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Manya: Forbidden Lust of a Horny Indian Housewife
by pervin

Deen's head was reeling and his heart was pounding. What he had seen shocked him to start with. He saw an unruly man, dark and powerful, manhandle his beautiful mother, pump into her pussy roughly, mash her fleshy body all over and finally spew his hot cum deep inside her belly. And all along she not only liked it but loved and craved for it. The fact that she didn't mind going through it with her son in the house made his heart beat faster with the realisation that his mom was indeed a lusty and sex starved woman. Worse still, she simply loved getting fucked like a bitch. While on all fours, with the grocer's hard dick pistoning in and out of her steamy twat, she hardly looked the loving Mom who cared for him and his little brother. Nor did she look like the mysterious tease who coaxed and cajoled his dick into ultra hard erections with her revealing style of dressing day in and day out. Instead she looked every inch a horny slut who craved loud and adulterous sex and loved only those things that spelt C-O-C-K. But gradually his shock turned to awe, his contempt turned to understanding and his jealousy turned to lust. His young brain related her behaviour to the inability and foul behaviour of his drunkard father, who even Deen felt, didn't deserve a ripe and luscious beauty like his Mom in his life. The sight of her shameless ecstasy while getting fucked royally by a stranger only served to make him realise the full potential of his beautiful mother's sexuality and the extent of her rightful bodily needs. His heart reached out compassionately towards his mother with a soft corner. So did his dick - with a hard on.

Suddenly in one swift motion, he clutched his burgeoning cock and pumped it vigorously like a man possessed. He came in less than twenty strokes - so powerful was his surge of passion for his sexy Mom. Even after ejaculation his dick merely registered a pause but not a droop. He quickly resumed his dick pumping and this time the images of the grocer balling his cock hungry mother were more vivid and telling. With equal intensity he spewed his sperm all around him in the bathroom, gasping at the monumental arousal that had beset him. As he relaxed he realised that he related to his beautiful mother more than ever before. He desired to see her happy. He loved to see her glowing and satisfied. He loved to see her getting fucked.

Through the keyhole, Deen looked out into the living room. He was in time to see his well fucked Mom trudge slowly into the bedroom with just her flimsy blouse on, holding her sheer saree in one hand. Her asscheeks shook and swayed as she walked, making his mouth water." Now those full cheeks could do with some rough treatment", he empathised. He also wondered how his Mom would take to a sound spanking by his Dad in case he found out that his beautiful, desirable wife, was indeed a sex crazed vixen.

Deen moved slowly out of the bathroom and headed for his mother's bedroom. He stopped at the door and soundlessly peeped into the room. Maya had merely spread the transparent blue saree all over her full body and was lying on her back. Her hand rested just below her abdomen and was occasionally caressing her pussy. Deen thought he heard some occasional purring sounds. Her nipples poked right out of her still sweaty blouse as Maya reflected on the morning's events. She was pleasured no doubt and also enjoyed it to the hilt. But she couldn't help wondering how easily she had surrendered to the grocer, not once but twice. She was an easy lay, and her actions proved it. She thanked her stars that her son Deen was out of sight. "Deen", she said loudly.

"Oh yes", he must have finished his bath, she thought as she rose, attempting to re-drape her saree around her well ravished form for about the fourth time of the day. Deen noticed his mother's anxiety and waited until she had almost finished wearing her saree and just when she was tying the knot in front of her shapely midriff, six inches below her tantalising navel, he walked into the room, calling out her name. Maya didn't get a start. Instead she continued wearing her saree and completed tucking in the knot and adjusted the front of her saree. The top of her saree was still down and she casually lifted it and placed it daintily around her creamy shoulders. Her nipples still peeked through the transparent blouse and saree, but that didn't matter. Her present exposure was part of routine as far as her son was concerned and she was quite sure that it didn't bother Deen. Deen however, continued to ogle his Mom's lush body with a new sense of appraisal. He now saw her as a fleshy object too, that at times could take off into uncontrollable and wildly aroused behaviour. His eyes never left her generous hips. He saw then getting squeezed and pounded not so long ago. He looked into Maya's eyes and saw some relief and contentment. Strangely that look in her eyes turned him on. He found that slightly flushed, glowing look a remarkably arousing feature in his beautiful Mom's face. It was the look of a freshly fucked woman. A freshly fucked mother of two young and horny sons.

Maya had no time to wash herself and while sitting across the table with Deen, she wondered how her young son would react if he knew that only sometime ago, his mother was getting mercilessly balled by a stranger. But she didn't know that he knew. And he didn't know that she got balled not once but twice, and too in the doggie posture, like a true bitch. Both Mom and son had sex on their minds when the doorbell rang. It was Binu, her younger son. Maya rose to open the door and once again Deen got the prize view of her ass, rolling alongwith his mother's step, with each cheek rubbing sexily against the other, with the whole movement clearly discernible through the semi transparent saree. Binu gave his freshly fucked Mom a big hug as soon as she opened the door. He smothered her still sweaty body with his arms and reached out to get his customary feel of her juicy navel. He was a bit surprised at its moistness. Even her face smelt different when he kissed her cheek. The scent was not just different. It was more exciting. And his dick endorsed his thoughts by pressing hard into his gorgeous Mom's soft and wide belly. That made Maya stiffen a bit but then she had seen his erections before and allowed it as part of growing up. What worried her was that Deen showed a mindset different from Binu. He was reticent, soft and closed. He was not physical like Binu and it worried her on and off.

Binu tucked into his food right away and gulped it down in less than five minutes. All three rose after lunch to retire for a light afternoon nap. Deen slept in his room, while Binu tagged along behind Maya's swaying ass into her room and onto her bed. This was quite normal for the two. She setlled her scantily clad ass on the bed and stretched herself. The top of her saree fell off her shoulders but Maya didn't bother to adjust it since she was going to lie down. Her nipples came into clear view of Binu's eyes and even this was an everyday affair. But today Binu stared and stared at them. It may have had something to do with her body scent he had inhaled sometime ago, but he felt a strange electricity flow between them. He reached out as usual towards his Mom's fleshy, wide belly and stroked the flesh lovingly. He shifted closer towards her so that her lush ass was pressed hard against his crotch. He was wearing just his shorts without any underwear and this was nothing new for Maya. Very often Binu and she slept together whenever his father was away and right through the night, he would squeeze her all over, especially her hips, asscheeks and belly. His favourite spot however, was her deep belly button. Maya allowed him to play around, with the confidence that it was simply a childlike fascination which he would soon overcome. Play around he did, but quite energetically. He would plant a series of wet kisses all around her belly, concentrating on the area around her navel. He would nibble, lick and blow into that juicy navel, showering all his affectin into its enticing depth. He did that all the time, atleast twice a day and more if the situation permitted. He would continue his amorous act until he heard his Mom's long and aroused moan. She would not shake him off but it was a signal to him that her body couldn't take it any more.

