Katie didn't get hurt she was just surprised
It was so fucking easy to invite any one of my husbands friends over. As I said before hardly any of them were married. So when Henry went fishing I set up to meet one of them. This weekend it was someone I had been attracted to just Because he was good looking. He had tried to date me before I married Henry so I was pretty dam sure I would get Laid.

Gary was 6"2' blonde and handsome, he knocked at the door at noon and said I didn't see Henry outside. I said I know honey I am the one that wants you. He Didn't say a word, I said I want you, I want you to fuck me now.   I, I am going to leave now but I will be back. He walked out the door and I thought I had made a mistake. There was a knock at the door, it was Gary now I was speechless. Yes,  I finally said. I had to call my office to tell them I wouldn't be back today. He stepped inside and Kissed me with his tongue, kissing was his passion and he was passionet. I want your cock Gary, you do know that? He said well katie lets get it in you. You and I are going to get along if you keep kissing me like that, his cock was out and in me it didn't feel all that big. I said fuck me Gary fuck me hard and deep. He said can I stick it to your ass. I said what are you waiting for. Oh my fucking dreams came true he didn't hesitate he rammed that sucker in  me so hard I came instantly. I said Gary you are what I have been waiting for. Give it to me ruff real ruff. Oh Katie I will baby I will. He slammed me and when he came he just kept going he kept yelling oh my Katie lady I have wanted you Since high school. Oh katie it has been worth the wait you are fucking gorgeous just how I dreamed you would be. Fuck me back Katie fuck me I can't stop I have to get a little ruffer baby. He grabbed a wrist with each hand and stretched them out in front of me My ass became instantly tighter and hurt oh my god it hurt. He wouldn't slow down and I screamed at him Gary please and with that I had an orgasm that was so painful, so fucking wonderful. It's hard to write and remember that orgasm at the same time. I to this Day come when I think about it. I said where have you been all my life, he said right here Katie wanting to do this and more to you and only you. Next time you have me over I will bring some things to give it to you ruffer. I said why don't we just go to your house. He said how's tomorrow? I said  how's right now?

He went ahead to prepare, he said. I waited about 1/2 hour and left a note with dinner in the frig. Just in case I didn't get home. I drove up to Garys and he motioned for me to park in the garage. I said good idea then i can stay longer, he said not only that but I have my sex room right up here above the garage. Oh I said drive in fucking, how wonderful can that be for you? Well He said i have had it here for 3 years and you Katie lady, you are going to get your own garage door opener, if you like what we do upstairs keep it. If you don't leave it when you leave. I have never given one to anyone else, but Katie baby I want you to love what i am about to do to you. Let's shower together first, even the shower was incredible, heads coming at you from all directions even the floor. He finger fucked me and kissed me into oblivion my two almost favorite things. Again though, he was so quick I didn't get to see his cock. So I said Gary I want to suck you and I want you to suck me. Okay Katie I knew this moment had to happen today. He stood back and I wasn't sure but I said so you haven't been circumcised. Is that a big deal to you, yes it Is Katie ,you know how you wanted to feel my head. Oh I said well Gary you surpassed all the heads i have had so far now can I suck your cock? Oh my god Katie baby ohmg I have never let anyone, omg Katie I am coming, go for it lover.

The place was amazing, pretty much all decorated in off whites, tone on tone. There were flowers in the middle of a table in shades Of white and they smelled amazing. There were chairs a sofa and a round bed surrounded by a canopy of off white sheers.

Gary had wrapped me in a bath sheet and he was. Naked. He said come sit with me in this chair and of course he directed me to sit facing him but straddling his cock. The kisses were great and all of the flattery, but I wanted to fuck. I said okay enough time, he said great let me get up and you lay on the bed either face up or down, whatever you prefer. So Katie got on her back she suddenly felt vulnerable. Gary put a mask on her, then she felt the ropes....omg Gary I like it ruff but I said nothing about bondage. By then I was tied at the wrists and my ankles soon followed. I heard a whip in the background then I heard animals, my god
Gary have you gone crazy? Either you let me up before something happens here or you are history. Gary""
finally said Katie why all the fuss? I'm just having a little fantasy game, yes Katie said your own, now let me out of it. Take this blind fold off. Gary did what she told him and Katie ran for her clothes and then the car.

Katie was awake all night wondering what had just happened? She really thought she was safe from weirdos like Gary. When Gary Came over a few weeks had passed and Katie was almost ready to laugh it off. But she wasn't going to look at Gary as sheOnce had. He was no regular guy to Katie any longer. He stayed and visited with Henry for a couple hours. When he left he whispered To Katie any second chances. She looked at him and now she laughed.

More of katies adventures soon

For all you guys out there who think Katie should be home doing her husband, I have told you what he is doing have you read truth be known

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