Months of blojobs and anal sex, and I finally get to pop Sis's cherry
My Sister Mary and I started having sex when I was 16 and she was 14 as I related in my previous story. We limited ourselves to handjobs, oral sex and anal fucking out of fear of pregnancy. I was hot to sink my dick in her sweet pussy; but we could not get ahold of any condoms. Then someone else’s misfortune benefited us. One of the neighborhood girls about Mary’s age was revealed to be pregnant. Just like every other Mother in the neighborhood, my Grandmother dragged Mary off for an appointment with the Doctor. Although he confirmed she was still a virgin, he recommended birth control pills.

For the month after, my Grandmother kept a close watch over Mary and me. Once she felt Mary was “safe”, she relaxed her vigil. However, we still had the same problems as before. Living with a large extended family in a small house did not make privacy easy. In our eagerness to finally “Do It”; we almost got caught several times by my other sisters or my uncles. Actually, it seemed we were having less privacy than before she was safe. Plus, approaching winter was making any outside fun impossible.

All that changed when I did a good deed. Mr. Jones, an older gentleman down the street, had lost his wife two years ago. I was walking by his house when I noticed him struggling to put up winter shutters. As a good neighbor, I volunteered to help. We needed a longer ladder for the second story, so he told me to get it out of the garage. He said it was locked, but the key was always under the doormat. When I got in the garage, I was surprised to find it was heated. Maybe not room temperature, but certainly far better than outside. The windows were heavily curtained affording ample privacy. A plan quickly came to mind.

Two nights later, Mary had a babysitting job. Grandma sent me to walk her home after. When we passed Mr. Jones’s house, I quickly pulled Mary into the bushes beside the driveway. She whispered, “I want to, but it’s just too cold.” I smiled and said “I’ve got a surprise for you.” I steered her around the back of the garage and approached the side door from behind the building. I retrieved the key from under the mat and opened the door. Pushing Mary into the heated garage, I closed the door behind me before turning on the light.

I pulled her close to me and pressed my lips to hers. She opened her lips and sucked my tongue in greedily. My hands slipped under her coat, unbuttoned her blouse, and pushed up her bra to free her tiny tits to my grasp. She moaned into my mouth as I felt her hand on the bulge in my pants. She pulled down the zipper and reached in to free my stiff cock. I was not going to be content with just a handjob or blowjob this time, I wanted pussy.

I steered Mary over to an old couch stored in the garage, and laid her down gently. I pulled her pants down. Now she was laying there with her pert nipples and panty clad pussy exposed. I knelt down with my face in her crotch. She lifted her ass to allow me to remove her panties, but I pushed back down on her stomach without removing them. I breathed deeply of the arousing aroma from her twat. I traced the lips of her pussy on her panties with my finger. A slight spot of moisture formed in the fold of the fabric. Pushing my finger inward, I pushed the fabric into her slit. Grinding, I soaked up her juices into her panties. When I pulled the fabric back out, it was dark with her juice. I licked her panty clad slit, drilling my tongue into her pussy lips. The taste was fantastic, the feel of the fabric unbelievable, and the aroma intoxicating. My dick was now rock hard. I pulled the panties aside and noisily slurped her slit as I prodded her virgin hole with my fingers. Her moans and withering body signaled approval. I added all the saliva I could muster to her juices covering her cunt. I wanted her as wet as possible for what was to come.

Finally, Mary couldn’t take it anymore. She pulled my head up painfully by my hair, and panting implored, “Fuck me, now. I need you in me.” I stood up and moved to the side of the couch. I stripped my pants off and knelt to offer my cock to her mouth. “No,” she groaned, “fuck me.” I slapped my cock on her lips and ordered her “Get it wet. Nice and slippery.” She complied. Her lips wrapped around my shaft and her tongue lathered up spit the full length of my cock. Now it was my time to groan.

It was now time. I pulled my drooling, spit slick dick out of her mouth and arranged myself between her legs. She raised them up and spread them wide. I reached down and lined my cock up with her slit. It took a swipe or two before I found the gate I was seeking. As I felt the lips part, I pushed forward. My cock sunk into the steamy grip of her cunt. Nothing could ever compare with that first time entering a woman’s body. Instinct screamed in my head to ram my dick to the hilt as quickly as possible, but the look of pain on her face caused me to pause. I asked if she was alright, and she nodded. When I asked if she wanted me to stop, she wrapped her legs to prevent escape. She relaxed and I moved further in. The feel of her slick walls creeping up my shaft was blowing my mind. It combined the warm slickness of her mouth working my dick and the tightness of her ass channel.

I paused as I encountered a barrier to my penile exploration of her vagina. It was her hymen, her cherry, my prize for tonight. Mary grew use to the feel of my penis resting just inside her and relaxed. I leaded over and kissed her. Muttering into her ear how great this felt, I prepared for the next phase. When she was totally relaxed and adjusted to what little dick I had already given her; I jammed the rest into her. She yelled and dug her nails into my back. Her back arched up off the couch driving my dick even further into her depths. Finally, my pubic area mashed to hers. I was fully in her. A warmness engulfed my dick as her cherry juice coated it. She begged me to take it out, but I resisted. In a couple of minutes, her vagina adjusted and her pain subsided. She signaled her acceptance by wiggling her hips. I pulled my dick back until just the head was inside. Then I pushed back in to the max. Mary grunted and pushed up to meet me. I increased the pace of my thrusting until we were rutting at full pace. Mary panted as I rode in and out of her. Even in the cool room, sweat beaded on our heated bodies. I had now used every hole Mary had to offer. I had poured my cum down her eager throat, painted her face and tiny breasts with my spunk and packed man juice deep in her gaping ass. Now I was ready to put a load in her most private of places.

Fully adjusted to my intrusion, Mary started yelling that she was almost there. I was fully thrust into her when her vagina locked up and gripped my dick so tight I could not move. Spasms rippled through her pussy milking my dick. She thrust her hips upward as her legs wrapped around my back. I could no longer hold back as my dick throbbed in unison with her spasms. My cum spurted out the head of my dick and painted the walls of her womb with my man juice.

I collapsed on top of her as my dick slowly softened and withdrew on its own. Mary smiled up from beneath me. I struggled to sit up but my legs were wobbly. She lay there with her parted legs, her bright red pussy lips with a trickle of pink cream leaking out as her cherry blood and my cum mixed. She laughed as I leaned over and kissed her. She softly said, “Better than I ever imagined. I can’t wait until the next time.” I grabbed some rags and cleaned us both up. There was a stain on the couch which I covered up by moving some boxes. We hugged and kissed as our bodies slowly came down from the high of first sex and we got dressed. I put the key back in place as we left and hurried home. In all, we had spent 15 minutes in our stop, although it seemed much longer.

This was definitely going to be our secret place, for now. However, we had started something which neither of us could ever have foreseen. There was something we did not know about our “love shack” that would seriously impact our relationship. I’ll have to tell you about it in the next installment.

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Rally luved ur story"popping sis's cherry"; because itbrought back lots of hot nasty kinky perverted after school weekend oranytime we could get together sucking&fucking
Sessons from preteens to present day ; she s 1 of the very best ccumeating cocksukers

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I had petting sex with my sister when i was young. Almost all the way!

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what do u get having sex with ur very own sister......ur story sounds xciting,bt sAd....get a gurl sister raper!!!!

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another fuckhead that hints at more but FAILS TO DELIVER. delete all unfinished stories and go away the site doesn't need hacks like you.

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I started fucking my sister when I was 16 and she was 13 we fucked for five years till she got married.

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