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Part 1
The carriage house door opens with a thud against the stone wall. A sweet young virgin is led in bound, gagged and sobbing. Guthrie half leads half drags the girl into the carriage house, shutting the door behind him. Turning to the girl, with a smile of unimaginable ugliness he laughs, "How do you like your new home, poppet?". Knowing his Master likes to hear the whimpers, screams and cries of his victims, pulls her close slicing the gag with the edge of his dangerously sharp knife, nicking her cheek in the process and causing the poor thing to sob and cry even louder. The sight of the drop of perfectly crimson blood on the girl's tear stained white cheek is so tantalizing he is almost tempted to lean in and lick it off but knows his Master would be angry as He alone likes to savour the first taste of such perfection. No matter, he knows there will be plenty left over when Master is done.
With the same, wickedly sharp blade her clothes are also savagely cut from her, not without a few more nicks over her tender nubile body, which only serve to enhance the sight of her standing there with hands bound behind her, tears streaming, her sobs hard and catching in her throat. With the blade he traces over her soft, trembling breasts and nearly nude mound. Her eyes widen in terror as she watches, afraid to move in her fear, her soft whimpers now sobs as her fear rises, and she begs him to hurt her. He orders her to silence and she tries hard to obey, her sobbing now no more than soft pitiful noises. The point of the blade under her chin lifts her face to her captor's, the innocence and absolute fear in her eyes pleasing to him as he knows it will be so to his Master as well. Suddenly he backhands her and the floor rushes up to meet her. Unable to break her fall with her hands tied behind her, she cries out as her body is bruised and scraped on the hard stone floor. As she struggles to sit up, he backhands her again for crying out after having been ordered to silence, she slumps over on her side and then rolling over on her belly, she lies there, silently sobbing while her captor gloats over her.
He stands there for a moment admiring her perfectly formed back and ass and thinks to himself that it looks a wonderful canvass for the blade to play on, but he knows he dare not. There is time enough for that. He takes hold of the girl's bound hands and she cries in pain as he pulls her roughly to a sitting position. He puts his face close to the hers, the stench of his breath enough to make her retch, he says gruffly "Wait here poppet, Master will be here soon enough." With that he wrenches the girl to her feet by her bound wrists, she screams from the sudden exquisite pain her shoulders as her arms are jerked upward and back. He listens to the sound of her screams with smirk as he shoves her into an empty kennel. Watching with satisfaction as she lands on her ass in a corner and cowers there, her sobs wretched he locks the kennel door behind him. Exiting the carriage house, he shuts and locks that door carefully behind him as well before going to report to his Master.
Lord Viktor's servants thought him a strange one indeed. Rarely seen about during the day, spending most of his time either in the carriage house or out walking about at night with his hounds. Not a one of them would dare breath a word against him however, as he was feared as well as respected. Making his way silently through the evening, mists swirling about his feet as he walks, the key to the carriage house ready in his hand, he opens it and slips silently inside.
Finding the girl exactly as Guthrie left her, he unlocks the kennel and brings the girl to her feet and the holding the pitifully sobbing girl up by her bound hands, draws her forth from the confined space of the small kennel. Without speaking a word to her, into the center of the room he pushes her ahead of him,he kicks her legs apart and then whispers menacingly in her ear..."Don't try closing your legs slut..." withdrawing a gleaming dagger from under his cloak, "...or I'll shove this blade into your virgin cunt to the hilt.", at which her sobs catch in her throat and >become an animal like moan of fear.
Letting go her bound hands, he sets his dagger aside, removes his cloak and walks slowly around her, inspecting every inch of her. The girl now feeling not only her sheer terror but also the humiliation as well lowers her eyes and stares at the floor as he continues to inspect her. Her breath ragged, her face stinging and bruised from Guthrie's vicious backhanded slaps, her side and hip burning from the abrasive contact with the hard floor, arms aching from having been so brutally yanked, she tries to whisper a plea for mercy, that is cut short by his hand at her throat squeezing slightly. "Don't make it harder on yourself, slut..." releasing her so suddenly she almost falls forward, he adds with an evil little laugh, "unless you want to of course."