As a woman starved of cuddling, Maya actually enjoyed all this physical display of harmless affection from her younger son. There were a few occasions when she was not sure about the harmless bit. That was when he would openly compliment her ass, especially when she was dressed in a saree without a petticoat. He would swat and knead it quite freely and even make her squeal with his surprise advances on her lush posterior. Gradually she grew to like it, even look forward to these gropes and feels. They added to her sense of being wanted and enhanced her desirability levels. At times she suspected him of having definite sexual overtones in his actions. Those were the moments when he would run his fingers up and down her asscrack, give her a big hug from behind and a long kiss on her lower cheek, dangerously close to her full lips. She would feel an instant moistening in her loins but recover quickly enough to dismiss it off as adolescent behaviour.

She did at times hope that Binu would not be so brazen and physical with her. After all he was just twelve years old. And he did not care that his actions were being observed rather curiously by his elder brother Deen. That afternoon, Deen realised that his voluptuous mother had gone to rest without even washing herself after her violent and exhausting sex sessions with the grocer. Her body must be certainly reeking of the combined body fluids of the dark grocer and his fair mother. He also realised with a pounding heart that her unwashed pussy must be still nestling a good amount of his copious discharge. He marvelled at her behaviour and attitude and was wondering how lucky Binu must be to get to grope his Mom right after her torrid session. Little did he know that Maya deliberately left herself the way she was, wanting to revel in her illicit pleasure for as long as she could, deriving the utmost gratification from life's little adventures.


It was nearing 4 pm when Deen decided to visit one of his classmates and he looked into his Mom's bedroom to inform her. This time he stood still in amazement.Maya was lying on her back, asleep, with Binu encircling her hips with his right leg thrown across them. Her saree rode right above her thighs, displaying their ample well curved shape and the garment stopped just a couple of inches below her pussy lips.He couldn't see the lips but Binu's sleeping form fully embraced his mother, with his dick thrusting through his shorts just at the top of her ample, exposed thighs.Maya's belly and navel were fully bare and open. The saree around her waist had dipped to extra low levels in the course of her sleep. There was just a 4 inch cover of sheer garment above her pussy.Every other inch of her delectably fleshy midriff lay open like a well laid out feast. Binu's head was buried in her full bosom, his nose digging right into her creamy cleavage. Both were asleep and the pose, supposedly a mother son sleeping posture, looked anything but non sexual.Incredibly it was absolutely non sexual and apart from Binu's insistent fondling and navel kissing, Maya was never subjected to any sexual intrusion. Atleast not from Binu. But looking at them lying in close union, Deen felt that familiar tug in his groin. He was aroused, but he was also charmed and surprised at their apparent peace and calm.His horny Mom, after her torrid fuck had shifted gears and was lying semi nude in her 12 year old son's sleepy embrace with his head nuzzling her melon like breasts, his dick pressed against her crotch and with his legs drawing her full hips into himself in a possessive hold.The sight was beautiful, strangely erotic and spoke of the absolutely physical channels of communication which both mother and son adopted or were blessed with.Unwilling to disturb their bliss, he left the room and house and walked across to his classmate Prem's house.

Maya stirred and shifted, feeling a weight on her lush body. She looked down to see her little son Binu's head cradled in her juicy bosom and smiled. She ruffled his hair and looked further below to see his tight leg embrace around her full hips. She still felt horny after the grocer episode and now, looking at the possessive clutch of her younger son on her almost nude body, she wriggled her hips slightly and wondered as to why her husband didn't display this level of physical proximity.Slowly she moved Binu's leg away and tried to rise. She felt Binu's arms encircle her belly again, sleepily, pleading with her not to get up.She found him very cute, even though his hands encircled her lower abdomen, just a few inches above her bush.She looked down to notice that her sheer saree had bunched itself around her bush with her entire body above and below fully exposed.A thrill shot through her lusty body as the naughty, exhibitionistic side of her surfaced.Slowly releasing herself from Binu's drowsy grip, she moved out of the bed into the bathroom.She needed to pee and once again, she felt a shudder of release all over her body. She reached out for the hand shower to wash her insides after peeing, but suddenly for some reason, she placed the hand shower back and allowed herself to remain unwashed, still unwilling to extricate herself from the remnants of her mind blowing two fuck episode late that morning.

Maya realised Deen had gone out to visit his friend Prem. Soon Binu would be off too to play his daily evening cricket.She hoped Deen would develop an interest in athletics like Prem and build his physique too. Maya wished her sons were also lithe, strong and well built like Prem. Binu had potential but she was worried about Deen.Standing there in the kitchen, making coffee the horny housewife smacked her lips and looked at herself. Her clothes were still crumpled and her hair quite dishevelled. The saree kept slipping right below her hip bone since it was not secured to a petticoat. Around her ass, the saree developed wrinkles, giving those cheeks a well fondled outer appearance. Maya's ass globes twitched at the very thought.The grocer's caressing had been carnal and animalistic. It was followed by her son's softer but insistent squeezing. And he kept squeezing them for long, expecting nothing in return, unlike the grocer.Many of Maya's female friends openly admired her ass and even made their jealousy obvious.They said it was extra full, jiggly and could drive a saint to sexual madness with their high rise bounce.She tended to agree with them. Her buttocks did flare out disproportionately from her rather ample hips and what made the ass more prominent was her long and flabless waist. It was fleshy without being flabby and it was nature's unique gift. Her waist and ass fed off each other's glory. Maya felt rather proud of her rear asset but she loved flaunting both. Moreover since she couldn't possibly go around bare assed, she had to route the onlooker's eye through her belly and hips. And she did that with a vengeance. She was a fine piece of ass, and a hot one too, she smiled to herself.

