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New story, hope you enjoy, please give me any comments of how I could improve. Thanks
Me and brad were the best of friends, as joined at the hip, as anyone could be. We had grown up together, having lived next door to each other and gone to the same school. The fact that we were both only children i guess contributed to our closeness, as where most people would turn to their siblings, we would rely on each other.We would often go to the other persons house after school after school to do homework, watch tv and read comics. The fact that our birthdays are so close together meant that our parents threw us a joint birthday parties, which consisted of the two of us, about 60 friends, all cramed into a small hall running all over the place. After a few years our parents got tired of this and on our tenth birthday, they decided that we should make it a more low key affair, so they would take us to the cinema with each of us getting to pick three friends to bring along. This did make us a bit sad but there was a plus side, with all the savings that our parents made, not having to rent the hall, they were able to get us better gifts. My parents bought me a new games console, whilst brads parent bought him a new computer.

As a newly turned ten year old, i was soon beginning to become conscious of my sexuality, it started with my cock begining to get hard and not knowing why, then getting funny feeling when i rubbed it in the shower and whilst at school i would hear a few of the guys in the changing rooms talking about mastubation, but i never quite found out what it was from their conversations. I felt to subconscious to talk to my parents about the matter and due to my age was hard pressed to find a method of finding out. Then one day I was at brads house and were talking whilst watching tv, when I asked him, "look don't think I'm weird by asking this but do you know anything about mastubation? I know it's a sexual term, but that's about it." "Hmm.. I cant say that I do, but lets go and find out," with that brad got up off the couch and turned off the tv before running up stair to his bedroom. I looked at the tv puzzled, until it dawned on me that brad had the computer he got for his birthday.

With that I jumped off the couch and ran up the stairs to his room. When I got there, brad had already booted up the computer and was going into the start menu and began looking for Internet explorer. He then found the icon, opened up google and began typing in 'mastubation' and hit search, then the results page opened up and I told him to click on the first result, it was a porn site and showed lots of pictures of girls with their hands on their pussys. We click on one which opened us a video with a girl poking her fingers in and out of her pussy, getting louder each time she inserted her fingers in. We both became really turned on by this and I could feel my dick growing in my pants and could see that brad's was doing the same. After a long time I asked brad if he could look again as although this was very interesting to watch it was not helping me find out how to mastubate, so with that brad found the search bar for the porn site and typed in 'boy mastubation'.

The page then changed and showed lots of pictures of naked guys holding their hard cocks. Brad moved the mouse over one and clicked on it, the video then began, with the guy holding his big cock, pulling it up and down, brad then swivelled round on his chair, looking to me and saying, "I guess we now know what mastubation is." Then after a brief pause I asked if we could give it a go, "well ... I guess we could" and with that, I jumped onto his bed and pulled down my pants, releasing my hard cock from my underwear, took it in my hand and began to stroke it up and down. Brad soon followed, pulling his pants down his pants and letting his hard cock pop out. At roughly 4 inches his cock was only slightly bigger than mine, he then looked at me noticing I was eying him up, but did not seem to mind too much, in fact it seemed to almost incourage him as he started to stroke it faster, then before I knew it he began to start moaning, which got louder and louder until all of a sudden and without warning, he shoot this white fluid all over his chest and went limp, exhausted by what he had done.

He was not however, tired enough to stop wondering what this strange fluid that had shot out of his cock was, as he soon put his index finger in one of the bigger blobs on his chest, he then raised it in front of his eye, then lowered it to his nose and sniffed it, i asked what it smelt like but he did not answer, instead he lowered it to his mouth and licked it off his finger. I was in awe of this, frozen not sure how to react, I had even stoped rubbing my cock. Then brad said, "hmm...I'm not sure if I like it or not, what do you think, would you like to try some?" I was even more confused about this, but then I decided not to think too much about it, but as I walked over to brad and plunged my finger into his belly button, where a pool of the stuf had formed, my mind went into overdrive, thinking that this ... Well what ever this is was in my best friends cock just a moment ago and now I was going to put it in my mouth, but now regardless of what I thought, brad was looking up at me in anticipation and I could not back out, so I tentively raised my finger to my mouth and licked the stuff off it. I have to say it did not taste the best at first as I got a hit of salt but then I began to enjoy the sweet after taste. It was only after I licked my lips that I realised that brad was still watching me and asked "so, what do you think?" I did not want to answer so I looked over to the computer to see that the video had finished. So I asked him to put on another video so that I could finish myself off.

