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1970's - Italian city school girl goes out to deliver her scout cookies but finds trouble in a changing neighborhood.
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The Girl Scout – 4 Tag Teamed ; The Girl Scout -5 Die Bitch Die; Girl Scout 6 -Cum Faced

A new fear overcame Lisa.
What , what would happen to her at Lamont’s?
Where are you going to take me Sir. What are you going to do, Sir.

I gonna fuck your cherry asshole. Dad says he saved your shit hole fo me.
U gonna get my 14 inch cock up yo butt.
Lisa’s knees buckled. Maybe she would be better dead.
Lisa would have collapsed but Lamont still held her up.

Wat u crying abouts, wese gonna b luvers. He kissed her hard on the mouth.
I gonna cram my cock up dat tight ass of yo’s.
He spit on her face and then kissed her again.
Seeze it, I am a romantic.

He grabbed her ass. Now dats gonna get sum good fuckin.
I gonna rock dat cute ass of urs.
Won fine piece of ass, dats for sho.

Lamont let Lisa go and she crumbled to the ground.
Git up on yo knees cunt.
Lisa struggled to her knees.
I am the BOSS. Say it.
Lisa cried.
Say it NOW.
BOSS. You are the BOSS.

He grabbed some heavy rough rope.
Gots to gets u ready fo a ride.

Lisa tried to crawl away but the teen was no match for Lamont.
She was about halfe his size and he manhandled her easy.
Lamont shoved her face down on the ground.
He roped her wrists tight behind her back.
Please BOSS, you don’t have to. I won’t try anything.
The rope bit painfully into her already raw wrists.

The older men in the garage watched as Lamont bound the captive teen Girl Scout.

U fuckin right U wont, not da way I gonna hog tie u.
U ain’t gonna go nowhere.

Lisa struggled, twisted to get away but Lamont slapped her across the head.
Cut dat shit out, ohlny makin it worse
He took another rope and tied her arms at the elbows, so they actually touched.
Dats it tighter da better.
Dat nuthin yet. He pushed her face down on the ground.
Next he tied her at the knees. Then he roped her ankles together.
This was especially painful as her ankles were already raw from being tied to the fuck bench.

Lisa was crying, hysterical, how low long could this go on.

Next Lamont took a rope and looped it around the rope on her ankles.
He wrapped the rope not around her wrists but on the rope across her elbows.

Nowz fo da fun part. Gonna tighen thing up fo u.
He knelt on her back and pulled the rope tight pulling her ankles up to her elbows.
Lisa screamed but he pulled as tight as he could, .

See Pops dats how u treat da little White Bitch.

Dis little Pig be HOGTIED.

Hogtied she was. Extreme. Ankles to Elbows, cinched tight.

Fuckin Hogtied Piece of Fuck Meat. He slapped her ass.
Gonna fuck dat when I git u to my place.
He rubbed her ass and slapped again.
Yo ASS mine now Bitch.

Fred, looked at the pain in Lisa’s face and the tears.
Son U don’t have to tie her that tight. Leave it a little loose.
Even old Fred started to feel sorry for the little Bitch but not Lamont.

Pops, dis little cunt is mine now. I likes im tied tight.
Lisa was crying and talking almost incoherent.

Lamont kneeled down and took his dick out. He pulled little Lisa, hog tied, up to his crotch so she could see his cock. U like dat. Like da big black cock. Real fuckin hard MF dick not like these old guys.

U thought U was hot stuff.
No No, Don’t do this. Leave me here. I’ll take care of you . Pl….
SLAAAAAP Shut da Fuckk UP

Shit I don’t wants to listen to dat crap from dis cunt.

Where dem panties. Fred had the white panties they had pulled from Lisa.
Lamont took the panties. He pissed on the panties and shoved them in Lisa’s mouth.
Lamont took a rope and wrapped around it around her mouth and the back of her head with the panties lodged in her mouth..
He took a metal bar and twisted it tight so the rope bit into her mouth and the back of her head.

The old guys looked at Lisa, saw the pain in her face, the fear in her eyes.
Lamont , mayb e that just a little too much. The horror in her face was too much for even them.

Bullshit, gotta sho whose da BOSS.
Lamont took another rope and wrapped it around her head and over her eyes.

The old guys who had been so brutal were feeling some remorse.
The little Girl Scout Bitch was hog tied, gagged and blindfolded with rope.
Even the hardest of the of the old MF’s felt bad for her. She had tried so hard to please them, now this.

Takin this yungin to the shop and rape dat ass.
He rolled her over. Nice firm little tittes. Gonna have sum fun wit dem.
He ran hs hands over her breasts and pinched her nipples.
Yea real nice. He massaged her young breasts and all Lisa could do is groan.

Say good bye to ur friends.
Lamont wrapped her up in an old carpet and threw her in the trunk.

As Lamont drove off the old guys had their heads down.
Man I kinda feel sorry for her. Ya hate to say it Fred but Lamont is kind a Psycho.
Hate to be that little Bitch dat fo sho.
Yea gotta say I remember he use capture little squirrels and rabbits.
He been had lots of practice on what hes gonna do.

Yea and I seen his cock too chimed in Bubba, man dat things gonna really open her up.

Won of da biggest I seen.
U remember that prosititute he fucked up. Oh man dat was da worst.

Lamont was hard as a rock ready to go but he still took the long way through the alleys
bouncing the sorry Bitch around in the trunk.

Lisa bounced around in the trunk. Bound and gagged she found breathing difficult.
Death seemed better than living. He was going to fuck her with that large cock.
How long would she suffer before he killed her. Surely he wouldn’t let her live.
She couldn’t hardly move, could not see anything. The ropes were biting in every time she tried to

Finally at the garage Lamont dumped Lisa out on the ground. The garage was an old factory building and the grounds had been turned into a junkyard.
Lamont dragged Lisa into his apartment in a corner of the building. Untied Lisa was in terrible pain as the blood flowed back to areas cut off by the brutal hogtie. Marks from the rope marked her body.

Lisa got on her hands and knees and tried to crawl. Lamont only laughed.

She could barely move as Lamont dragged her into the bathroom and threw her into the shower.
Gots to clean u up, dirt Bitch. Lamont turned on the water, hot only. Lisa struggled to get up but Lamont closed the shower door.


Unable to summon any strength Lisa leaned against the door
as the hot water POUNDED down on her.

Let me out. Please. It is too hot. Please let me out. OHHHHH it is so HOT
The whole bathroom fogged up from the hot water.
Lisa crouched against the door trying to get away from the heat.
Finally Lamont relented, opening the door to reveal a clean but crimson Lisa.

Lamont turned the water from all HOT to all COLD and closed the door.


To Be Continued

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