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Here is my 3rd ever story. It is a very long story so be warned.

Hope you enjoy and please give constructive feedback.

If you want to see Tina message me.

Tina becomes a slut.

As i stood there looking at my fiancée covered in load after load of cum I could not help but let my mind wonder back to the start of the most amazing weekend of my life so far.

Let me tell you all about it. It was friday afternoon, 3pm and Tina had just finished work. It had been a long week and she was looking forward to having the weekend off. As she made her way home her mind wondered through the week that had past, how busy she had been and how this had meant that she had not had any sexy time all week. She was feeling horny, very horny. 

Tina loved sex. She had to have it at least once a day, this of course was fine with me. Now, Tina is just so sexy. She is twenty five, 5ft 8 with natural blonde hair that comes down just past her shoulders. She is a size 10 - 12 with 36D breasts topped with little nipples that seam to be hard all the time. Her ass is just perfect, firm, tight and perky.  Her pussy is shaved clean, she says she loves how it feels when she is all naked down there. Now Tina's pussy is always wet, as I said she loves sex and is always horny and in the mood for fun with me. When she gets really horny her pussy gets soaking wet, there have been times where she has got that horny her pussy has dripped with excitement, and it tastes delicious to!

Now I did say that Tina loves sex, but she is shy. She has only ever had sex in her own home with the curtains closed, Never outside or in a risky place like a park or a car and never with more than one man at a time. She has more than one guy in a night but they were at separate times and on their own.  She does fantasise about theses things, about been fucked In public, or been fucked and having another cock to suck on at the same time, but so far has never done anything about it. 

A few months ago she did however discover going out without any panties on, this only happened due to me hiding all her knickers when we were going out, she was not happy and didn't want to go, she was very nervous about going out without anything on under her short skirt but she had no choice it was big a big night out for one of our friends so we had to go. At first she was very conscious about her naked pussy under her short skirt and that someone could see.

She kept pulling her skirt down and kept her legs pressed firmly together, but as the night went on she started to relax and enjoy the feeling of the fresh air as it rushed up her skirt and over her naked pussy, she even found herself getting quite turned on, the fresh air on her pussy and even better the idea that a stranger might she her pussy. She even let her legs fall open a little and kept crossing and un-crossing her legs.

When it was time to go we called a taxi and waited outside. We started kissing as we waited and was starting to get really in to it but then the car turned up. We sat in the back facing forward, Tina on my right with my hand on her thigh. I was rubbing her thigh up and down getting closer to her pussy, she opened her legs a little to allow better movement. I was sure the driver could see up her skirt to her naked pussy, but nothing was said. 

She was so turned on by the time we got home As soon as we got home she dropped to her knees, pulled down the zip on my trousers and pulled my cock out and took it right down her throat. I was hard in a second as she continued to swallow my cock. She looked so sexy on her knees and my cock stuffed down her throat.

After a few minutes I pulled her to her feet, lifted up her skirt around her waste and bent her forward against the front door. I reached for her pussy, wow was she wet, her pussy juice was running down the inside of her leg she was soaking.

 I put my rock hard 8inch cock at the entrance of her dripping pussy and thrust in. Her pussy swallowed me balls deep in one thrust. As soon as my cock was buried all the way in I felt her pussy quiver as she came over me. She scream  out as her body was taken over by a powerful orgasm.  We started to fuck hard and fast with Tina cumin again and again. We fucked like this for ten minutes or so until my balls started to tighten. I pulled my cock out of Tina's soaking pussy, got her on her knees, gave my cock one last stroke and shot my cum all over her face. The first jet hit her on her outstretched tongue, the second on her cheek. A third, forth, fifth, sixth jet shot on her upturned face and outstretched tongue. Her face was covered in my cum, she looked amazing. I loved the way she looked post orgasm and even better with a load of cum on her face!

