A pool at a villa in Italy and girls in the parco.
Girls by the pool (pool hopping):

It was about 9PM and I was bored sitting around the house. It had been a hell of a day and I was excited about what had happened and the outlook for the rest of my time off. I figured I would need all of the help I could get. I had ordered somethings on line that seemed too good to be true. Porn star secrets to massive money shots, erection stamina, increased size, vein popping erections, and always ready to perform anytime with immediate results. I figured it would be a scam, but it was a promotion with a price acceptable for the risk. having a penis mu size does not need improvement. there are bigger with size matters and all, but I never received complaints. More size is always nice and I was getting older so my main focus was how many times a say I could do it and had never shot a money shot like I always saw in the porn mags. The kind that hit the wall five feet away or cover a girl's face. Wanting to get the most out of the next few days with all of the girls today and more to come I needed something to at least give me a quicker recovery. I opened the box to find three pills and a bottle of oil. I knew that I had not ordered the oil pulling a pamphlet out I found that they added that as a bonus "better than Spanish, your girl or any girl will not be able to say no!", which I figured to be more evidence of a the whole package being a hoax. There was a pamphlet that had all of these testimonials and doctors ratings about the pills as well. The whole thing felt like one of those "AS SEEN ON TV" type situations. Mixes of Nitros for increased blood flow, Yohimbe for stamina, and many others.
Being bored I decided to try them out to see if they would help for the next day of fun. The instruction told me to take it once a say and 30 minutes prior to activity for best results double the doses for the first two weeks. Noting the count on the bottles, this would have me needing to buy replenishment pills at a higher cost in right away. It would also take me out of the window for their "100% money back guarantee". They also had a program to where I could sign a contract to have it delivered monthly at a lower cost, but without the ability for cancellation for 12 months. I figured that none of it would work. The oil pamphlet said that all that had to be done was to rub this in and women would become nymphomaniacs. I started thinking of ways to to get the oil on the girls to see if it would actually work. I found a close to empty coconut tanning oil bottle emptying it out and filling it with the pleasure oil.

Something gave me an unquenchable thirst, which I downed close to a liter of water in attempt to satisfy. Having been more than 30 minutes I could feel the anxiety caused by the Yohimbe and warmth in my feet and ball sack, but no erection. My heart was pumping hard which made me tired. So I sat in my lazy-boy and checked my Facebook to find friend requests from each of the girls except Lana. I drifted off while thinking happy thoughts about what happened to day and what I wanted to do this week. I was awakened by noises in my back yard and ran out by the pool in nothing but my wife beater.

Amanda and Paola were sixteen and lived the next street over, but shared fence lines. They were in my pool with two of their friends Brook and Sofia. Amanda and Paola were both brunettes I had seen them sunning in their back yards numerous times. I know that they had "seen" me out by my pool as well. Amanda looked like a young porn star with an amazing body and drop dead sexy look about her. The type that anything she said to you made you feel that she was flirting or trying to get you in bed. Paola was Porto Rican with a big tight booty, but not much up top. Not quite as good looking as Amanda, but just as sexy. I had seen brook around as she was hard not to notice as well. She had some dick sucking lips and a nice soft body that she liked to show off with what she would wear. Sophia was drop dead gorgeous, the type that at 16 or 17 could pass for mid twenties. Dirty blond hair, big blue eyes, and a tight body. She could walk onto any runway or movie set, but played sports like soccer that gave her a long muscular lower body.

I figured that I would make the best of the situation " You girls have to get out of the pool" I scolded. It was dark, so I turned on the pool light switch next to the diving board. They were all now hanging onto the edge seemingly a bit tipsy.
Amanda asked "what were you doing in there? You have a massive erection!" I looked down to see that the pills had really worked, at least so far. Instead of giggling the rest of the girls gasped becoming silent. I wanted to play my own game not their's.

"I just ran outside when I heard the noises and did not have time to get dressed. That doesn't matter right now. Before I went in tonight I shocked the pool. You are going to have a reaction to the chemicals unless you get out now, shower off, and we put coconut oil all wherever the water touched you!"

They all screamed exiting the pool, I was happy to find that they were all butt naked and had been skinny dipping. "We are sorry, we were just a little tipsy from drinking what my parents had in the bar and decided that it would be exciting to pool hop. After the first two houses it was not as exciting as we thought it would be, so we added the skinny dipping part. Do you have the oil we need or are you going to call my parents?" They all stood there covering what they could of their bodies and staring at my erection.