Midway through her coffee making she heard the doorbell ring again. Feeling no apparent threat to her under dressed appearance since hubby was due only after half past six, she shifted her voluptuous body across to answer the door, with her left hand again fingering her pussy mound upto the last second.On opening the door she saw her cousin Dan's huge form with the arrogant face. Grinning, she welcomed him inside. Maya was at one time supposed to marry Dan but considered him too crude and arrogant.The arrogance came from his wealth but he did not acquire class alongwith his wealth. Now years later, with her new found fascination for crudity, the same Dan began to look quite appealing and desirable. Dan's eyes swept over her sexily attired form and rested right between her thighs.His eyes practically bore into that fleshy junction, lapping up the exotic sight of her dark bush and the arousing 'V' which formed itself whenever Maya kept them together.He simply lusted after his cousin Maya and made no secret of his craving. Overtime Maya simply stopped resisting his advances and began to give in - discretely to begin with.

Dan dropped his bag and held Maya in a bear hug, his massive arms enveloping her body fully. She could feel her big breasts getting crushed against his broad chest and her excited body started giving in. Suddenly she remembered Binu and pushed Dan away, whispering to him that her son was sleeping inside. Thankfully for her, Dan had the sense to withdraw, but even he could feel a difference in her body odour. Not only was Maya's body riper since his last visit, but she felt and smelled different. But he liked the difference. Within ten minutes Binu entered the room in his cricket gear and greeted his uncle cheerily. Dan's visits were always surprise visits and Binu looked forward to them because his uncle treated them well with expensive gifts and goodies. After coffee, Binu left for his cricket and Maya shut the door.

The moment the door clicked shut, Maya felt a strong pair of hands dragging her backwards in a half mauling and half grabbing grip. It was a familiar grip and she loved the way Dan held her. Now that he was seeing her after a six month gap, his pent up lust for his sexy cousin burst out uncontrollably. He pulled her towards himself and her saree got tugged out of her hips. It lay in a heap on the floor and Dan stared at the ripe and sexy body of his lovely cousin. Her massive butt, her generous hips and the overall flesh feast which seemed to be aching for his heated touch proved too much for him and he simply hurried her into the bedroom and made her lie on her back, right on her marital bed. Maya's thighs spread in automatic response and she reached out to remove Dan's trousers. They were down in a jiffy and Dan wasted no time in placing his rigid 8 inch dick at the entrance of his cousin's hot pussy. He thrust into her and Maya screamed at the delightful entry. The thrusts began in a steady momentum, with their missionary style copulation enabling Dan to gaze at Maya's lust aroused, beautiful face. He simply adored his sexy cousin and hated it when she married her wimp of a husband. That weak, pot bellied drunkard was a gross mismatch for his dynamite cousin. The thought made his already blood engorged dick throb in further arousal and he thrust deeper into her ever willing cunt, reaching depths that were not reached in a long, long time. There was no talk between the two. Their bodies met and their eyes also met in the course of this searing union. Her face shifted to different levels of lust in tune with his steadily pistoning cock, while his face got wilder and wilder, as if a caged tiger had been released. Every thrust carried Maya's heated body to higher stages of yearning and she screamed at him to pump harder and faster. She moaned, she screamed, she sobbed and she cried as his marauding dick rammed, rotated, pounded and finally ejaculated into her wet pussy in lengthy spurts of manly seed. Like he always did, he mashed her breasts in a frenzy during ejaculation and that brought even Maya to an explosive climax with the dual triggers ignited. Gasping and feeling her cunt spasm involuntarily, she let herself relax, sighing contentedly. The muscles of her cunt still exerted receding pressure on his slowly deflating dick until he rolled slowly off her, but not before giving long and deep kisses all over her sweat covered face. Maya suddenly felt a shudder as his hands came off her chest, releasing his vice like grip on her still heaving boobs. This was the way they always acted on first sight whenever he came home. No words were spoken. It was simple, plain pumping and words would follow later. And clever Dan, he always chose the time when Desh was out of the house to make his entry. Of course, Dan would be staying over in the night and also having a drink with Desh.

With the flurry of the first fuck with Dan getting over, Maya experienced a deliciously wicked delight all over her body. It was the third time she got fucked that day and what she loved most was that all juices were well and truly deposited within her, giving her a beauty enriching glow on an otherwise calm and pretty face. Not bothering to put on her saree, she went into the kitchen with just her blouse on to make some more coffee for them. As she waited for the coffee to warm up, her hand again drifted towards her just fucked pussy. Slowly she fingered herself, allowing the juice mixture in her pussy to spread all over her soft fingers. She loved the feel of her pussy when it was wet - wet with anything. She remembered the only time she tried to make Desh eat her pussy by spreading honey all over her nether region and dragging his head into her crotch. Quite to her surpise and alarm, Desh had recoiled and snarled at her, calling her a pervert. She didn't try it again, not with with her husband atleast.

As she was pouring the coffee into two cups, she heard Dan enter the kitchen, fully nude. She gave him a mischievous grin when she saw that he was looking her over. Dan's eyes once again focused straight on her bodacious backside and this time a certain tenderness overcame him as he reached down to softly knead and cup it.

"Mmmmmm", moaned Maya, feeling a spark ignite her luscious body once again.

He kneaded her glorious, fleshy backside for nearly a minute, kissing her earlobes while doing so. Maya loved being held from behind. Her whole body responded to rear caresses and rear initiative almost naturally. Maybe that was one reason why she found it difficult to ward off Binu's continuous assaults on her ass. That was one zone she had no control over but that didn't unduly bother her. She moaned longer when she felt Dan's cock slowly press against her naked asscheeks. A throb began all over her body, which gained in intensity when Dan slowly bent her on the kitchen table. His now erect dick was probing her full and creamy ascheeks, seeking her pussyhole like a rabbit would look for its hole. Maya was wet in no time again. It was her pussy drip that drew his hard again cock towards it like a flesh magnet. Suddenly cock met cunt and the humping began. Dan's hands now fully cupped a bent Maya's breasts while his steely dick carried off from where it left her steamy twat a little while ago. His organ stroked deeper and deeper into the horny mother's cunt, making her head bounce off the table with each stroke. The penetration was much deeper due to the bent posture and the thrusts were longer due to the first surge of lust having already been extinguished during their first fuck. It was a long, slower and more delicious mating, but absolutely physical in nature. It was the mating of two bodies that were custom designed for fucking each other. His six foot broad frame mounting her five foot seven inches of adulterous voluptuousness. The adultery added to the heat of their passion and the heat of their copulation made the kitchen table shake vigorously. Sounds of their loud fucking mingled with the sounds of wood trembling.

