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Personals Slave

“Older, dom daddy seeks submissive little girl. Be 18-25, petite and give yourself over to my will. Be no more than 5-foot-2, 110 pounds and no larger than 34C. Race not important – physical attributes are.”

I posted the ad on a popular personals website and waited for the answers. I was tired of the constant searching and rejection. I decided it was time to cut to the chase.

Within just a couple of hours, I had six responses in my in-box. Three were from women who, by their photos, were clearly either too old or too young. Two were from fairly attractive transsexuals who I decided to file for future reference.

My hopes deflating, I clicked on the last message. I was pleasantly surprised to find a scan of a drivers license, with the address blocked out, from a girl who said she'd turned 18 just three days before.

Cara had long, dark hair, stood 5-foot-2 and, according to the license, was an even 100 pounds. I couldn't tell for sure her other attributes, but the bad DOT photo showed an amazing smile.

Her most captivating feature was her eyes. The license said green, and I couldn't tell for sure, but they looked piercing.

The body of her email said she was just graduated from high school. She wasn't a virgin, she said, but had only had one lover in her young life, and him only twice. She hadn't found it satisfying and found my ad “interesting.”

I instructed Cara to meet me at a small diner downtown. I told her she was to wear a white tank top at least one size too small, a short black skirt, white garter and stockings and black heels – and nothing else.

I further told her that, before she could enter the diner, she was to stand in front and play with her breasts for no less than one full minute, until her nipples were hard and clearly visible through the material of her tank top. I made it clear this was her one chance at an audition to see if she could become my little girl.

She emailed back almost immediately. Her message was just two words: “Yes, Daddy.”

Chapter 2

I headed to the diner with about 30 minutes to spare before the appointed time. I took a table near the large window facing the street, adjacent to the entrance.

Just before she was due, I watched Cara as she walked up the street, dressed exactly as I'd prescribed. She looked even better in person.

As instructed, she stopped in front of the plate-glass window. She looked at her watch, then looked around and brought her hands to her glorious tits. I watched, less than five feet away, as she stroked and pinched her tits, pulled at the nipples and teased them.

She let her hands drop, revealing the diamond-hard nubbins, before glancing at her watch. She had 10 seconds to go, so she just grabbed her nipples and pulled. I could literally hear her moan through the heavy plate glass, which attracted the attention of more than one passer-by.

Satisfied she'd fulfilled the requirements of my first test, I rapped on the window with the back of my fingers. Cara jumped and looked around. I hooked my fingers at her and motioned her inside.

Suddenly shy, blushing, Cara walked in. The ringing door chime attracted the attention of the cook, who openly stared at her clearly-defined breasts and rock-hard nipples.

“Show me,” I said, looking pointedly at her crotch before she could sit down.

Cara glanced around, then lifted the front of her skirt briefly, displaying her charms.

“I said, show me,” I repeated.

Cara blushed, closed her eyes and lifted her skirt, holding it in place this time. I let her stand there for a full 10 seconds before telling her to sit down.

The lips of her 18-year-old pussy were a puffy, dusky pink from arousal. Her Mons was lightly covered in a dusting of dark, downy pubic hair, which did nothing to hide the delicate slit. Her lips were parted ever so slightly, with the pea-sized protuberance of her clitoris clearly visible, peeking almost shyly from the apex.

She slid into the chair opposite me. I'd already ordered her a drink, which arrived even as she slid her gorgeous ass into the seat. The waitress, who was another “friend” of mine, grinned as she openly stared at Cara's partially-exposed crotch.

I immediately began laying out my desires: I wanted a girl who would submit herself to me fully, no questions asked, to fulfill all my desires. There would be no “safe word,” I informed her. If she agreed, I would use her how I wanted, when I wanted and where I wanted.

She had one chance to say no, right now. In return, I promised her I would not permanently injure her in any way. She would move into my home and be provided for, for a period of one year. I, in turn, would pay for her education while she was living with me.

Cara's eyes got big.

“What if I don't like something you're doing?” she asked.

“That won't be an option,” I said. “If you agree to my terms.”

She was silent for a moment.

“Um,” she said. “Can we try it for a week?”

It was my turn to think for a moment.

“You will submit to me completely, no arguments?” I said. “If you argue or balk, you will be punished.”

Cara swallowed hard at the mention of punishment.

“OK,” she said, quietly.

“What?” I said, slapping her hand where it lay on the table.

“Um, yes, Daddy?” she replied.

“Very good,” I said. “Now, pull your skirt up two inches.”

She looked at me, then reached down to comply. I handed Cara some money and the check.

“Go pay our bill and meet me outside,” I said, standing and walking to the door. “Don't touch your skirt.”

She blushed a deep red and stood. The bottom of her ass cheeks were clearly on display as she walked to the counter. She fumbled with the change, then turned to walk out. I could see her skirt barely covered her naked slit from the front.

Cara walked out the door and stopped in front of me. I could tell she really wanted to tug her skirt down to cover herself, but she didn't.

“What now, Daddy,” she asked, looking up at me.

“Fix your skirt,” I said. “You look like a slut.”

