up in northern Italy

My team went up to a softball extravaganza with all age groups in Northern Italy. It was a big beautiful complex with just about every age group represented with my team being 15-18. I had a coach's cabin and the girls were staying in tents right outside of it. The cabin had a little kitchen two futons and an Italian queen/king size bed in the middle of it. There were shared "communal" showers and bathrooms.

After a long day of games in pretty warm weather, we decided to use the grill and make some burgers and hot dogs after everyone showered. I changed into some shorts and headed towards the showers. I smiled to myself as I passed the lady's showers to noting the long wait. I also noticed that most of the European girls were half naked while waiting in line. Many just in towels being bored in line they had started playing pulling each other's towels off leaving them standing there naked. As I walked by two girls came running around the corner smack dab into me. The one with two towels in her hands bounced off and hit the ground I caught the other keeping her from falling. When I caught her I ended up with one hand on a pretty nice tit and the other square between her cheeks. She was a beautiful Spanish or Portuguese girl I gauged to be about 17, but hard to tell. An athletic yet beautifully voluptuous body, large breasts and bubble butt. She didn't seem to mind being held actually wrapping her arms around me and thanking me for catching her. The other girl laid there sprawled out legs spread wide open complaining that she had been hurt. We turned to help her when I realized that my hand was still between the first one's ass cheeks. I said excuse me and she just looked up at me with a smile ear to ear. My crotch started to twitch starting an erection.

I reached down to help the other girls up. She was about the same age and just as attractive. A taller girl close to 5'11'' with her long tan legs spread providing me with a great view of her beautiful pussy and ass cheeks. She was totally bald with a nice and meaty slit as the other one had a thick and dark landing strip. She complained that she had hurt her leg and back. The coach mode set in and I started to evaluate her injuries kneeling down between her legs I used my towel to wipe off the sore on her knee. I then helped her up and checked her back. She had a smaller but very nice ass with beautiful long legs. As I stood up I realized that her friend had still not covered herself up yet even though she had the two towels in her hand. Another observation was that neither seemed to have any tan lines, which is especially strange for ball players who are often out in the sun with their uniforms or practice gear on. Back to it...The girl that fell was still hurting as they tried to explain to me in broken English. I can speak English and Italian, but not Spanish or Portuguese. She turned around and I could see a bit of blood dripping from just under her ass. Her friend had her bend over as I tried to pull out a small peace of glass without hurting her or pushing it in further. I was trying to coax it out like a stinger or splinter even though it was quite a bit larger than that, but I did not have any tweezers and as much as I wanted to I was not going to get it out with my teeth. I had one hand on either side of her leg and was using my thumbs to push it out. Until I wiggled my hand to get a better angle I had not realized that my fingers were up against her slit. The first girl had her bend over a bit, but she reached down with her hands on her knees looking back over her shoulder to look at me. This gave me full view of her anus and pussy with my hand moving so that one finger was now across the slit. I could feel the heat off of it and she starting to swell. I also got a good nose full of her sexy aroma mixed with the sweat of the day making it a bit musky. My erection growing harder as the smell was almost intoxicating. I moved to her side to get better light from the light on the side of the building the former position had my head blocking the light putting a shadow over the area I was working on. As I moved my fingers rubbed across her slit actually opening the fold uncovering her lips for an instance as it did. She moaned in reaction and the other girl giggled. I now had one hand gripping her ass cheek and the other under the glass on her thigh. It started to come out and I wiggled my hands to maneuver it which placed my fingers right under her anus. Just as I got the glass out, my team came over giggling and pointing. Their team, came over as well and all of them started laughing. Their team was a younger team of what looked to be 13 and 14 year old girls, many in the same situation with others having won the towel contest. None of them seeming to care that they were naked and a couple pointing at the bulge in my shorts. I was showing the first girl the shard of glass that was now on my finger with her having a hard time seeing it with the light she moved to my side running her breast with fully erect nipple against my arm. One of my players Tara came up to see what was going on. "What's going on Coach? Why are these women naked and why is your hand there?" I then realized that my hand was still holding her ass cheek. She stood up as I pulled my hand off coming to look at the glass as well. Tara looked down at my crotch and I realized i had a monster bulge going out of reflex pulling the taller girl over in front of me to cover it up poking it against her ass. Her friend finally handing her the towel and covering herself up as well. She reached back to push the towel down to cover her ass with both of us realizing it was my erection that was keeping it from doing so. I realized it just as her hand started to push it down. She giggled a bit as she brushed it and then squeezing it on the way back up leaving her hand there behind her back.