It was initially the sound of wood that made Deen discard the main door and walk around the house to the kitchen to see if there was any problem. As he approached, he could also hear the loud grunts of a man and the continuous moans of a woman. He could recognize the moans of his horny mom but was concerned about the male grunts. It was certainly not his father's and that too at this time of the day. If his father fucked his mom during late afternoons even once a month, then she would not have to look at alternative cock in life, he reasoned. Having eliminated that option, he peered through the kitchen window and was greeted by the most arousing sight of his life.

His butt naked mother was bent over the kitchen table with his Uncle Dan ramming his thick cock in and out of her sloppy cunt like a machine. His aroused mother was gasping and moaning with every hard stroke Dan gave into her lewdly presented cunt. Bent like a bitch, she was taking it from behind and screaming her lusty approval everytime a thrust found its target. The sounds were squishy with intermittent slaps reverberating through the kitchen each time Dan's balls slapped against her hot ass. Deen stood transfixed again with his hand taking its inevitable route to his cock bulge.He began caressing it and slowly unzipped his crotch, pulling out his throbbing member. With every stroke of Dan into Maya's wetly receptive pussy, her son stroked his dick, matching Dan stroke for stroke. Wildly it seemed to Deen that he was sharing his mother's lust. Stroking away, he looked at his mom's glazed face, marveling at the sexual energy it carried.

"Fuck her well, Uncle Dan", he muttered to himself as he pumped away at his dick vigorously. "Give her a sound fucking", he kept muttering throughout his lusty frig.

Dan and Deen came together, the former into the wanton pussy of Deen's mother and the latter into thin air, with just one drop getting splattered on the kitchen window pane. Deen didn't think anyone would notice. He staggered slowly away from the illicit sight he had been witness to, trying to absorb the day's events. Two different guys had fucked his beautiful, sexy mother and both times she took it like a bitch, from behind. She was screaming during the act and was glowing blissfully after the act. He decided to give the adulterous couple five minutes before ringing the doorbell.


In a single day, Deen had witnessed the utter depravity of his beautiful loving mother and the more he recollected the day's events, the more obsessed he became with his mother's sexuality, but more in a voyeuristic way. The blood surged in his dick at the thought of his sexy Mom being ravished by just about anybody. The sight of her pink, throbbing pussy getting a pounding in the most degrading postures filled his mind with the purest emotions of empathy for a housewife in need. He began to relate to her more and more and even thought that he may like to facilitate some fulfilling sex for his horny mother without her knowledge so that he could watch and revel in the absolutely awesome manner in which she recieved hard cock.

With these thoughts floating in his mind, he rang the doorbell. Maya opened the door herself and gave him a remarkably fresh smile. His eyes took in her lusty form which looked even more voluptuous than ever before. Her face was brighter than when he left her and her walk was a lot lazier and provocative. Her slower steps imparted a dick teasing sensuousness to her wide and fleshy hips, which were rather inadequately covered again by the same sheer blue saree, which had the privilege of hugging her full, well fucked body through different stages of her illicitly extra sexual day today. He could have bid a million dollars to possess that saree after she ultimately discarded it today. A lifetime of jerking off was contained in the aroma of that sexy saree for Deen. If only Maya knew of her son's fetish and if only she knew what he had seen that day. She didn't realise that her adultery had won her an immediate sympathiser and he was not one of the two men who fucked her senseless that day. Walking right behind her sex fatigued form Deen kept caressing his cock until she entered the kitchen and he made his way to the living room couch to greet his Uncle Dan. As he chatted aimlessly with his Uncle, he spotted Maya walking into the bedroom and followed her with his eyes until that glorious ass disappeared.

Maya reappeared a few minutes later and two pairs of eyes went straight towards her hips. Deen saw that she had put on her white petticoat under the blue saree and immediately understood that it was time for his Dad to arrive. The saree however was still well below her rich navel and her blouse was still braless. Deen wondered when she would finally have a bath and cleanse herself of the signs of the day's adultery. Desh arrived in less than thirty minutes and acknowledged Dan's presence with a cursory hello. In a near demure way, Maya served snacks and coffee for all. Only Deen could feel her inner wickedness and he loved her for feeling that way. That naughtiness was going to be the source of his erotic living.

In less than an hour Desh and Uncle Dan were sitting over a bottle of scotch brought by Dan. Desh drank at double the pace of Dan and Dan made no attempt to match the alcoholic Desh. Instead his looks always travelled towards Maya's ass and breasts whenever an opportunity presented itself. Deen retired to his room to study but kept peeping into the living room where his Dad was turning noisier and Dan was turning hornier by the minute. He noticed Maya signalling to Dan to limit his drinks and Dan nodded, winking at the same time. His brother Binu also entered the house and a quick dinner followed. Binu had his customary gropes of Maya's ass and he somehow did not need to be told to do it only when his Dad wasn't looking. All sexual exchanges were conducted with total consensus and understanding and everyone seemed to be waiting for Desh to go off to sleep. Though drunk, Desh hugged his wife and asked her to come to the bedroom, much to Maya's own surprise. Leaving his room for Dan, Deen also slept in his parents' room.

An hour later, he heard a rustle and peered from one corner of his bedsheet towards where his parents slept, ensuring that he did not move. Desh was in a randy mood and he had already stripped the clothes off his sexy wife. Maya's fair and throbbing body glistened in the partial darkness as her drunken husband began pawing her breasts roughly with both his hands, after positioning himself above her lying form. Maya surrendered with some degree of expectation. Deen could make out his mother's naked glory in the semi darkness and deep sucking sounds of his Dad suckling his mother's full breasts like a child could also be heard. Maya's moans were more out of discomfort than arousal and Deen could make that out in a moment. He knew his Mom's horniness when he saw it. Desh didn't bother to ascertain whether his son was asleep and Maya of course was totally unconcerned either way. In less than a minute after some hurried foreplay, Desh mounted his naked wife with his son peering in curiousity just a few feet away from them. Deen couldn't make out the dimensions of his father's dick, but he saw him try out some forceful movements which lasted just about a minute. He thought he heard him cum and he also thought his oversexed Mom had just begun to moan in arousal. It was all over in a minute. Desh rolled right away, leaving his beautiful wife quivering in frustrated nakedness. Maya continued to lie naked on her back, hands buried deep into her dripping snatch and she may have thought that Deen was asleep.