"I have some oil." Reaching back into the door to hand it to them. "You need to rub it in everywhere. We will talk about the parents part later."

"Aren't you going to cover that huge thing up?" Amanda asked.

I looked down to see that the pills plus the extra arousal actually seemed to work. My erection was fully engorged seemingly longer, but thicker than I had ever seen it with the veins popping out so much that I could swear that I could see the blood pulsing through them. It was a ten inch coke can thick vein covered monster. I was actually wishing that the light was better and they could get a better view so that they could spread the news. Tell their friends and oh yeah tell there moms, a man could not get better publicity.

"Everyone has already seen it and I am about to go back inside so you guys can get started."
The power of suggestion was strong, I am sure that their tipsy state helped. Paola ran up "I can already feel my skin starting to burn and it is making me all itchy" Uncovering herself and starting to itch her body everywhere. This got the other girls started as well.

"Don't itch, it will make it worse. You will just push the chemicals in deeper. You need to get washed off and put the oil on."
"Please help us, we don't want to look like zombies all summer!" Sohia spoke up.

"Ok then, lets get you washed" up as I led them to the shower.

The shower was a decent size, but not made for more than two people that wanted to be intimately close. Open on the front, but had a transparent divider shielding it from pool area. The shower head had a hose on it, but was not very long. I started the water to warm it up and they all piled in around me. They started moving around me almost fighting for the water.
"Ok, just stop. Everyone put your hands up above their heads and interlock your fingers. come in close so that the hose will reach or get out and take turns."
They obliged like little soldiers. My erection seemed to grow even more as I turned not being able to avoid pressing it against their bodies since they were pressed up against me. I had each start out sideways then get the front and then the back. Once I got them all rinsed off "Ok, now drop your hands and rub your bodies down making sure you get your legs and other hard to get places as I hose you down."
I turned to each one and they would wipe their bodies down. They would brush against my erection intentionally or unintentionally it did not matter. They would bend down getting face to face with it or turn with it running right between their ass cheeks as they would bend over pressing up against me to get the water. I was highly aroused by all of the touching and beauty around me. I thought that I would pass out from lack of blood to my brain as my body was sending it to support my massive erection. When I got around to Brook she bent down putting her lips less than an inch away from the tip looking up at me and smiling, I thought that she was going to put in in her mouth and I wanted her to as it was in overload actually starting to hurt. I actually thought I would shoot my load just thinking about it. She turned backing up against me and then bending down grabbing her ankles and looking over her shoulder at me.

"Ok, now we need to get the oil on you and check for redness." I knew I was pushing my luck, but was hoping that the oil would work as well as the pills were. Trying to seem as un-perveted as possible, I grabbed my robe from earlier and put it on. My erection was too big and hard for it really to cover it, but I really did not want to.

I opened the oil and innocently pored streams down their front and backs. They started rubbing it around and I noticed changes in each of them after they rubbed it between their legs. That seemed to be the key, so I should probably look up the actual intended application and directions. Figuring it was a hoax, I had not even worried about it. They each seemed to be taking extra time while applying the oil to their crotches with their nipples getting harder as well. I had to sit down as I was getting light headed from the vision and the effect it was having on me.

Paola came over "could you help me?" So I put some on my hands and started at her feet. Her beautiful big ass in my face and legs open giving me an up close view of her blossomed slit. She is very dark haired, but her pussy was shaved with a small landing strip above it. She had just a bit of hair on her ass, kind of a dark fuzz that was actually a turn on to me for some reason. I rubbed the oil all the way up one leg and ass cheek, as I got closer to the top she was arching her back and pushing her ass towards meas if asking me to fuck her, without saying it. She shuddered as I went back to her inner thigh running my hand up to her slit brushing it as if unintentionally. I did this a couple of times and it seemed to be getting her frustrated. As I massaged the oil on her ass she giggled "you have strong hands". "Please don't miss a spot" almost pleading with me.

I could not believe how nice her ass felt in my hands. It was soft but hard at the same time. I always figured an ass this big would be flabby and soft, but was nicely surprised. I wanted to lick every inch of it and look down at it as I fucked her from behind. I got the feeling that she wanted the same, but I was not sure what her reaction would be and was hoping to be able to give the same treatment to the others. She let out a vocal annoyed sigh as I moved back down to her other ankle standing straight up no longer pushing her ass back towards me. I had hoped that I had not somehow pissed her off and ruined my chance for further experiences with her. I got back up to the top of her other leg and went back up to her ass again. This time I ran my fingers down her crack and across her anus where I twirled my finger a bit forcing a small gasp but audible from her. I went back to the inside of her thigh and was looking to feel her slit again, but bumped into her hand as she was rubbing her own pussy. "Oops, sorry" as she pulled her hand out.