Anyway, as I was saying Tina's mind was drifting as she walked home and she was not looking where she was walking when suddenly she tripped over a bump in the path. She went right over and landed on her ass. She was sat on the path in shock trying to gathered herself together. While getting her bearings about what had just happened a man, who was out walking his dog, came over to help her. He asked if she was ok. She looked up at the man, a greying man who looked to be in his mid to late fifty's, and said "yes thank you I'm ok".

She then noticed He had a smile on his face, this seamed strange as she had just fell. As she sat there on the path looking up at the man wondering why he was smiling, there was a sudden gust of wind and Tina realised why he was smiling. She slowly looked down to her waist to find her skirt had raised up at the front and her shaved pussy was on show to this man. She went bright red in a instant and moved her hands down to cover herself back up.

The man put out his hand to help her up. As he picked her up he kept smiling and again asked if she was ok. She replayed, "yes no pain just embarrassment". The man chuckled and said "there was nothing to be embarrassed about". Tina smiled and thanked him for his help as she straightened her cloths. He responded by saying"no, thank you" and gave her a little wink.

Tina turned and continued on her way home feeling very embarrassed that a strange man had seen her naked pussy. When she got to the house she turned and walked up the drive way  as she put the key to the door she heard a noise behind her. She turned round and saw that the house opposite was having the roof redone and there was two guys working away. She turned back to the front door and went in. As usual when she got home she went straight up stairs to take a shower. 

As she walked upstairs she started to undo her work shirt, went in to the bedroom to shut the curtains. When she reached the window she looked out and saw the two men on the roof opposite. As she reached for the curtain she flashed back to the old man who had seen her pussy and felt a little twinge of excitement. 

This was not something she expected. She stood there for a moment reliving what had just happened and how, even though embarrassed, she felt excited that a stranger had seen her private bits. She let go of the curtain and reached round behind her and slid the zip down on her skirt. As the skirt slid down her legs, Tina let her right hand drift to her pussy to see how wet she was and found out she was very wet. As soon as she touched her pussy she came. So here she was standing in the window, shirt undone with her black bra on show, skirt around her feet and her fingers on her clit making herself cum. 

As Tina came down from her orgasm a thought ran through her mind, a devilish thought. She smiled to her self thinking She could not do it, or could she?

She slipped off her shirt, stepped out of her skirt and reached round to unclasp her bra and expose her tits. She then walked down stairs as naked as the day she was born and to the window at the front of the house. As she stood naked in front of the big window her heart was pounding, it was pounding so hard she thought it was about to burst out of her chest. She was so excited, she had never felt this excited before in her life.

She stood in the window looking up at the roof opposite, she was willing the men to look down. After what seamed like an age, in reality it was only five minutes, one of the men glanced over and saw her standing there naked, in all her glory.

As the man looked she smiled at him and waved, he smiled and waved back at her. Then she moved her hands to her bear breasts taking one in each hand. She started rubbing them gently and pulling on her nipples making them the hardest they had ever been. As she did this The man called to his colleague, both of them where now watching her tease her nipples and grope her tits.

With both men now watching she let her right hand slide down to her pussy while keeping the left hand on her breast. She started to tease her pussy, going close to her clit but not allowing herself to touch it. As she continued to teased herself, keeping her eyes firmly on the men opposite, she saw them start rubbing their crotch. This was to much and she had to cum. she glided her fingers to her clit and came the second they came in contact with it. She continued to rub her clit and came two more times. After the third straight orgasm she brought her fingers to her mouth and licked and sucked her fingers clean looking the guys straight in their eyes. Once they were clean of her juice she smiled and waved at the men and moved out of their sight to the side of the window. Her breathing was very heavy, gasping with excitement. Once she caught her breath she headed back upstairs. 

Around an hour later I walked through the front door, and was greeted with the sound of loud moaning and groaning coming from upstairs. I walked slowly upstairs to find Tina lying on the bed with her legs spread and her favourite dildo stuck up her pussy, ramming it in and out cumming again and again. I stood there watching her as she fucked her pussy wondering what had got her in to this worked up state. I could tell she was very wet from the squelching noise's coming from her pussy as she rammed the dildo in and out of her.