Kicking her feet apart a little more, one hand on her bound wrists to steady her for what is to come, he leans down slightly and slaps her soft, nearly nude mound with one leather clad hand. The girl gasps, another sob racking her and causing her well fleshed breasts to tremble, she instinctively jerks away. He grabs her hair at the nape of her neck, and growls at her "Don't move away when I touch you bitch!" and still holding the girl by the hair with one hand, he holds her upright, her legs still spread wide, slaps her cunt several more times viciously, leaving red angry handprints on her once perfectly white flesh, the outer lips of her cunt swelling slightly from the abuse. Pulling the girls head back harshly, so that her breath can be heard fighting to pass through her throat, he forces her to look into eyes, he grins evilly and she sees a brief glint of white fangs. She draws a fearful breath and begins to struggle. As if her struggles were nothing at all he bends the girl backward more so that her back arches and thrusts her breasts and cunt out for more abuse.
He slaps her cunt four more times, each time he lands a blow, his hand covers her whole cunt, making it nothing more than a throbbing mass of red hand prints with purple bruised edges. She screams each time louder although her throat is already raw, her voice hoarse. He pauses between each slap to torture first one perfect pink nipple then the other with his sharp fangs, drawing forth small drops of fresh blood each time. Releasing her hair as he makes her stand upright again on shaky legs, he steps in front her and smiles as he surveys with pleasure the damage he has wrought so far. Listening to the girl whimper softly, he looks at her and smirks, "You like that don't you, you little slut?", the girl tries to shake her head no, and moans quietly, at which Lord Viktor laughs cruelly, tangling the girls hair at the nape of her neck in his strong fingers, places his free hand on the girls cunt, ramming one leather clad finger deeply, painfully inside her. He enjoys feeling her flesh stretch and give way to the onslaught as the girl cries out pitifully at the pain and the humilation of being so invaded so intimately, so brutally. She squirms and tries to get away from the hand that torments her, but with her hands bound, and her captors hand tangled tightly in her hair, she does no more than fuck herself even harder with his gloved finger deep inside her.
Laughing cruelly he withdraws from her roughly, unexpectly and lets go the girl's hair all at once, watching as she falls into a heap on the floor, crying pitifully. He shows her his cum soaked finger and laughs cruelly, "You may be saying no, but your cunt tells me different." She draws her legs together tightly and lies there, her cheeks burning, tears streaming. Lord Viktor, waiting with a predator's patience until the girl's crying eases, picks up his dagger and advances toward the girl. Hearing his soft footsteps she looks up, seeing the blade, she tries frantically to back away, her eyes wide, her fright so great she can barely make a sound. He grabs her by her bound hands and shakes her like a rat, growling roughly, "Don't try to get away little bitch, remember this?" as he twists the bade in front of her eyes so that the light appeared to dance off the gleaming edge. He slices the bonds on the girls hands, "Stand, slut!".
The girl, her hands now free, rubs her wrists and tries to stand on shaky legs, her tears falling freely, her young body no longer perfect and white, but dirty, bruised and marked, her lovely long dark hair a mess. Failing to stand the first time, she receives a vicious kick knocking the wind out of her, "Stand, slut, now!". She struggles painfully to her feet and stands there, her legs tight together, her eyes downcast, holding her hands over her mound in modesty. He laughs wickedly, "Move your hands, little slut and spread those legs wide". Reluctantly she lets her hands drops to her sides, slowly, hesitantly spreads her legs, not satisfied he kicks them wider. Shoving a gloved hand roughly between her legs, feeling of her cunt, draws back his hand covered in her juices, he smiles an evil smile and places his fingers cruelly upon her lips, pushing them into her mouth, "Clean it off, slut." The girl closes her mouth around his fingers, crying to hard to do much more than that.
