pause.

“Shall we return?”

“No… I’ll go get them… we can go out to your ranch”

“Works for me” I shrugged.

I unlocked the doors and started the car the girls piled in the blonde and the brunette acquiesced the front seat to the red head. “Hi I’m Shauna,” the red head said leaning over and nibbling his neck her hand sliding up his thigh.

“I’m Candy the blonde said from the back seat”

“I’m sure you are” I replied.

“I’m Danielle if it wasn’t already obvious.” The Brunette said in a sort of a huff.

“So Robbie where are we going?”

“Little place I have outside of town” I responded as I shifted gears and started down the road.

“This is a really crappy car,” Candy said.

“Yup I responded but it works for my needs”

“Why haven’t you bought a corvette or I don’t know a BMW.”

“When we get there you can decide if I need a Penis enhancement”

“What do you mean?” Candy asked.

“He’s saying that men who drive cars like that have small dicks” Danielle translated.

“I just… Oh… OoooH!” Candy exclaimed, does that mean that because you have a crappy car you have a big dick?”

“I guess you’ll have to wait and see” I replied as I looked over to see Shauna staring at me a mirthful grin on her face. “What?”

“Oh you are fun,” Shauna said

“Why my dear Sauna whatever do you mean?”

“Your funny and if your talk is anything like your game, I’m starting to really get excited about this.” We were still a few miles from the turn off to my ranch and it was well past dark and the bright flash of lighting flashed across the sky lighting the spot we were driving down up like daylight. It seemed like the whole world shook as thunder rattled all around. Candy squealed in terror. “Holy crap” Shauna said “Its just a little thunder and lighting.” and if to punctuate her point the sky spider webbed with a jagged bolt of lighting and a roiling boom followed a half breath later. The rain started just shortly after that and I pulled onto the dirt road that led up to my cabin.

The rain was coming down in sheets and the visibility dropped from what was maybe seventy yards to only a few feet. I crawled along on the road easing the car down the slick mud. I could make out the silhouette of the trees that were about fifty yards from the cabin. The wheels slipped on the thickening mud and a few seconds later the car stopped.

“We are Trapped!” Candy squealed.

“Candy its just a short walk to the house.” Becky said.

“Or a Quick run” I added.

“But I’ll get all wet!”

“What are you worried about melting?”

“I… but…” Candy sputtered.

“Look I’ll run over to the house and turn on the lights and get things started you all get your stuff together and come as soon as your ready…I’ll get the car later”

“Your going to abandon us?” Candy cried.

“Candy hush” Tracy said. I opened the door and stepped out into the grease like slurry of mud and hastily closed the door. I carefully made my way up to the cabin and flipped on the lights. I went inside and started a fire in the main room and then started a fire in for my hot tub. Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for technology but when I’m out in the wilderness I like to play things old school, hence a hot tub in one of the larger back rooms off of the showers. It is big and made of plate steel and wood. There was a ceramic coating on the inside to keep the corrosion off, but for the most part it was essentially a ten-foot round tub about chest deep. I used rainwater that I kept stored in tanks on the roof so they were heated by the sun, to a nice 90-100 F degrees on a hot day. The stoked fire could make it boil but usually it kept it at a nice 112-120 F degrees the water ran through pipes that went into the steam room. I finished doing what I was doing and walked out on the wrap around porch. I saw the four women walking up looking bedraggled and muddy. Candy was completely covered with mud and it looked like Shauna had gotten some on her as well.

“Come back here” I said from the porch.

They came up on the back and I led them into the shower, which had a door to the outside and only really half a roof. Shivering and cold we all stripped off our clothes and left them to hang on some lines that I had strung back under the cover of the roof. I handed some big soft fluffy towels to Becky and Danielle as Shauna and Candy started to shower off the mud that was caked all over their bodies. Would you like a nice warm soak? I asked as I checked the temperature. It might be 50F degrees outside bug it was a nice 110 F in the tub. “That would be nice” the women said together, and climbed up the short stair up and then the slightly longer one down into the Tub.

“Um don’t get me wrong Robbie but I don’t remember this part of the cabin.” Becky said.

“I didn’t really show it to you this is sort of in the very back of the building, there are three bedrooms and a bunk room and the kitchen and the great room. There is also a small bathroom up there that we used before. There are no toilets back here though most of this is run off rainwater, Sort of a conservation thing.

I took off the towel and climbed into the steaming water next to the two women. “So…” Shauna smiled “You still going to fuck all three of us silly?”

“If you still want to?”

“Oh fuck yes,” she said as she moved across the tub towards me.

Shauna wrapped her arms around me and gave me a nice long kiss rubbing her tight little nipples against my chest. She was dark skinned and small in the breast department, but as my hands cupped her ass, I found what she lacked in tits she made up for in ass. She put her hands on the edge of the tub and put her knees up on either side of my hips. Becky reached down and took my hard cock in her hand and I looked her in the eye as she rubbed it against Shauna’s pussy. Shauna groaned and then lowered herself onto my tool. “Oh that’s fucking nice real nice” Shauna said as she buried my cock all the way inside.