She shuddered at my words. But her nipples betrayed her. They'd started to relax as time passed, but now, they shot to full erection when I called her a slut.

“Very good,” I said. “Now, come with me.”

Chapter 3

Cara fell into step beside me. I gave her a firm smack on the ass, which drew the attention of more than one passer-by, and instructed her to walk at heel, one step behind me and one step to my right. She fell into place and followed, head down, as we headed to my car.

I opened the door. I instructed her to step off the curb and stand in the door well. I raised her skirt, bearing her from the waist down, and told her to bend forward. She put her palms on the car seat and waited.

I reached around her, into the glove box and removed a medium-sized anal plug. I brought the tip to her mouth and told her to lubricate it with her saliva.

“Don't worry,” I said. “It's new. Your's will be the first ass it penetrates.”

She shuddered and hesitated. She refused to open her mouth, shaking her head slightly in the negative.

“Do it!” I ordered, giving her a hard crack on her bare ass for good measure. “If you don't, it's going in dry.”

After a moment, she grudgingly opened her mouth. I pushed the plug in until she gagged, pulled it free and lined it up with her sphincter. Cara moaned as the blunt end of the plug spread the tight ring of muscle guarding her deepest recesses. She groaned as the widest part of the plug was forced past her ring.

I removed a pair of metal cuffs from my back pocket. I pulled her arms behind her back, slipped the rings around her wrists and secured them, tightly.

“In the car,” I said as I stepped away, exposing her to the pedestrian traffic on the street. “Now.”

Cara almost leaped into the seat. A small cry escaped her lips as her shapely posterior came to rest on the leather, the tip of the butt plug pushing further into her bowels.

I walked around to the drivers side, leaving the passenger door open. I climbed into my seat and inserted the key in the ignition. I turned to face her – and the open passenger door which still left her exposed to the general public.

“Well, slut,” I said. “Close the damn door!”

“But …,” she started to say.

“But, nothing,” I said, slapping her hard on her exposed thigh, leaving a clear, red hand print. “Close it so we can get going.”

I took her almost five minutes, but she finally managed to maneuver herself into a position where she could hook the door with one finger and pull it shut. Her gyrations left her constantly exposing herself, including the end of the plug protruding from her ass.

This caught the attention of one girl, who looked about 16. She literally froze in her tracks, eyes locked on Cara's undulating body, nipples hardening inside her tight white t-shirt. Too young, but very hot.

Once Cara got the door closed, I started the car and pulled out into traffic.

“Here we go, baby girl,” I said. “Get ready for the longest week of your life.”

Chapter 4

Rather than drive to my home, I elected to divert to an adult bookstore I know, which has both video booths and a small theater. I didn't tell Cara where we were going but, as we pulled up outside, I asked her if she'd ever been fucked in public.

“Um, no, Daddy,” she said meekly. “Of course not.”

“Well, you're in for the time of your life then, aren't you,” I said.

I parked, climbed out and walked around to the passenger side. I opened her door, unfastened her seat belt and instructed her to turn in the seat and swing just her right leg out of the car. The position left her naked, lightly-haired pussy on view and accessible. I reached down and ran my index finger between the lips of her pussy, feeling the slick moisture of her arousal.

“This is turning you on, isn't it?” I asked as I pressed the first inch of my finger into her hot, moist depths. “The idea of being displayed in public like a common slut excites you.”

Her pussy muscles clenched on my finger at the word “slut,” and she moaned.

“Yes, sir,” she said, so quietly I could barely hear her.

“What?” I said. “Say it louder.”

“Yes, sir,” she said.

“Yes, sir, what?” I said, pressing more of my finger into her pussy as an older guy got out of a car down the row, to my left, out of Cara's sight.

“Yes, sir,” she said, perhaps a little louder than she intended this time. “The idea of being shown off like a slut excites me.”

The guy heard this and he turned to see what was happening. He could just see Cara's spread leg and my arm, clearly moving my finger in and out of her cunt. He walked over.

“Howdy,” he said. “Nice little slut ya'll got there.”

Cara tensed at the sound of his voice, her pussy muscles quivering around my probing digit. The guy was probably in his late 50s, salt-and-pepper hair, including a well-groomed goatee and mustache. He walked up, partially blocking the view from the back of the bookstore and the street with his body, and placed his hand on her leg.

“May I?” he asked, looking not at Cara, but at me.

“Be my guest,” I said. “Enjoy.”

“John,” he said, shaking my hand before placing his back on Cara's thigh.

“Mark,” I said. “And Cara.”

“How long have you had her?” John asked and his hand made its way up her leg to cup her dripping pussy.

“Just a couple of hours,” I said. I explained how she'd answered my personals advert and submitted herself to me for a week-long trial.

John's fingers toyed with Cara's pussy, eliciting a moan from deep in her throat. He cupped her crotch, feeling the end of the plug still deep in her young ass. He grinned.

“Mind if I fuck this slut's ass?” he said.

“No offense, but, yeah I do,” I replied. “Sorry, but I haven't even fucked it yet. How about a blowjob instead?”