I placed a little more oil on my hand and rubbed from one thigh to the other running it across her slit without stopping. She put her hands on her knees pushing her ass back at me. I reciprocated by teasing her anus again watching as the wetness of her pussy started trickling out mixing with the oil to give it a glistening sheen. I went back to her thigh and then back up with my hand now stopping on top of her pussy. I could feel the heat coming off of it and it felt as though it was pulsating against my hand. She whimpered "yes" as I put more pressure with my hand. Her juices were drenching my hand and her aroma was overwhelming. I then opened my fingers running one on each side of her slit with one right down the middle parting her swollen lips then pushing back forward rubbing up against her engorged an swollen clitoris. This fascinated me as I had never felt such a swollen and hard clit as this one almost like a little bitty boner. If they were all this easy to find and this sensitive men all over the world would rejoice. I felt every bit of it rolling it between two fingers which sent her over the edge causing her to orgasm. I held her pussy in the palm of my hand as she did. Her whole body shuddered as she did dropping back into my lap. I acted as if she had done it so that I could oil down her shoulders and torso. Her clit was right up against the middle of my shaft and she started grinding against it as she continued to shudder in orgasm. I rubbed my hands on her shoulders and she lifted her hands over her head giving me access to her under arms and around to her breasts where I pinched her nipples between my fingers having her moan as I did.

Amanda came over "I need help too" with her bottom lip out like she was a pouting little girl. She bent down whispering in Paola's ear " It looks like you have a boner Paola reaching down between Paola's legs putting her fingers around the tip. Paola reached down fisrt twitching as she felt her own drenched pussy and then running her hand around my erection.
"Oh my, I guess I do"

Instead of getting up she shifted across my lap onto the chair next to me trying to gather herself "Thank you for helping me" giving me a quick but passionate kiss on the lips.

I started on Amanda as Brook and Sophia came over as if waiting in line. As if knowing what was going to happen, Paola got up and stood on the other side of them from us and started talking to them. From my angel I could still see that Paola's juices were still leaking down her legs as she did. Amanda's body is amazing, so I wasted no time with her getting right up to her beautiful ass. I spent most of my time there but would run my hand down through her cheeks across her anus and through her slit rubbing her clit and then running a finger through her swollen lips each time I did. Her pussy was already overly lubricated and running down her thighs with her lips so swollen that her small pussy looked like a cut peach. I found that the oil had the same affect on her as her clit stuck out like not at the top of the peach. As I rubbed her clit she also grabbed her knees.

"I bet you won't kiss her nasty ass" said Brook looking back at us with Amanda's ass in my face.

I didn't need any more than that leaning forward licking every inch of the beautiful ass and tonguing her asshole as I shoved a finger through her swollen lips deep into her pussy. She screamed as this kicked her into a monstrous orgasm I was holding her up by finger and steadying her with my tongue in her ass her pussy clinching down on my finger as the orgasm pushed through. I pulled my finger out placing my hand under her belly to hold her up running my tongue through her pussy from clit to anus. sending another jolt though her causing her to buck against my face. She smelled and tasted amazing. I was wishing that I had done the same to Paola. Amanda dropped into my lap in escape from my tongue on her ass but landed straight onto my cock. I caught her under the arms so that her tight pussy would not snap it. She squealed as the head parted her sensitive lips but continued to try to push down on my hard cock. I could feel her pussy clinching and releasing the head of of it as her orgasm continued, I was ready to blow myself. She was way to tight and sensitive to take it as she only got about three inches of it in her before I pulled her back off of it. She jumped as she came back down with her clit running across it from tip to shaft.

"I'll get you back" she whispered pushing back against me grabbing the root of my erection. "I bet you won't suck my dick" to Brook who started towards us.

"Oh yeah? I always wanted to fuck you Amanda!" kissing her deeply in the mouth and grabbing my erection as she sensuously kissed down Amanda's body. I felt her shudder against me as Brook sucked her tits and was rubbing my cock tip through Amanda's pussy that was so wet it was soaking my balls. I reached around Amanda and played with Brooks soft breasts pinching her nipples between my fingers. She continued down flicking her tongue on Amanda's clit making her jump grabbing her face to pull it in for more. Brook brought the tip of my erection up and was licking the head of it while liking her clit.