I reached for the zip on my trousers and fished out my cock, it was rock hard from watching tina fuck herself. I started to stoke my cock as i continue to watch her. She must have heard me because she opened her eyes and looked at me, smiled and told me she needed fucking, and fucking now. Hard and fast! 

Now who was I to argue. I climbed onto the bed, got between her legs, positioned my hard cock at the entrance to her pussy and with one thrust buried my hard cock deep inside. We fucked like this for five or so minutes, I then pulled out, turned her round so that she was on knees and positioned my cock at entrance to tight her asshole. She looked over her shoulder at me and said "yes sweetie, fuck my ass baby, I want you in my ass now!". 

She reached round and pulled open her ass cheeks for me. I slipped my cock in her pussy to get it nice and wet, spat on my fingers and worked it over her ass to get her ready, pulled my cock out her pussy and pushed it against her asshole. 

My cock slipped in slowly at first, god was she tight. Once I was balls deep in her ass I started to fuck her, slow at first getting used to the feeling of her tight ass wrapped around cock  as she became looser I stared getting in to a rhythm getting faster and harder. Tina was screaming in pleasure coming again and again. After only a few minutes My balls tightened, I moaned our that i was about to cum, tina says " in my ass, cum deep in my tight ass. With one final thrust I Goan out loun and dump my load deep in her ass. Six big jets of cum shot straight into her tight hole, I keep thrusting in to her as I came pushing her to one last powerful orgasm. I felt her squirt over my balls as she came. It felt amazing feeling that.

Once I had finished cumming my cock slipped from her ass and i rolled over to the side. As I lay there catching my breath I turned to Tina and asked what had got her so horny. She then proceeded to tell me all about her day. Accidentally flashing her pussy to the old man and how is what not until she got home she she realised just how horny she had gotten and then how she decided to flash on purpose to the men on the roof opposite, how good it felt for them to see her play with herself and make herself cum for them.

As I listened to Tina tell the story back to me an idea popped into my mind, this could be the time to fulfil some of her fantasies......... and mine. 

The next day when we were sat eating lunch we started talking about what had happened and how much I had enjoyed the idea of her showing off to these strange men. She agreed it was lots of fun, she had never felt so dam horny. Well as you enjoyed showing off so much I said how about we do a little more, this time on purpose and to a lot more people? Tina looked a little shocked at first but was curious as to what I had in mind. I explained that When i went out in the morning i had brought a new webcam and found a site where we could broadcast and strangers could watch. I went on saying that Tina could do a strip tease for anyone watching and then when she was naked she could sit there showing off her naked 36D breasts, shaved pussy and ass to the world and chat with anyone she wanted and watch them playing with themselves as she did.

She looked at me for a moment and smiled. She liked the idea. She stood up and announced that she was going to get ready, take a bath, and get the right cloths on. She said I should get the webcam and music ready for her.

Tina took a bath, shaved her pussy and got ready. I was about to walk in and see what she was wearing but was told to get out, I would have to wait and could only see at the same time as every one else. I went and set up the webcam and started to broadcast. I started showing some pictures of Tina with a countdown to when she would be showing. Half an hour later it was time to start. There were thirty five viewers ready and waiting to watch her.

Tina walked in and I pressed play on the CD player. She was wearing a lose fitting short black skirt, the kind that blows up if there was any wind, a tight white shirt, with the top three buttons undone that showed off her bust, knee high white socks and ankle high black boots. Tina had styled her hair into pigtails with white and red ribbons holding them up. As you maybe able to guess, she looked like a naughty school girl! She had deep red lips and was sucking on a lolly pop as she walked in.

My role this evening was to sit and watch and let her know what was been said on the messages. As soon as she walked in front of the camera site messages came through saying how sexy and horny she looked, how naughty she looked. Tina started to move to the music, gyrating as she got in to the rhythm, dropping at the knees and coming back up while sticking her ass out to the cam.