Deen could not have been more awake and alive to the needs of his beautiful mother. However he had to simply continue watching and stroking his dick while his mother slowly lifted herself out of the bed. He saw her check on his drunken Dad's sleep. Then she did something which simply stunned him even after the day's events. She strode right out of the room in slow deliberate steps, stark naked and without a care in the world. Her broad hips and fleshy buttocks were silhouetted erotically in the extra dim light while her naked breasts shone in splendour everytime some reflected light from the open window bounced off them. She was a beauty in distress and she happened to be his own mother. The beauty was horny too and uncontrollably so, after her hubby's limp dick could only manage to stoke her lust fires. Deen knew where she was headed to and he compassionately watched her lush, naked frame disappearing into Uncle Dan's room. He realised Uncle Dan was also waiting for his sexy cousin to arrive. An hour later, Maya stumbled into the bedroom and Deen watched his well fucked mom slip naked right under the bedsheet. What a day it had been for the horny housewife. And she slept with her hand still caressing her pussy mound and remained in that naked, curling posture until she awoke.

Maya awoke first next morning and started it as usual with her morning flash for the milkman. She was naughtier today and she stepped out of the main door dressed just in the same blue transparent saree without any petticoat or blouse. The twenty five year old stud milkman was caught unawares by this wanton display. Her naked boobs showed clearly in all their glory and her ass was better than fully naked. It was just a flimsy, sheer piece of cloth pretending to cover her voluptuous body and Maya decided to do this since it was just for a few minutes. She gathered the milk and turned around to reveal the awesome glory of her full ass to the world fo one full minute. Rising, she closed the door and made her way to the kitchen to begin coffee making in all earnest, still wearing that single saree on her well ravished body. Dan had fucked his horny cousin in every conceivable posture the previous night and together they came atleast five times. It would have been a day of marathon fucking for any other woman, but not for Maya. She still felt a bit heavy in the hip as if some surplus lust still lingered in that well stacked body. She suddenly heard a soft rap on the kitchen window and looked up to see the milkman's young and cheerful face. He had a packet of milk in his hands and gestured that Maya had left it behind on the doorstep. Surprised that he chose the backdoor, Maya opened the kitchen door and reached out to take the packet. In doing so, she stepped on her own loosely tied saree and tripped over the doorstep, falling right onto the young milkman. Unprepared as he was for this fall, the stud tried to hold the falling lady and he held out both his palms, in the process ending up with both her full, almost naked breasts in his hands. Maya felt bolts of electricity shoot through her nipples as he straightened her. His hands were still on her heaving boobs and he made no effort to remove them. Maya too did not say a word but stood still, allowing the moment to take over. There she stood, naked for all purposes, a horny housewife early in the morning, getting felt up by her milkman. The stud's hands began to knead and squeeze slowly, bringing life into those mounds and waves of pleasure into Maya's lust triggered body. The saree was fighting a losing battle and slowly fell right off her shoulders, leaving her topless and naked right up to just an inch above her bush, which was clearly visible through the treacherous blue saree. Maya stood still as the youth kept one hand in caressing motion on her left breast while he ran the right one all over her waist, hips, belly and poked into her navel. His strong fingers reignited Maya's lust and she responded by holding his head in her hands and briging it down for a hot, long and tongue tying kiss. His youthful passion and the mischief of the early morning breeze on her glowing skin may have forced this but there was no stopping Maya now.

The young milkman understood the lady's state and without any further delay, he placed the aroused, almost nude housewife on the doorstep of her kitchen with her head inside, leaving her fleshy, glorious and wriggly ass outside. Her juicy belly hung in between indoors and outdoors, with her kness kneeling outside the door. The stud placed himself right behind her lush ass and gave some readying squeezes to those quivering globes o creamy flesh. Maya gasped as the position brought about the dormant lust in her like no other posture. She rotated her ass provocatively like a bitch in heat and almost mewled in arousal as his strong, young dick began examining its entry route into that seething cunt. A sudden thrust ensued, taking even the wanton housewife by surprise with its speed and vigour. Then thrust after thrust followed at lightning speed, almost akin to a dog mating its bitch in the peak of the mating season. Her sheer saree was bunched up around her hips and his hands reached out to maul her swinging boobs with the vigour of an athlete. It was the kind of boob mauling she craved for. It was the kind of fucking she loved most. She was ready to surrender her soul for this quality of fucking. Her forced stifling of her screams drove his passion to further heights as the danger of getting observed in this outrageously spottable place lent a licentious thrill to both and more so in Maya's case. She continued to enjoy the furiously paced ramming this stud was giving as her asscheeks turned red under his grip and her boobs felt like they would get torn apart from her juicy body. But deep within, her loins, pussy bud and walls screamed in delight at this special pounding in the special place, right on the doorstep.

Her sounds were only too familiar to her son Deen. Being an early riser himself and noticing that his Mom was not in her bed, he tiptoed first to his Uncle Dan's room for a peek. Not finding her there, he thought that she may have decided to take her long postponed bath. Seeing even the bathroom empty, he followed the sounds that he began to hear and walked right into the kitchen. The animalisic fucking of his beautiful mother by another stranger did not surprise him, but the doggie style adopted yet again and the bitch like body language of his well stacked Mom during her licentious liaison stunned him. He gaped in astonishment and rising lust from behind the refrigerator as his lovely mother gave herself to this stranger like a wanton bitch in the wee hours of the morning. The stud shot his load, Maya screamed her way to her orgasm and Deen muffled his own moans as he shot a huge load of sperm onto the refrigerator side. He saw the milkman put his dick away even as his well fucked mother turned dreamily around on her back, her ass resting on the bare floor outdoors, while her head rested indoors on the kitchen floor. The doorstep supported her sexy waist as she lay spreadeagled, breathing heavily from the exertion. Her face wore a smile of satisfaction and lying in hat pose, with the flimsy saree still bunched up around her hips, she looked a true slut. Deen found this slut look in his mother as being ethereal and closer to nature and truth.

He left the kitchen in a hurry when he saw her attempting to get up. He rushed into the bathroom, knowing that he might be denying his semen filled mother a chance at the loo.He brought his cock out again and pumped its hardness, recollcting the morning's depravity. He kept jerking off, the image of his mother's near nude form lying on the kitchen threshold, sweaty and fucked, filled his head.