Obligingly, brad clicked on a picture in the side bar and a new video popped up. This one had a guy on a web cam with both his hands behind his head, with someone off camera pumping his cock up and down. At seeing this brad got out of the chair and gestured for me to sit down. Once seated brad got on his knees in front of me and took my cock in his right hand and began pumping away and after a few pumps a little amount of clear fluid seeped out of my cock so with his left hand, he rubbed the tip, this level of stimulation quickly built up and before I knew it I felt a weird sensation building up in the tip of my cock, almost like I had to pee, but more pleasurable. Brad then said, "just let go ... Let it happen." With that I leaned back, looked up to the ceiling and closed my eyes, embracing the pleasure. This caused my cock to spasm and to shoot glob after glob of the white fluid, I then opened my eyes again and look down at brad who had my fluid all over himself, some was in his hair, so dripped from nose and chin, with the rest on his tongue. When he noticed I looking at him, he closed his mouth and swallowed it all with one big gulp.

"Wow ... That was some nice cum!" Brad exclaimed, "much better than mine." I was not quite sure what he meant by this so I asked what he meant by cum. "Well it's what the guy on video said just as he ... Shot." With that brad got off his knees and walked out of his room and towards the bathroom, closing the door behind him. I, still recovering from cumming, looked at my semi hard cock and pulled out the rest of the cum that had collected on the head of my cock, placing it in my mouth. I have to say I did agree with brad, my cum did taste better than his, it seemed to be a lot sweeter that his was. After I made sure all the cum was removed from my cock and trying to waste the time that I was waiting for brad, I looked back at the computer and looked for more videos in the suggested section. Then I saw a video that showed a guy bending over and another guy plunging his cock into his ass. I immediately clicked on the picture and the video opened up, my cock instantly got had again and I began to start pumping it with my fist as fast as I could. I beame so caught up in this that I failed to see brad walking back into the room and stand behind me, it was only when he placed a hand on my shoulder that I became aware of his presence.

"So what's this?" Brad asked looking at the screens intently. "It's just something I clicked on," I stamered. "Do you want to try it?" Brad asked not giving away any emotion in his tone. I said yes with a jubilant tone, not realising how desperate I must have sounded in that moment, "but who goes first?" Brad then said with a quiet confidience "I think I should be allowed to do you first, after all, I wanked you off." I could not argue with that so with a begrudging reluctance I agreed and walked over to his bed and layed face down. "What are you doing?" Brad asked, chuckling, "I thought you wanted to do me first." "Yea I do, but I want to see your face while I do it," so not quiet sure what I thought of this I flip onto my back and watched as brad got up onto the bed, lifted my legs onto his shoulders and moved his cock towards my ass hole. Then without warning he pushed his cock against my hole with quite a lot of force, causing me to yelp with pain and for him to stop. He then lowered my legs, got off the bed and ran into his parents room, only to return a few moments later with a bottle. He then got back on the bed and some of the jelly like substance from the bottle, rubbing it all over his cock and some one my ass hole.

After doing this he placed the bottle on the floor and got back into position. Once again he moved his cock towards my hole, but this time he pressed a lot softer and moved his cock in a circular motion around my rim, causing me to relax and for my hole to slowly open and let his cock slide into my ass hole a inch at a time, until I became aware of his whole girth filling me up and then the equally weird sensation of him removing it from me. I have to admit that it did sting a bit when he moved in and out of me, but this was all forgotten about when he picked up the pace, causing a slapping noise when his balls hit my but cheeks. Soon I was moaning, quietly at first but then I began to get louder, until I was literally screaming with every thrust of brads cock, to be honest I was surprised that none of the neighbours heard me, although I was not the only one, as brad was making a grunting noise until, without waring he made a large gasping noise and I felt my insides, become suddenly wet and slippery as brad came inside me. Then he quickly removed his cock from my hole, causing a popping noise as he did so.

I slowly got back up into a kneeling position on brads bed, looking intently into his eyes, his cum leaking out of me onto his blanket. He was panting and looking down at his now limp cock, with a mix of the jelly fluid, cum and a bit of poo on it. "Well get on your back, it's my turn now," I said, getting off the bed so that he could lie down. But instead he looked up at me, saying "sure but I need to clean up first" and with that he got off the bed and walked to the bathroom. With that I put my hand to my ass, put a finger inside my now loose hole and then pulled some of the cum that had collected inside me and ate it, as I waited for brads return.

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