Tina continue to dance in full view of complete strangers and more people we're logging in to watch. Now there was fifty viewers all watching Tina dance. She walked up to the camera and licked her lips right if front of it, then put the lolly pop to her mouth and started to lick the tip of the lollipop seductively before taking it all in her mouth.

More messages were coming through saying that they wish it there cock she was teasing and sucking. Asking her to show her tits, pussy and ass. To play with herself for them. Telling her that she was getting there cocks hard. This was really getting to tina, getting her really horny. She reached under her skirt and felt she pussy. She announced she was soaking wet!

As the next song started Tina moved back in to full view of the camera and started to strip. First she started to unbutton her shirt, slowly and still gyrating to the music. When all the buttons were undone she turned so her back was to the camera, slipped the shirt of her shoulders and let it drop to the floor exposing the black lace bra she was wearing. 

The messages started coming even  faster now. More messages saying how she was making there cock hard, that she you look sexy and slutty. Messages telling her what to do, yes slut thats it take it all off, good girl get naked for us, looking fantastically horny you dirty whore etc. I was telling Tina what was been said and she started moaning saying she was so horny. I have to admit I was horny as hell watching her tease for all these strangers. More people had joined the viewing, 167 watchers now.

Tina was trying to focus on her dancing but was having a few issues due to how horny she was feeling. She turned round and I saw for the first time the the black lace bra was in fact a peep hole bra,  her hard nipples sticking out proud for all to see. She moved up close to the camera so her nipples were in full view and started to pull on them pinching them making them harder ( if that was possible).

She then moved back, turned round and undid the zip on the skirt. As she pulled the skirt down she bent forward pushing her ass to the camera. The skirt came down showing her ass and black lace French panties wrapped tight around her ass, and the crotch pressed tight against her wet pussy. As the skirt hit the floor she moved her hands to her ass, grabbed it and started rubbing it hard. Grabbing her ass cheeks and slapping them.

At this point I could not take it anymore, I undid my jeans, pulled my cock out and started stroking while watching her and reading the messages coming through, about how these Guys wanted to fuck her, how they were going to drive there cocks in her ass and pussy and cum deep in her or on her face and tits. I found this such a turn on, knowing that all these guys wanted her and where wanking there hard cocks for her.  it was a real rush and something I really liked the idea off. I loved knowing that these guys were getting off to her.

With Tina, still back to camera, she reached up and unclasped her bra letting her large breasts fall free. She brought her hands to cup her tits as she turned round to face the camera. She was groping her tits, moaning, when suddenly she said she was about to cum, with that she let out a scream as she had her first orgasm of the night. It took her by surprise she had hardly made contact with her pussy yet here she was coming. It just went to show just how horny she was. There was now over 200 watching her.

She let the breast go, finally exposing them to the watching, wanking strangers. She asked the watchers how many we're wanking to her, message after message after message came through saying they were. She said she wanted to watch someone wanking for her, she looked at me for approval. I just said yes and turned to the computer to find someone for her to watch. 

We had a messages come through saying that they wanted Tina to watch them.  As i looked through the people watching tina sat in the chair, lifted her knees her chest and pulled her knickers down her legs. She then leaned back, spread her legs and exposed her pussy to the webcam. She started to tease her clit for them. She was rubbing her clit in little circles to start with, getting faster and faster as she moved closure to cumming. I continued ti click through the guys watching, different size cocks small ones, big ones. Different colours, white,black,asian. 

Tina was watching the cams as i went through, watching these guys wanking there cocks for her as she played with her pussy. As i clicked on one she immediately started to cum. That one she said as she caught her breath. On the screen  was a big black cock. It must have been a least 8inchs long and thick. The guy was stroking his fat cock with long strokes up and down the shaft.