Mother Maya on the other hand rose and steadied herself by holding the door. She kept the saree bunched around her hips with her left hand holding thegarment around her crotch area. She looked a ravishing sight as she moved slowly out of the kitchen, only to run into the big form of Dan.

"I knew you would be about early", whispered Dan, holding her naked shoulders and not even questioning her on her state of undress.

"Oh Dan," whimpered Maya meekly as she allowed him to hold her by her naked waist and lead him over to the dining table. His hands slipped lower to hold her by the asscheeks and the dampness there certainly took him by surprise.

Maya simply allowd Dan to carry on leading her till they reached the dining table. Facing her, Dan lifted her by her full ass and laid her, back down on the table. Maya let him recline her head and back while he had her thighs and legs stretched out of the table. He drew her shapely thighs around his hips and tugged her saree away, divesting himself of his trunks in the process. Maya was nude and outstretched now, her luscious ass resting on the edge of the dining table, with her cousin's dick already testing her pussy entrance. She was wordless as he entered her slowly, holding her by the hips, and continued to remain wordless as he lifted her legs and wrapped them around his neck. This brought their bodies so close to each other that Maya whispered " "Now Dan, in this place?"

"Yes dear. I have to leave by the 8 am flight and you look eminently fuckable this morning. What has come over you?"

"Just fuck me now darling cousin. We'll talk later, " whispered the ever lusty housewife.

In that intimate position, the two of them had a long, leisurely fuck, driven by some confidence that they would not be spotted, even in that ridiculosly obvious place. They fucked and fucked, for ten long minutes with his hands squeezing and unsqueezing her charged up hips and his palms occasionally rising to cup and knead her trembling breasts. They looked great together as they orgasmed in unison, in one deliriously gradual wave, beads of sweat decorating both their faces. The beast bent to kiss his beauty for one last time that day. The beauty accepted his post ravishment kiss with smiling amorousness. Five minutes later she detached herself from his clasp, letting her legs drop down but still spread them lewdly on the table. Dan bent nd placed a long, lingering kiss, right on her pussy, makng her gasp and moan all over again.

He left her in that naked, well ravished state on her dining table.


Maya's morning had got off to a rousing beginning with two superlative bouts of sex. One was hard and fast with a young stud, while the other was a gradual, mutually seeking love making session with her cousin. The delicacy of the latter took her by surprise. She grinned wickedly to herself as she examined her assaulted zone, which was her hips and ass package. The entire mass of flesh was damp from sweat and semen. Her crotch and inner thighs were completely sticky and an ooze path had formed right down to her knee. Her pussy had been pulverised since the previous morning by four different men and she was feeling full down there as if it were a repository of sperm, of the dry, semi dry, wet, oozing, dripping - all kinds. The voluptuous mother of two sons felt deliciously juicy all over and her body ached more out of pleasurable impulses rather than any fatigue. Two explosive fucks in half an hour between quarter to six and quarter past six in the morning was a dream for any thirty six year old woman, even if she were as fully stacked and deeply horny as Maya.

She heard no audible sounds of movement in the house other than Dan in his bathroom and he would leave any minute now for his flight. She realised she had not washed herself right from yesterday and her pussy, asscheeks and belly had been subjected to load after load of semen deposit. She began to like this stickiness because it made her feel very sexy and did not allow her to take her mind off sex. Of late she hated to think of anything but sex. However she decided enough was enough as far as not washing up was concerned and felt that she must clean up for the new day. Lying naked on her dining table with a somewhat satisfied glow all over her body, she kept smiling to herself with her hand around her pussy mound, not caressing it but simply allowing it to lie where she loved to have it the most. Her famous blue saree was lying on a chair next to the table and her eyes fell on it. That brought her out of her reverie and suddenly the total lewdness of her present state struck her. Rising, but still retaining her right hand on her pussy mound, she picked up her saree and threw as much of it around her as possible without any wearing pattern, almost like she was throwing a bedsheet around herself. But this being a lot more transparent than a bedsheet, her full and glowing body still stood magnificently revealed. Her well moulded and well caressed breasts jiggled with every sexy step she took towards her bedroom. Her walk was sheer erotic poetry in motion and befitted the brush of a master artist. Her body was more or less covered but the careless way in which she draped the saree left her entire creamy back open right down to her ass. She certainly didn't expect visitors or viewers at that time. Two of the visitors had already fucked her half way to heaven. But she was wrong about the viewers.

Deen had finished his mammoth jerk off in the toilet and came out of the bathroom and prepared to go to his room and say bye to his Uncle. He didn't bother to disturb his snoring father. He looked at him and felt almost sorry for him. He felt sorry for his mother too, but there was a conceptual shift in his sentiment in each case. He tiptoed out of the room rather casually but stooped dead in his tracks just one step out of the door. What he saw in the living room shocked the senses out of him. His lovely Mom, whom he had seen getting nailed by the milkman early that morning was bidding farewell to her cousin and his uncle. It was the method of farewell that was unique for his adolescent eyes. They were both at the main door and kissing in a softly passionate way. Dan dropped the bag in his hands and held Maya, cupping her face fully and lavishing her cheeks and eyes with long wet kisses. Maya kept purring and returning his kisses with her very own juicy ones. Hiding behind the curtain, Deen peeped at the licentious couple with a pounding heart. His mother's exposed back faced him and the sheer blue saree covered her in the most ludicrous fashion, concealing her in parts and revealing her in other parts. From his angle, he could make out that only her ass was covered. He watched as his uncle's hands crept up his mother's naked back and started caressing and stroking it in a near romantic way. Her face was still on his face in a luxurious, long tongue exploration, but the stroking of her fleshy, shapely back brought Deen's dick to yet another state of absolute hardness. Something similar must have happened to his mom too because she suddenly shivered and dropped to her knees, the action causing her saree to fall right off her ass. Deen saw his Mom kneeling naked in front of Dan at their main door, fumbling with his fly. He heard Dan mumble something as his horny mother quickly brought out his cock and gulped it with a greedy moan. For the next few minutes Dan only kept stroking his bursting dick as he watched his mother's head bobbing up and down on Uncle Dan's cock. Her movements gathered speed and his stroking followed suit. Deen suddenly looked back in alarm at his sleeping father when he heard a grunt from him. Desh had merely turned from one side to another, still snoring. Relieved, he turned back to the adulterous sight in the living room, only to see his Mom's head going up and down at wild speed and his uncle's hands clutching her hair and head in a strong, passionate grip. The whole sight was supremely erotic right up to the moment of Dan's huge release. Deen saw the gradual slowing of Maya's head over his uncle's tool accompanied by the relaxing of Dan's grip on his mother's lovely black haired head. The grip was released and so was Maya.

