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Home Coming/cumming
I ease my house key into the front door lock and open the door as
quietly as possible hoping he didn't hear me as I lay my bag on the
floor and close the door again. I walked through the living room
barely able to keep quiet as the exitement of seeing him after 8 months
tries to overwhelm me before I could surprise him with my arrival.
Finaly reaching the bedroom door I opened it slowly, and I saw him
sitting on the bed with his laptop in his lap and his ipod was right beside
him with bright red earphones ringing with music in his ears. At first he
didn't even notice me because he was so into whatever he was doing on
the net and I just stood there looking at him, he was still as beautiful as
ever. After a few seconds he finaly looked up enough to see me there and
being just a few thoughts shy of thinking I was a robber he saw my face
and the big smile on it that obviously showed how happy I was to see him,
he nearly drops the laptop and the ipod on the floor hopping up and
rushing over to give me a big hug and kiss. He jumps up and wraps
his legs around me and kisses me intimately(he is about five inches shorter than me) and he says I can't believe
you're really back home I missed you so much baby, he says nearly in
tears as I promise him that I would never leave his side for that long again.
I almost went insane without you baby i'm glad I could at least call
you when I could; I say as we refuse to let each other go, why didn't you
call me and tell me you were coming home Gabe says as he puts his feet on the
floor still huggin me tightly around my neck as I kissed his left cheek repeatedly,
well I wanted to surprise you I say still holding him very close to me.
So how have things been back this way I asked as I unpacked, Gabriel says
besides me going insane from missing you so much everythings
been pretty good, I chuckled and leaned toward him to give him a peck
on the lips as I explained that I would never have to be gone that long again
because my service was over with and the time I signed to serve had been met; and
he said well thank god because I was beggining to go crazy.

Home Cumming
After unpacking and debriefing with Gabe I took a quick shower before
we watched a few pay per view movies on tv, Gabe wanted to go hang out
somewhere and celebrate my homecoming but I was so exhausted and he
kind of picked up the vibe. Gabe goes into the bedroom leaving me to think
he was going to bed, he was lying with his head on my chest and when he got up
the motion woke me up enough to try to finish the movie. About ten minutes
later I hear my name being called in a sexy voice coming from the bedroom
and I smile devilishly knowing the reason for the special calling. I got up off of
the couch and headed toward the bedroom, and as I turned the corner I see Gabe's
sexy body wrapped in nothing but the comfort of the bedsheet around his waist,
he says; come here baby I have waited 8 long sexless months for this and
I'm going to get it even if I have to take it from you. I climbed on top of him
tongue kissing him and slowly grinding between his thighs with his knees rubbing
my sides, he puts his hand inside my boxers and starts stroking it slowly. I ask him does
he still remember how it feels and he says; yeah but I've forgotten how it tastes so let me
remind myself. He pushes me on my back and starts kissing my chest and works his way down
and when he got to it, it was a miracle I didn't cum right away because he really reminded
himself of every inch of it if you catch my drift. I turn him back over and put his right leg
over my shoulder as I tasted him also, well at least from the front this time. He moaned and
groaned trying to keep himself from cumming too soon and I stopped and turn him over because
I didn't want him to just yet either. I lubed his hole with my tongue for about ten minutes then I
stood up and took my boxers off while he spread his legs wide, stuck his tight ass up and waited for
me to dig deep. I gave him one last lick and started squeezing the tip in and quickly started going deeper.
Deep stroking him hard and fast his body would pump up after each stroke and his moan of pleasure
made me go crazy inside of him and soon we were going really fast and I felt myself coming so I slowed down
stuffing it deep in him before almost stopping, he lifted up his head to give me another tongue kiss then I turned
him over missionary style, it's my favorite cumming position. Gabe puts both of his ankles around my neck until I'm
deep inside him once again, and after a while of moaning and confessions of love I cum inside his wet hole and
he begs me to leave it in. I told him since he had made me cum hard I'd make him cum hard, and I
put right leg on my shoulder again. After a few minutes he had an orgasm so great
I felt it shoot from his pelvis and up his spine as I sucked and he arched his back and came down my throat,
but I still didn't stop until I knew he was finished. We exchanged I love yous before falling asleep in
a warm cuddle..
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