I turned back to Tina, she was rubbing her pussy hard and fast watching the cock in front of her. As the two of them continue to play and watch each other the guy started telling Tina what he wanted to do her and how he was going to use her body as his own pleasure toy. They guy on cam was wanking his cock even harder. Tina continued to rub her naked body while watching the guy wank his hard cock. She was dipping wet and coming time and Time again.

She moved asked me to move the camera closure so she could stick her dripping wet pussy right in full view, up close and personal. She moved her hands on either side of her pussy spreading it exposing her clit and gapping pussy to him. The guy on cam was wanking so hard and fast, his hand was a blur as he wanked for tina watching her spread her wet pussy for him. He said he was about to cum, Tina dropped her face in front of the camera, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. The guy started to cum seeing her do this and he shot his load all over his hand and stomach. There was a lot to. Tina moaned out load at the sight of this and started licking her lips. I had never seen her look so hungry. Her eyes were full of lust for this strangers cock and cum.

Tina sat down in the chair feeling spent. The guy thanked her for a great time and said he would love to do it again. We agreed, exchanged emails and closed down the cam. Tina sat in the chair reading the messages that had come though. She was still really turned on. I turned to her and asked if she had enjoyed seeing the stranger cum for her and she had to agree she did, this did not surprise me, however what she said next did surprise me, She said she wished she could have felt him cum on her tongue and face rather than just watch him.

Even though I was surprised I have to say the idea turned me on. Seeing a stranger cum on her made my cock grow even harder. I suggested there was a way we could. She asked how.

I Took her by the hand and led her downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs I pick up one of her coats, a black coat that came down just above her knees, and put it around her. She asked why, I just said to put it on, were going out. But Im naked and horny, I want you to fuck me now, i need a cock in me fucking me hard. that's ok that's how I want you to be i said. Unsure but horny she put the coat on curious as to what was going on. I opened the door and walked her out to the car. 

It was around 8pm and just starting to get dark. While we drove I asked if she was still nice and horny? She replied yes, but why have we come out and why am i naked under this coat? Why have we come out at all its not fair, i need your cock. "well you said you wanted to feel that stranger cum on you, well we are going to see if we can find someone who can" she choked a little in surprise, "what do you mean?" 

I turned to her, looked her in the eyes and said that I wanted to see her covered in a strangers cum and completely satisfied. She leaned over kissed me and said thank you. With that she lent back in the car seat, opened her legs and started to rub her pussy as I drove. 

Soon we reached our destination, I pulled in to a car park for a local park and parked up. We got out and started to walk the path that ran around the park. There were still quite a few people out and about, taking a stroll, jogging or walking there dog. Tina became a little nervous but I reassured her everything would be fine and suggested we took a seat on one of the benches in what looked like the quieter part of the park. There were some trees and bushes behind the bench we chose and the path ran in front of us.

we sat chatting and watching the people in the park go about there business whatever that may have been. After a while, a few people had been past, tina had relaxed and was feeling comfortable with why we were there. I suggested to her that she should open her coat a little. She smiled and parted her coat a little at the top exposing her left breast fully and part of her right breast too. As Tina sat there exposing her breast to anyone who would come past and take notice , a man jogging came past, giving a sidewards glance in our direction. 

Tina noticed him glance at her and shivered with the excitement of flashing herself. She turn to me and said how exciting this was and ask if i thought he had actually seen her exposed tits. I said i think he must have, tina looked puzzled at me.  I said well he must have seen something he liked because  he was on his way back, and I nodded in the direction was was coming from. Tina smiled and sat back on the bench exposing her right breast fully now as well. As he ran past this time he slowed his jog down to a fast walk and was having a more lingering look. Tina let out a little moan of excitement.

A couple of minutes later he was on his way back again, I leaned in close to Tina and whispered that she should let him see her pussy, to which she nodded, opened her coat and spread her legs a little, so that her pussy was on show. As he came past he was looking in Tina's direction making sure he could have a good look at her tits. Then when he looked further down Tina's Body he nearly fell over as he noticed her naked pussy. He soon realised she must have been completely naked under her coat.

