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Who knew that buying something informercial would change your life so drastically?
Thank you for taking a shot reading my story. It will start a little slow for most of your liking, as I really like to take care in making you care about the characters, and I try to make people seem as real as possible (Except for having extreme physical features --- that is TOTALLY UNREALISTIC!). Hopefully you dig it and if you would, please offer some constructive criticism.

I originally planned/posted the following story on an interactive fiction site, but I grew tired of planning out all the possible branches the story could go. So I'm reposting it here as a straight up story. Though I have decided to give you all power to decide where the story goes next. Read to the end and you'll see



You love your wife, Jenny, more than anything in the world. You two were high school sweethearts, and your marriage in unusually functional, if not perfect. But you recently made a reasonably innocent decision that has opened up a Pandora’s Box of issues.

In an attempt to add a little kink to the relationship, you decided to order some of those Male Enhancement Pills they sell late at night on cable TV. You figured it would be fun to have a bigger dick and give the wife a little … extra … fun.

You’re not quite sure why you did it, as it’s not like you had a small dick in the first place. Jenny had constantly reminded you that you are by far the biggest man she had ever been with, and that all the guys before you had little tiny dicks that couldn’t even get her off. She routinely describes you as “twice as big as them.” In fact, she has also said that “if you were any bigger, I don’t think I can handle it.”

But you’d always felt small, for some reason. Recently, you had an experience which really made you feel small. When you watched “point of view” porn, where the guys film themselves fucking the girls, it seemed like the guys had giant dicks. When you tried to film your wife sucking your cock one night in much the same fashion, you seemed really small. It could just be that you’re not as fit as those porn guys, and you have kind of a beer gut and it made it look smaller. Or that you didn’t shave your pubes. Either way, it haunted you.

So behind your wife’s back, you called for some Male Enhancement Pills one day, just out of curiosity. You didn’t expect them to work, but if they did make you bigger, then all the better. It was a free trial anyway, so you had nothing to lose. The ad claimed you could become as much as 33 percent bigger, but you were expecting an extra inch tops.

When you got the pills in, you began taking them, and measured your cock periodically to gauge any change. You measured before you took the first one, and you were 7-1/2 inches long and 5-1/2 inches around. You had expected to get to about eight inches or so and gain some girth, if everything went to plan.

But by the time you exhausted your free trial, you had already grown to just under eight inches, and your girth was now at six inches. Jenny remarked that sex had been extra good lately, as you’d been “rock hard” and sporting “some of the biggest hard-ons I’ve ever seen.” She didn’t know you were taking the pills and just chalked it up to the sex being extraordinarily hot. You thought, “I need to order a couple-month supply of this shit!”

You got your regular supply in, and you kept monitoring your growth. It kept progressing, rather quickly. It was so much so quickly that Jenny began to notice.

You were aware of your growth, obviously, but you hadn’t been paying as close as attention to it as you were at first. But the first big obvious change was the size of your flaccid dick. Before, your cock was about three inches long or so when it was flaccid. Suddenly, your cock was much larger, being about five inches long when at its smallest. Your erection hadn’t gotten much bigger, but when your cock contracted, it was noticeably bigger.

Your wife first noticed when she saw you get out of the shower one day with your noticeably larger endowment. Before, if your cock was that big, it meant you had a semi.

Jenny entered from your bedroom as you were getting out, and saw your large flaccid dick. She always took a semi as a sign you were horny. She smiled her bright blue eyes at you, and grabbed out for your dick with a smile. When she felt it, feeling only absolute softness, and not a measure of semi-rigidity, the smile disappeared from her face.

“Hmmm,” Jenny said. “That’s weird.”

“What?” you asked, playing it off. This is your wife we’re talking about. She knows your cock and its every gyration and emotion like the back of her hand. This was different. It was odd that you weren’t hard, yet much larger in size.

Of course, this was your sexy wife Jenny grabbing your dick – you were going to get hard!

You began to harden up and grow to your new size of eight inches. Her tugs suddenly got more brisk, and her feeling of weirdness soon faded as she was lost in stroking your cock.

“Wow, you’re just ready to go, aren’t you, Anthony?” Jenny asks you. She stood there in front of the shower, stroking your ever-hardening dick and kissing you passionately. You continue getting out of the shower as she keeps rubbing your cock.