Dan raised his beautiful, naked cousin to her feet and looked at her face which was well covered with his cum. Her mouth, lips, nose and cheeks were coated thickly with his seed and she looked fondly into his eyes. Some spurts had also landed on her beautiful long hair above her forehead.Their mouths met again for yet another deep kiss. While kissing him, Maya zipped up his trousers and secured his belt mumbling out a good bye during the kiss. Very unwillingly Dan opened the main door to leave, but after unfastening the door latch, he sharply turned around again and grabbed his sexy, obliging cousin for one last passionate kiss. Deen saw Uncle Dan kiss his nude mother at the half open door. The sight made him rock hard again and he fervently hoped that nobody would enter the house. The final kiss between the fully dressed man and the fully naked housewife lasted one full minute before the almost open main door. It was broken only by the sound of a car emerging out of the neighbour's house. Maya shut the door on her cousin hurriedly and grabbed her saree in the same motion. She glanced around anxiously but not in alarm. Seeing the house rather quiet, she sighed in relief and purposefully made her way to the bedroom with the idea of visiting the loo. Dan guessed her intention and was scared of getting caught. He rushed right into the bathroom and locked himself in. A few minutes later he pretended to flush the toilet and walked out of the bathroom as if he had just finished.

He looked into the room and experienced yet another surprise. Maya was lying in a coiled up position on the bed, covered fully by the bedsheet. The bedsheet covered both Maya and hubby Desh. Her eyes were closed and she was huddled up under the sheet very close to Desh with one leg over his sleeping body as was apparent from the outline she made. Deen saw her blue saree lying on the floor beside the bed. He got a start when he realized that his mom was naked under the covers and had wrapped her sexy, well fucked, cum stained body around his sleeping father and had already begun to snooze. The vision was to hot for him and he walked out of the room, amazed at his beautiful mother's foxiness and sheer abandonment. She knew that her son would emerge from the bathroom but didn't care. However Deen felt it was unlikely that she suspected him of seeing her giving her cousin a delicious, wholesome blowjob early in the morning followed by extra passionate farewell kisses in naked abandon before a half open main door. If it wasn't for the sound of the car, they might have grabbed another fast fuck, felt Deen. By now he had come to expect the unexpected from his horny Mom and it thrilled him.

It could have been the afterglow of two resounding fucks and an endearing blowjob, but Maya went asleep for a full hour, cuddling her naked, well used body up to her heavy sleeping hubby. She awoke almost alongwith Desh, heaving her hips away from him and looking into his eyes. Desh also looked back and greeted her. The greeting surprised her because she was more accustomed to his snarls and curses. Heart leaping with a surge of joy, she leaned her head forward to kiss him on his lips. Desh wasn't much of a kisser and Maya had to do all the tongue probing. The normally reluctant hubby allowed his wife to take over, but only for a while. For a full two minutes, Maya licked and sucked her hubby's lips and tongue, tracing wet lines all over his cheeks too. Desh felt a charge run through his body as he realised that his beautiful wife tasted strange and different. He felt her breasts under the sheet and encountered their naked glory. He gave a couple of quick squeezes which made Maya moan hornily. Maya did this to him often, trying to coax an erection out of him first thing in the morning. He also knew that she liked to sleep naked after a nightly bout of sex. He assumed she was now naked from their night's love making. But the moment his wife reached below to cup his balls through his night clothes, he recoiled and jumped out of the bed.

"What happened"?, asked Maya. His jumping out of bed had caused the bedsheet to get disarranged from Maya's lush body and the entire right side of her body, from her soft toe upwards, past her ample thigh, one full breast and half her neck lay exposed to delicious viewing. Maya didn't make an effort to cover her side fully and looked towards Desh for a reply.

"I've been called at 10 am to the office and it's already 8 o'clock", he grunted.

"But today is the Holi festival and a holiday", she stated with a puzzled look.

"The festival of colours be damned, we marketing guys have no holidays", he muttered again irritably.

"Ohhh!" sighed Maya in some frustration as she watched her hubby make a move into the bathroom. Her right side was still exposed and naked as Desh closed the door without even a glance at the tantalising form of his nude wife under the covers.

Still lying idle, Maya pondered over the day ahead. Her left hand moved slowly beneath the covers to cup her mound and a slow, involuntary caress began of her cum rained pussy. She could herself feel the strong odour of her ravished, unwashed body. The odour did not repulse her.If anything she wanted it to linger as long as possible, even on this new day.

Suddenly her younger son Binu burst into the room announcing the Holi festival with the joy that it would be a holiday. "Mom good morning, Happy Holi", he wished her cheerfully.

"Good morning and Happy Holi to you too dear", Maya wished her son back, forgetting her exposed state and still letting her concealed left hand caress her pussy. The suddenness of her son's entry and his involvement with the holiday diverted Maya's attention to her loving boy from her own nakedness. As he did every morning, he bent forward to kiss his mother on the cheek and due to the holiday happiness, his kiss was longer and louder, making a smacking sound on her rosy cheeks. She had massaged all of her cousin Dan's cum into her cheeks and with her son's powerful kiss on them, she experienced a jolt deep inside her which brought a fresh wave of juices into her loins and onto her caressing fingers. Her left hand continued to caress her wet pussy under the covers as she returned Binu's kiss with only a slightly flushed face.

"I'll be going over to some friend's place for celebrating and won't be back until late afternoon Mom", Binu announced, half seeking her permission. His hand sought her ass, like it normally did and that was when Binu noticed his luscious mother's exposed body this side of the covers. His boyish eyes nearly popped out of their sockets and instead of kneading his favourite ass, he simply and quickly covered his mom's exposed side fully and rushed out of the bedroom after another peck on her forehead. Maya was about to say yes to his half request when she was taken aback by his act and sudden disappearance. Fully embarrassed, she felt the blood course through her voluptuous body at a suddenly enhanced pace. She didn't even realize it but her hand continued to caresss her pussy, as it did, right through the brief conversation with her little son.