Removing his fingers from her mouth, Lord Viktor again grabs her hair at the nape of her neck, savagely pushes her over to a stool sitting in the middle of the floor, giving her one last shove toward it, "Sit!" She clambers obediently onto the stool and sits there painfully, her cunt sore from the recent invasion, her voice rasping and almost gone from her screaming she begs to be let go, terribly frightened, not daring to imagine what he might have in mind for her.
Seeing her fear and hearing her pleas for mercy, he laughs and makes a show of going over to a cabinet and extracting many items..some large and some horriby archaeic looking, most of them just to scare the girl even more. She watches him, too frightened to move remembering what he said about the knife, her body trembling, tears flowing like small rivers down her face...he turns back to her with a rope in his hands, approaches the girl, kneels down and binds one ankle roughly to one leg of the stool, the other ankle to the opposite leg of the stool. In this position it does not spread the girl legs that widely, but then taking her by her hair again, forces the girl to bend backward over the stool, roughly positioning her so that the seat of the stool is now in the center of her back. This extremely uncomfortable position forcing her to spread her legs obscenely wide, he then binds the girls arms to the opposite side of the stool.The girl, crying pitifully in her shame and humiliation at being thus exposed, whimpering from the painful position, makes another desperate plea for mercy to his amusement.
He then steps back and admires the poor pitiful creature thus bound and spread for his abuse, moving to stand at the girls head, lifts her head so she can look into his eyes.."Now you will suffer slut!" grinning wickedly as he listens to her pleading moans. He steps to her side and runs his gloved hands over her well formed breasts, pinching the nipples, twisting them cruelly until she screams, every now and then slapping her body just to see the red hand prints form. He slips his gloved hand down to her cunt and viciously slaps it again, watching as the girl's body jerks and listening to her cries as if to the finest music. Enjoying the girls torment, he steps over to a cabinet and extracts a small bundle of supple rose withes, thorns still intact. Moving back to the girl he walks around to her head, again lifting it by her hair, shows her the bundle and brushing them lightly, caressingly against her cheek, the thorns leaving tiny marks, watches her reaction as her eyes widen even more. She tries to shake her head no, almost hysterical, begging him not to ...please! Without saying a word he lets go of her hair, steps back around to her side, trailing the bundle softly over her body, watching her tremble, feeling the slight catch of the thorns as they move over her skin. She moans, whimpers and pleads with him, he listens silently, his eyes not missing thing as they roam over body as if to memorize every detail, down to the slightest tremble of her flesh as it is so tenderly caressed with his chosen implement of torture.
He waits, again with a predatory patience, petting her tenderly with the tips of the withes until she appears to calm down, her breathing slowing a little, her begging stopped. Then as suddenly and with harsh brutality he brings the bundle up high, lashing it down hard, cuts hard upon her right inner thigh, the thorns catching in her flesh and making tiny bloody gashes. He pauses only long enough to enjoy the scream ripping from depths of the girls soul, and lays another swath of cruel lashes in the crease between thigh and belly. At every lash he pauses only long enough to enjoy her cries, and lays another vicious cut, up farther, across her tender young belly, then several across her perfectly formed breasts, the thorns ripping and gouging her fine white skin, her nipples and the perfect orbs a bloody mess. He stops, not wishing to have his victim pass out before she can enjoy the rest of his tender attentions, he moves back to her head, tangles his fingers most cruelly in her hair and speaks softly but with unmistakable evilness in his voice, "Are you enjoying this my little slut?"
His eyes never leaving her face, taking in that tear stained countenance that still holds on to innocence, he grins wickedly to himself, knowing that innocence will soon be gone. He closes his eyes for a moment as he listens to her pleadingly whimper. He lets go her hair and allows her head to fall back, walking around to her left side. He trails his gloved hand over the open wounds on the girls body causing more stinging pain. He raises the bundle again and lays another swath of raw welts and gashes over her left inner thigh and up again over her belly, listening to her scream out with every contact.