“What has gotten into you, Anthony?” She asks. “Your cock is so awesome lately!” You just smile with the idea that this was just going to get bigger.

You were so turned on by her mauling you, you grew to your apex of hardness. “Let’s take this to the bedroom,” Jenny proposed.

As you angle toward the bedroom, she took her hand off your cock, and there you were in all your naked glory, your larger cock protruding into the sky. She looks at you and takes a moment, angling her eyebrow.

“Anthony, I know this may sound weird, but is your cock getting bigger?” Again, you play it off. “No, I know it’s bigger. You see this?”

She pushes your rock-hard cock against your body. You’re not quite sure what she’s getting at.

“You used to go right to your belly button. But look at this now – you’re seem like an inch higher than your belly button.”

“Hmm,” you say, feigning surprise. “That’s cool.”

Then she places her hand around your cock at the shaft. “You see this? I used to have my fingers barely touch if I squeezed your cock really really tight. But now, there’s a good half an inch between my thumb and index finger, and I’m squeezing with all my might.”

You just let her keep talking. Her scrutiny of your cock is turning you on immensely.

“And doesn’t it seem like the veins in your cock are much bigger now?”

Christ, she’s like Columbo.

“Honey, I had no idea you paid this much attention to my cock!”

“But of course I do, silly!”

You two ignore that conversation, and you get to the fucking of your wife. You realize that her moans sounded different, as she seemed to have pings of pain echo through her normally ecstatic moans.

After you finished banging Jenny, you snuck into the bathroom and measured yourself. You were now nearly 8-1/2 inches long and 6-1/4 inches around.

Sex with Jenny became a little less frequent after that, as she was complaining of hurting. You didn’t think much of it, because it was also around the time of her period. You two ended up going about two to three weeks without sex in that time.

But in that span, you noticed dramatic changes in the size of your dick. Your cock had grown an inch-and-a-half in that span alone, and you were over 10 inches long by the time your wife got off the rag. Your flaccid dick was about six inches long at its smallest, and your girth was now at a staggering seven inches around.

And Jenny hadn’t seen this huge dick since she’s been on the period. She was going to be in for a HUGE surprise.

You came home from work one day, and your wife was horny. She routinely mauled you when you got home some days from work, and today she planned on taking you right here and now in the kitchen.

You were, of course, getting hard during this whole thing, and she didn’t think much of you poking her in the leg with your hardening member. But when she pulled down your pants for the purpose of sucking you off, she was shocked to see a dick far more gigantic than what she had remembered.

“Jesus Christ!” she said. “Is this for real?! When the fuck did this happen?” Her eyes were all huge. She was having a case of cock love!

“I knew you were getting bigger. Damn.” You expected her to look up with you in lust just then, but instead, it was in fear. She continued stroking your dick out of habit, and it continued to harden to its new length of 10 inches. “Having a second puberty then, aren’t we?” She laughs and you nod.

She tried to suck you off, but she couldn’t even fit it more than a few inches into her mouth. She was never a deep-throater, and she couldn’t get a lot of you in, anyway, but she routinely got four to five inches of you in her mouth. Now, her gag reflex wasn’t the issue at all – Your cock was now so girthy, she couldn’t even stretch her lips around much more than the head. You can see her stressing. She eventually drops your cock in frustration. “We could always just fuck,” your cute wife, Jenny, suggests, almost defeated.

She turned around and steadied herself on the counter, presenting for a rear entry into her pussy. You were eagerly awaiting sticking your new cock deep into her pussy, waiting to see what it felt like to touch her back pussy wall, but it doesn’t go as easily as planned.

Jenny has always been so tight, and fucking was sometimes painful, even with your previous, smaller cock. Now, it was a struggle to even get it in her moist pussy. You get it about three or four inches in, and you’re feeling a great deal of resistance. She gives audible, and not very erotic, wails of pain.

“Be careful back there! I’m not used to, to THIS!”

You keep trying to force yourself in, and it seems to be a lot tougher than normal. “Are you wet?” you suggest, blaming this whole thing on her. “Yes, asshole, I’m wet,” she says annoyed.

She’d always had no problem getting wet, and you’ve never had to use lube, but the idea entered your mind as a solution, so you suggested it to her. “Maybe,” she responds, dejected.