Paola and Sophia were dumbfounded watching intently both with their hands down between their legs rubbing their pussies. Brook then started licking my cock "mmmhmm, It tastes like Amanda's pussy". I was playing with Amanda's handful sized breasts as she slurped the head of cock into her mouth running her fat tongue under the tip hitting my g-spot. "I can't get the whole thing in my mouth" sucking it about half way down and then laboring back up sucking the head in and out using her tongue the same way. Amanda had her hand around the base holding it for her. I was ready to erupt and could feel it starting all the way down at my toes.
Amanda said "I think he is about to blow!"
Brook sucked down on the tip as the first shot hit her in the back of the throat causing her to gag and pull away. Amanda was cumming again and had my cock with her fingers just under the tip trapping the next shot in. I moved my hand down to her pussy rubbing her clit with my palm and sticking my index finger deep inside her. She let loose a bit and so did I shooting over Brook's shoulder and hitting Paola with the next shot hitting Sophia in the stomach. They both screamed more furiously rubbing their crotches coming in closer as I continued to spray everywhere. Amanda leaned forward and licked my cum off of Sophia's belly and then kissing Brook who had it dripping out of the corners of her mouth.
Holy shit, the hardest I ever came. The pills worked like a champ.

Paola reached down "It's still hard, how the hell is it still hard?" starting to suck it. I turned her around pulled her ass to my face and started licking it. bending her over to taste the sweet pussy I had missed earlier and sucking her still hard clit until she screamed in orgasm with her pussy exploding on my face. She moved away as she was her pussy became too sensitive to take my touch. Sophia and brook sat one on each knee kissing me and tasting Paola's pussy juices. Brook was sexy, but Sophia another level of gorgeous compared to the rest of them. I leaned down sucking their tits alternating between the two as they humped my thighs with their wet pussies. Brook stood up putting her bald pussy in my face. She had a meaty lippy pussy so I started sucking on her hanging lips palming Sophia's pussy in my hand sticking a finger up inside letting her ride it. She leaned forward and I was turning to kiss her and then back to lick Brook's juicy crotch. Brook turned around to give me better access as I buried my face, Sophia pulled my hand away from stroking Brooks clit and started licking it. She turned to me and we kissed sharing the juices. I moved up and started licking Brook's asshole sending her over the top. She bucked my face and Sophia began to suck my cock.

Sophia turned to me "Give it to her! I want to see it in her!" I pulled Brook down onto my erection. Even as big as her pussy was and as wet as it was it was not easy for her to get it in. I opened her legs around mine, which seemed to give it a better angle. Her pussy was still convulsing from her orgasm. Sophia got on her knees in front of us and started sucking my balls. She ran her tongue up the shaft and started licking Brook's swollen clit.
"Oh fuck, fucking shit that's big. It feels so fucking good!" as she buried it in all the way to the top I reached around squeezing her breasts while she moved up and down on it. "I need to turn around , I want it to hit my spot" I laid back and she spun around with it in her causing her to scream again.
I sat back up sticking my tongue down her throat pulling her ass with my hands trying to show my appreciation and that my passion. Sophia came up behind me sharing our kiss. She stood up on the chair moving in between us with her ass to me and her legs spread open around us. Brook jumped right in and started eating her golden pussy and I started licking every inch of her ass. I pulled her cheeks open to give me better access as I tongued the most beautiful asshole I had ever seen. Sophia started to shiver as her orgasm mounted when Brook and my tongues met at her taint sending her over the edge. With this Brook's started another orgasm pushing me onto my back and pulling off of my hard dick. I wanted to be back in her, but then Sophia dropped down trying to take it. She couldn't get it in and I was close to cumming not wanting to come inside her. I pulled her back onto my face so that her honey dripping pussy was in my mouth. I put me whole mouth around it and was trying to suck as much of her juice in as I possibly could. I buried my tongue as deep into her as I could and then started sucking her swollen clit. She leaned down and started sucking the head of my cock sitting up to have another orgasm burying her pussy into my face. Paola, Amanda, and Brook started licking and my cock and balls as I erupted again. Not as much or as strong as the last one, but still more powerful than I ever did without the pills. They all for licked and sucked me clean and dry as I continued to lick Sophia's beautiful ass.

Amazingly my erection finally went limp. We sat around for a minute like we were going to talk, but never did. I guess there were no words to express what had just happened. We stood up hugging and kissing in goodbye. Sophia turned on her way out of the gate "I am sure that we will be back, or at least I will." turning to walk away. I laid back down on the lounge chair that was covered with our juices and smelled a bit like coconut oil smiling widely thinking about how the day had gone falling fast asleep.

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