“Hardly the same thing, but, what the hell,” John said. “I'll take some head.”

“Cara,” I said. “Get down on your knees and suck this nice man's cock.”

“What, right here?” she said, incredulous. “You've got to be kid … ding.”

I think Cara realized almost immediately how bad she'd just fucked up. Calmly, I reached out, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her out of the car. I spun her around, pulled her shirt up and over her head and forced her to bend over.

“John,” I said, my voice steady and even. “Sit down and show Cara your cock.”

He grinned and did as I said. He opened his shorts and let them drop around his ankles. He was commando and his hard, average-sized cock sprang free, right in her face.

“Cara,” I said, giving her a stinging swat on the ass. “Thank John for the gift he has for you and ask him if you may suck it. Now!”

“Thank you, sir, for the gift,” she said. “May I please suck your cock?”

“Yes you may, my dear,” John said.

“Thank yo … mnph.” Cara gagged as I pressed her forward, impaling her mouth on John's cock. I drove her forward until her lips met his groin, enjoying her obvious discomfort.

“Oh, fuck!” John groaned. “You should feel her throat clench! Damn, that's good!”

“Take her head and fuck her throat,” I said. “I've got something else to do.”

With that, John started driving her head up and down his shaft, filling her to the brim with each thrust. I grabbed the base of the plug filling her teen ass, pulled it free and shoved it into her cunt.

“I was going to wait and do this easy the first time,” I told her as I undid my jeans and freed my rock-hard cock. “But your disobedience requires a response. Here it is.”

I drove 7 inches of fat cock deep into her gaping ass. Cara cried out, or tried to, around John's cock as I filled her bowels with cock meat, my thighs slapping against her upturned ass. I held in place and reached around to her chest, grasped her tiny, hard nipples between thumb and forefinger of each hand and gave them a squeeze.

“Now, you have to learn who's in charge,” I said. “I gave you a chance, a last chance, to back out only half an hour ago and you put yourself completely in my hands. Do you remember that?”

I think she tried to answer in the affirmative. But it was a little difficult for her with John's cock buried in her gullet. I pulled back until just the head of my cock remained in her ass and drove forward, hard. She grunted deep in her throat as I started fucking her with all my might.

“So,” I continued. “Instead of giving a discrete blow job, you are now being fucked in the ass and the face simultaneously, being spit-roasted in a public parking lot. Do you understand the consequences of disobeying me?”

I smacked her again on the ass. She squealed again and John moaned.

“Shit,” he groaned. “Every time you hurt her, her throat clenches on my cock like a fist. Keep smackin' her ass, man! I love it!”

“Just fuck her throat,” I said. “Let me worry about the rest of her.”

I reached down and got my hand on the end of the plug which now filled her pussy. I started manipulating it, turning it back and forth as much as I could, and working it in and out of her pussy.

Cara started moaning in time with our thrusts into her mouth and ass and the plug in her pussy. Her juice was flowing in rivers from her snatch, forced out by the thick plug filling her vagina. She was clearly getting in to being used in public.

I moved my middle finger to the top of her pussy. I felt for, and found, her clitoris. I manipulated the distended, nerve-filled bundle, clearly sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body.

“Ugh eee,” she groaned around John's cock. “Oooh oog, ugh eee.”

Cara was begging us to fuck her. I grinned at John. Her descent into depravity and slavery was almost complete.

“Oh, shit!” John moaned. “Gonna cum!”

“Fill her up,” I said. “But pull back so she tastes it. Cum in her mouth and shoot on her face.”

He did as I instructed. Holding her mouth open by the chin, he freed his cock from her mouth just as the first, massive shot of cum flew from the tip. More than half of it hit her square in the mouth, filling it almost to overflowing, with the rest shooting up and across her eyes.

“Don't you spill a drop,” I warned her. “You'll lick up any you lose from the ground.”

John kept shooting, holding her head as far back as he could, filling her gullet then forcing her mouth closed and making her swallow. Cara took his load, then gasped for air once her throat was clear.

That did it for me. With a roar, I ripped my cock from her clenching ass, spun her around and forced her to her knees. I fed my cock into her mouth and as far down her throat as I could as the cum rocketed up my shaft.

She gagged as I filled her up with her second load of the day. I held my place until I started to soften and slipped naturally from between her lips.

“Fuck,” Cara gasped. “God, please, make me cum, master! My pussy is soooo hot. Please, let me cum!”

“No,” I said, simply. I reached down, ripped the plug from her cunt and replaced it in her ass.

“Get up,” I said. “Thank John for feeding you his seed.”

“Thank you, sir,” Cara said as she struggled to her feet, once again forced to adjust to the plug filling her bowels. “Thank you for feeding me your seed.”

“You're welcome, slut,” John said as he pulled his shorts up and headed toward his car.

“Aren't you coming inside?” I asked as I locked the car and led Cara, shirt hooked around the back of her neck and skirt rucked up around her waist.

“Can't,” he said, still slightly out of breath. “I don't have anything left. I'm all fucked out.”

“You're going to miss the show,” I said as I opened the door for Cara.

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