Maya went into the toilet naked the moment her husband came out and proceeded to brush her teeth, sitting on the toilet seat to pee at the same time. The flow relieved her and as she bent to wash herself, she reflected for a moment and refrained from doing so, thinking that she'd wash her pussy and body thoroughly after Desh left the house when she'd have more time. Stepping out of the bathroom naked she quickly donned her petticoat and took the same blue transparent saree to wear since she'd have to discard it soon before her bath. She chose a white sleeveless low cut blouse and again wore it without a bra since there was not much time for her bath anyway. Knowing that her husband and kids were waiting for their morning coffee, she moved swiftly out to the kitchen and prepared some hot coffee in efficient time.

Deen was already ready and so was Binu, since he had planned to leave even before breakfast. Desh normally had his bath after his morning coffee and breakfast. Holi celebrations began early every time since people had to end the colour and water dunking feast atleast by noon so as to give their coloured and drenched bodies time to get cleaned up. It was a day when all barriers were broken in respect of age, relationship and sex. People mingled and revelled in applying coloured powder and coloured water on each other to celebrate unity and joy. The atmosphere was festive, cheery and very physical too with both men and women drenching each other with coloured water and also hosing one another with water pipes. Objections and inhibitions of any sort were simply not entertained nor tolerated. Women knew and understood that this was a day to break loose and enjoy themselves.

Her son Binu left for his friend's place after his coffee and Deen, being less gregarious, preferred to read in his room. Maya heard the door being banged and realised it was the neighbourhood boys insisting that the door be opened so that they could apply colours on all of them. Desh found this extremely irritating and he shouted at them to leave. Moreover he had to bathe and leave for work. He rushed into the bathroom, noting the time on the clock.

The boys continued to ring the bell and bang the door while Desh was in the bath. Maya knew them all. They were well behaved students and not one of them was above 18 years of age. Though interaction was not frequent, they were all quite charmed by her and she was reasonably fond of them.

"Open up Mrs. M, today is Holi", they all yelled in unison and excitement. "You can't escape us today ", screamed Salman, the tallest and strongest of them as he banged the door hard.

Maya was somewhat amused and also worried that they may break open the door. Moreover since Desh had gone in for his bath, he was safe from any colour onslaught. She could probably get over with the enthusiastic boys before he came out. Deen looked at his mother as she rose to open the door. Her breasts swayed in a sexy pendulous motion as she walked and the sleeveless blouse revealed her full and well rounded shoulders and strongly fleshed arms. Little wisps of armpit hair flashed exotically whenever she raised those arms. Her fully revealed midriff glowed in all its fairness and her sexy navel opened up and closed with every step of Maya. Her massive asscheeks showed a saucy bounce in keeping with her sprightly step as she reached over and opened the door.

It was more like hell breaking loose. The four young students dashed into the room and surrounded Maya as Deen looked on in shock. Salman, the strongest went right behind her and hugged her fully from behind in an attempt to hold and tie her hands so that she was immobilised. His cock rubbed against her full asscheeks repeatedly while his hands held her hands firmly against her belly. One of them applied colour on Maya's rosy cheeks and kept caressing it continuously. The second guy was more aggressive as he used both his hands to gather colour and run them right down Maya's fleshy body right from her neck, over her heaving boobs, all over her creamy waist, thighs and even feet. The one caressing Maya's face shifted his pawing to her fair and full shoulders and the color red covered them too in no time, including her juicy armpits, where he lingered till she moaned in ticklishness. Maya was squealing all the time, in half joy. Deen continued to watch in shock as the four intruders pawed and mauled his voluptuous mother all over under the pretext of color. The one behind her, Salman was having a field day, digging his cock and lower body right into Maya's wide and fleshy backside and also bending over her face to look down so that she didn't free her arms. Not that Maya tried hard. Deen could also see that his squealing mother was enjoying this attack. Her entire resistance appeared half hearted. The youth applying colour on Maya's front kept doing it not once but repeatedly for a full minute, giving himself direct gropes of her full boobs over her braless blouse. Maya's nipples shot to erection and the dual pressure of the boob mauling and the dick impact on her rear sent wild waves of lust all over the body which was so well fucked just a few hours ago. Salman simply didn't let her hands free. Nor did he withdraw his dick from ramming into her ass everytime it wriggled during her movements. His face was over Maya's neck and Deen could swear that he saw Salman kiss his shaking mother's lovely neck, not once but many times. With his Mom's breasts being squeezed on and off and her midriff getting pawed strongly, those few minutes seemed like a powerful dream for Deen. He noticed the midriff mauler getting extra strong with his squeezing and suddenly all the action caused the top half of her sheer saree to fall off. There she was, his beautiful, desirable mother, getting felt and pressed in a state of semi nakedness displaying her breasts and belly to four horny youths who looked like they had been waiting for such a moment to pounce on their wet dream aunt. When the saree fell off to reveal her breasts almost fully through the flimsy, sleeveless blouse, the guy in front took a daring step. He dipped his hands in wet colour and rubbed both of them on Maya's quivering breasts, fully caressing their cups and squeezing them in short bursts so that it didn't look deliberate and prolonged. And when he moved below to squeeze her naked and red waist, Maya was all but gone. Her mind blew a fuse and she simply surrendered. She let Salman ram into her from behind and even felt his hot breath and wet kisses around her neck and earlobes. She let the other guy have his moments with her breasts and belly, letting them squeeze and maul the creamy curves. In that state of delirium she didn't even notice the look of aroused shock on her son's face. She had almost turned limp when the last youth who was standing with a pail of water poured it right over Maya's head, drenching her from head to toe. It was a sight so sexy and wildly sensuous for all, that five of them including Deen simply stopped in their tracks to gape and admire the absolute sexuality of this beautiful woman. Fully wet, she looked like a lust goddess, glowing from all the mauling she received and dripping in a manner which revealed the curves and fleshy spots of her body in full glory. If it wasn't for the fact that Maya was enjoying all this, Deen thought that it could have been labelled as the molestation of the century, especially since this was conducted with hubby Desh in the bathroom.

Deen really wondered whether his luscious Mom opened the door deliberately, choosing Desh's absence as the ideal opportunity. It all took two minutes but the effect on Deen was a lifelong source of jerk off material. He was itching to run into the bathroom for it but decided to wait until his sexy mother atleast adjusted her saree. She did so, but only after waving them all good bye in her wet and exposed glory. Again Deen could swear that Salman had managed a quick kiss on her lips before he left.


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