Tara went back over to get in line as the girls introduced themselves as Stefania and Gloria. I was happy to find at this point that they were over eighteen, even if just barely, and were actually assistant coaches/chaperons for the 14 - 15 year old team. I told them where I was staying and hoped to be able to spend more time with them. I got my shower kit and towel back from Gloria moving out from behind the taller Stefania using them for a shield in front of my erection. We kissed cheeks in European fashion with Stefania whispering "Nice bic" in my ear, I corrected her a bit too loudly "Dick" which my girls heard ans started laughing as my face blushed. She then smiled and kissed me on the lips walking away.

I was glad to finally get to the showers, which were nice and empty. I had a magnificent stone hard erection. I am 6'4" tall and not in too bad of shape having been around sports for many years. My penis was normally about 5 to 6" flaccid and 9 inches hard, but I started taking these performance enhancement pills a couple of weeks ago and it never seemed to be fully flaccid any more providing vein popping 10 inch coke can girth erections also adding porn star level money shots. I undressed putting my kit and towel out on the bench which was about six feet from the stalls with heavy curtains at the entrances. I started the shower, which was cold as ice at the beginning finally getting warm. The cold water helped to decrease my erection to about half erect, but the veins were still visible. I heard voices as I started to exit to get my soap and shampoo then it went silent as I opened my kit to pull them out. As I turned to get back in I noticed that I had an audience of naked 14-15 year old players who were only about 10 feet away and staring at my half hard cock. Then Stefania and Gloria came through them barking instructions for them to get into the showers. As I saw them my erection jerked to full state with the younger girls gasping in unison as it did. I scooted into the stall and started soaping up. Then I heard the curtain open now having company.
It was Gloria and Stefania "They will take forever, so can we share the shower? Don't worry if they saw your "deek" looking at me for approval "We are often nude on our beaches at home."

Stefania took the soap from my hands and started washing off my body and then concentrating solely on my erection. I soaped her down as well pulling her close and soaping her back and ass while holding her front to front and the turning her around to get the front. See pulled away to first let me do the same with Gloria who was much shorter to my erection was sticking up between her big breasts. She leaned down and took it into her mouth. Stefania looked out the curtain to check on the girls and then came back in placing her hand on Gloria's head as if helping her turning to make out with me. I kissed her dime size nipples sucking them into my mouth and chewing lightly on them. Gloria stood up and they both turned away from me as I started playing with their pussies while I took turns licking there beautiful asses. They both cam to orgasm as I bent them over sucking in their pussy juices.

As I stood up Stefania bent down taking my cock in her mouth and going to town. I bent down sucking Gloria's magnificent globes and then she joined Stefania licking my balls and licking my shaft. Stefania said a lot to Gloria that I did not understand then looked at me grabbing my cock in her hand "deek big" bending over in font of me. Gloria grabbed my erection rubbing it through Stefania's wet slit with Stefania reaching back aiming it towards her hole. I shoved it in and began to fuck the hell out of her reaching down behind Gloria shoving my hand between her cheeks and massaging her anus. Hearing the water in the other stalls stop, Gloria exited and started shouting instructions Stefania pounded on the metal side of the stall as she started to orgasm again. Feeling her pussy contract on my cock with her tits in my hand I began to come with her pulling it out and spray painting the shower stall wall white with it. Gloria came back in and cleaned off my dick milking the last of the cum out. Stefania turned kissing me passionately saying a lot of things that I hoped meant she was happy with it.

I heard more voices as they exited the stall turning to wash myself off. Just as I was getting ready to exit the curtain pulled with Tara and Lindsey popping in naked. Lindsey reaching out of the shower knob grabbed my cock instead. Totally embarrassed and trying to cover up Tara said "Sorry coach, the line was too long over there and we heard girls in here. so we came in to shower." She thought for a moment "We only cam in her when we saw those two ladies leave." Still a bit confused "didn't they come out of here Lindsey?" Lindsey nodded her head still holding my cock in her hand which had grown back to a full erection while she held it in her little hand. They were both short with my erection being about cheats level to them. Lindsey started to bend forward to suck it when I pulled away grabbing my soap to get out. I was kind of trapped, but pushed my way through with my erection rubbing across Lindsey's nice little boobs hitting both nipples. I went to the curtain stopping with my erection pointing right up through the middle of Tara's DD tits slapping back and forth as I peeked out of teh curtain to see if the coast was clear. SH ereached up putting her hand around it as much as she could as I pulled it away exiting the stall.


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