You became satisfied with only having five inches or so in her pussy, so you start jackhammering away on her doggystyle. You were immediately impressed with the added feeling of hardness and power you had with a bigger cock, as well as having added a few square inches of orgasmic tissue on your body.

But your rush is quelled by your wife’s whimpers. Jenny was certainly not enjoying this, as your size is too much to bear. You can tell she was trying, but with every thrust you made, you slid a bit deeper in to her, and you felt her instinctively trying to pull away from your pistoning monster.

“I can’t, Anthony. Not right now,” Jenny announces, asking you to pull out. “This is going to take some getting used to, and it just hurts too much right now. I’m sorry.”

“Kind of like losing your virginity all over again, huh?” you try to joke nervously. She laughs, just as nervously. Things are certainly different and you’re starting to feel some regret about your decision.

After you unleashed your new 10-inch cock on your wife Jenny, you immediately decided to stop taking your pills. While you were impressed on how well they worked, as you topped off the high-water mark promise of gaining 33% more size, your cock may have alienated your wife, who you adore, out of having any sexual relationship with you.

A few weeks pass, and you and Jenny have tried repeatedly to have sex regularly. But no amount of fucking has stretched her pussy out enough to make room for your new size and make sex enjoyable for her. It’s true that too much of a good thing is a bad thing – she is just too tight!

You had heard that if you stopped taking the pills, your cock might deflate to its previous size. You kept waiting for this to happen, wishing your cock smaller again, but it never happened. If anything, the effect of the pills seemed to linger, and it seemed to keep getting a bit larger and more rigid. You were soon nearly 11 inches long now and just as thick. You wondered how much your cock would grow if you kept taking the pills regularly, and that wondering and doubt was enough for you to keep the Male Enhancement Pills around, just in case.

But one day, while cleaning the house, Jenny found the bottle. And she got very angry very quickly.

“You did this on purpose?! You didn’t ask me!? Why would you do a thing like this knowing that it could have jeopardized our relationship!?” The questions and accusations continued. As if you didn’t feel like shit enough for this, her reaction made you feel even worse.

As time continues to pass, the frequency of your sexual encounters with Jenny dwindle. She is extremely angry at you for making the decision to enlarge your cock, especially without consulting her first. Now, you’re stuck with a gargantuan meat stick that she can’t handle.


Jenny and yourself had had standing plans to visit your hometown for her sister Kiera’s birthday at your mother-in-law’s house. That meant you get to partake in one of the finer perks of your marriage – seeing her sisters.

Your wife is hot and you love her very much, but her looks aren’t what attracted you to her – it was her personality and your rapport and history with one another. But you knew, having gone to school with her, she was regarded as the “Ugly Jones Sister.” Your wife, who is busty in her own right, comes from a long line of big-titted goddesses. Neither Jenny’s mother or her aunts boast anything smaller than a DD bra, and Jenny and her sisters have followed in that tradition, and in most cases, surpassed that benchmark.

Kiera was the youngest of Jenny’s three sisters, and you have had the luxury of watching this girl grow up. When you hooked up with Jenny when she was 16, Kiera was seven years younger and was just nine. Like everyone in her family, she developed early, and she had had a solid B cup by 5th grade.

In fact, being the pervert you are, when she did get boobs, you were ridiculously interested --- and turned on. Here she was, maybe a 4'8" 10-year-old, rail skinny, and she walked around with a pair of B cups that looked huge on her. You had hatched a plan to see them, so you waited until one day when you were hanging out with Jenny and Kiera had come home from school. Of course, the first thing she did was get out of her school uniform. And when she went into the bathroom to change, you waited a tic, and then made your way there to "go use the bathroom" and walk in on her. When you barged in there and faked a mistake, you saw her in all her glory -- topless, really large, perky tits, covered with already huge areola that were light pink larger than pepperonis. It was heavenly.

By the time she got to high school and puberty began to hit her in all its full-fledged glory, her chest began to multiply in size. You remember once when you were 21, and you had felt daring enough to try and fuck Jenny at her mother’s house. You snuck away to the laundry room, and you began to disrobe her with plans to bang her on a pile of dirty clothes. As you petted your pretty girlfriend Jenny, swooping down to kiss her neck, you accidentally scratched your head on a hook of a bra on top of the pile. You picked up the large bra, and Jenny remarked, “Kiera’s such a slob – she leaves her underwear everywhere!”