He stopped and stared at Tina's naked tits and pussy and smiled. Tina asked him his name, Matt he responded. Hi Matt said Tina do you like what you see? "yes very much". Tina moaned as she heard this. "well, you've seen mine, how about I see yours" said Tina. With that Matt moved closure to her and stood by her side. He pulled down the front of his running shorts to revel his soft cock. Tina reached out and took matts cock in her hand. It had already started to get hard but as soon as she touched it it grew a lot faster. Tina started to stroke it, matts cock got harder and longer until it reached its full size, a little 7seven inches long and four inches thick. 

Tina continue to stroke his cock for a short time until she announced she had to suck it. With that she lowered her mouth on to this complete strangers hard cock. Matt reached down and started to play with her tits and hard nipples as Tina sucked hard on his cock swallowing as much as she could down her throat. It was such a turned on seeing her like this, with another cock in her mouth, a strangers cock.

As Tina sucked away i heard a noise behind me, I turned to see two more people walking down the path. They still had a way to come, a couple of minutes. I then had to make a choice, should I say something or just see what happens. I decide on the later.

Tina continue to suck matts hard cock unaware of the two people walking on our way. As they approached they stopped talking and just looked at the scene in front of them as they approached, stopping as they reached us. They stood there watching Tina sucking Matts hard cock deep down her throat. One of them looked at me and smiled, I smiled back and motioned for them to join in. They looked at each other, unsure what the other wanted to do.

 After a few minutes one of them released their cock from the confines of their shorts and started stroking it, he must have only been six inches long but he was very thick. Thicker than my wrist.

Seeing his friend release his cock the third guy thought what the hell and decide to joined in and took his cock out of his shorts and into the fresh evening air, and my god was his cock big!! He must have been 7inchs long, still not hard. He started to rub his cock watching Tina as she sucked cock matts cock, looking at her naked tits and pussy and licking his lips. His cock got harder and harder until he was what looked like a little over ten inches long and thick. I was shocked at the size of him but couldn't wait to see how would Tina react when she saw it, and how it would stretch her pussy as he fucked her.

The two watchers, who's names I found out were Dan (6" cock) and Tom (10" cock), moved closure to Tina, reached out and started to feel her tits, one on each side. She jumped in shock at their touch, but then when she saw the two hard cocks waving by her face, her eyes bulged as she looked upon the size of them, she smiled around matts cock as she watched Dan and Toms cocks bounce, all hard for her, reached out and took one in each hand and started to stroke them slowly up and down. 

So here she was with one cock in her mouth and one in each hand sucking and wanking as if her life depended on it.

For the next ten minutes Tina sucked and wanked each cock in turn, she tried to swallow every inch, sucking each cock as hard as she could, trying to suck the cum clean out of them. Tina released the cock from her mouth and announced that she needed to be fucked and fucked hard. She wanted to have her pussy filled with hard cock and she needed it now!! The three guys all looked at each other and smiled.

I reached round to feel her pussy and WOW was she went. She was so turned on, we moved back a little in to a clearing off the main path between the trees and bushes behind the bench. I lay down a blanket we brought with us and Tina lay on her back, legs spread playing with her wet pussy. Matt was there first to step forward, drop to his Knees and position his hard cock at the entrance to Tina's pussy. She looked him in the eyes and said "fuck me, give me your hard cock baby". With that Matt thrust forward driving his hard cock deep in her dripping pussy.  

Matt started fucking Tina slowly at first with long, deep hard trusts as Dan and Tom stood wanking and watching. Tina looked at them and told them to come closure. She reached out and took a cock in each hand and started stroking. She pulled Tom closure and started to suck his huge cock down her throat.

Matt was fucking her harder and faster now, pounding her pussy as hard as he could. Tina was moaning around toms cock in her mouth as she had her first orgasm around a strangers cock, it would not be her last. Matt continue to fuck her through her orgasm, her pussy pulsating around his cock, gripping him tighter as she came. This sent Matt over the edge, he pulled his cock out of Tina's wet pussy, gave it one stroke and his cum shot out all over her stomach and up to her tits, jet after jet shot out over Tina, seven thick jets over her stomach and tits followed by a couple smaller ones over her pussy mound. 