“What’s… Hey!”

We all looked over to see Danielle and Candy coming into the door still wrapped in towels. “Save some for me” Danielle said.

“God there is plenty here for you” Shauna groaned as she ground her pelvis against mine.

“Wait for me!” Candy said and she pulled off her towel… exposing the most humongous unnatural breasts I had ever seen.

“Oh my god” I said.

“What?” Candy asked.

“Your Titties are ginormous” Becky stammered.

“You like them they are an E” Candy replied proudly.

“Holy crap, they look like you have two balloons on your chest.” Danielle laughed. Candy was maybe 4’ 8” tall, and she was all tits. The rest of her body was slim and well muscled, her legs were slim but not overly so and her pussy was completely devoid of any hair. When she followed Shauna who was just as chest height in the water it appeared that she had to struggle to keep from being submerged. Her boobs floated on the surface almost blocking out her face.

“So when is it my turn?” Candy asked.

“You get to suck him hard again when I’m done” Shauna groaned as she slowly slid up and back down on my cock.

“I don’t know this whole having a conversation while having sex isn’t doing much for my end game.” I commented.

“Oh don’t you worry about that it feels fine to me” Shauna squealed as her hips bumped against mine again.

“How about we take a break from the hot tub for a bit” Becky suggested

“Yeah we can watch better that way” Danielle added.

“Aww” Shauna groaned, “Do I have to get off? I was having such a nice ride.”

“Actually no” I decided, and carried her impaled on my cock out of the hot tub, which was all kinds of awkward but I managed to get out without any serious upsets or head injuries, and planted her lightly on one of the benches where the dry towels were waiting. On the next outstroke water poured out from around my cock splashing on the floor, the other women laughed hysterically at that. I started to hammer the red head’s sweet little muff until she was screaming and thrashing wildly her legs gripped my hips as I gasped and she milked an orgasm out of me with the muscles of her pussy. She looked up at me her eyes glazed with lust and hunger. “Oh my god, that was awesome!” I said.

“Mmm hmmm” she responded her pussy still twitching around my cock. “Yes that was very nice”

I stood up feeling a little weak and sat down beside her on the bench. Candy yelped and bounced up to me she spread my legs wide to accommodate her enormous tits and started immediately sucking my drained meat. Becky walked up behind her and forced more of my hardening cock down her throat. She coughed and sputtered. “Its Fucking huge”
“Do you think he needs a BMW now?” Danielle asked and Shauna giggled silently beside me.

Candy took her hot sweet mouth off my cock for a moment “I…”

“Less talking more sucking” Becky said pushing her open mouth back down on my cock.

It wasn’t long before Candy was gagging on my cock at which point Danielle pushed her out of the way and she straddled me Becky hurriedly reached in-between the two of us taking my cock in her hand.

“You cock blocking me Beck’s you invited me remember?”

“No nothing like that Danni just want to make sure you get a smooth ride,” she said rubbing the tip of my cock against Danielle’s swollen slot.

“Oh yes” she gasped as my cock slid it to the wet velvet of her warm snatch.

“Hey no fair, I was getting that ready for me.”

“Shut up Candy, no one wants to hear you whine”

“But…” Candy whined.

“Candy lets go see if we can’t find some refreshments…” Shauna said.

“Okay” Candy responded as if she wasn’t whining a moment before and followed Shauna into the house. Danielle was riding me for all she was worth her nice round breasts bouncing just at the level of my mouth, a sight that no man can ever resist. I reached around her back as I let one of her nipples brush against my lips at every rise and fall of her body. Danielle groaned and her pussy gripped my cock tightly and then began to vigorously milk my cock, I wasn’t long after that and my gooey cream sauce erupted inside of her. Danielle clung to me and shivered as my cock pulsed hot cream inside her and she jumped like she was jolted with electricity at every pumping squirt. After a few minutes with her laying on top of me she stood and helped me up off the bench. We walked into the kitchen, which adjoined the enormous bathroom and found Shauna and Candy in a sixty-nine position on the countertop while Becky sat at the edge of the counter drinking a glass of burgundy and pulling gently on her nipple while she watched her two friends…
I Started a stew on the stove, handy thing about stew is that if you freeze it it’s good almost forever. I was in no condition to partake of Candy’s bouncing box but I had to admit that it was quite fun to watch. It took about twenty minutes or seven orgasms between the two women before the stew was ready and between that and the wine. The conversation flowed easily, Candy finished her bowl and wine first and ducked under the table and crawled up and started nursing on my sore and drained cock. I wasn’t sure if I had it in me but because the spirit was willing, I wasn’t too sure about the flesh. But sure enough under her enthusiastic ministrations I rose again. I picked her up and the three women followed me into the master bedroom which had a California king sized bed.

More to come I promise!

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