Ever since Kiera had begun to develop, you had been aching to know what her bra size was. You wanted to seize this opportunity, and you took a quick glance at the tag on the bra – “32DD.” That combination of numbers and letters was enough to make you rock hard as you fucked Jenny on that mound of clothes. You fantasize about little 14-year-old Kiera at that moment while you banged your girlfriend and you came about as hard as you ever had.

Now, she was 17 --- practically legal ---- and in your mind, fair game. And, since she gained even a few more cup sizes from her days as a high school freshman, you don’t even attempt to distract yourself from having even more naughty thoughts about her.

The second to youngest sister in Jenny’s family, Mariah, is now 20 years old. When you first met Mariah when she was 11, You remember thinking she was much older – She was at least 5’8” at that time, had a head of long, flowing, light brown hair, and had a pair of C to D dup tits.

She continued to grow into perhaps the most beautiful body you had ever seen. When she had turned 18, Mariah flew out to stay with you and Jenny, and you fondly remember her sleeping on the couch in a body length nightgown, her breasts jutting so far from her slim body that her nightgown tented from the rest of her frame, the fabric not touching any part of the front of her body, all the way down to her knees. You’d easily estimate her has having obviously WAAAAY larger than a DD, as pondering anything bigger than that makes your head swim. She is certainly the bustiest one in the family, though her sister Kiera can give her a run for her money.

Then there was Hailey, who has the reputation of being the “smallest” Jones girl, but that just means she’s only slightly larger than everyone else in the world. Hailey, who is now 21, is four years younger than Jenny and was a standout high school volleyball player who is currently in her senior season of college volleyball after earning a scholarship.

Hailey is probably “only a DD,” but when she’s on the volleyball court, she dwarfs everybody on the court, which is where most of your lasting memories of her originate. She is tall, standing 6’3”, and her breasts look huge, even in her sports bra laden uniform. To make matters worse, she is incredibly slim and fit, and her breasts look gigantic on her slim body.

You remember talking to her once after a game, and she complained about how much she hurt after each game. You assumed it was her legs that ached, since she was the best attacker on the team, and was repeatedly killing the ball into the opposing team’s end. But her actual complaint surprised you.

“My side hurts so much after a game, because of the underwire of my bras dig in. I hate having to wear three sports bras to a game.”

Holy shit – three sports bras to keep those monsters under control? And they still jiggled and flew all over the place when she jumped.

You remember when she was a senior in high school, she was considering getting a reduction, especially if it kept her from reaching her full potential and getting a scholarship. But luckily, a Big 10 school came to offer her a full ride, big tits and all, and she thought it would be best to keep her tits if she were good enough to get a scholarship like that!


Your wedding day was awesome. Not only were you marrying your longtime girlfriend, Jenny, but you were greeted with a feast for the eyes that you have never forgotten.

First things first, there was your wife-to-be, Jenny. She squeezed herself into the most flattering wedding dress you could imagine, let out specifically for her considerable 38DDD-cup endowments. When she walked down the aisle and stood in front of you, you had a great view of her cleavage, which seemed pushed up to her chin. You had never seen a sight so beautiful.

But what happened prior to Jenny walking down the aisle was a close second. Her sisters were her bridesmaids, and what Jenny picked out for bridesmaid dresses was inspired, to say the least.

She selected dark blue halter-top dresses, which were backless and hung more like short skirts then dresses, ending a few inches above the knees. You remember your family thought the choice of dresses was trashy, especially considering the elegance of Jenny’s wedding dress, but you certainly weren’t complaining. You knew the reasoning behind the halter-tops. The size of their breasts were so large, especially in comparison to their largely skinny frames, that they couldn’t find dresses that would fit them snugly around the hips and waist, yet be let out enough to make room for their breasts. The halter tops solved that, as it was a “one size fits all” concept in terms of the boobs. As they walked down the aisle, you sported instant wood taking in their beauty.