As soon as  matt had finished dropping his load onto my beautiful girl dan was between her spread legs ready to enter her pussy. Dan thrust in and started fucking hard and as fast as he could. He was so turned on, you could tell he wouldn't last long by the way he was going at it. After five minutes he was ready and let out a loud moan as he pulled out and shot is cum over Tina's open pussy. He shot a nice load, not as big as matts but still nice n thick, coating Tina's wet pussy. Once he finished cumming he moved up to Tina's mouth and had her lick his cock clean.

As Tina sucked Dans cock Tom was between her legs rubbing the head of his fat cock over her pussy lips. Tina let dans cock slip from her lips and looked tom in the eye and said "now, give me that big, fat, hard cock. I need your big fucking cock in my pussy. Stop teasing and fuck me" Tom smiled, grabbed hold of her hips and thrust his cock balls deep in her. Tina screamed in pleasure and pain due to his size but with just one thrust in she started to cum around his cock. I had not seen her like this, it was so horny, I was however concerned about he noise she was making. I didn't want anyone hearing and calling the police or something.

As it turned out I was right to be concerned someone might hear us but wrong to worry. As Tom continued to plow in to Tina's pussy making her cum again and again moaning out begging to be fucked harder and harder there was movement in the bushes. Matt and dan where standing to the side watching Tina getting drilled, so it was not them. I called out for them to come forward, and was a little bit shocked, there was not one but four guys stepping forward!

They all had their cocks out already and were wanking away. They all looked young around 19 or so. Their cock sizes ranged from what looked like 5" to 7" long and they stood there wanking there hard cocks like crazy as they watched Tina on her back get drilled hard and moaning out loud. By now she was just having one long continuous orgasm, she looked up and smiled at them from her position. 

This must have been what they were waiting for because without saying a word the four guys moved to be by Tina's head, dropped to their knees and started groping her tits, stomach and clit and taking turns to push their cock in Tina's ready and open mouth. She took each of them like a true slut, sucking as much cock as she could down her throat. This was the most amazing, sexy thing I had seen and the fact that it was my girl getting used by strange men made it even better. the pleasure on Tina's face was incredible.

After around 10 minutes Tom announced that he was going to cum. Tina said she wanted his cum all over her face and tits. With that Tom pulled out his throbbing cock, Tina moved onto her knees and opened her mouth, Tom gave his cock a couple of strokes and let out a moan, his cum shot out of his fat cock, the first jet hit Tina square on the tongue, a big thick white jet of cum landed and coated her tongue. This was followed by jet after jet of cum that hit her on the face and started to run down on to her tits.

This was to much for our young friends to see. They all started to cum within seconds of each other. Shooting their cum on to Tina's upturned face. There was so much cum, it ran down her face a dripped on to her tits as she held them. Tina was soaked in cum, not surprising been that she was on her knees with five hard cocks all coming over her unturned face and tits at the same time!

Once they had all finished cumming Tina gave each cock one last suck to make sure she had taken all they had. They slipped thier cocks back away, smiled and thanked Tina and myself then turned and walked away. The last to leave was Tom. As he left he handed me his number saying that if we ever wanted to meet and have more fun to let him know and that he would know some guys who would like to join. We said our goodbyes to Tom and he left.

I turned to face Tina, as I looked down on her seeing her face covered in cum, cum running down from her face to her body, her tits and onwards to her stomach and over her pussy. I could not help but smile and remember how this all started and became the best weeked of my life so far. She looked so sexy and so dirty that I knew she was the love of my life and this was the first of many more fun and exciting times we were going to share.

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It was a hot story. Some suggestions, don't go overboard by adding too many guys too soon, and please have someone proofread before you submit.

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Good story but please learn the difference between 'closure' and 'closer'

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