Having saved the best for last, he raises the bundle again, pauses admiring his previous handiwork briefly. Then with vicious strength lays a swath of lashes of almost destructive force over the girls already abused cunt, and again he raises the bundle of withes and brings them crashing down over the soft flesh, the thorns doing much damage, scratching and ripping the sensitve cunt lips.The girl's screams deafening, he watches as the welts rise higher the cuts open, drops of blood rising quickly and trickling down her ass to splatter softly on the stones beneath them. The the lips of her cunt swelling tremendously and he is unable to resist the vision, he leans down and runs his tongue over her bleeding mound, tasting of the blood from the tender, virgin flesh. Not satisfied that her cunt looks as raw as he would have it, he lays several more brutal lashes of the thorny withes across it, the blood flying from the withes making patterns on the walls, floor and ceiling, Enoying the vision of her body jerking and straining against the ropes binding her to the stool, he smiles to himself and wonders how much more this whore can take.
Standing back and admiring the effect on the girls body, and finally satisfied with his handiwork, he takes off his leather gloves, knowing the salt sweat on his hands from being inside the gloves will lend an extra intensity to the pain of the welts and cuts. He positions himself between the girl's widespread legs, and starting from her cruelly beaten breasts, at first lightly passes his hands over every inch of her slowly, hearing her gasp and cry out as the salt sweat torments the open wounds. Finding the most sensitive areas where the lashes bit deep, he presses his hands harder against them. Her tender cunt, having taken such a beating from the withes was of course nothing but raw meat. Standing slightly to the side he places one hand flat against her raw pussy and grinds his hand against it, feeling her body shaking, voice barely recognizable as human, she cries out at the agonizing pain. Then, knowing her insides would still be sore and sensitive from the earlier invasion, he viciously thrusts a finger inside her, rocking her body back, she cries out and tenses every muscle, straining against her bonds in a futile attemp to close her legs to the invasion as he thrusts savagely, each thrust rocking her battered body. Withdrawing the one finger, he growls "I told you not to try to close your legs, whore!!" as he most brutally now thrusts two fingers inside fucking her hard. He then withdraws the two fingers and with some effort forces three fingers painfully deep. A tremendous stretching and tearing of what was left of her hymen opens her previously tight cunt, a small trickle of blood slips over his fingers as he hooks them upward behind her pubic bone making the girl scream from the intense pressure of his fingers against her bladder.
Determined that before he destroys her for good he should enjoy the fruits of his labors, he releases himself from his pants and moves his body closer between the girl's widespread legs. Without word or warning, rams his cock to the hilt within her, his nails digging into the flesh of her hips as he uses them for leverage to thrust into her, her blood slick cunt offering little resistance. The girls body instinctively tightens against the invasion, the pain and the humiliation of being thus impaled causing her to cry out as he fucks her, his huge cock rending her, now not so virgin, cunt nearly in two with the force of his thrusts. The girls cries sounding less than human as her battered body is abused and tormented.
At last sick of hearing her screams for mercy, he pulls cock roughly from her cunt, a gush of blood and other fluids flowing from her shattered virginity, her once tight cunt gaping, seeming to beg of it's own accord for further abuse. Lord Viktor steps around to her head, lifting it by her hair, growls with a voice made rough with lust, "Let's see if you can scream with my cock down your throat, slut." as forces it into her mouth, gagging her on it as her fucks her throat till he explodes, his own groans of ecstacy drowning out the sounds of her choking on his cock and the load of cum. He pulls his cock from her bruised mouth, turning her head to the side, as gagging and spluttering she tries to catch her breath. Tightening his grip in her hair he jerks her head slightly, "Swallow bitch! you don't have permission to choke to death. I'm not finished with you yet, fucking whore!!" ......... To Be Continued.

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2014-04-25 22:15:30
I enjoyed this one. I am hoping there is a part two. --slutkitty36

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2010-09-29 05:38:02
Wow I loved it, ignore the negative comments, like wow, I just wish he would have taken her clothes off himself, coulda had a lotta torture in there. Yes, I'm a sick fuck. And I'm a girl, deal with it fuckers. Once again AMAZING story.

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anyone who enjoys torture like that is a sick bastard


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i agree with reader above


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I didn't right those comments ...... Stupid hacker. Who the fuck hacks this kind of thing?

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