First down the aisle was the youngest, Kiera, who was just 15 at the time. Kiera, much more petite than her sisters, barely went over 5’2” but had tits bigger than most of them. On your wedding day, she had long, spiral-curled strawberry blonde hair, which hung over her cutely freckled face and deep light green eyes. Her bust was considerable, as her tits were far bigger than her head, hanging pendulous on her remarkably slim frame. Kiera was the only one who had trouble with the halter top concept, as the size of her breasts far dwarfed the size of her probably size 2 body, that the top of the halter barely reached her neck. As a result, she had the deepest sea of cleavage in the wedding party, partly because the chance of her breasts falling out of the top was so great, she had to invest in a specially made strapless bra to support her tits. Since her strapless bra was showing on her back, they let her wear a jacket sort of thing over her dress. The fact that her bra had to be specially made always gave you a huge hard-on when you thought about it, and you had been aching ever since to find out the size of that thing.

Second was the second-youngest, Mariah. Though Mariah had the largest body in the family, probably a size 12 or so, her breasts followed suit, as they were easily the largest in the Jones clan. She had straight, dark brunette hair, and a striking pair of light blue eyes that lit up as soon as she enters any room. She was tall, about 5’10”, the second tallest in the family, next to her towering sister, Hailey.

You remember when the girls went shopping for their wedding dresses, and each member of the party had to get measured. When they measured Mariah’s breasts, her size was so huge that even the bounteously busty girls in her family were shocked.

“They said I was a 38J,” Mariah said about her sizing. “I guess the J stands for ‘Jesus Christ!’”

When you saw her considerable bounce with every step she took down the aisle, you decided that the J stood for Jiggle.

And third down the aisle was Hailey, who was easily the hottest sister. She’s the only one whose breasts looked at least somewhat proportional on her body, because of her staggering 6’3” height. And even then, they looked huge on her. Because she was a volleyball athlete, her form was tight, ripped and slim. Her legs were noticeable, as you can see her muscles flex in her tanned gams with every step she took. She had a head of wavy brunette hair and light green eyes, and her face was flawless. When “Pirates of the Caribbean” came out, you decided she looked just like Keira Knighley, except without the crazy underbite and the flat chest.

Hailey’s beauty was so exquisite, you get a huge hard-on just by staring at her gorgeous face, let alone her tits, which looked much larger on her frame than during her volleyball games, when she was wearing three sports bras to keep her puppies in check.


You and Jenny arrived at your mother-in-law’s, and of course, you bickered the whole time. Jenny seemed to have given up talking to you, as she was still perturbed by your decision to enlarge your cock, and thereby effectively sabotaging your relationship.

But as you two were perceived as the picture of marriage in her family, you kept your arguing in check, especially with your mother-in-law around.

It was a shame that your mother-in-law, who produced four strikingly gorgeous daughters, wasn’t a looker herself. She was your typical 50-year-old frumpy mother, and you have tried in vain for years to reconcile your mother-in-law’s looks with that of her daughters, as you see little connection. The only thing in common you see is her light blue eyes and generally dark complexion, which has translated to that combination in nearly all of the girls.

You could only assume that the girls get their looks from their father, who ran out on them when Jenny was 10. You saw a picture of him once, and he kind of looked like a combination of Brad Pitt and a young Marlon Brando. He was probably “dreamy,” especially to your mother-in-law.

When you arrived, you and Jenny went to the dining room to catch up, awaiting her sisters’ arrival. With all the fighting you’ve done with Jenny, you were eagerly awaiting seeing her sisters, if anything, just to let off some mental steam.

Since she still lived with her mother, Kiera was the first to see you guys. Kiera had been napping, and she emerged from her bedroom with her strawberry blonde hair in a ponytail, and wearing a light blue spaghetti-strap night-shirt with a cartoon monkey on it, and a pair of long, dark blue night pants with cartoon bananas on them.

You didn’t realize she was approaching until you heard Jenny exclaim, “Happy birthday, sleepyhead!” You nearly broke your neck looking back at Kiera – her breasts were stretching the fabric of her small nightshirt so much, that the underside of her monsters nearly showed. She was wearing no bra, of course, so her large nipples poked out ominously through her shirt, but she wasn’t showing any cleavage in the high-lying shirt. The night-shirt, which you assume would normally reach to the top of a normal person’s pant line, was pulled up so much by her pendulous tits that it looked like a belly shirt, the bottom couple inches of fabric ruffled out by her stretched tits, making the cotton shirt look almost like a tutu. Your cock instantly began to harden at her sight.

To Jenny’s wish of happy birthday, Kiera simply groaned, heading to the fridge to get an orange juice and retiring to her room. You assume she’s hung over from partying the night before.

“Well, isn’t she a ray of sunshine?” your mother-in-law comments.

30 minutes later, Hailey arrives. Her form is covered up by her conservative and casual outfit – a white “Conference Champions” T-shirt and a tight fitting pair of pants which shows off her long, muscular legs. Even though she is wearing a baggy T-shirt, you can make out the outline of her DD breasts.

When she sees you all in the dining room, she strangely says hi to you before she greets her mother and sister.

“Hi, Anthony!” Hailey bellows out at you, coming from behind to hug you in your seat, her breasts pressing against your back. She gives you a kiss on the cheek, and you instantly blush (much to the chagrin of Jenny). “I’ve really missed you. I’ve missed not having you there to be my biggest fan at games.”

You don’t ever remember supporting her that much, but now that you think of it, you went to nearly every one of her high school games, mostly so you could see her tits bounce out of control in her tight, short volleyball uniform.

“What am I, chopped liver?” Jenny asks, finally greeting her sister Hailey.

The four of you talk, mostly about Hailey’s exciting senior season on the volleyball team, and how they were two wins away from the National Championship. Strangely, all you could think about are the amount of guys that probably fucked Hailey as her popularity and profile on campus rose. You wonder why you’re getting jealous.

When Mariah arrives, it seems she was going out of her way to show off her considerable tits (then you realize that with J-cup tits, such ideas are out of her control). She strolls in looking very classy, wearing a long-sleeved white blouse covered up by a tan vest. She is wearing khaki slacks, and kind of looks like she’s on her way to an interview or something. The top underneath strains against her bust, and a good three inches of beautiful cleavage shows. Yet, with her attire, her cleavage seems somewhat classy.

When she sees you all in the dining room, she bounces up and down with happiness, making her giant tits hop. “Hi guys!” she says happily, giving everybody hugs. When she hugs you, she angles her body down to you, and for a split second, you get a great view of the tops of her tits. As she looked you in your eyes, her striking light blue eyes overtake you.

“I missed you guys so much! It’s so great to have you back!”

At her family’s gatherings, no matter how much you want to stare at her sisters, you eventually get bored and sit in the living room to watch sports or whatever on the TV. You hide out again, while the girls sit in the dining room, catching up and telling stories.

But today, TV isn’t satisfying your cravings. You are immensely horny after you see those girls, and you need to do something to work off your energy.

You take the opportunity to explore Kiera’s bedroom. Her room is stereotypically girly, with pink shit everywhere and “Twilight” posters all over the place. But she is kind of messy, and you see clothes strewn everywhere. You see one of her gigantic bras on the ground, and like a kid on Christmas, you quickly angle down to get a look at it and see what size she wears: “32G US, 32H UK, 10G AUS” Holy fuck, that is just off the charts amazing!

You make your way over to her dresser, and you open the top drawer – the underwear drawer. You see a bunch of bras and underwear in there, and you check the tags on each one, seeing that she has some DDD’s in there and a few F-cups. Then you lay your eyes on the holy grail.

You see a large, cartoonishly big vibrator in there. On the shaft of it, it says “the horse cock.” You can’t imagine how anybody can fit something this big in their pussy, until you take a look at it and put it next to your body, and you realize “Christ, I’m that big now.” You now have special insight into why Jenny is having so much trouble with you.

Next to “The Horse Cock,” you see what looks like a huge strapless bra. You assume it was the one she wore at your wedding. You eagerly get it out and check the size: “30 H.” Fucking aye – since she was professionally measured for this bra, this must be her actual size. Your head spins at the notion that she was 15 she wore it --- hell, she may be even bigger now!

You can’t help but stroke your cock at this information, and you rub it through your pants wildly. But just as you are ready to come, you realize you don’t want to get caught, so you put everything back in its place and decide to roam around the house some more.

You get thirsty so you head toward the kitchen to get yourself a drink of milk. But on the way back, you pass by the dining room, and you hear Jenny talking… maybe it’s about you! Instead of heading back toward the living room, you hide out and listen to their conversation, seeing what you can make out of it.

“I could murder him, the asshole!” Jenny complains.

“I don’t know, sis,” Mariah says. “You shouldn’t be so harsh. That sounds like a good problem to have!” You can hear Mariah giggle very cutely. The rest of the girls, except Jenny, follow suit with a giggle of girlish glee.

“But you don’t understand,” Jenny says. “He was perfect before. And now. Now I can’t do anything with him. It’s just too fucking big.”

“Dude, I can’t even imagine,” Hailey says. “Remember that time I walked in on you guys, and you were giving him a blow job?”

Oh yes, you remember that day vividly.

You were in Jenny’s bedroom, and she was going to town on you, sucking you dry and you were ready to blow. Suddenly, you felt a presence in the room. It was weird. You looked to the door to see it cracked open. And you saw what looked like a face. After staring at it for a few seconds, you can tell that it was then-16-year-old Hailey, mostly from assessing the height of the image. She had a look of seriousness and lust on her face, and you thought you could make out the motion of her arm going back and forth, like she was frigging herself while watching you get blown. You distinctly remember seeing her bite her lip in ecstasy, and the image was enough to send you over the edge, and you began to blow your seed in Jenny’s mouth. As you close your eyes and moaned, you heard the door open and Jenny immediately ejected you from her mouth in mid-ejaculation, hiding under the covers. Your cock slapped against your chest hard, and a few spurts of come came spraying out all over your chest.

“Oh my God, I’m sorry!” Hailey said, before turning around leaving, giving you what seemed like a wink before she left. You knew she was watching you, and you knew she had to make the conscious decision to enter the room, probably to get a better look. And she must have known you noticed her. At least you think she knew.

“...Dude, his dick slapped against his chest so loud. I think he was still coming, too. I’ve never seen a dick as big as his. I can’t imagine he’s even bigger now.” She sounds like she’s overflowing with lust.

“How big is he now?” Kiera asks with excitement. “Yeah,” Mariah adds, “how big?”

“Settle down, cock whores!” Jenny exclaims, as they all laugh. Then, you hear quiet for a few seconds, and then all at once, you hear a low, audible “wow…” Then, you hear what must have been Jenny’s answer…

“Your fucking forearm!?” Kiera blurts out, as everybody laughs. The idea makes you instantly hard as they talk so intently about your dick. You lose your balance in your horniness, and you begin to trip, making a loud “thump.” Suddenly, they stop laughing, and you freeze. You slowly get up and make an attempt to scamper out of there. Then as you walk away, you hear them continue to laugh, this time louder than before. Faintly, in the distance, you hear Jenny say, “Well, at least you guys think it’s a good thing. I can’t fucking handle it.”


You sit in the easy chair in the living room, rubbing your cock and thinking about what just transpired. Are Kiera’s tits really an H cup? Are all the sisters now lusting after your cock? All the notions have you sporting a large bulge in your pants as semi-wood sets in. You quickly throw on the “Golden Girls” to quell your growing member.

Suddenly, all the girls come out of the dining room at once. They enter the living room.

“Well, Anthony, we’re done talking about you,” Jenny says with a smile, one you haven’t seen in a few weeks. “Now we’re bored, and we all want to do something. Want to come with us?”

“Cool. Well, what do you guys want to do?” Jenny asks everyone.

“I know,” Mariah announces. “We can all spring for $30 and rent a houseboat on the lake for a few hours. Maybe get some beers … and some wine-coolers for Kiera there.”

“Bitch,” Kiera says playfully.

“Like you need any more booze after last night,” Hailey says to Kiera. “But I have a better idea…since poor college students like me have no money for a houseboat, we can all just go to the mall. We can shop for underwear and bras while Anthony stands around all emasculated, holding our purses.”

The suggestion receives a whole bunch of laughter from everyone – except you, of course!

“Actually, I like that idea,” Jenny announces. “Kiera, you have any ideas?”

“Well, I have one. But it’s kinda racy,” Kiera says. Everybody’s attention is piqued. “You know that co-ed strip club out by the airport? Since they don’t serve alcohol, you only need to be 18 to go there. And I have a fake ID that says I'm 18...”

“A strip club?” Jenny asks. “I never knew of any co-ed strip club out by the airport.” Hailey and Mariah also say they didn’t know of it. You, of course, knew it...the day you turned 18, you were visiting that place!

“Well, I guess that’s an option,” Jenny relents.

Suddenly, Hailey announces that your destination should be your decision.

“I think Anthony should pick,” she announces with a gleaming smile and sparkling look into your eyes. “He is the guy, after all. There’s a good chance that anything we pick out he’ll probably not enjoy.”



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